Montreal 2013 – Part 1 of 2

Well I’m finally back home from Montreal and I’m glad to say it’s over. Not that it wasn’t a good trip or anything, but when you’re away from home and you’re out everyday from morning till night, it takes a toll on your body and you start to get tired of vacation life. Eating out everyday, walking 10+ km everyday, the humid weather with the scorching sun… You can imagine being exhausted at the end of each day and just wanting to go home.

Now that I’m back on the grind and trying to get back into the normal groove again, I’ll be posting up some pics from the trip. Highlights, cool stuff, food porn, the usual. It’ll keep you guys entertained until Sunday School pictures start popping up next week. I’ll make sure to get some good pics for that as well.

Anyways – I’ll split it up into two parts. This first post will just be of the trip and cool things we saw along the way. The second post will be of the random car meet that we happened to stumble upon while we were visiting the huge orange place (literally) for drinks.

The first day we got there, we went to check out some fashion show that was going on right outside on the streets. It was scheduled to be starting at 6:30PM or something, so we walked around to kill some time. The super cool thing about Montreal compared to Calgary is that the city is so influenced by art and fashion that you literally see it on every street corner and in almost everybody walking around. From graffiti walls on every building with amazing art, to people dressed up in the weirdest ways – to Calgary standards – but look good doing it.

In this pic – Maybelline was set up giving out samples and putting some cake on girls.

On the other side, models were getting ready and people were watching and taking pics just a few feet from them.

Maybelline graffiti board.

The DJ stage and catwalk. I’m just going to end the fashion show part here because it never really even started. That screen was getting updated with a new “start time” every time it went passed the original time. Eventually we just got tired of standing around waiting for shit all to happen. Not to mention “Joey Scarpellino” – the DJ that was playing on center stage sucked balls. The camera was on him the whole time, all he was doing was slicking his hair back while pretending to mix songs. Every time the song switched, he would stop the first one and quickly press play on the second one – no cross fade, no creatively thought out way of mixing it up, just a quick switch-a-roo. I’m surprised no one yelled BOO.

Went to visit some stationary store. Found THE ring. I gave it to her right on the spot. It was something like 23ct. hahahahahahahahaha

Went back outside one more time to see if the show had started yet. But nope… I did happen to catch this dude in the full asian photograher stance and to be honest, I’m not even sure what he was taking a picture of. When I looked, there was no one posing lol.

Also spotted Pitbull.

Finally, we actually got tired of waiting and walked around a bit. There were a bunch of cool stations set up displaying art and crafty things that have been done by students. One of them was this hallway built out of plywood and 2X4’s with canisters of wood chippings from different trees and you would just go up to them and smell them. Interesting.

We also made a visit to Gay Village. The whole street was lined with thousands and thousands of pink ball ornaments. It’s a pretty cool place and everybody is so open about everything which is cool. In the short amount of time that we walked around, I think we heard maybe 2 or 3 gay guys talking dirty and just hinting at things to come…

More artsy stuff. This was just on one side of Gay Village.

Not sure what any of it says, but it’s cool.

Took a stroll through Old Montreal as well. Lots of cool buildings and cobble roads.

Stopped inside a treat shop. They had a bunch of Cupcakes – similar to Crave but not as good.

On one of the days, we spent a lot of time at the Gardens where there are sculptures from various countries. Super cool cause some of them were gigantic – some as tall as houses or taller.

Before you go on – this is probably one story that nobody will believe, but I’ll tell it anyway. As we were walking to the Insectarium, there were these globes with various insects inside – dragonflies, beetles, bees, etc. As I was taking a picture of this one, all I could hear was Diana quietly yelling (yes, it’s possible to quietly yell and I know you’ve done it before), “JASON! JASON!” and I look up slowly and she continues to yell “A HUGE ANIMAL!!! A HUGE ANIMAL!!” and as I’m taking all of this in, I’m standing there – slightly paralyzed because I don’t want to be killed by any sudden movement and I’m looking around, behind her, up ahead and I see nothing. In the few seconds that I was looking around and not seeing anything, I started to panic and I’m not going to lie, I think I was ready to run.

