If You Jump In Muddy Puddles, You Must Wear Your Boots…

… Peppa Pig quote for those of you blessed with children who love to watch that terrible show. LOL

Anyway, first time in the rain for the CTR after CQuartz and Gliss combined. I’ve been waiting for this day – just to see how well they hold up and it was awesome. Most of the time it usually just drizzles for a few seconds and then it ends up just messing the car up but this time it was pouring hard and fast. Perfect for a quick rainy day shoot to test the coating and to get some cool pics!

The only thing I wish I had was a rain jacket… Otherwise it was perfect weather for reflections and some cool effects. The only thing that sucks about this pic is that I caught the damn wipers LOL

Just some quick test shots in front of the house at first…

Really loving the way this sits right now. The cool thing about shooting in the rain – especially at f.14 is that you can capture the rain droplets suspended in the air and if you zoom in, you can see them. It was also misting at the same time so it creates this haziness that allows you to play with some masks and filters if you want…

Reflections reflection reflections!

It’s hard to tell how hard it was raining in the pics but I was out for literally 5-10 seconds and was pretty drenched, so I had to be quick with the shots. It was also pretty windy so it was pushing all the rain onto the lens, so I had to find the right angles to avoid that.

Most of my shots in the past were of the front because it was my favourite but… Now all you’ll see is the rear LOL.

A better example of all the rain falling and captured at f1.4. Soo good.

I wasn’t out long because I was drenched in the few seconds that I was out each time to grab a shot but I needed to get a shot of the car after the drive. Water beading perfectly and after it all dried, it looked like my car was never outside. GOD, I will never not praise ceramic coating. The sad thing about it all is that 99% of people will never notice. LOL

Blue Skies & Rainy Nights

Well, it seems like we’re in a never-ending series of filming for Ricky’s video lately… But I don’t mind! He’s getting a lot of good footage and this night was no different. We planned to go out in the rain to get some rainy shots and change the mood a little bit, and change the mood we did.

He had access to a rooftop that looked down over center street, so that was a perfect time to get some footage that you can’t usually get (unless you have a drone lol). Rooftop access paired with near-empty roads makes for some cool shots for sure. I wish I had my camera up there with me when we went to scope it out so I could show you… But I guess you’ll just have to wait for the video.

Derrick joined in that night as well to get some behind-the-scenes footage and some extra stuff that Ricky could use too. The more, the merrier! The only footage I got was when we were parked in Chinatown and they were getting some stills… That night was a wicked night for shots again with the dimly lit sky and the misting of the rain. It wasn’t too cold or too wet…

Ricky getting some footage at the back there. The hotel in the back made for some nice backdrop with the rooms lit up with a heart and a peace sign in the middle.

These shots are super awesome to me because of the incandescent lights and the blue sky.

Just random shots…

Tried to get a puddle shot but not enough water haha

Derrick getting some footage…

Here, Ricky was setting up for a really cool shot where the car disappears in the video. Hard to explain but you’ll have to see when the video is done. I got a little teaser of it and I think it’s so dope!

Last one for the night… The car acts as a model and as an equipment car! LOL

Rain > Snow

Random shot I edited yesterday just because I felt like it. I’ve been thinking recently that if I can’t do anything to the car next year, I’d like to at least wrap it. Most likely not a matte colour, but a simple metallic… Although there have been quite a few bodykits popping up for super cheap, but I can’t cop those right now… Unless someone can convince Diana that a bodykit would be a good way to spend money.

The Christmas season is upon us! So I’m busier than ever lately… Christmas shopping, house stuff, wedding stuff. You know the deal by now.

And here’s my “rain > snow” pic because it seems fitting right now.

IMG_2967 copy

Sasa’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06

As promised, I got off my lazy ass and went out for a shoot this weekend.

I’m an Instagram addict that has to check my feed so often that it distracts me from so many things. Over the last few months, I’ve been seeing Sasa post up his Z06 at some awesome photo op spots along with his brothers Ferrari F360. Finally on Saturday, I posted a comment on his IG pic asking him when we’re going to shoot. We scheduled the next day in for the afternoon and boom – here we are now. We knew it was going to rain and I wanted to shoot his car in particular because it’s silver and it works well in the rain – you don’t see much dirt, it reflects the light well and it doesn’t get too underexposed or overexposed. I think Sasa’s Corvette is the third silver car I’ve ever shot haha.

