8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 3

Let’s get started on part 3, shall we? Admittedly, I thought I was going to get this coverage done in 4 parts, but after doing this batch last night – I realized I have a ton more to go through… So stay with me on this. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to power through all the photos in one sitting nor do I want to eat up all the bandwidth I have here by posting all the pictures in one or two posts lol. I did that last time with the Driven coverage and it pretty much broke everything no matter what browser/computer you used.

Anyway, part 3 takes us through the “other side” of the show/lot and the only real difference is that this side is all team/individual entries. Quality is no different on either side. The one interesting thing about the individual entries is that many of the cars that do show up are cars that I don’t see or have ever seen around and so it adds a nice breath of fresh air to the show for me. I may not know them personally, but trust me when I say that it’s nice to see these new builds coming to these shows because it indicates that the car community stretches much further than I thought. A few of the individual entries that I was able to see were from pretty young individuals and I say this from a pretty envious standpoint. All these young guys building S-chassis’s and bimmers and everything in between – when I was that age, I think I was driving my mom’s Corolla with no hope in hell that I was going to be driving a somewhat cool car.

But I digress – let’s just get a move on with part 3. We’ve got some cool whips coming…

Tommy’s R34 GTR sedan with the black and bronze TE37 combo. Tommy went on to win an honour roll award as well on Sunday which was very much deserved.

Under the hood, he’s sporting a twin turbo RB30.

This wild FC3S with an aggressive widebody and a 2JZ under the hood.

A very clean and immaculate Levin with TE37v’s

Jake and his S14 with an LS swap on Advan GT’s and CTS-V Brembos underneath. Jake’s car is so well built and clean – one of my favourite S14’s around.

A peak at the boosted LS underneath.

Ryan Dandurand’s Ferrari F355 slammed down on Meisters.

Mike Boulanger’s RX7 in red on a set of Advan RG’s and an Esprit wing out back. Always clean as usual.

I believe this S15 is “lady driven”, if you will. A super clean S15 Spec R, I think with some clean 326 power elements all around.

Binh’s Datsun 240Z. This thing was immaculate and incredibly well put together. It was my first time seeing this so this one was also another one of my favourites of the show. Underneath the hood was a plethora of titanium and carbon goods.

The colour looks “almost” like the lambo behind it but I believe it’s an original colour of the Datsun 112? I might be wrong and it might actually just be the same colour as the lambo… LOL EDIT: Confirmed by Binh himself that it is the original Datsun 112 colour

I have more shots of this later, but the front end of this is the “G” nose and was basically only built for Japan and badged as a Fairlady. Apparently a super rare piece that Binh was lucky enough to get his hands on.

Rear quarter shot and that wide rear. Bronze TE37v’s look great with the lime green.

On the inside, he was sporting an OG mesh racing seat. I only know all of this because Binh was nice enough to just talk about the car to anyone who came up and I don’t even think he knows me. I think Binh’s whole approach to the show was wholesome and genuine – something a lot of us, including myself – are missing. Although we’re all at the same car show, I think the difference is that we’re all there to “show off” what we built, while I felt that Binh was there to “show off” what he loves.

The key difference here is that we’re so entangled with the idea of trying to build something better than the person next to us that we forget that we do it because we just love doing it. Of course, we all want to build something great but when we forget the reason behind it – I think we start to lose sight of what brought us there in the first place. Binh told me about every unique piece on his car and why he loved it, he asked if I wanted the hood down or up for shots… There’s something genuine in that. It’s not for the scene points, kids. It’s for the love of the game.

Hawkeye STI with custom retrofits.

Very clean IS with a black/red combo. Almost makes me miss it a bit…

A very clean 240SX on gram lights

Aired out STI

Moe’s bagged Mustang GT

AJ’s bagged 335. I’m not sure what doesn’t look good bagged…

A nice line up of clean Silvia’s on this side. This one with the champagne-coloured body on bronze XD9’s

And an aggressive S13 right beside it

R34 in what looks to be close to midnight purple?

Another shot of that pink Civic from roll in. I still have more shots of this for later to show some details…

STI on TE37’s

Mike’s Civic – apparently the first time it’s been out in a few years? He’s done a lot of things to this and I always see him mentioning that it’s ruined or it’s garbage on his instagram but the memories stay with it!

