FK8 OEM Grill Garnish

Another piece to the puzzle has been acquired! Want to give a huge shout out to Mike Wu at Airdrie Honda for hooking me up with this. It wasn’t really in the plans anytime soon but as fate would have it… Here we are.

Airdrie Honda is actually like 5 minutes away from my house and I had scheduled the first service to be done there. I knew Mike worked there and although the first service is literally just an oil change, I would much rather have someone who I know and trust  and knows what they’re doing to do it. Although he’s not a lube tech, he agreed to help me out. He took good care of the car, sanitized it down after he was done and checked everything out for me.

One thing led to another and the topic of this OEM grill garnish came up because I saw that one of the showroom sedans had it on as an “appearance package”. I asked him about it and next thing I know, it’s arrived today – pretty much 24 hours from when we talked about it.

It’s a pretty simple piece that adds a lot of character to the car and you really either love it or hate it as it stands out a lot. Adding a red “eyebrow” to a white car is pretty much a statement piece. The piece only comes in Rallye Red and at first, I wasn’t too fond of it but over time, I began to like it and now I absolutely love it.

I think it works well if you there isn’t too much accompanying red on the car to feel like it’s overdone. I feel like with the red pinstripe, it would’ve been a little too much. I think with the other exterior piece I’ve got coming in, the front end should be a lot more balanced once it’s all done.

Ahhh I love it. So aggressive.

GT86 Lighting Pr0n

OK I promise this should be the last headlight-type post that I post for a while. I’m still trying to get over how sick they are… I mean, they’re no BMW laser lights or anything, but they are a huge upgrade over stock lights for sure and the fact that they don’t come on every FR-S makes it a little more special.

I know in my last post, it was difficult to tell what it looked like when the LED’s or HID’s were on because it was so bright out so I decided to fire them up one more time at night to try and get some shots and see how bright they were. The LED’s are pretty damn bright on their own – not enough to light up the road at night, but enough to be quite noticeable. The HID’s are nothing surprising… Although I am looking forward to changing them out to Osram CBI’s as per Alex’s recommendation. Alex and I share the same type of unhealthy obsession for the perfect lighting set up… We’ve tried everything from Morimotos, probably had our fair share of cheapo no-name ones, and the somewhat exclusive Philips Ultinons… Alex got his hands on a bunch of Osram CBI’s for all his cars and loves them, so that’s the next step!

But I digress… Here are just some lighting shots for you guys to see a little more closely.

IMG_7137 copy

Covers off again

IMG_7142 copy

Here are the lights with the HID’s powered up.

IMG_7148 copy

And the creme de la creme of the headlights – the LED DRL’s!

IMG_7153 copy

A close up… It’s hard to get a good picture that depicts how it really looks. The color of the LED’s are actually a pure white with no blue or yellow tinge at all.

IMG_7156 copy

And one last one cause I liked the shot…

FR-S Chapter – Project #4

She’s hooooommmeeeee!!!

Apologize in advance for the shitty pictures. I wasn’t in the mood to do a full on photoshoot on my unpaved driveway of a stock FR-S. Everyone knows what a stock FR-S looks like anyway :)… Plus my new neighbours were moving in across the street and I didn’t want them to think that I was some creepy photographer that likes to take pictures of things. We are probably the only Asian family in the community and I have a feeling they think I was a drug dealer with my LS460. Now I just look like a boy street racer… Which was the look I was going for haha

Anyway – took delivery of the car this afternoon after I was finished work. I dropped the LS460 off and as soon as I got in, I was told someone had already bought the car. As I was waiting to take delivery, I saw that one of the employees working there got in and drove it away! (He was the one that bought it)… I didn’t even get to take one last picture of her!!! hahaha oh well…

I am extremely happy with this purchase this time around – no ragrets. They aren’t lying when they say this car is fun to drive – it’s light, peppy and has such an awesome feel to just sit in the cabin. Especially after coming out of the LS460 – which is literally a boat with wheels. The car is no powerhouse by any means but it’s so light and small that it feels a lot faster than it says on paper. The seating position and the way everything is positioned is just so perfect. The transmission and feel of the car is so similar to my previous STI. The seats are some of the most supportive OEM seats I’ve ever sat in. I’m in love again.

IMG_1019 copy

Quick shot of her in the garage. I don’t have a name for it yet… Regina George was just so fitting for the LS460. I need to think of something but I don’t think anything will come up until it starts to take “character”.

IMG_1020 copyLove that black. I missed it quite a bit since my Civic so I had to go back.

IMG_1022 copyQuick shot of the 86 badge.

IMG_1023 copyAnother quick shot of the interior. Very basic but once you get in – you feel right at home.

IMG_1024 copy

And finally a quick shot of the FR-S and Diana’s Fit together. Both super tiny cars and now I have a shitload of room in the garage!! I love it and all I want to do is drive. I cannot wait to start modding the FR-S. I have some ideas but only time will show and tell how it evolves… I have ideas floating around, I just need money!!

Like I keep saying – slow build, slow build, slow build…

So this is just a place holder – I’m leaving to Vegas for my bachelor party tomorrow evening with the boys for a few days so I’ll be MIA until I get back! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! See you guys when I get back!