Finally – Diana yells “HUGH JACKMAN!!!” and she’s pointing behind her furiously while trying to keep cool. I look up and he was standing right there, a few feet from where I was standing from where the picture above was taken. I looked at him and he’s a lot taller than he looks in the movies, but he had his sunglasses on, his wolverine beard still going on, and his hair was all down but it was definitely him. As I was getting my camera ready to take a picture of him, a couple behind him call out “excuse me, would you mind taking a picture?” and he politely replied “Oh thank you, but not when I’m with my kids” and he rushed off trying not to draw a crowd.

This was the only pic I grabbed of him, and I was just 2 seconds too late. Hard to tell, but it was him for sure. You can see that couple talking to him and that’s when he rushed away.

Cool experience, I have to admit. Even though we didn’t get a shot with him or anything, it’s crazy seeing “Wolverine” out of costume.

Finally headed inside the insectarium and that was probably one of the cooler things we looked at while we were in Montreal. Lots of crazy looking bugs that you’d never see here. Above is a beetle from Indonesia. I just can’t imagine seeing something like that walking around outside my house. Even stepping on one would be nasty as F.

Another one that could FLY. I get the shivers just thinking about what it sounds like buzzing around, flapping those massive wings. I just picture it being so clumsy in the air because of its size that it could bump in to your face or something.

A side profile shot of the first beetle. Those horns. Jesus.

OK Back outside to the other creations. This one was from Japan.

Japanese Garden.

Another cool part of the garden was the Bonsai Trees on display. It explains how Bonsai Trees are made and the careful process of how to get it to curve and stay small. Basically a lot of pinching and wires to help guide it. This particular Bonsai was the oldest one in the garden at 270 years old.

Another one of my favourites was thing one at 80 years old. It looked like a mini forest.

Cool face on a tree.

One thing we saw tons of was people bringing their iPads and taking pictures with them. I think it looks ridiculous enough that some people do selfies with them in the mirror. Taking it out at shows is also weird.

On our way back, it started pouring like crazy. When it rains in Montreal, it usually rains hard but it ends quickly. We were on the way to the Metro so we made a run for it.


Stopped over at a family friend’s restaurant and chilled for drinks and food. Took a snap of the new “wrist game” bracelets I picked up. Good ol’ French items.

A shot of the Metro – which btw is super sophisticated compared to Calgary’s transit system IMO. The Metro runs to almost every major area and small neighbourhood in Montreal making it extremely convenient to get you where you need to go. Each train takes about 3-5 minutes for it to arrive after the first one passes and there is really no need for security since the entrance/exit needs a pass in order to go through. Each station has an employee at the gate to watch for jumpers, but the likelihood of it happening is very little because once you’re down there, you can’t get out without getting caught.

Emo shot of Diana waiting for the train.

Also made sure that we tried poutine every where we went. One particular place was Poutineville – serving specialty poutines and custom ones if you’d like.

Cool joint with a nice open atmosphere to the street outside.

The Rocky Poutine. Hot dogs, bacon, sausage, poutine sauce and fries.

The Famous Poutine from Poutineville – braised beef, cheese curds, poutine sauce and fries.

The other thing we wanted to try was Reuben’s for Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches. We stopped here on St. Catherine St for a nice dinner.

Of course, Julee didn’t get the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich – instead she got the smoked salmon on a bagel.

I got the Famous Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich – delicious and melts in your mouth.

My parents got the 1LB Smoked Meat sandwich.

And our Dessert. Baked Apple Cobbler Pie – Diana and I went back on our last day to have this again. A must-have if you go!

We went and walked around and tried to get lost then ended up at some park. Needed to take a breather from all the walking we did…

I’ll end it here with Diana chucking up the deuces. That was the main part of the trip that was worth sharing.

