Los Cabos 2013 – Part I

Well unfortunately (and I guess kind of fortunately), our vacation is over and we’re back home from Mexico. Unfortunately – because like last year, we never want to leave. Fortunately – because even though it sucks to leave such an amazing place, it’s good to be back home, even though home is not as beautiful LOL. It’s the daily grind that sucks more than anything since it’s back to work tomorrow.

Anyways, I took a bunch of pics from my SLR and Diana has some on her point and shoot and I also got some on my phone. I’ll split the posts up into four parts for those of you that are interested in looking. It won’t necessarily be in any order, just some cool pics to enjoy. Sorry to those that want to see more car pictures – I’ll most likely have some coming within the next week or so. Until then, you can look at these and then start planning your trip too 🙂

The first set is the first few days that we were at the resort – unpacking, walking around, checking out the scenery and such. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas… Here we go!

Literally seconds after walking into the room and getting ready to unpack.

A view from our balcony of the resort. The center area is the Siempre where breakfast, lunch, and dinner is held. Below the balcony where you see the tables and chairs is the Sushi restaurant. To the right is the beach and the pools.

This was the next morning at about 9 AM. Sun was just coming up and it was already approximately +26C degrees.

Diana taking forever to get ready like always.

Night time shot.

Selfies. You’ll see a bunch of them lol

This was on Monday – unfortunately it rained the whole day and we didn’t really get to do much. We were stuck in the room for a big part of the day watching movies. Luckily for us, there were several channels with movies playing all day and night, so there was always something to watch. We hit up the gym and had our usual meals. It wasn’t until about 7PM that the rain started letting up and we hit the hot tub outside by the beach for a little bit. We regretted not going into town that day to shop to make use of our time, but it was still a fairly good day.

The rain isn’t cold, it’s actually super nice and warm. Humid – but nothing that bothered us. Too bad it lasted all day though and we didn’t see any sun that day.

It was mostly drizzling in our area as well. We heard that outside near the town a bit more it was pouring really hard.

That night we fat-status’d it up. Took advantage of the room service at midnight and got a Hawaiian pizza. We said that we would utilize the room service more often this time, but we only ended up using it once. We kind of feel bad – even though it’s a 24 hour service.

The rock courtyard outside our room. Nice place to walk if you’re bored.

We took a stroll out onto the beach a bit during sunset and I was able to capture some nice shots. You’ll see a bunch of shots of this mountain later since this was the best place to take pics of the sunset.

Sorry for the noisy picture. Was getting pretty dark and had to shoot at ISO 2500 – I think.

Jumping shots with drinks in hand. Gangster.

Diana got a mad burn from the day before on her legs while I got an even worse burn on my back that hurt so bad for about three days.

We learned our lesson last year when we got burned and didn’t have much to help us out. This time we bought Aloe lotion and aloe gel AND and aloe lotion+gel combo. By the second day we were going through it like crazy. Diana was addicted to it and applying it on herself every 5 minutes.

Here you can see her doing just that.

Here were our best friends for the whole week.

We also ended up booking two excursions. One was a town tour and a glass bottom boat tour around the Pacifica Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The other was a Sunset ATV adventure which was super awesome – pics of that later…

A cool option we didn’t have at our last resort in Puerto Vallarta – change pillows to a bunch of different ones. The pillows we had when we got there were hard and super high so we ended up getting super stiff necks haha.

The next day there was a mexican festival out by the pool in the evening. We didn’t really know what was going on – our plan was just to go to the beach and take some pics. We ended up having to walk through this while they were dancing, singing and performing. Stands are set up selling cool souvenirs and it’s a little different than some of the other beaches. The reason is because the whole beach is privately owned and so there is no access to outsiders (beach vendors) to sell their own items. Instead, the resort sets these up instead and the one downside to it is that there is no haggling for prices with these guys.

People eating dinner and having a Mexican buffet.

The beach beds outside on the beach. These required reservation and $30 for the whole day. We didn’t end up doing it because we didn’t really see the need to use it when the pool was literally a few steps away. The only good thing about the beach beds was that you had a flag you could put up if you wanted some food or drinks and the guys would come running.

Another shot of the full beach with an earlier sunset.

Diana taking shots of the ocean. It looks like there’s nothing on her screen but there is… LOL it’s only like that cause I had my polarizer on.

The waves.

The other side of the beach. Visitors were not able to walk this side of the beach since it is a private beach area. Meaning, the owner of the resort didn’t want people on his private beach area. You can see his house on the right. Long story short – he went from poverty to billionaire in a little over 25 years and owns this huge area, which is made up of three other resorts. The Pacifica – the resort down at the beach for adults only, the Sunset – the resort about a 5 minute drive up the hill for families and was made up of a number of different buildings and different types of accommodation, and finally the Monte Cristo – individual time shared houses for the ballers up higher on the hill.

Full shot of our resort.

More shots of the waves.

Diana taking some shots.

Obligatory – writing in the sand.

Lovey dovey shit that Diana did. LOL

AND another shot of the waves. The waves were on and off with the size and height. Sometimes they would be really small, and others they could be as high as 20 ft.

Look what we found on our way back to our room. LOL

One last one before we went back in. The mist from the ocean looks awesome in person.

Somehow, Diana came up with the challenge of a rum and coke chugging challenge and we ended up doing it every night. We would have dinner, go for a walk, then hit up the bar and grab a rum and coke then go back to the room and chug. I am ashamed to say that I lost every single time. But in my defense – and I don’t care if you believe me or not – I hate drinking pop and I hate coke the most. It hurts my throat and I sound like a wuss but whatever. I also like to shit-talk a lot and the both of us get really competitive… so I hate to lose to a challenge I know I’ll lose to… BUT Diana deserved the win.

Last selfie for part I. This was after her chugging win so she’s super happy. Part II tomorrow!

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…2013 Edition

… And this time I’ll be back on July 13th!

It has turned into our tradition now to leave for a different resort every year during the week of Diana’s birthday – which also falls on the week of Stampede. Not that we care or anything – the last time we went to the Stampede must have been 5+ years ago. I think it’s just something you get tired of after seeing it year after year as a kid. We’ll leave it to the folks that are out of town lol.

This year, we’re headed to Los Cabos for a full week of sun, sun, and more sun! Hopefully this place lives up to it’s expectations! We are staying at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa – I’ll have a bunch of pics just like last year when we get back!

Like last year, I’ve scheduled a bunch of posts to go up automatically during the evenings on random days so that the blog doesn’t just die. They’re some good throwbacks that I haven’t really posted on here before, so I think it’ll keep you guys entertained until I get a chance to go shooting again.

We leave tomorrow morning! Ciao!

Two pics of the resort:



I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

… I’ll be back on July 14th!

Finally, the day Diana and I have been waiting for. It literally always feels like an eternity when you’re waiting for something. We’ve been wanting to go on a vacation for the last year and last month we were lucky enough to stumble upon WestJet’s summer sale. Entered the dates and luckily enough, the first result that came up was a 5 star resort for something stupid like $1100 all-inclusive. Naturally, without hesitation we booked it and the day is almost here!

It’ll be the first all-inclusive, 7 day vacation ever for the both of us so there’s a bunch to look forward to! I’ll try and take as many pics to share when I get back, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ve scheduled a few posts to go up while I’m gone so that my blog doesn’t look like I’ve abandoned it. Once I get back, I’ll get back into the normal swing of things again. Until then, I’m just ready to leave this place and get my sun and drink on!


This will be our home for the next week!