Hangover Part 3: Bachelor Party in Vegas

Taking a break from all the car-related things going on and wanted to use this as a “filler”. To me it’s more of a good post to look back on down the road should I ever abandon the blog or stop altogether. Also a good way to recap everything that I remember and for those of you that care – to see as well.

We got back from Vegas last week and it was a damn good time. Vegas is the kind of place that makes you wish you lived there while making you homesick all at the same time. It’s a go go go type of place and after a few days, you’ve just got no more “go” in you to continue even though you want to. It’s also the best place to be when you’re with a few of your closest friends with wads of cash in each of your pockets with no strings attached for a few days. No worries about work, what’s going on back home, what shows your missing… Just a damn good time with good people.

I’ll recap really quick in a few of the hundreds of pictures I did take…


Just before boarding the plane. Everybody has smiles (except Punit – don’t expect many from that guy) and is ready to get the party started.

Actually – the plan was to land, grab some dinner, chillax since we didn’t land until about 830PM. We “felt” too lazy to do anything that night.


Arriving in Vegas – you need the obligatory wing shot.


We landed and took a cab to the hotel. We stayed at the Riviera and look what caught our attention. Ass.


So much for a relaxing night. We ended up accidentally finding a Shisha lounge a block away from the hotel – which later became the go-to place every night we were there. We also ended up spending $150 on some lame bottle service for one bottle of SKYY Vodka that we could’ve got at ABC for $22. Not worth it.


JC and Punit decided to go and get three bottles of Ciroc. Not a good time. LOL


The Shisha lounge we were at served us dinky little pizzas and we were still starving so what did we do? Go across the street to get 60 nuggets for $20. It’s like the guys planned the location perfectly – shisha to the left and McDonalds to the right. It’s a delicious feeling being fat.


Some smart guy decided it was time for more shots and this happened. Ricky the Asian Sensation and his inability to breakdown alcohol – this was the result.


He spent quite a bit of time by the sink the first night there. During the middle of the night I think it finally came up. In the morning I found a chopstick by the sink and I didn’t remember eating Chinese food. Found out shortly after that Ricky had some chopsticks and had to use one of them to unclog the sink from the mess he made in the middle of the night… hahahaha


Our breakfast that morning was good ol’ chicken nuggets. PS – they’re still good when they’re cold.


The drink of the day was powerade. Pounding headache after the first night and that was not planned. The reason we didn’t want to drink was because we had to be up at 8AM the next morning to get to the speedway to do some racing in exotics. The last thing we wanted was to be hungover while racing $200,000+ cars.


My ride for the day was this beauty. It wasn’t the fastest car on the track that day but it drove wonderfully. Awesome instructor beside me too.


Ricky’s Gallardo in white behind this one.


Shot of some of the other cars available.


Gopesh took the SLS.


Corey took the R8


JC took the 997 Turbo – the fastest car available there at the time.

I didn’t get a shot of Punit’s Aston Martin cause he went out on the track late and came back later… I guess I forgot to take a pic.


Riding back to the strip in style. LOL it’s actually the only option that doesn’t cost over $100 for 6 people. Ridiculous.


More drinks. I regret this one… As good as it looks, it’s just way too much liquid to drink.


The next night at Luna Lounge… Except we turned down for real with $4 bottle waters. We asked for tap water and they said “we don’t have any tap water…” Bullshit. I bet the ice that was in our glass was made with tap water…


Then we got home and pre-drank… Even though we said we weren’t gonna drink that much again. This was before we left for Hard Rock Cafe for Body English to see B.O.B… Four Loko – it ain’t a joke kids. Shit fucks you up… Punit is proof.



IMG_3702Good shot at Body English. Punit spilled his drink all over JC’s sleeve hahahahaha


B.O.B. up on stage handing out Ciroc shots to everyone haha. Good night though… Awesome music all night.


Here’s proof that Four Loko + multiple shots throughout the night can mess you up good. We sat in McDonald’s while Ricky ordered another 60 nuggets. Punit wasn’t feeling too hot and puked once just outside the door and again in that bag you see above…


The funny thing about all this is as we took a taxi back from the Hard Rock, we were expecting to be dropped off at a Pizza place… Which we were, except it was closed. Wong – our delightful taxi driver ended up leaving us there and we had to make the trek to McDonald’s. Brutal.


The next day, Punit recovered a little and that night we were counting one’s… Punit folding each one separately for easy access. LOL


After the strippers, we made our way back to Luna Lounge and happened to snap a pic of one of the employee’s S2000’s there. Super clean.


Last day there was spent relaxing and just doing some shopping… Found some crazy bubbletea (Boba) place. They look deceivingly small but it was almost 1L of juice and it cost $10 LOL


Also went to some classic car museum and checked out some old school cars that we can’t afford. Pretty cool.



Last night there and we had one last drink together.


Got home… Sober… And Corey (he actually climbs for his hobby) decided that he wanted to see what it would be like to hang from the balcony. As I write this, my palms are getting sweaty because this scared this shit out of me. I hate heights so much… Even standing there looking at the strip during the day made me knees shake haha


The final night there.



And last morning…


Final shot in customs. Everybody is literally worn out but sad to go…

I just want to say a final thanks to the guys – Ricky, JC, Punit, Corey, and Gopesh for organizing and coming out and celebrating my last opportunity to be single. It was one of the best vacations that I’ve been on and I can’t wait to do it again when you jabroni’s get married. Cheers boys!!!