Chris Allard’s clean white on white Integra on TE37’s. Don’t see too many DA’s around that aren’t all rusted out. Great job.

A taped spoon-themed S2000 on RPF1’s? I think that’s the look they were going for anyway.

White on white DC5

Aggressive Mustang aired out and flared out. Splitter that’ll cut your ankles and massive wing for the downforce.

Ray’s AKA Tito Bombet’s super clean MR2.

Romel’s ’77 Toyota Celica – what’s not to like on this thing? Those Filipinos be banging out wicked classics.

Drop top…

Benny’s incredibly rare R33 GTR R400. This man owns a number of great cars – including the AE86 you’ll see soon that I shot years ago. He just traded in his FRS for a CTR… I think he’s got a Ferrari… I don’t know the others…

Arnel Viray’s ’81 Celica. Another awesome classic.

Sunnie Au’s BRZ with tofu delivery livery along the side

And to end the Japanese classic row – Greg Legaspi’s ’76 Celica in yellow.

Not going to attempt the trucks again… Just know they’re cool.

Howard’s clean IS-F on grey TE37’s

Silvia on aggressive Work VS-KF’s

Another ‘newcomer’ was Terence’s freshly painted and put together K20 Civic hatch. I saw progress on this on Instagram but it kind of just stopped – likely intentionally to keep it a surprise. Admittedly, I talked to Terence at the show and even when I snapped this photo – it didn’t even click in my mind that this was his. It could’ve been because I was busy trying to get shots in that I wasn’t putting 2 and 2 together, but I only found out it was Terence’s when he won the Honour Roll award. I was literally mind blown.

We were talking about life, family and babies and I didn’t even once think to be like “yo Terence, your car is sick man”. I’m so sorry Terence! LOL

Either way – I’m glad I did get some good pics of this. Such a great build and well put together – we need more of these. Well done, Terence!

Brad’s Beetle looking great!

The nerve of this guy…

Shaylee’s S13 sitting low on Wedsports

Jacob’s M235i on bronze ZE40’s

3-series on mag blue TE37’s

3-series on Advan TC-III’s

Jack’s LS-powered Silvia

Arnold Wong’s CTR on bronze TE37’s. Can’t go wrong with champ white and volk bronze…

Arif’s EK with some new retrofitted headlights done by Aldrich. Lighting has always kind of been an underestimated addition to a car – if done correctly, this can change the look of your car completely.

And just ending it here for today. I didn’t have much time last night to get through everything I wanted to… Hopefully more tonight!

8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 2

Let’s get a roll on with part 2. I’m starting with the vendor/sponsor side of the lot and then in the next part, we’ll cover the team/individual side. Every year the sponsor side gets a little bigger and the prizes get a little better. While there are a lot of familiar cars in this lot, there is also a handful of newcomers that I’ve never seen before including a lot of different types of cars – not just of the import/euro variety – which is totally refreshing to see.

One day I hope that this show starts to attract a lot of the classics and more muscle to help spice things up a bit more. Everyone familiar with the show loves their imports and euros but there’s so much more out there that they can offer… Who knows, maybe it’s the fact that it seems like a boy-racer show that it turns the other crowds off. How can we change this?

Either way – enough chat – I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

We start off at the left of the entrance to the sponsor/vendor entrance with VEX – bringing out the big boys as always – starting with this super clean Supra.

Clean RX7 on Weds… I really want an RX7 one day…

Another Supra in white

An R32 also on Weds

Track-ready FRS

Camaro SS with an LS-swap. We need to see more of these!!

Money valve cover

Giuseppe’s S15 looking clean as per usual.

Landon’s RB S13

Lots of trucks came out on Sunday as well. I took this for Aria – she likes trucks lol.

Devin’s flared FC8

That cool fucking Ruckus I saw at Driven!!

Flared 350Z on bronze/bronze Work VS-KF’s

Spoon-themed ITR

Hyundai Genesis on CE28’s

Very clean IS-F on Work CR’s – I love the blue on white look.

Jimmy’s 3-series wagon sitting on an aggressive set of TE37’s

Bagged STI on Work CR’s

Lyle’s gloss grey Varis STI on CE28’s. This is still hands down the best wrap I’ve ever seen in person. It’s so clean in fact that it still looks like paint to me. Lyle messaged me a few days after Driven and told me that it was even wrapped in all the jams. Up close, you could barely tell it was wrapped on the corners and on edges – that’s how clean it is. Impeccable job!

