Throwback: Danny’s Subaru STI

Just hit me that I haven’t posted Danny’s STI shoot on the blog yet… I posted a few behind the scenes and edits, but never the full shoot. I went back and re-edited them slightly to try and give it a more gloomy feel rather than the warm, sunny look that you might have seen previously. Danny’s STI was really one of the driving forces behind my STI build. He built an STI that I had originally planned on building – using real Chargespeed pieces and Volk TE37’s. In some ways, his car helped me envision some of the elements that I wanted in my own car.

Looking back at my old post: Spy vs Spy – you can see some similarities.

But I digress… Danny’s car is one of the few that I know has been done up with the best of the best and I love it. The major differences between his car was that his was fast and quiet and mine was fast and loud. He opted to get rid of the “Subaru rumble” that everybody was so familiar with, because he hated it. I wanted to keep it… Because, well, I’m a ricer and I love that shit. Danny daily drives his STI even in the winter – with all parts on except for the TE37’s. I asked him near the start of winter if he had raised it at all and he said “Nope. Too lazy”.
You’ll also notice in some of the pictures that Danny has brought over some elements from his VIP past. Before this, Danny built a VIP GS400 – a beautifully done VIP car fully kitted with Junction Produce parts as seen below…

Now back to his STI…

Beautiful TE37 SL’s

The Junction Produce Tsuna somehow fits in well here.

Junction Produce “Baby in VIP car” for his kids.

Another “TE37’s look so good on everything” picture.

2 Year #lifewithjason Anniversary!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – I have nothing much to post, but at the same time I’m sure I could find something but I’m getting kind of busy every weekend with more house and wedding stuff so I have less time to commit here.

However! I did get a special notification that today is my 2 year anniversary of blogging! It’s not much, but it sure as hell is good enough for me. There’s been so many things that I’ve blogged over the past two years – I’ve totaled 466 posts including this one. That’s 466 posts of everything that I’ve felt were good enough to share with you guys – everything from cars, hanging out, installs, new parts, my own life milestones, my personal thoughts and opinions and everything in between. I’ve had the opportunity to share so many great cars on here that I’ve had the privilege to shoot and it only keeps coming! As long as friends continue modding their cars, I’ll always have something to shoot.

My first post ever on this blog was my STI. Why not continue the tradition and post another of my STI on this 2 year anniversary. That was one of the biggest things that I shared with you guys here since I started the blog. From the moment I purchased the car, I posted every single thing I did to the STI and it’s progression all the way up to when I sold it and took the last picture of the new owner driving it away. It was truly bittersweet because at that point in time, I was ready to move on but I don’t think I had spent enough time with it to really let it go. I know this all sounds really lame but those of you who have put time and money into your cars and sold it know how I feel.

Anyways – here’s to another great year of blogging and more posts! I know next year there’s going to be a ton of things to post and I already know some of the cars I have shot a few months ago are already undergoing a few changes… Me on the other hand, don’t have much to report on the LS. I wish I had more funds, but with both the wedding and house – all of my attention goes to that. Maybe after that, I can put more focus into building the VIP car that I had imagined when I first sought out to buy one. (Can someone convince Diana that this is important? Please?)

I’ll try to have a few posts ready soon!

In the sunset! God, I miss having a GT wing so so much.

My First 2013 Beyond Meet…

Last night was the usual Beyond meet on the upper parkade of Chinook Center and I was bored so I decided to come check it out. It was my first time out in almost a year, and the last time I was out was back when I still had my STI. To be honest, I personally wasn’t a fan of going anymore just because it started to get kind of cliquey. Not that people are trying to do that on purpose or anything, it’s just how meets usually end up being. People gather in circles and it’s tough for newcomers or other people to join in. The turnouts were also pretty small – usually there would be a full line of cars, and now it seems to have doubled!

It was an exceptionally good turnout last night and lots of different varieties of cars. That’s something that I enjoy seeing and I think it’s even more refreshing because it’s been so long since I’ve been to the meets. Met lots of new peeps, saw some others that I haven’t seen in a long time, but overall a pretty good night. I know they hold the super meet every year so I’ll most likely make my way to that one as well since the turnouts are usually pretty big and include a lot of cars you don’t necessarily see all the time.

Moving onto some of the pics that I got that night. I know later on in the night, some other guys showed up but it was pretty dark and I had put my camera away.