Vegas 2012!

Our long awaited vacation came and went way too fast. 5 days is a long time in Vegas but at the same time, there is no such thing as a vacation that is too long. Just some highlights from the trip…


Arrived in Vegas before lunch and ready to hit the strip.


Funny story about this dude on the shuttle. We stopped at Flamingo to drop people off and while the driver was helping a couple get their luggage off, this kid jumps on and looks completely clueless. Nobody says a thing either because we all know we had to pay to get on the shuttle and we were just getting dropped off at our hotels. At first, we weren’t sure what this dudes deal was, but we all stayed quiet. As we’re driving along, he finally speaks up and asks the driver if there needs to be a reservation to get on the bus. There was some language barriers and our driver was super nice, just kind of old and hard of hearing so he says no, and he’ll be taken care of.

A few more people get dropped off and Diana and I are still wondering what this guy is doing here. First of all – he’s in Vegas, so he got here somehow. Second, he doesn’t know what the fudge is going on. Finally, he asks the driver again how long until we get to the airport. At that point, we all understood he’s probably trying to get home but he doesn’t realize that it’ll be longer than he thinks before he gets back lol.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the outcome of it all but the question remains – why the hell are you here and how do you not know what’s going on lol. He was pretty rude too since no one could understand what he was saying…


Our room. Kinda ghetto – we stayed at Paris.



The first thing Diana ever does is check all the stuff in the bathroom for cool things to take….


Aria/City Center. This is one of the places we chilled the most cause the whole place had wifi. We just couldn’t afford anything in this mall after the first few days of shopping haha


Literally our first fat meal in months. We had been doing so good with our meals and eating healthy but this was our week to just pig out.


Right after our first lunch we were walking by and some dude was laying on the ground with blood flowing from his head and a crowd around him. We didn’t stick around to see what happened… but you see crazy shit in Vegas haha


We went to Walgreens to pick up some snacks. Our main goal was to get some cereal for the mornings to at least eat SOMEWHAT healthy.


See what I mean by ghetto? Our couch had some white stain on it… sick.




We also went to the Nike store in Caesars to get some custom Free Runs made. So wicked.


Also got to make a stop at Hublot. I love going there to see their watches and see if anything new is there. Got a chance to try some on and talk about some prices…

This was Diana and I’s favourite watch of the ones we saw. The Abu Dhabi King Power F1.


Full carbon case Oceanographic 4000. Super light.


Jet Li Big Bang. I didn’t like this one too much in person. The tinted red sapphire is awesome but it made it super hard to read.


The Austin F1 King Power. I was half and half on this one. Too much red on the face, but it looked awesome on.


Closer look at the Abu Dhabi F1.


Condoms at Marc Jacobs lol


Found one of our dinner stops. It was right outside Paris. Had awesome drinks.


Another fat meal at the Outlet. Delicious.


Diana likes big butts.


5lbs gummy bear!! So wicked… $40 haha


Neuro drink was pretty damn good.


Displays in Aria. Spinny water spindles lol



The cool drink at Sugar Factory.IMG_5787

Diana was pretty done after a few sips of that drink too lolol


Her mac and cheese burger. It was huge


When she was in the shower, I looked over at the nightstand and she had this coupon ripped out LOL. She swears it was for another coupon but I don’t believe her…


Huge candy




Awesome hats.


Diana rocking it.


Nasty toothpaste. Made me want to throw up lol




Funny hand sanitizer..




This was awesome too


They love us.


Chillin somewhere. Another expensive mall haha


Came across a rare bookstore. One of the books was $85,000. Omg




Diana trying on some Loubs. So gangster.


Also copped some Uggs for super cheap. I still don’t understand the hype with these, but whatever haha.


Outside the Venetian with some huge Christmas Tree.


Always try and get me some of these when I go LOL


Went to Serendipity for some ice cream. Look at the Golden Opulence Sundae. Comes in a huge crystal bowl with a gold spoon, some super expensive vanilla bean ice cream and all that jazz. You get to keep it all too.


Deep fried oreo fudge sundae. So good.


Also had to get the souvenir drinks.


Another fat night for us. Mcdonald’s, drinks, and chatting with random strangers haha


Stayed in and watched Miss Universe LOL. Even though they were like a hotel over.


Another of our fat lunches. I literally ate like a fat pig that day. I had two pizzas, one and a half pieces of garlic bread, 10 nuggets and a medium fries. SO GOOD.


Cool automated wine selector in Mandalay Bay.


Went to go spend our last few bucks at the Shark Reef.


Awesome red bellied piranhas. Mine isn’t as big, but they are awesome.


First time using a payphone in ages…


Titty pics


Went to Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt.


Saw the limited edition James Bond Omega. The rear movement was wicked.


World’s largest chocolate fountain.




Went back to Caesars to get my favourite drink. Starburst Long Island Iced Tea…




Our last breakfast in Vegas at Denny’s.


Chillin upstairs at the Cosmopolitan killing time before our flight.


Upside down… but it’s Four Loko. I was so pumped to try it and it was nasty as heck. This thing screwed me up before our flight. Never again lol.


Finally – Carl’s Jr. at the airport before the flight home. $5 left. We did good!

Now it’s almost Christmas! Hope everyone had a good week!! I’ll have some car updates soon.