Hard Park, Cruise, Bubbletea, Cracked lip = Good Night

Got a random message from JC asking if I wanted to cruise. After debating for a good half hour while I was sitting on my computer and eating delicious pho, I decided I’d tag along and get some pics too. It’s been a while since we actually cruised and hung out and mostly everyone’s cars are out and almost or already ready. Too bad gas prices are lame! lol

Anyways, rendezvous point was at Speedtech – I’m going to keep calling it Speedtech even though it no longer exists because it still feels like Speedtech. I just refuse to let go hahaha, if I had the money I’d buy the same place out and open up shop again.

Onto the shots…

First time seeing Eric’s car out in person since last year. Shit is low as fuck. It hurt me to watch his bumper bend and scrape as he parked in this spot.

Proof. Too crazy


And also the first time I got to see Jackie’s NSX. GOD DAMN shit is wicked in person. Gold and red are so good together. Nice to see another color other than our usual white and black cars lol

Excuse my shadow. lol

Dat drift ass. Can’t help but appreciate the damage on this car because it’s not meant to be a show car. Just makes it look good.

Group shot – sans Aldrich cause he was running on Filipino time.

Heading into downtown. Actually a pretty good shot since it was on the bridge.

I tried to get a sick shot of Jackie’s NSX from my sunroof but the combination of his super low car and my super high wing resulted in this. Fail haha

Arrived at Thai Thai’s and there was practically no parking. This is where it gets good… (Bad for Jackie though lol)

Steve and Jackie. Damn so good.

Parking freed up on top and Jackie decided to move up top. Except when you drive an NSX you can’t just decide what to do. The NSX decides what it wants to do and if it doesn’t like it – shit like this happens.

Scrape scrape scrape.

But he made it up and was good (for now)

Why block cars in? Because NSX.

Jackie you need a damn GT wing. Right now.

And a final shot for the night. I had to run out at a red light just to take a picture because it was worth it. I feel bad for you Jackie, but that shit is baller. And because he had trouble getting up, the worst part is getting back down. I was behind him and exit had such a small space that there was not much room to angle out. Inch inch inch BOOM. Big snap and this happens. Breaks my heart, but slow clap for you Jackie. So gangster.