DIY: Paint The Town (Nursery) Purple

Since I haven’t had time to do car things, I’ll post house things! I had the day off today to just try and get some time away from work – it’s been hectic lately and my mind just needed some R&R. I needed to do something other than deal with problems all day and just do something relaxing. “Relaxing” in my world doesn’t mean laying in bed all day – I can’t stand that… Instead, I got to work on the nursery now that we know the gender and spend some quality time in the garage afterward.

Diana and I have been discussing what we wanted to do with the nursery for a while now – we just had to wait until we knew if it was a boy or girl so we could get get the colors. You see, Diana and I are a strangely effective team… Diana just throws out random ideas and I bring them to life. She doesn’t really lift a finger most of the time, but she is a tough critic. A lot of the time, my vision of her ideas work and all is well – I haven’t really come across a time where it hasn’t (lucky me). Until that day comes, we will continue being that strangely effective team where she blurts out ideas and I continue being the laborer without pay. I guess it all works out in the end – the day it doesn’t is the day I stop LOL.

IMG_6372 copy

Here’s how the nursery sat for a few months. We bought all the furniture – more of which you cannot see to the right of me – and we just had it there so we wouldn’t have to worry about the expense later.

IMG_6373 copy

Diana wanted a feature wall and we bounced many ideas back and forth. She knew she wanted purple, but we didn’t really finalize on anything until a few weeks ago… So I went to town. I taped off the surrounding area to get started on the edges…

IMG_6376 copy

I can’t remember what the paint color was called but it’s similar to a very faint lilac purple.

IMG_6378 copy

Edges first! Pro tip: Do the edges first so when you use your roller, you can roll over the brush marks and it looks more seamless.

IMG_6379 copy

This was the first coat. It went on light and as it dried, it got darker. Pretty nice…

IMG_6381 copy

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to run to Home Depot to pick up a Cedar board and start another project.

IMG_6383 copy

I painted it with a kimono purple – another color we picked up for the walls.

IMG_6385 copy

Here is where my creativity blossomed LOL. Diana wanted polka dots on the wall – and I was free to do whatever I wanted with them. The first problem was how to get perfect circles without using freehand brush.

So, I found my zipties, a Stella Artois glass holder, and an old shirt.

IMG_6387 copy

A few minutes later I come up with this. A cheap and somewhat-effective stamp tool.

IMG_6388 copy

Here’s what the first few circles looked like in the pure kimono purple. The problem with my stamp tool is that it wasn’t doing exactly what I was hoping it would do. Turns out when you go to stamp it, you just get a runny, uneven mess.

As a result, I ended up just stamping the outline and coloring in each circle one by one with a small brush and then running the brush along the other edge of the circle to keep them sharp. I am willing to bet anyone $100 I can now draw perfect circles after this project…

IMG_6389 copy

I decided that I wanted to ombre the shit out of this wall. I know this term because it’s the latest fad for girls to do to their hair in every color imaginable. It’s a fancy word for fading the color – girls just wanted a prettier term I guess.

Anyway, as I made my way down the wall, I just added more and more white to lighten it. I also wanted the polka dots to look like they were raining. I didn’t want the uniformity of perfectly placed dots. Too cliche. LOL

IMG_6390 copy

Anyway, I didn’t take many pictures in between it all because I was on a roll. This was the finished result!

IMG_6392 copy

Here it is without the tape and a bit better lighting. Beautiful.

IMG_6393 copy

After I finished that, I went on to complete the second project. A growth board for baby A. Thought it would be a nice addition to the room… People end up spending $60+ for this. I spent $4.20. SUCK IT

IMG_6397 copy

And it’s all completed! I still have to mount the growth board on the wall but this is how it sits for now. Still lots to go but it’s getting there!