The interior of Lyle’s STI had matching Status seats as well. Great attention to detail on his build. I love it.

An aggressive root beer coloured 350Z on Work CR’s and a GT wing out back. Not a stranger to local car shows.

Clean RX7 on bronze Advan RG-D’s

Gerard’s FD2 with a touch of Mugen and Spoon. The wheels look to be Work’s new emotion D9r’s? I had a shot of this during roll-in as well. I dig the spoon mirrors on this and the combination of parts on this and I think big reason this resonates with me is because I wanted one a long time ago.

Rear quarter shot.

3-series wagon on gold wheels and matching gold livery on the rear quarters

Nick’s A3 aired down on Niche wheels. Sorry for the sign in the pic – couldn’t get a better angle at the time.

Lowered F-150 – man… I can’t decide if I like trucks lowered or lifted. I’ll take both.

A 1952 Mercury M-7. This thing was wild – it sounded mean as hell too.

I love the rusted finish on it.

I want to say this is a Cummins diesel engine but I don’t know much about it to be sure. Someone can correct me on this if you know!

SO CLEAN. Right now, I like slammed trucks. LOL

Paul’s incredibly clean Accord wagon. Still probably the only one I’ve seen in person around here and he lives in Airdrie too! I think he had a set up in the car to play Mario Bros or Mega Man X if I recall correctly… That’s the way to win a 90’s kid’s heart – Mega Man X… Legendary.

Mike’s extremely clean bagged Camaro. I’m happy to see another black car with a great finish. Not too many of those… Although, his IG is flawlessdetailsinc – so I guess I couldn’t expect any less.

This was a pretty cool build – this was a narrow body WRX (pre-stock widebody gen) with flares built into it and it almost looks close to the stock widebody that Subaru used to offer. Bagged as well and wrapped in a glitter blue.

Again – I’m not scared to admit I don’t know what this is, but I was glad to see it there and I want to say I love it.

Yellow MR2

And the star of the show for me went to this guy. Completely out of no where it seems was this Pandem BOSS conversion Silvia. This was put together SO well and the colour choice was just perfect. I would trade my car in for this in a heart beat…

LS-powered under the hood

And the rear quarter. I think I have more shots of this later but this was incredibly well done. I’m not usually a fan of the cut rear bumpers to expose the metal framing, but I think this could’ve used it to really match the front. Either way – I need to build an S-chassis right now.

Shawn’s white on white Type R

Very clean and minimalistic EG on RPF1’s

The aggressive A7 you saw from roll in… (Corrected by Danny D – it’s not an RS7)

Kind of back to the quad crew that I took pics of rolling in – all aired out here.

Interior game on point.

Directly across from them – a flared out hawkeye STI

A Silverado aired down – I think? Someone tell me I’m wrong. THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT WHEN THEY’RE SLAMMED.  EDIT: As expected – I’ve been corrected on this – it’s not a Silverado, it’s a Colorado. I’m going to be honest and admit I didn’t know there was a Colorado. FUUU If I rolled around in a slammed truck in Airdrie… The looks I’d get… (because Airdrie all has lifted trucks)

This was another that was one of my favourites of the show. So different but SO good. The green paintjob with the gold accents and wheels everywhere just popped so well. We like to think our paintjobs are pretty good but the detail here is just insane…

Out back, the tank and hardlines set up with a subwoofer front and center…

And here’s where I was just mind blown. The design on his hood made it’s way into the dash and kept going. MAN… Too crazy. Great job sir!

And the last one in the group – again – I’m not going to guess because I’m just going to get it wrong – but bad ass.

A low down view of him basically laying frame and all the other components underneath. The cool thing about these is that the exterior – likely purposefully – looks worn down but all the components underneath and inside are cleaner than Brandon (@btl.88) washing dishes/wheels.

R34 Sedan with fender flares on Weds Kranze

Aggressive S14 on TE37’s

Liberty Walk G37

Stan’s Mazda Miata – squeezed in tight for this one.

Randy’s Rallybacker FRS and lambo doors.

Gerrick’s RB RC350

Modest STI on bronze ZE40’s. The headlights look to be custom too – almost derivative of the newer gen headlights with that frosted LED strip.

Steven’s Varis widebody STI on TE37’s now wrapped in black. A much darker version compared to his previous white set up.