Starting off with Rich’s WRX. Not even a week since I shot this and he’s already on different wheels. What a guy.

Ryan O’Hara’s EP3 looking clean as always.

Corey O’Hara’s new project S2000 – you might remember seeing it at the show & shine.

Alex Markovic and his immaculate Integra also showed up last night. Shoot of this coming soon to a lifewithjason near you.

A pretty clean BMW 1-series on WORK M1R’s. A little drop and it’d be set!

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Jackie Tong’s NSX on some good ol’ Advan RS’s – you probably know by now, but if you don’t – he’s the owner of Zero Limit Automotive.

Steve Chan’s Mugen RSX slammed on mag blue TE37’s

A shot of Regina George. Picked the shittiest parking.

A very clean 7-series. All it needed (and it was screaming for it) was air suspension and a better non-BMW park job. It would have easily been the sickest car at the meet last night (for me, anyway) if it was just dumped and sitting on the ground in a proper parking stall. The colour was fantastic as well.

Justin Kan’s dumped and static TSX on Enkei NT03+M’s

Brad Atkin’s K20 EM1 on nicely contrasting orange TE37’s. Brad – give your keys to someone so I can shoot this.

Errol Tan’s Amuse S2000. Errol – take Brad’s keys and get someone to drive your car so I can shoot both of them.

Adrian Perry’s boosted B18 EJ1 on some new shoes! Volk CE28’s. I believe he’s still on the fence about swapping them but I get the feeling it’s going to happen.

Alex’s Integra looking clean as usual. There’s just so much to say about the car… I’ll save it for the shoot.

A GTR that is apparently pushing upwards of 800+ hp? I didn’t confirm it, just what I heard. Still clean though and in great condition.

Ray Dumitrescu’s STI Sedan on WORK M1R’s.

SO CLEAN. Didn’t see the owner though…

Noel Egger’s S14. I think he had an issue with his hood and hasn’t been able to get it fixed yet so he rolls without it. Still looks sick.

Derrek Poyntz’s super clean Integra.

A wild R32 suddenly appeared.

A pretty cool FD RX7. The aero/styling is very 90’s but it still works pretty well today.

A minty convertible S13

Simple Evo X on RPF1’s

John King’s JDM front end conversion CSX. I still love this look.

Kyle Hugo’s EK on Regamasters

A dumped Saturn. This thing is crazy and it might not appeal to everyone, but he did a pretty good job.

Anthony’s special edition Scrion FRS. The “Silver Ignition” colour is probably the nicest colour for the FRS. It’s got a few extra bells and whistles that the regular FRS doesn’t have like the HID headlights and LED DRL’s. Good job Scion.

Derrick Ho’s Integra. It’s shouldn’t be news to any of you anymore. Good to see him out and about.

A rear shot of Errol’s Amuse S2000

JC’s Lexus CT200h – again, clean as always.

A very clean and awesome BMW on Rotiforms. I think upon closer inspection…

It’s an M3 engine swap? Not sure… Feel free to correct me.

A shot of some asses.

A rear shot of the 7-series. So sick. However, I’m sure the 20 minutes of idling was unnecessary…

A shot of Adrian and Alex’s cars together…

Alex’s rear window rollcall… I particularly liked the “noooooo monicaaaa!!!” one. hahahahahaha

Duncan Yu’s boosted civic.

I’ll end the post here with a shot I took in the corner of the Prius and the longest fucking car ever and the rest of the peeps in the background!

Aldrich Evangelista’s Subaru Impreza WRX

And here’s another one in the bag!

Aldrich’s Subaru Impreza WRX – just finished for the year once again – or is he? (we’ll get back to that later). I’m glad I’m finally getting off of my lazy ass to do some shooting because it’s now September and everyone is getting the last few nice weeks in before it’s time to put away the toys or convert back to winter mode. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that I’ve been complaining that the last few months have been crazy and busy and everything in-between, and it totally has. I’ve been doing a lot of vacationing this summer so by the time I get back, I have to play a lot of catch up. By the time I’m caught up, there’s events and shows that I have to get ready for. And if it isn’t car related, then I have somewhere else to be that also takes away from shooting time. But I digress… I just needed to (once again) complain about how busy my ass is and not really do anything about it.