All I can say is that I’m glad to be back home, I think I’m vacationed out for now… Going to be a busy summer! Stick around, I’ll post the car meet up in a few days!

Los Cabos 2013 – Part IV

Final part! Funny… as I post these, the picture quality gets worse and worse hahaha oh well… Like I said – it’s the content that counts! Quality is a bonus!

These last few pics are of things we just didn’t really want to pull out even the point and shoot so I snapped some quick pics on my phone. I want to get these posted and done with so I don’t have to keep looking back at them and missing it while I’m sitting here at work.

Our plan for next year is to try either Mazatlan or the Mayan Riviera. I *finally* get three weeks vacation, so hopefully we can stagger it so that we can do one in the summer and one near the end of the year so that there is less withdrawal time. Hope everyone enjoyed looking at the pictures at least! I’ll be scrounging around for some more related content either tonight or tomorrow… I’m sure I have something laying around that I have yet to post…

This was a rib steak dinner that I had on the first or second night there. Can’t remember exactly…

Diana’s chicken Caesar lol – it’s so expensive, you have to cut your own lettuce!!

The reason I say that is because at our resort this time, people had the choice of doing a full all-inclusive or just treat the resort as a hotel. So many of the couples/families staying at the resort (for some reason) chose not to do all-inclusive, which means they would have to pay for all their meals and drinks. At first we were confused as to why the menus had prices on them, but after a few meals we saw families paying at the end.

The thing that sucks the most is that the food is not cheap and you’d be crazy to pay for any of the meals there. Our dinners were consistently over $100 easily – and that was one meal. Rib eye steak – $40, chicken Caesar – $25, 1L bottled water – $10, alcoholic drinks – $12, appetizers – $20. It adds up quick and the portion size is not exactly generous… albeit, if I wanted to order more I could have and wouldn’t be charged… Even if we just got a bottle of water and no appetizer, it’s still as expensive as a full meal that you would pay at a local restaurant like Cactus Club Cafe or Earl’s with drinks included.

Lesson of the day: Always get all-inclusive.

Can’t remember what drink this was. But when you stay at an all-inclusive, now is the time to try all the girly, fruity drinks you want, men. And nobody judges you because they’re doing it too.

Breakfast at Siempre. This was really the only place for breakfast and we had buffet everyday. This started my addiction for Jalapenos… Jalapeno, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese omelet every day. Delish.

Also – fresh squeezed orange juice every day.

More drinks. Diana’s staple drink – the Pina Colada and a Corona for the second day. I didn’t get a beer after that because it was very skunky-tasting every time I got it. I hate it when they leave beer out to do that.

Yet another reason for girly drinks…

This was when we walked the long beach!

Obligatory writing in the sand. Making our mark.

As we walked the beach, we got to see tons of interesting things get washed up onto the sand. There was this one fish – no idea what it was. I’ll call it long-nose fishy – looked like it either got bit by something and spit out cause it tasted bad or it something else got to it…

Close up of it’s face and beak/nose. It was hard as f. Yes, I poked it.

More writing in the sand.

Further down the beach, I spotted a huge puffer fish! It was cool to see cause I used to own two puffer fish but they didn’t last long with my Piranha. This was pretty big for it’s size and it looked like it had just died.

Interesting fact: Puffer fish die (unfortunately) after inflating when they’ve been startled or are defending themselves. That looked to be the cause of this guys’ death…

Diana throwing up fob signs near the dead puffer… RANDOM. LOL kind of cruel.

Speaking of cruel, I did try and poke a hole in it with my walking stick but to no avail. That things’ skin was tough as steel. I ended up just slap-shotting it back into the ocean.

Again with the fob signs…

Diana displaying a bit of Captain Morgan paired with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dem guns.

This was finally at the end of the beach where the rocks were and a bunch of algae all over the place. Cool place but not worth that long ass walk.