Simon’s widebody FRS with cherry blossom livery

Lexus IS with an eerie resemblance to Black Panther’s Killmonger. Can someone confirm?!

Liberty Walk GTR

Zane’s Varis Kamikaze GTR – no stranger by now…

Jorge Magana’s GTR on bronze TE37’s

Lots of titanium goodies underneath too…

Top Secret GTR

Over at the Haute AG booth – the two LS swapped Porsches made their way to the show as well.

The BMW M coupe – AKA the shoe car – aggressive on those BBS’s.

That concludes part 2. I’ll be editing part 3 tonight and hopefully will have that set up tomorrow morning/afternoon! Thanks for joining!

8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 1

The day everyone anxiously waits for every year has come and gone again for the 8th year in a row. It goes without saying that the show continues to trump its previous one every year and I find that almost near impossible to do each time I write this. The show has grown to such large proportions that it almost makes me wonder how the illmotion team pulls it off. Of course – it obviously has a  lot to do with all the friends and family that come to help out on the day because it involves a lot of little behind the scenes work that most people don’t know about and we don’t expect you to know either. Planning for a show like this takes months and when a day like yesterday goes off the way it did, the guys should feel nothing but proud of their efforts as usual.

I don’t have the exact number but the entries this year was hovering between 500 and 600 this year which is INSANE if you think about it. There are cars from all over Alberta – including a few from BC and surrounding provinces – and to fit them all here in this lot is crazy. Over the last 8 years, the show has nearly doubled it’s entries and it just keeps getting bigger. For the last 7 years, the Max Bell arena has been the home turf for the illmotion show but in the last several years, it was getting uncomfortably tight. This year, the guys found a lot downtown that stretched along the inner workings of Calgary right beside an old CP rail track that adds a bit of character. In my opinion, this venue is far superior than Max Bell and has much more potential of being the show we all dream of. It might even get to the point where entries become selective due to how fast this show grows. Who knows, maybe that’s another 2? 5? years down the line?

Either way, the team pulled it together once again and I’m just glad to be a part of it. Shows like this around here are hard to come by and each year the guys take what they’ve learned from the previous year and apply it to the next. That’s why the show just keeps getting better – and the key word here is organization. I just want to be clear for those of you new here… This show isn’t a money grab and it isn’t a way to get internet fame or points – it’s here for you guys. From the very beginning, the show was created because there was no other show that could give us what we wanted. In many ways, we wanted shows that felt like the ones we see coming from our neighbours to the south of us. Shows like Wekfest and Eibach… They’re on a much different level than us and we were seriously lacking in that department. In the last 8 years, we’re just beginning to  graze the level of consistency and quality that they had a decade ago, it seems. Yesterday felt like one big step closer to that.

Don’t get me wrong – I or illmotion (speaking on their behalf) are not wanting to go and copy them. The end game for these shows is to put something together where true quality cars recognize a true quality show. That combination – I hope – makes people want to build better cars to show better quality and it’s a vicious (good) and continuous circle. You’ll see cars here that you don’t see anywhere else and that speaks volumes to what this show has achieved. I think that’s enough said for how far this has come.

The first part of the post as always is just the early morning parts that most people don’t see. While you’re up cleaning your car and prepping, the team is on location setting up and preparing for the big day. Yesterday was a super chilly morning… Diana and I woke up, checked the forecast and the current temp was +2C but feels like 0C. WTF. Of course, we grossly underestimated it and went unprepared – as most of the guys did as well – some were in shorts, we were in thin jackets… We should’ve been in parkas…

Rich setting up the DJ booth getting ready to provide sick beatz throughout the day…

The line up of a few of us that got there early. Diana and I only got there a 830 – meanwhile some were here by 645.

Shot from the DJ booth where there was no wind hurting my face…

As we go through part 1 of the photos – as well as the others throughout the day – you’ll notice there’s a yellow/orange tint to my pictures. Most of you already know but it’s because of the BC fires happening right now – we’re getting a brunt of the smoke so it gives us this eerie doomsday/apocalypse haze that kinda looks cool for the pictures. So no, I will not adjust my white balance!!

Diana/Jen/Barb getting the tent set up for the day.

A few early risers rolling in early…

Trung in his Voltex S2000 getting parked…

Brandon rolling in to help with set up as well…

Eric and his S15 also lined up.

