TJ’s R32 – Favourites

TJ’s R32 feature is up on illmotion now!

See it here

iM Highlight: TJ’s Volkswagen R32

It’s a super sick car in person. Very subtle but aggressive in a good way. It’s rare to see an R32 around and I’m glad I got the chance to shoot it. TJ’s R32 pushes 387 all wheel HP at 19psi. Crazy. Anyways – here are some shots from the shoot.

This location had to be one of the best locations I’ve ever used. It was in some rich people area lol. When TJ had got his car positioned, a guy came out and we were asking if it was OK to shoot quickly. He just kept walking towards us and we all thought we were going to die – I’m not even joking lol. Anyways, he went on to say something about it being some other person’s house but then he told us it was his… anyways, we got our shots and got out of there pretty quick lol. Well worth it.

Just around the bend was this nice stretch of “country” road. The paths all lead up to some baller house and tons of land. TJ was positioning for the shot below…

I mentioned in the first post I made after shooting TJ’s car (Sneak-a-peak: TJ’s Volkswagen R32) that I’ve been wanting to shoot at sunset for a while now and this is why. Not only was this one of the very few times that I’ve shot a colored car, but it was also one of the very few times I’ve shot at sunset. The combination was perfect IMO.

Great fitment. No poke, no hellaflush, no mexi, no sunk. Just functional fitment.

Another roller!? If you’ve stuck around my blog lately, you’ll soon find that this is a ritual. If I shot something – there will be a rolling shot.

Sneak-a-peak: TJ’s Volkswagen R32

Another great shoot last night and a nice sneak-a-peak for you guys.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the itch to want to shoot a car during the evening when the sun is setting for some reason. I’ve just always been lazy and never really had any new car I could think of to shoot. Yesterday worked out perfectly – it was supposed to be my chill day and I was sitting there kind of bored. Around 5PM, Ricky messages me and asks me if I want to shoot an R32. He mentioned it a few months ago and I totally forgot about it. Turns out he wanted to get a shoot today. Perfect! It was a beautiful evening and it was exactly what I was wanting to do.

When Ricky had told me about it and showed me pics a few months ago, TJ actually had a black R32 on the same wheels (it’s a secret) and that’s what I was expecting. Turns out he got rid of it and got a blue one instead. A nice surprise because it seems like the only color cars I shoot lately have been in the realm of the white/black/grey/silver. This might sound dumb but it is actually super refreshing to shoot a color – deep blue pearl? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways, the blue and the yellow/green fall colors worked perfectly together.

A nice Wednesday evening spent shooting a nice R32. You’ll see this on illmotion soon, too.