Dinner at the Sunset resort. The sunset resort is about a 5 minute shuttle drive up the hill from the Pacifica (our resort). This place had pretty good dinners but it was such a busy atmosphere. The Sunset resort was open to families – which also means kids running around and being little shits. Diana and her pizza… It was Italian themed that night.

Next day we decided to try the sushi place for the first time. Not bad… I got my fix.

A cool thing was that they made their soy sauce with 50% orange juice as well. Thought it would taste weird but it ended up being pretty good – not as salty as soy sauce on its own.

Getting ready to go back to the beach. As the pics go on, you can see Diana getting darker and darker LOL. As for myself – I am one dark mother effer. At the beginning of our trip, people would ask me if I was filipino. By the end of the trip, people were talking to me in Spanish cause I was as dark as them. BRUTAL.

The koi pond outside the Sunset restaurant. Nice view.

More drinks. These ones were called Miami Vice – half strawberry daiquiri, half pina colada. The only reason we knew about these drinks was because I overheard one lady order it and when the waitress brought it out, it looked delicious so we ordered some too. Within a few hours, everybody around the pool had one in hand. Hypebeasts…

hahaha JK

Another dinner. This one in particular was $44 or something. A little tiny steak with three roasted baby potatoes and a small serving of Mexican rice. Needless to say, we went to eat sushi after this.

Another shot of my breakfast of champions. PEEP THAT JALAPENO. Delicious. This was also the last breakfast of champions I had on the trip… T_T

Random shot but this was taken outside of the Duty Free shop at the airport on our way back. After about an hour in there trying to figure out what we wanted, I was outside waiting for Diana while she went to the bathroom. Some lady – you can see her walking away in that white/blue dress – dropped three bottles of vanilla concentrate on the ground, panicked for a bit, looked at her stoned husband who didn’t want anything to do with her, then walked away. FOOL.

And the final pic from our trip. The saddest one – the trip back home… Until next year!

Thanks for looking guys!

Los Cabos 2013 – Part III

OK Part III will be pics from Diana’s camera. It’s mainly pics of places where I wouldn’t have taken my SLR just cause I hate lugging it around for long periods of time. So excuse the lower quality pics and enjoy the content instead LOL.

The night that we got there, this huge ass moth was on our screen door. Even with my hand in the pic for comparison, it’s tough to tell how big it actually was. It’s body was HUGE – if you stepped on it, there would probably be a big mess.

Selfies at the pool.

This couple was probably the most kinkiest couple at the resort – and there were a lot of them… they were all pretty old too. I guess when you reach a certain age, you start not giving a shit about what people think and try to somehow embrace your sexuality in the kinkiest way possible. This lady wore a g-string to the pool everyday. I didn’t notice until she got up off her chair and into the pool that I noticed there were two moons in my face. When she got out, there was probably 2 inches of fabric covering her vajayjay and let me just say… she was as bare as a baby’s bum. SO. WEIRD.

She was sporting the huge implants, botox and everything too. Turned lots of heads whenever she was out hahahahaha

No. She was not good looking.

I don’t remember when this selfie was taken. I’m pretty sure it was after a rum and coke chugging contest… Judging by how red Diana’s face is. LOL

On Thursday we did our first excursion/tour. We headed out to the Marina for the glass bottom boat tour around the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. This was at the docks… Super nice place. There was even a Luxury Avenue that I wanted to go take a look at. They sold things like David Yurman, Louis Vuitton, etc…

Here’s a pic of the boat. I thought the whole bottom was going to be glass. Turned out that only the center portion was – as you can see.

A nice sunburnt couple offered to take a pic of us because we are always taking selfies. You can’t see it, but Diana is about halfway to getting seasick. LOLOL

Pelican’s Cove. They call their Pelican’s their Mexican turkeys haha. This is basically where they chill all day and the beach behind them is public so people can come swim in that water. It’s one of the many spots that you can snorkel and scuba dive since there are a lot of crazy fish down there.

The tour guide chucked some food in the water and immediately all the fish came rushing up and you can watch them through the glass.