A few more early risers rolling in.

Brandon wiping down his car. He kept telling me he tried his best to clean his wheels but he couldn’t because they’re ‘stained’. Ladies, this guy is single, he squats, he deadlifts so if that’s your thing – get at him @btl.88. But he can’t clean dishes apparently.

Nismo Juke coming in

VIP BMW 7-series. So good… I wonder why this wasn’t done sooner?!

As I was saying earlier – these guys and many others were grossly unprepared for the cold that morning…

Incoming trio

Yellow Altezza on Work XD9’s.

Gabriel’s Integra looking clean as ever

Rear quarter shot of his Integra… Side note – I friggin love the atmosphere the haze created for us yesterday. It was like we were downtown Hong Kong or something with some of the high rise buildings in the back.

JC at the front checking people in.

An FD2 with aggressive Mugen aero, a front splitter and Voltex wing out back.

I remember way back when I had my Civic, I wanted to trade it in for a CSX and do a conversion so bad…

Another oneeee

Super clean RS7.

Josh and his Type R on some fresh bronze TE37’s. looks great in person.

Imagine the look on my face when I saw Josh’s dad rolling up in his EG. LOL that’s some gangster shit.

Evo X on Varrstoens

I have no idea what this is but it’s cool as fuck.

This guy came through scraping every thing, every single inch of the way. Everything was just so clean on this – I’ll have more pics of it later but the difference in style that I’m used to is so intriguing. We lower our shit as much as we can and try not to scrape, and it seems like these guys lower their shit as much as they can and love the scrape.

Crazy paint job too…

The 4 rolling in together. So good.

Jimmy and his wagon on TE37’s

Brad rolled in with his dumped beetle.

Mario and his Fiesta ST and his new front fender flares. They look real good – added a nice touch to it and flows well with the body lines.

Another one that caught my eye was this S4 pulling his bike in – matching colour themes on both of them.

Isaac rolling in with Nick’s 4Runner on TE37’s. Ladies, I think he’s single too… Check that face.

Arnold and his CTR also on Bronze TE37’s.

Another shot…

Jack and his LS powered Silvia on Nismo LMGT4’s. Clean as usual and still one of my favourite S-chassis builds to date.

Levi and his 4Runner on TE37’s…

As I walked by this group of 4Runners, I suddenly felt the urge to also buy a 4Runner and get TE37’s… God damn this is just awesome. I think this group (if I’m looking right) was Jackie and his 4Runner, Nick’s gf Kimberley in the GX470, Jackson and his Tacoma, Alfie and his 4Runner, Nick’s 4Runner, and Levi’s 4Runner.

2JZ RB Silvia and Jason’s Aimgain widebody FRS

One of my favourite shots from roll in…

Giueseppe and his S15 rolling in. He’s got some big changes coming for this thing… Keep an eye out for that.

Some roll in of Legit Society from Edmonton. Evo X on Meisters

Kriss Martin’s Evo X on bronze TE37’s

Carlo’s Varis VA widebody on his WRX fitted with TE37’s and  Voltex wing. This is the one kit that does this platform some justice. Well done!

Kai’s 86 on ZE40’s

Another WRX on white TE37’s. The Legit Society group loves their WRX/STI’s and Evo’s hahaha

Like I said above… An Evo IX with a full Voltex kit

Running on Brozne ZE40’s

And a wingless Evo X on TE37’s

Bugeye hatch on red TE37’s

Landon’s RB 240SX

Devin’s widened GC8 on RPF1’s

Adrian’s super clean CE28’s with red… wait what? This guy didn’t clean his brakes before a car show. What a guy. It’s like he uses his car or something.

Ryan Dandurand and his Ferrari F355 on Meisters. One that I don’t see too often, but it’s quite the looker.

wrapped G-wagon in a metallic red.

Neon green Supra with Ridox aero, I believe. I can’t help but think of F&F when I see this. Looks good though.

Rob Hartson’s slammed and static STI hatch

Simon Chan and his Derpy FRS – one who makes his way here from BC all the time. This thing has almost 150,000KM on it and it still looks great. Simon drifts this thing, tracks it, daily drives it… Kudos and thanks for coming down!

Randy AKA itsbirdy and his Aimgain/Rallybacker FRS

Gerick’s RB RC350

Liberty Walk G37

Steven’s Varis Widebody STI now wrapped in full black.

