No Such Thing as Too Much TE37

Finally got some shoes for the FRS in yesterday. Thanks to Ben at AJR for hooking them up off of his BRZ and to Jackie Law for helping me out with getting them. It’s actually a pretty funny coincidence again that I got these wheels at the time I did… I wasn’t actually planning on getting wheels until the new year, but I happened to be talking to Jackie about wanting wheels and he told me Ben might be selling his TE’s. TE37’s and Meisters were on the top of my list with the Advan GT’s and Volk ZE40’s trailing behind… But I didn’t think they would look good without aggressive aero. ANYWAY – this also happened at the same time back when I had my STI – I was talking to Jackie about wanting a Voltex wing for the STI and Jackie said the same thing – “Ben might be selling his wing”. At the end of the day – I just happened to get lucky with timing and talking to Jackie and Ben wanting to sell! LOL

But either way – it’s always been a pleasure dealing with Ben, as his parts always come pretty much mint and always at a price that I’d be stupid to pass up. So here they are!

IMG_5165 copy

Diana actually got the day off yesterday due to power outages at the school so she was able to pick the wheels up for me! Again… Perfect timing! I need to buy the lotto…

IMG_5169 copy

Love that concave.

IMG_5170 copy

A shot of the SL stickers. Ben actually made his own stickers because these wheels came with red SL stickers, and as you can guess… Red stickers on a red wheel kind of doesn’t make sense.

IMG_5172 copy

SL stickers.

IMG_5173 copy

IMG_5174 copy

I liked this shot. The red just popped so perfectly with the light and everything. This is my third set of TE37’s and you’d think by now that I would have learned not to sell them… I PROMISE not to sell these wheels this time.

IMG_5176 copy

9.5″ wide.

IMG_5177 copy

One more shot of that concave that makes the TE37 so awesome.

IMG_5180 copy

A fairly moderate fitment for the FRS but I should be able to fit a 255 or 265 under the FRS fenders… So we’ll see next year! Now they’re put away to collect dust until next year…

Throwback: Danny’s Subaru STI

Just hit me that I haven’t posted Danny’s STI shoot on the blog yet… I posted a few behind the scenes and edits, but never the full shoot. I went back and re-edited them slightly to try and give it a more gloomy feel rather than the warm, sunny look that you might have seen previously. Danny’s STI was really one of the driving forces behind my STI build. He built an STI that I had originally planned on building – using real Chargespeed pieces and Volk TE37’s. In some ways, his car helped me envision some of the elements that I wanted in my own car.

Looking back at my old post: Spy vs Spy – you can see some similarities.

But I digress… Danny’s car is one of the few that I know has been done up with the best of the best and I love it. The major differences between his car was that his was fast and quiet and mine was fast and loud. He opted to get rid of the “Subaru rumble” that everybody was so familiar with, because he hated it. I wanted to keep it… Because, well, I’m a ricer and I love that shit. Danny daily drives his STI even in the winter – with all parts on except for the TE37’s. I asked him near the start of winter if he had raised it at all and he said “Nope. Too lazy”.
You’ll also notice in some of the pictures that Danny has brought over some elements from his VIP past. Before this, Danny built a VIP GS400 – a beautifully done VIP car fully kitted with Junction Produce parts as seen below…

Now back to his STI…

Beautiful TE37 SL’s

The Junction Produce Tsuna somehow fits in well here.

Junction Produce “Baby in VIP car” for his kids.

Another “TE37’s look so good on everything” picture.