Sasa is quite the car fanatic and quite honestly, he has probably been through more cars than I have ever wanted. One of the conversations we had was that he’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t care what he drives. Whether it’s a Honda, a Chevrolet, a Ferrari – a car is a car and is meant to be enjoyed in different ways. You hardly hear that from people because they’re so stuck in the world of only Hondas or only Domestics or whatever flavour it might be. I personally enjoy talking to someone that can truly appreciate everything, even though they wouldn’t necessarily buy it. It makes the car world a better place LOL!

Anyways, I want to give a quick shout out to Sasa for coming out and braving out the 20 minute rainstorm and getting soaked with me while shooting and experimenting. We’ll do a better shoot when the weather is nice!

IMG_3048 copyDuring the morning, the sun was out, it was nice and we ended up shooting RIGHT when the rain started. Here’s a pic where the rain really started getting heavy. If you click for high res, there’s tons coming down. Although, now that I look at it again – it still doesn’t look as bad as it actually was. Our jeans, shoes, and jackets were soaked in the short amount of time that we were out there.

IMG_3056 copyMoved to a different location and the rain started letting up. There’s a moment when the rain is just about to stop that you get a nice slick layer of water on the ground and you get cool reflections. The silver pops.

IMG_3060 copyA different angle.

IMG_3070 copyGreat side profile shot.

IMG_3086 copyAnother one with some mother nature in the back.

IMG_3093 copyClose up of the wheel and reflection. Love the fender vent.

IMG_3102 copyAt this point, the rain pretty much stopped and the blue skies came out super quick. You’ll see as the set goes on, it gets brighter and then super sunny haha. I was hoping for the rain to let up, but not for the blue skies and sunshine this time. Overcast is the best time to shoot. It gets to the point where it almost dulls out the silver – I need a polarizer… haha

IMG_3110 copyObligatory ass shot cause it’s awesome. 325 rear tires. Boom.

IMG_3121 copyDetail shots.

IMG_3124 copyMore fender porn action.

IMG_3128 copyThe dash and welcome display showing “Corvette”.

IMG_3137 copySeats. Comfy too.

IMG_3139 copyCenter console. I loved the position of the transmission personally.

IMG_3140 copyNice and clean engine bay.

IMG_3181 copySome solo rolling shots. By solo, I mean I did it while driving LOL. So they aren’t the best – but they turned out alright for what it was! Note the blue skies.

IMG_3194 copyShouldn’t stopped the camera down a bit to get more but it was tough to see on the camera whether the wheels were spinning or not cause they’re black lol.

IMG_3288 copyHere’s where the sun was out in full force. Also the middle of the pavement dips inward so it looks like the car is floating lol.

IMG_3299 copyWanted to get quick dual shots in with the dirty LS. You can’t even tell his car is dirty… lol

IMG_3304 copy

IMG_3306 copy

IMG_3307 copySat in the car and checked it out. Felt kind of like sitting in an NSX.

IMG_3308 copyWheel and speedometer.

IMG_3309 copyAnother shot of the center console. It looked like carbon fiber from a distance but up close it actually looks like snake skin pattern or something. Not sure what it’s actually supposed to resemble though.

Sasa was also insistent that I drive the car and take it out for a rip. The first few times I declined because I’m scared I’ll fuck shit up. It wasn’t until I sat in it that he said “that’s it – you’re driving it” – and with that I was sold. Let me just say that I’ve never driven anything close to American muscle and this car is definitely something. The cars’ steering is tight and responsive, the sound modification that Sasa did on it made it sound amazing, and the lowering of the car just made the car feel planted. There is a crazy amount of torque even in higher gears at low RPM’s and it goes when you tell it to. No turbo lag – like the STI, no waiting for VTEC to kick in (serious) – just straight up power all the way through.

At one point I was so into just ripping around and actually getting kind of nervous that Sasa said “you aren’t even going above 4K”. LOL! I replied with a “I don’t wanna die” and proceeded to push the pedal down and go faster. I think I got to 6K before I said “fuck this, I’m too young to die” and I parked the car. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the LS and not driving fast, maybe it’s because I thought the STI was fast and it actually isn’t now. Whatever it is, I want a Corvette. Thanks a lot, Sasa.

FS: 2007 Lexus LS460L