Zane’s Varis Kamikaze GTR – you may recall from Driven this year.

Romel’s Celica – always a must-see at any car show. The Japanese classics are always a site to see.

The last few photos I got during roll in was this EG hatch. It was a “newcomer” if you will, as I’ve never seen it before or maybe they decided to debut it during the show. There’s something totally different about this that gives it an appeal that I couldn’t help but stop and stare for a bit…

The car was basically a mixed bag of everything all built into one small pink package. On the side, a play on Liberty Walk’s phrase was changed to “Imagine all the people drinking chai” which I thought was very clever…

The rears were super cambered out, there was a GT wing out back, and it had widened fender flares on all four corners. When I say it was a mixed bag of things – I mean that it was an amalgamation of all the latest trends – wrap, tilty wheels, a decal of some witty/clever saying, GT wing, fender flares – this had it all – and while many others also have all the above, there was something else about it… I haven’t quite put my finger on it, but I’ll have more pics of it later…

That’s it for part 1! I’ll try to get part 2 up tonight or tomorrow morning.

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2017 – Part 2/2

Part 2!

Just to reflect on my comments on the first post – I was talking with JC on Sunday about the lull in the community – and it for sure isn’t a bad thing. When I say lull, I mean that a majority of the cars in attendance have primarily stayed the same from the previous year, more or less… Including mine. I think we’ve hit the pinnacle of widebodies, GT wings, and stance. We’ve successfully phased out most of the Rotas and Varrsucks or however you spell it. People – for the most part – understand quality and how much better well-made parts outshine every other sub-standard part. Car trends come and go and we’re at the point right now where people have done almost everything to meet that trend and we’re just coasting now. Coasting is not a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing. I’ll tell you why – because if you’re coasting with the trends, that means we’re not degrading the quality of builds. We’re just sitting there waiting until something else happens and everyone will jump on the next bandwagon.

We seem to have a roller coaster ride of trends – sometimes good, sometimes bad. Whatever it is kind of determines the next level of builds that come about. The OG’s kinda stick around and dip their feet in the waters to see what it’s all about, the new guys may embrace it and make it great or abuse it and make it bad. One example I keep coming back to is the GT wing hype. I remember way back, Jackie Law – the original GT wing hype man was the one that persuaded me to get a J’s wing for my Civic at the time. I can’t count how many times people made comments on pictures of both our cars to “get rid of the wing”, or “park benches belong in parks not on cars”. Today, though? Don’t get me started on today… But I’ll start anyway – let’s find the biggest carbon wing – doesn’t matter who it’s made by as long as it’s carbon fiber – let’s make the tallest aluminum stands, cut shapes out on the stands for weight savings and JDM scene points and then mount it somewhere on the chassis because that’s the only way it’ll hold my cargo box weight. I mean, I kind of exaggerate but I’m kind of not at the same time. The point is that it’s gone from “GT wing” to “BIGGEST, TALLEST, CARBON, CHASSIS-MOUNTED GT WING I CAN FIND AND USE”. There’s a mild difference. I’m not hating either, I’m just stating the extremes of one trend that tends not to stand the test of time.

Either way – simple or not, our car scene has grown an incredible amount and in a very positive way. The more it grows, the more it inspires others to build better quality cars. Some people do not-so-great shit so that other people know not to. Other people build good shit so that other people build upon it. Good vibes, everyone!

Last note – illmotion killed it again this year with another great show and smooth roll-in and roll-out. Thank you for always putting on a great event with a great cause. I always love roaming around the show taking pics, stopping to chat with people and finally putting faces to usernames from Instagram, like “dude, I like your pics” and you return with a “dude, I like your pics too”. It’s like a mini social media gathering for awkward car guys like us. Either way – whether you’re in the show or not, whether you win or not, it’s always great to get together and just shoot the shit. That’s pretty much what all of this comes down to – building something that you can share with other people and inspiring each other. I always tell Diana – I could be spending my money on other things like drugs and hanging out somewhere sketch with shady ass dudes. Instead, I’m either on my computer looking at car parts, or in the garage putting the car parts I ordered on my car. Win.

As I mentioned in my first post – this is why it’s hard to get photos of every car. It’s really no one’s fault – perhaps just a perfect combination of bad timing on my part for being there at the time and a herd of people standing there when I was ready for a shot. The show is busy, there’s only so much room to stand, so this happens.