Back on topic… Rich has gone through multiple changes and modifications for his WRX over the years that I’ve known him and he’s owned this WRX since I started my Civic days. In fact, below is a picture of the first photoshoot I did of his car. You can kind of compare the differences, and to some it may not seem like a lot, but for someone like myself who has seen all the changes come together, it’s actually quite different.

Rich is a very simplistic and function-orientated individual. He always has been and as I write this, I don’t know if I want to say that he always will be. People change, tastes change, and again – you can see Rich’s car evolve in the same way. I remember when I got my STI and first slammed it and put wheels on it with small tires, he shook his head. I remember when I rolled the fenders and tried to go lower, he shook his head. I remember when I got the Varis kit and put the Voltex wing on it, he shook his head but said it looked good. I remember when I had finally finished the aesthetic part of the STI, there wasn’t anymore head shaking. Not that it’s a bad thing because I can’t expect my friends to like my style of modding, but I just ask that they respect it. Rich has always been that guy – it may not be his flavour, but that sure has hell doesn’t mean he hates it. You will always get an honest opinion out of Rich, even if it’s not something you want to hear.

Here’s a good shot for comparison. Rich has gone lower using Raceland coils over the lowering springs he once had. He’s gotten a more flush and aggressive fitment, the Perrin wing risers help give the car more flare from the side and rear. It’s not necessarily a boy-tuner car anymore. It’s more than just “function” and he’s getting close to the point where he’s introducing a lot of “form” as well.

Rich has gone through lots of sets of wheels, and at one point – his instagram feed made me believe that he was beginning to turn into a wheel whore. He now sits on STI BBS wheels with a spacer and bolt pattern conversion to run them. Those of you familiar with the WRX/STI bolt pattern know that it’s impossible to run STI wheels without the conversion, that’s what makes this a little different.

The front of Rich’s car is now more aggressive. He’s running slightly more camber and you can see the wheels poke a bit, his custom “devil eye” projectors in a blacked-out housing paired with red Hella horns make it stand out.

From the rear quarter you might be able to spot some differences as well… Just guess before you keep scrolling.

Sitting pretty in the sunset.

The STI BBS wheels have also been repainted for a nice, fresh look.

Rich – also part of the Mode Luxe family. Not just for VIP cars!

A shot of his Perrin wing risers.

Sitting in it’s natural habitat…

And of course the rolling shots

I personally love the wing risers because it makes it look so much more aggressive than stock. Rich’s WRX is not a widebody like the ones you see rolling around today. I call them the STI-wannabes…

Alright time for the rear. Again, if you’re familiar with the differences in the non-widebody and widebody exteriors, you’ll also know that the hatch didn’t come with a quad-tip outlet. What good is that? Rich said. So he said “fukkit” and got an Invidia Q300 V1, stock STI exhaust finishers and went to town. He did the cutting and bolting up of the finishers to the stock bumper and mated up the exhaust with no issues. At the end of the day, we all stood back and pondered for a bit and said “Well shit, that looks good”. Subaru – I bet you wished you thought of that.

He also did what a lot of hatch owners do – tint the tail lights with red film. I just want to say that I don’t know what made Subaru think that clear “Altezza” type tail lights would look good.

Rich’s newest additions were the Recaros straight from the Accord Euro R (Acura TSX). The Honda fanboy in him lives on. Not to mention that it looks like it sits right at home in the car.

A close up of his rear exhaust finisher and Invidia Q300 exhaust. Once again – you might also notice the reflectors light up. Rich got the Liberal Reflector LED’s and hooked them up to his brake light. Another small touch where attention to detail goes a long way.

A shot of his “devil eye” projector retrofit. “Dat cutoff doe”. If it’s better than stock, it’s getting replaced. I feel like that’s what Rich’s motto is even though he never actually said it. I’m just going with how he builds the car…

We’ll end it here with Rich rolling off into the night.
Let’s revisit that idea of where Rich might be done for the season. Yesterday Rich test-fitted JC’s WORK VSXX’s and is now in the predicament of his life. I say that because he once thought he was done this season, and he even told me himself that he was and now he’s in that vicious cycle again. I feel for the guy because I know what it’s like to feel like the car is complete and to know that your wallet is safe once again. I also know what it’s like to have that dream shattered and have your wallet hide in fear of abuse again. All I will say is “Rich, just do it”. Nike has been saying it 1988 and everybody listens.