Probably hundreds down there.

This was one of the many mini caves as we made our way to the Arch. I believe this was called the Lover’s Cave or Couple’s Cave. Either way, the tour guide said “usually two go in, and three come out… 9 months later”. hahahahaha

This was what they called the Arch at the south send of the Peninsula. This is the spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez – it is essentially the splitting point.

Up ahead a little further is what they refer to as the “Scooby Doo” rock. It’s kind of shaped in that formation. There were a ton of rock formations that were dubbed something to stand out to tourists.

This little thing is the last tip of the last rock at the Peninsula.

Here is another cave at the end of the beach area.

I zoomed in a bit so you can see, but they said there’s a little boy hitch hiking right outside the cave. You can see it on the right of the cave in the rocks.

On the way back from the boat ride, Diana spotted Justin Bieber’s boat.

We hopped back onto the tour bus and made our way to a glass blowing factory. It was a tiny shop, but man it was hot. I believe the first oven they use – the one to melt the glass is at 1400 degrees. They have another oven at 400 degrees to ‘cool’ down the glass and set it before it’s completed.

Here’s our tour guide who was giving us information on it all. He pulled that Tequila bottle out of the bin to the right. Everything they make is made using recycled bottles – mostly clear ones. Clear glass can be recycled thousands of times.

Here are the four workers. The lady handles the cooling of the finished glass work while the three men work on creating sculptures, culinary items – dishes, cups, etc, and decorations like ornaments and swords.

This was the main dude creating a sample piece for us today. He just pulled that glass out of the oven and is turning and blowing it.

Here’s a good pic of him blowing the glass. It’s funny that they call it glass blowing when he really only blew it twice for about 3 seconds. The rest of the process involves no blowing at all.

This was what he was doing most of the time. Excuse the blurry pic – it’s because I zoomed in quite a bit since we were standing a fair bit away. He used tongs to shape and pull the glass.

His buddy would bring out other pieces of heated glass and press it onto the main piece. This is how shapes are made – out of multiple pieces, not one.

Here he is shaping the second piece that was just placed on.

You can start to see that it’s coming together. Multiple pieces of glass being places and shaped.

Within 5 minutes, he’s done. An elephant made out of 11 separate pieces of glass. Even the eyes were molded, shaped, and colored.

Inside their shop they had a bunch of stuff on display and for sale. I took pics of some of the stuff – here are swords and crosses. That was the end of the glass blowing tour.

We hopped back onto the bus and made our way to the flea market for some souvenir shopping. This picture was of the public beach that was passed while on the boat tour. Anyone and everyone can come here whenever they want. You can see on the right of the picture in the water – there’s a dude using a water jetpack hovering all around. Pretty cool haha

One of the interesting tidbits that we learned from the tour guide was that Cabos thrives on tourism and the money and business that they bring to the city. Cabos is generally a very new place that is only about 150 years old since they started booming. Our tour guide mentioned that the good thing about the city is that there is no welfare – if you want to eat, you have to work. Only 5% of the population in Cabos do not work, and they believe that it’s the 5% of people that simply do not want to work. For the most part, everybody has a job and everybody loves to work.

At the end of the day, it makes you think about whether welfare is worth having. It’s good to be used as a back up cushion should you ever find yourself laid off or unemployed for a short amount of time. However, any sort of safety net means that there is always room for people to take advantage of it. Food for thought.

This was on Friday – our last night in Cabo. We had originally booked the Sunset tour to be on Thursday for Diana’s birthday but we had to swap it with the boat/city tour. The ATV tour was later in the evening so that we could ride along the beach and then watch the sunset – something I was looking forward to all week.

This pic is of the bathroom sinks – just thought it was pretty crazy looking so I took a quick pic LOL.

As we were getting fitted for helmets, Enrique – our guide, fitted Diana with two adult helmets but they were both so big on her tiny head so she got stuck with an infant helmet. LOL

Happy Fox Power!!!