Classic look on BBS’s

Andy – owner of Dreamworks Garage owns this ’76 Lancer with an Evo IV engine swap. I remember a few years ago it was sitting on the side of his shop with the interior all gutted and messed, the panels all stripped of paint. Let’s just say it had seen better days… Now look at it shine!

Rad MR2

AE86. Right in the feels. The only car that can rock the two tone and still look good.

One of my favourite styles of the Impreza is the GC8 chassis. Add some flares and meaty fitment and you have a mean looking Subie.

Benny’s F20 swapped AE86. Hasn’t changed much since I shot it years ago but still minty. Maybe he hasn’t driven it since I shot it years ago? lol

’81 Celica with overfenders and a 1JZ swap. I love how certain oldschool Jap cars have a certain “muscle car” look to it. Bad ass.

Ford Focus RS. This thing looks so cool in person – BBK, aggressive front bumper. I dig.

This brings me back. An R18 Civic fitted with SSR MS3’s and a Varis wing out back. Interesting that he chose Varis over Voltex/J’s model-specific fits. This was boosted too which was cool to see. There weren’t many options at the time my Civic was in show condition and the ones that were available either weren’t reliable or made by an off-company.

Sunnie’s boosted BRZ

Clean Supra. I still want one of these…

Romel’s Celica – still fresh as always. I will never get sick of this thing.

Bagged STI

Andrew’s IS-F on those Leon Hardiritt money wheeeeels. Still the best colour combo wheel I’ve seen. That champagne gold though. There needs to be more Leon Hardiritt around here and less any other VIP wheel everyone is rocking.

The frankenstein FRS – a mashup of Levi’s old RB V2 kit and Meisters mismatched with a white FRS. Panda theme perhaps? I think this was just kind of all put together recently so probably didn’t have enough time to get it all matched up.

Mugen RR inspired CSX. Not terrible execution but could do without the baby levers on the lip and simpler headlights. Otherwise not bad.

Jason’s Varis x Aimgain BRZ on TE37 SL’s. A different combination of parts here but it works surprisingly well in the Tiffany blue/black combo.

Alex’s type R. Also for sale – $15,000!

Nick’s GT3 fresh on TE37’s and a Voltex wing.

911 Turbo on TE37’s

Justin’s S2000. Funny story – Alex made me move this into another position. Took me about 4 tries before I realized reverse is not all the way left and down in a Honda. Also, sorry Justin – I forgot to adjust the seat back cause my short ass legs couldn’t reach the clutch.

Aldo’s S2000 in track mode. lol

Isaac’s 820 Amuse S2000

Eric’s S15 slammed down low with flared wells. Too bad the hood was up at the time, he had painted it the night before and it actually looked really good.

Errol’s Type R on bronze TE37’s. The dude comes in with bugs all over his front bumper and doesn’t wipe it off the entire show. He might as well have left his keys in the car with the ignition running, amirite?

Punit’s Integra – haven’t seen this in a minute. This guy. Sometimes he takes his van and leaves both the Integra and GS at home. Wat.

Brandon’s RSX on permanently dirty white TE37’s from the brake dust. LOL jk,

Brad’s S/C’d K20 EM1.

One of many of Alex’s cars – K20 swapped, mugen, volk, project mu…The list goes on.

Tommy’s new project (or just new to me cause I’m out of the damn car scene lately) – clean Civic hatch on bronze CE28’s.

Josh’s K20 EG. Should be no stranger to those of you now…

Jackie’s race car – the amount of stuff going on with his car is insane. It’s a beast – with a hood exit, fully stripped interior, canards that could cut your shins… Too bad ass.

Kyle’s new Type R. It was great to actually see this in person finally. I’m not sure how I feel about it – I think that was the general consensus I got from everyone I talked to about it. It’s nice but not nice enough for me to buy. But I guess I’d have to drive it first…

The interior up front is very nice – the dash is intuitive and clever. Then everything behind that was just “meh” by Honda. The seats are fairly flat and unsupportive, there isn’t much bolster to hold your passengers in. The trunk is roomy (enough for a stroller, Diana *cough*) and that’s about it. There are a few other details pointed out to me here and there that seem silly but perhaps there are reasons unbeknownst to me. Ie., Derrick pointed out the passenger side lower grill is cut out for the horn while the right side lower grill is left all covered up. Whaaaa?

