Been MIA Lately…

Sorry for the lack of any posts lately! I’m officially going to be the busiest I’ve ever been in my life for the next year or so… I thought that getting that proposal together was a lot of work. I’ve really done myself in this time – getting a house and putting a ring on it within a span of 2 months. Not saying it was a bad idea or anything because I think it’s the best thing to happen for Diana and I, but the gray hairs will be sprouting soon.

We’ve got a lot of house stuff going on in regards to picking all the things out and now we’ve got the wedding planning to do. We’re in deep because we are scrambling to find a venue in the next two weeks for the date we want for next year. It seems like everybody is getting married and it’s almost impossible to find a venue with the few places we’ve contacted so far. Diana fired off a bunch of emails for places so we’re just crossing our fingers that we get one and we like it. Once we have the venue locked down, I think everything will fall into place afterwards.

We also went to the home and design show and felt old as heck. We were looking at irons and mops and all this other stuff that’s ridiculously priced and I’m just standing there like “I just want a bodykit for the LS…”

Other than that – when I do have free time, like most of you – I am occupying myself with GTA V. Honestly, I just need some time where I’m not thinking about anything or taking pictures so I can just legit just shut my brain off and play a game where I can steal cars, beat people, and watch one of the best story lines accompanied by some of the best dialogue ever. It’s my time to be brain dead and I will take full advantage of it whenever I can.

We’re also approaching winter really quick… the LS gets parked at the end of this month and I assume many others will be parked shortly after. Winter = slow season for blogging. I regret that I haven’t shot much because I don’t have much to post over the long winter months. Instead, I always post random shit that people may or may not be interested in. Whatever.

Finally – because a post isn’t a post without a picture – I’ll just post some new ink I got over the weekend. I’ve been waiting a while mainly because I wanted to think about what to get on the inside of my arm to compliment the Geisha I have on the outside. Finally, I sat down with Fletch and explained that I wanted a Hannya mask. I was hoping that it would wrap around but I still got some space near the back of my arm to fill up so I’ve got another session to finally complete it. My quarter tattoo ended up turning into a half sleeve… lol


The stencil placed on.


The outlining happening. Painful as phuck.


Outline all done.


Done! This was about 3.5 hours and it’s still painful as I write this. There is still a good section on the tricep area that needs to be filled and then I’ll be done.

For those of you asking what the tattoo is all about – for me, the most important factor is the aesthetic look of it. It is visually stimulating to look at and it’s intricate. The second reason of course is the reasoning behind it. The Geisha/Hannya combo essentially represents the Yin and Yang of a person. The Geisha is the innocent and elaborate part of a person. Her hair is perfect and in place. She portrays the arts and nobility. This is the personality that is most often displayed on the outside of a person – the reason it’s on my shoulder. The Hannya mask is the dark side of a person that represent hate and isolation. The hair is disarrayed and there is resentment. The Hannya specifically represents a vengeful and jealous woman whose anger and envy has consumed her so much that she has turned into a demon – and that’s the reason its’ on the inside of my arm.

Ultimately, it really shows two sides to everybody. No individual is an angel, nor are they always in despair. The last piece that I will be getting will somehow tie the two together. They are already connected by wind and water, but I think the third part will really put the icing on the cake!

Anyways – that was a long winded post about nothing really… Have a good week!

Tattoo Ideas

Spent the day thinking up some ideas for a new tattoo. I’ve been getting the itch. I just want one more… I know people always say that, but I think after a nice, big piece my itch will go away for a while. I hope.

I’ve been holding off on it because I wanted to make sure this was what I wanted and I think it’s a good piece. It’s just that I find it difficult to find the perfect helmet and facial expression for the samurai mask. I am liking the demon mask over the traditional mask so that’s probably the route I’ll be going. I’m still playing with some ideas for what I should use to surround it, but I’m thinking cherry blossoms would be nice and maybe the japanese style wind or flame. We’ll see…

Once I have some time, I’m going to go and see if I can work something out with the artist and see if he has any suggestions. This was the second sketch today, the first one I did was pretty plain – no real “fierce” look or anything. I enjoy this one.

As for placement ideas – I’m thinking of the side of the calf so it wraps around, or on the side of my ribs more towards the front. We’ll see…