Shots of our ATV’s. We were lucky that we had only one other couple ride with us and fortunately, he was a good rider and was able to keep up.

Getting ready to roll out.

Shot of the bike…

Gangster selfies. We also decided to buy those masks to use because we saw the used ones that they were lending out and they looked nasty. They were also only $3 LOL.

It was a good idea too because half way through the ride, you start to notice that it gets moist from your breath and it would be so sick to be breathing in someone else’s nasty ass moist breath.

Right when we left up the trail.

A pic of the beach as we rode across it. Excuse the pics, the ride was super bumpy and never smooth so it was difficult for Diana to get a steady and straight shot haha

We ended up going up a big mountain and rode past cows and old shacks

Horses too… and none of them gave a shit about us. They just stood there hahaha

We were lucky enough to go far enough and stop in the small, secluded town of Candelaria. If we were in a big group of inexperienced riders – we probably wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. Enrique mentioned that since the trail to get up to Candelaria is somewhat difficult, they usually don’t come this far.

At first glance, it looks just like an ordinary town and it was nothing really special to see. It was actually kind of weird going off the dirt path and into a town with less than exciting views.

However, once we stopped – Enrique gave us a good half hour walk around the town and gave us more information on the people living here.

Here’s Enrique talking about the roof of the houses. He’s pointing to one in the distance, but you can see right behind him that the roofs are all hand made by the people in the town. The leaves are taken from the palm trees and woven together meticulously with many layers. The process of weaving that many layers means that water doesn’t get through and slides right off – a lot more involved and complicated than laying down shingles, but the goal is ultimately the same.

There is one church in the town and it’s a small one. However, it’s big enough for all the people that live here. There are 16 families and about 38 people living here only. The church is used on the last Sunday of every month – but it is open to the residents any time.

One of the more interesting facts about the people living here is that they are some of the oldest people around. Three people in the small town of Candelaria are over the age of 100 and most people here live to be over the age of 90. Everybody works and there is no use of vehicles – they use donkeys. They only eat what they grow and only purchase the things they can’t make – like salt.

The town has three schools – a kindergarten, middle school, and a high school all within walking distance of each other. This is a shot of the kindergarten, and as you can see – it’s as big as a classroom here. That’s all they need for 16 families.

This is a shot of the black basin on top of all the houses. The black basins hold water from the spring not too far away that carries fresh water for the people here. The reason it’s in a black basin and on top of the house is so that it can be heated by the sun for when they take showers, wash dishes and basically use it for anything else in the household. When the water is empty, they have to go to the spring to refill it.

Enrique also mentioned that they only drink the water that they find – they can’t drink bottle water or else it makes them sick – not because bottle water is bad, but because they’re stomachs are not used to the process of filtered water and also eating processed foods. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure…

Here, Enrique talks about the many different plants that are around the town. The cactus he’s pointing to is the only type of cactus that carries water inside. Again – can’t confirm it, but that’s what he said.

You can see the Agave planted around as well.

A shot of the church and size.

After the town tour, we made our way back to the trail and back onto the beach to catch the final few minutes of the sunset.

We stopped at the edge of the beach where the waves smashed up against the rocks to watch.

As we were waiting for the sun to peek out from behind the clouds, we took a shot with Enrique. He is surprisingly photogenic… LOL

He also said not to post this on facebook because he’s too popular… hahahahaha

Here is where the sun was finally setting. You don’t know a sunset until you see one go down into the horizon of the Pacific ocean. You could literally look straight at it and watch it slowly move down. It took probably 15 seconds for it to be completely gone. Perfect timing and it was awesome to see.

To be honest, I thought the ATV tour was going to be maybe a half hour long at most and down a dusty trail. All in all, the actual riding time was about 2 hours and we did donuts, went up rocky trails and mountains, passed by tons of wildlife… probably the best excursion we’ve done so far and well worth the money. I told Enrique he had the best job and replied “someone has to do it”.