Alex’s other car (oh yes there are more) – seems to be forgotten about lately. His turbo’d GSR – one of the only cars where I’ve seen attention to detail from literally every angle, inside and out with no corner left unturned. This is kind of what I alluded to in my first post about things being put together just to be “put together”.

Everyone will eventually reach the point where they say “there’s nothing left to do”. There’s always something to do – it’s just a matter of asking yourself how bad you want to put effort into something that people “might” not see. Almost every single one of Alex’s bolts are Mugen – even in crevices that you can’t see unless someone told you. That’s where you need to make the effort to say “yup, that bolt is worth changing to a $20 bolt”. And eventually when you make those changes, those changes that people don’t all know about – that’s when your car is truly “put together”. Not many of us have that type of mindset – hell, I don’t have that mindset –  but it’s the mindset we should start getting into. If you think about a lot of the iconic builds you know, they’re iconic because of how much detail they put in. Not because they have Volks and KW V3’s with some nice LED lights and it doesn’t happen overnight… Think about it for the next show 😉

Another type R in the line up. I think 2017 is the year of Type R…

Alex’s (yes the same god damn Alex) other other car he put in the show. This one is a different type of car though. This was an ITR shell that he purchased in relatively good condition. Alex and friends all basically stripped the car down to the shell to get it resprayed in the Phoenix Yellow to be perfect again. Right after that, everything went back in with new OEM parts. Everything from carpets, to rubber seals to everything you could possibly replace that was available – Alex replaced it all.

What do you end up with? A basically brand new Type R sans a brand new engine… Which is not all that bad considering you’ve just restored one of Honda’s masterpieces back to showroom condition.

Alex brought the new NSX from his dealership to showcase as well. Quiet a machine… Didn’t get a chance to take a close look at it even though it was right beside the tent but mannnn that red…

Not sure what was going on here. Brandon stimulating Arif in some way… Arif stimulating Brandon in some way…

A very clean and perfect example of a Type R/RSX representation. Everything from the Brembos, to the seats…

And a RHD Type R Civic. Also very clean and well-maintained. Those Craft Square mirrors are perfect… But I’m biased.

RB S15 – I believe this used to be purple before? Now it’s orange and still bad ass. I like this colour much more. *EDIT* I stand corrected – this is not Coopers’ S15 that I was thinking of. This is a completely different one but with a 2JZ swap. Very niceeee

Track-prepped Miata in a matte black finish. I believe this was red before as well if I’m not mistaken. I dig the black better too.

Noel’s S14 in a brand new colourway with new DriftSquad livery. This colour was perfect in person. I’m digging all these red and blue cars lately!

Some tight fitment on this S14 with classic Meisters and gold accents/hardware. More Craft Square!!!

This was a wild bug eye wagon from Legit Society. It had a chassis mounted GT wing out back which was kind of weird to me but it still looked dece.

Dare I say… How muscle cars should be sitting? Nice and low… I need one of these too.

Paul’s Accord wagon – not something you see everyday but I’m glad when I do see it, it makes me happy. So clean!

Root Beer S14

Jesse’s Supra

A fairly stock looking STi but that’s where you’re wrong. JC filled me in on this today – it’s got a lot of things going on that’s easy to overlook. Apparently some rumblings were happening about him winning but let’s just wash those rumblings away.

This is a pretty rare S204 STI that’s got a fully built Tomei engine. Carbon roof, air suspension and overall pretty simple at first glance. The term “sleeper” works well here – a term you don’t hear all too often with all the wild styles going on nowadays. Well done, sir.

This STI probably had the most unique but simple colour in the whole show. It was a very light grey but it worked SO well for this build. It’s hard to capture and appreciate in a photo but it was very well done.

Another Root Beer wrapped 350z on a gold/bronze Work wheel combo.

This reminds me of simpler times – 240SX with no aero on XD9’s in bronze and some meaty fitment. Flashback to the mid 2000’s

Jake’s Subie sans the GT wing. Kind of feels nekked now…

And one of the last shots I took of the day. A very clean static GS on Work Equips with Endless BBK behind them.

I’m actually not sure why I stopped – I must have gotten distracted or something and then put my camera away. I walked up and down aisles for what seemed like hours… Again, if I didn’t get a snap of your whip – sorry – maybe next year. But overall – great show… Another one for the books.