FK8 Carbon Shift Boot by “Detailed by Panem”

After installing the Hybrid Racing short shifter in the Type R and choosing to run it without the stock shift boot, a piece that has been missing has been a nice cover to fill the big gap left behind. Kind of ironic because you leave the shift boot off so you can see inside, but you also seeing the insideĀ too much LOL. The outer trim of the boot on the inside is really ugly so it’s unsightly – all I was looking for was a piece to cover up a majority of it but still be able to display the awesome shifter piece.

About a month ago, I stumbled across a dude that made custom carbon fiber ones by hand tailored to the type of short shifter you had. That meant that depending on the short shifter, the hole, size and placement were all custom tuned to fit exactly to the shifter. About 6 weeks later, it finally arrived and I’m super stoked on how it fit and turned out. Check him out on Instagram @detailed_by_panem if you’re interested!

The piece in all it’s glory.

Hand-laid carbon and finished with a gel coat clear. Number 7!

Here you can kind of see what I mean about the outer portion of the inside boot. It’s got that trim that is used to hole the actual boot itself but is not removable.

And so, the solution is to cover it a little but but not all of it LOL. NOW it’s perfect!

Fit like a glove too. It finishes up that center area super nicely.