We ended our final night with another chugging challenge – but this time with Amaretto and Coke. A lot better but I still lost. Jesus Christ.

Part IV will be the last part! Pics from my phone and then we’ll get back to our regular business of cars.

Los Cabos 2013 – Part II

OK part II coming at ya. This will be the last of the few pics from my camera that were worth posting (because nobody wants to look at selfies LOL). This set was really just the pics I got from walking around by myself while Diana was sleeping in the room all the way until the end of our stay there.

The next two posts will be from Diana’s camera and then the rest from my phone. Not great quality pics, but stuff worth posting – especially because it has the stuff from our excursions and such.

These are pics I took when I walked around the resort alone while Diana was passed out in the room. It was her birthday so she didn’t want to do anything LOL

This was shot near the lobby.

A shot from just outside the lobby looking down at the Siempre and the beach and pools.

The side of the resort looking out onto the beach.

I ended up walking the beach to get some nice shots. I am dark as fuark.

A day time shot of the beach. Diana and I did walk the whole length of the beach which took over an hour to finish. It ended up being a lot longer than we thought – I got pics on my phone which I’ll post later…

A shot of the pool area. This was the “oldies” pool – which Diana and I dubbed. The pool on the other side was the “young” pool. The reason for the naming is pretty obvious, but for the first 5 days, we ended up just sitting at the oldies pool because that was the first pool we got to after breakfast and there was always usually a spot. On our last day, we decided to try out the young pool and we were hitting ourselves for not sitting there earlier on in the week. Good music, a swim up bar, games like darts, football and ping pong, and generally a better crowd.

Another shot.

One of the souvenir stands were open and they were selling these skulls. Skulls were a big thing in Cabos, next to pottery and animals made out of ceramics and glass.

A shot of the center pool which was ultimately connected to the “young” pool lol.

This was outside the deli and the sushi shop. Just nice decorations and cacti. (BTW – I kept saying cactuses and Diana kept correcting me to cacti. So now you know if you didn’t).

Diana when I got back. Still passed out.

We ended that night once again with a rum and coke chugging challenge. You already know who won…

We ended up going to the shop to buy more sunscreen and aloe since we were running out from being addicts. One can of sunscreen spray and this aloe freeze spray cost $37 LOL. JESUS – note to everyone: buy as much as you need instead of buying at resorts. Super crazy mark ups.

On our last night there – we did the sunset ATV tours. Again, I’ll have pics of that posted up later…

This was the morning we were checking out. Beautiful morning and we were so sad to leave. I kind of wished that it rained that day so we wouldn’t be so sad to leave…

Diana trying to look happy lol

Didn’t last long though since she had to pack it all back up… The time was close to say goodbye…

I was being proactive and downloaded a bunch of stuff to play at the airport and on the plane. Steve and JC were the ones that introduced me to Minion Rush and now I’m addicted so I made sure to get that for the ride.

Here’s the lobby with a nice calm pool in the center.

Outside waiting for our ride…

The front area. The center was planted with Agave (think tequila). Funny story about those – the first day we were there and we stood outside waiting for a shuttle, Diana said “whoa look at those crazy pineapples” and proceeded to tell me about the facts she learned about pineapples when she was at the Dole plantation in Hawaii. I stopped her, bluntly told her she was wrong and that they were palm trees. It wasn’t until our ATV tour that we figured out that they were Agave and we were both idiots. LOL

These are palm trees…

The last shot on my SLR was our pick ups from the duty free shop that we ended up staying in for a good hour when we got to the airport. Picked up a bunch of flavoured vodka – Cranberry/Raspberry and Absolut White Grape/Dragonfruit Vodka, and Mango Rum. We also picked up Vanilla concentrate since it’s super cheap in Mexico (if you didn’t know – now you do… again). And Diana got a bunch of mini boxed tic tacs in a huge tic tac container. LOL…

Anyways – post III up next. Those pics are from Diana’s cam!