I Am Titaniummmmm – Part II

Finally after about three weeks, our shipment of titanium bolts came in! I know the car is on jacks and it ain’t going no where but if you know me, you know I’m the most impatient dude in the world so I just needed them LOL. I began pestering JC every day to see if they came yet or not since he was the one that offered to do the order.

It’s a nice addition to the steering wheel and I still have one more goody for it coming shortly! Until then… Here’s some burnt goodness.

IMG_7099 copy

So worth the wait once you have them

IMG_7097 copy

Nice burn as well. A lot of other places that sell Ti bolts have an artificial looking burn to them with the greens and yellows… It’s like the weird neo chro look which I hate. These ones has an more authentic look to it.

IMG_7163 copy

And in!

Only a small update, but an update nonetheless… Hopefully more to come soon!

I Am Titaniummmmm

Finally got around to picking up a titanium shift knob for the FRS… I hated the stock knob so much but maybe it’s because I hate all things stock LOL.

Ever since I had the STI and bought the WC Lathewerks Titanium shift knob, I’ve never liked any other titanium shift knob on the market. Sounds weird but they are either too small or not heavy enough. The WC Latherwerks Titanium knob is the perfect size with a 2″ diameter and a perfect weight (IMO) at 270g. It doesn’t sit high like a lot of the aftermarket shift knobs out there for the reverse lockout.

The best part about it all is that you can customize how you want the knob to look – whether you want the classic blue to bronzed finish like this one, or a blue to purple like on my STI, or full blue… Whatever your heart desires. Chris even adds the option of allowing you to engrave whatever you want on the top. Just a nice, small addition to the interior.

IMG_6662 copy

A good shot of the fade. All hand burnt by Chris.

IMG_6666 copy

A recessed hole for the reverse lockout and to also allow it to sit lower.

IMG_6674 copy

And Voila! 10000000000000x better than the stock one.

Bill Mackenzie’s Ford Focus

The last shoot of the season happens to be Bill’s Ford Focus sedan. It was a very last minute thing since I had been scrambling to get a bunch of shoots done and the weather was getting cold so I was about to cancel a few of my last ones. The day ended up being somewhat nice enough to shoot so JC and I went at it again one last time. Bill has been an outstanding member and individual in the automotive scene and has shown a great amount of appreciation for all things that are cars. Bill’s taste in cars has always been on the domestic spectrum – his 1992 Grand Prix in quite fantastic shape and now his 2012 Ford Focus sedan that he acquired last year, I believe. I met Bill at one of the car meets when illmotion first started up and since then, he’s always shown a lot of love to my cars even though it’s quite the exact opposite of what he’s doing. I dig that – it’s hard to find individuals who have a taste palette and appreciation in cars that is as wide as Bill’s.

Since he’s acquired the Focus, he’s been doing some modding here and there – adding pieces to it as he goes and I can tell he wants to gradually move up to items that are more aggressive. The idea of playing around with a new car and changing something that is far from broken but rather practically new can be a deterrent to changing it out. But once you do a few pieces, you end up wanting to do more. That’s how the mod bug works – it just nibbles at you until you cave and then it starts taking chunks out… Of your wallet, that is.

We’ll start off with my favourite (as you already know) shot of the day. It was still kind of an early morning, just before noon so the sun wasn’t as harsh yet and there was still some overcast so it went nicely with the yellow blaze metallic paint. Kind of reminds me of a Ford commercial. lol

We started off by meeting at Edworthy Park. I’ve never personally been since I had no reason to go there, but it was definitely a nice spot. Secluded, down into a hill, etc. Great timing for a fall shoot. Again, JC was the driver and I am once again grateful for not having to drive hahaha

With the sun just getting to it’s peak, it made for great light in the little passage down into the park.

Love the look of new paint… and bumpers… and headlights…

JC way off in the corner all alone.

One of the unique pieces on Bill’s car is his carbon lip. I believe at the time he got it, it was a prototype – I’m not sure where it’s at now, but it’s definitely a nice piece and a great addition to the front of the car to make it look more aggressive. I’m a big fan of the look of the new front fascia of the Focus.

Bill has also gotten himself into the decal cutting business – which is great news because now I know where to go to rice out my car. In fact, I have something in the works that I have proposed to Bill and I’ll be posting it up soon. It’s already on my instagram but I gotta sit on it to see if it’s really what I want… Anyways, Bill makes unique decals for the events that he attends and they’re all pretty cool. Awesome that he displays it.

Another unique addition is the set of Volvo R wheels and his custom centercap that he made.

Another cool addition was the retrofit of the Ford Focus ST center exit exhaust. Looks great the back of his sedan.

Always a soft spot in my heart for a titanium shift knob…

A good shot of the front of the Focus. Love that opening.

A little shot of the stance from the front quarter. Bill is on springs right now, but I suspect something else is in the works…

A shot of the skyline from where we were. Cold as shit that day.. but I guess I can’t complain compared to this weeks’ weather haha

Here is a nice shot of the rear and the way the center exit exhaust looks. I like it.

Love the look of brand new headlights…

In JC’s car heading out of Edworthy park to do some rollers.

The last shot of the day. I have a few more rollers, but I’ll save those for another day. Loved this one with the leaves rustling around – matches his car nicely. Another one in the bag!

That’s it for photoshoots for this year. I’m glad I was able to get so many done in such a short amount of time. Again, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of JC and getting a bunch of them scheduled and then picking my lazy ass up to go do them. If it were up to me, this blog would have been pretty hurt this summer. I have a few other things to post, so check back once in a while. I’ll try to keep it consistent with content of other things going on in my life for those of you that care. Other than that – this year is a wrap! Next year I hope to do a little more and start a little earlier 😉

Titanium Bolts!

The ricer in me needed to get Ti bolts for the license plate again. Since I had them for the STI and thought they looked awesome, I thought I’d replace the rust dealer bolts on the LS too.

Thanks to moddiction for these bad boys!

IMG_1114 copy

IMG_1118 copy

Sick teal color.

IMG_1119 copy


IMG_1122 copy

Close up.

IMG_1126 copy

And I also said goodbye to these last night. Simon came by in his FRS to pick them up for his friend in Vancouver. After talking for a while, I realized he was the owner of the yellow FD that I first saw at DTP in 2011. Gangster car – I asked that he send me pics when it’s good to go but there are a few things he has to work out before they’re on.

IMG_1128 copy

The tires are also gone. Instagram is a great marketplace lol.

A few shots of Matt’s FD from Canibeat