Merry Xmas to Me! 2 of 3

Yesterday I had another unexpected surprise from Canada Post – they delivered my Samsung LED’s that JC and Punit told me about to use in my fogs and to replace the HID’s in there as well. Canada Post is killin’ it with their weekend deliveries, especially at this time of the year btw.

Since I had the Philips Ultinons in hand and now the LED’s, I was itching to get them on the car to try them out. Part of me was telling myself to wait until it gets warmer so that I can do both of them, but a bigger part of me was saying “it’s only -25C out, it’s warm enough to do one side just to see”. I ended up listening to the latter half of myself and did it anyways. So I put a hoodie on, plugged in one of the spotlights since it was around 7PM and went to town.

It’s also the first time that I’ve started it and I usually don’t like to do that but I did it so that the compressors wouldn’t kill the battery or anything. At first when I tried to air up, it wouldn’t budge and it kind of worried me a bit because I thought the lines were frozen. I ended up letting the compressors finish fully and then the car rose no problem. I guess the tank was completely empty so there was no pressure at all.

Here’s a shot of the LED’s that I received. You wonder how these little things can put out so much light…

A close up shot of it.

Also removed the wheel and took a shot of the bags on the front. Still looking good!

Here is the driver side with Philips Ultinon 6000k and a comparison with the eBay 6000k. Quite a noticeable difference in colour as well as light output and spread even though it’s the same temperature.

Another shot of the two side by side. I wish I could have taken it at the proper distance so you could see the full cut off and the spread of light on the ground. This is a good comparison of the “hot spot” of the HID’s though.

Here is a before shot of the eBay 6000k. You can see a noticeable blue tint to it – basically what’s expected of most 6000k HID’s

And here is the Philips Ultinon 6000k – there is really no blue at all. It’s more a crystal white if anything. You’ll notice the huge difference when you compare it to the “Nike” LED in the headlight. I’ll have to change that out to a proper/pure white LED in the future to match the Ultinon’s now… But every time I think about changing them out, I cringe. It’s ridiculous how much of a pain it is to change those…

Here’s a shot of the LED lit up. Bright as F.

The two together. The LED has a slight blue tint to it compared to the Ultinon. This kind of bothers the OCD person inside me, but I think it’ll be OK when it’s out of the garage and on the road…

Comparison shot. It’s extremely difficult to capture the true colour differences with a camera – most of the photos are untouched except for underexposing it a little more to show as much of the lights as possible. It’s funny because from this shot, it almost looks identical, but once you look at it with the naked eye, the difference is night and day.

Here you can tell a little bit easier. The passenger side shows a blue tint and the driver side has no blue at all.

Close up of the passenger side – eBay 6000k

Close up of the driver side – Philips Ultinon 6000k

All in all – a great purchase. I’m actually really happy I did it because the headache of having shitty bulbs is not worth it. Funny story – as I was taking these pics, the passenger side (eBay bulb) went out again. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and they just turned off. I wish I took a picture to demonstrate how shitty they are haha. Anyways – the most joy that I’ll get out of those eBay bulbs is to take them out and smash them. The one thing I do wish I got was the Philips Ultinon 6700K Flash Star – they might have matched the LED’s a bit more, but I’m pretty stoked on these 6000K’s either way.

Only one more package to go! And it’s almost Christmas!!!!

Merry Xmas to Me! 1 of 3

My first “Christmas” present to myself came today! Decided to upgrade the lighting again because I half-assed it when I first got the car and I really regret doing that. At first I just thought I would grab some eBay HID bulbs for $30 and be done with it. Turns out I was not done with it – one side would always flicker and blow out and I would have to turn off all my lights and turn them back on again for them to work for another 5 minutes if I was lucky and the vicious cycle would repeat. It was kind of embarrassing actually… Mainly because you’re flashing your lights and people in front of me probably thought I was flashing them or that I’m an idiot. I had enough of that so I decided to stock up on some parts now while the car sits so that it’s good to go next year without that issue again.

I thought to myself that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right and just get the best bulbs on the market – Philips Ultinon – made in Germany and are OEM. You can’t beat OEM quality, and so this was it. I was reading reviews for a few weeks on these Ultinons in 6000K and have heard nothing but good things about them. Colour, crispness, and clarity were all there and it just gave some good quality light. “Apparently” and I use that term loosely, Philips Ultinon 6000K is actually a lot more white and less blue than your typical no-name 6000K HID and I’m looking forward to seeing them. Those of you that are not big on lights might think I’m crazy, but the small population of us that believe that quality in lights makes a difference know that the Ultinons are unlikely to disappoint. I’ll post pics once I swap them in.

This is 1 of 3 Christmas presents that I got for the LS this year… 2 more to come shortly. Both are in transit now so I should have them before Christmas I think!

Was lucky enough to find a reputable vendor that had the updated 2013 version of the Ultinons in stock and ready to go in BC. Got it in 2 days!

Shot of the bulbs. Ohhhh buddyyyyyyyy

Here’s some comparison pics I found on the internet. Best ones that I personally thought showed the differences clearly. Although – it is extremely difficult to capture the true colour of lights with a camera, in this instance I think the 6000k is portrayed as a lot bluer/purpler than it actually is and the 4300k is more yellow than it should be.

Here’s a better picture that probably shows the truest colour of the 6000K Ultinons. I believe he’s showing them in TSX projectors too so that helps with the super sharp cut off.