Jackie Tong’s Acura NSX Edits

Just to take a little breather from all of the features and stuff, I thought I’d post up an edit again like I used to. Been getting a few questions on how long it takes to edit with all of these shoots that I’ve been doing. Honestly, it can take anywhere from an hour to several hours, depending on how many shots I took or the type of look I’m going for. One of the biggest reasons for long editing times – as those of you that shoot and edit may know – is shooting the car in a distracting scene. For example, a shot in the downtown area will often include other cars, light posts, signs and other things that you really don’t want in the picture. So you end up cloning them out of the picture to put more emphasis on the car rather than distracting elements.

Other times, it’s really just making the car pop and making sure everything is aligned. For the shots of Jackie’s NSX, we shot in a fairly secluded area where there weren’t too many things that needed to be taken out. The red also does a good job of standing out so little has to be done…

The before shot – straight off the camera. No editing done except for resize and watermark. The original picture itself is already good – and most of that is credited to all of the colours working well together. This is one of the reasons I love shooting coloured cars – it’s easy to make them pop. Black and white are particularly more difficult. The only things that need to be “fixed” is that the picture is off level just a tad and there’s a utility box over to the left that needs to be cloned out.

After processing. Since it’s Fall, I wanted to give it a warm touch and the leaves and grass were already starting to turn orange/yellow, so I thought I’d help expedite it. I changed the hue of the grass and trees to a more yellow and orange colour and left the darker greens. I darkened the skies a bit and removed the baby blue hue to keep the colours warm. I cloned out the utility box to the left and rotated the picture 0.3 degrees counter clockwise and re-cropped it to level everything out. Lastly – I did some dodging and burning on parts of the NSX to make it pop just a bit more. I spent more time on the wheels in particular – getting that graphite to pop more, got the brake discs to shine through and removed the “rust” orange colour to them. I lightened up the front bumper and the side of the car a little to make the red pop.

All in all, I generally like the warm tone over the cooler tone for most pictures – it gives it a more natural feel, especially for a scene and car like this. This process didn’t take me too long, but in other photos that have poles and wires in the back or rock chips and cracked bumpers on the cars, it can take up anywhere from half an hour to an hour to fix it all. All in a days work, I suppose!

Sunday Funday: Jackie Tong’s Acura NSeX

Yesterday was another great day of shooting and this time, it was none other than Jackie Tong’s Acura NSX – The Japanese Ferrari. The NSX may be old, but the lines and design still make today’s automobile designs look dated. This is the reason the NSX will be one of the most legendary cars ever built and I’m personally glad that I got the opportunity to shoot one.

On a more personal level – Jackie has done incredibly well for himself over the past few years. Since the day I met him, he was driving a slammed Integra on gold Advan RG’s and was getting around that way. Up until just last year, he opened up his own shop – Zero Limit Automotive and now drives the wicked machine you’re about to see here and a gangster off-road 4Runner on the side. I guess you could say Drake’s song can apply to Jackie here…

If you haven’t hit up Zero Limit for your car related needs, you need to do so! Jackie does it all – from installing and setting up air suspension (my LS) to your regular alignments and oil changes. Jackie has worked on a lot of our cars and all of us has ended up leaving happy so you know he’s doing it right. Let’s get to the pics!

Please note: Lots of rollers because the NSX looks amazing while rolling.

Looks great on the dark gun metallic Advan RS’s – a fairly new upgrade from his previous set: Advan RG-D’s in gold.

The red on the NSX also shines nicely and hits your eye with a bunch of different shades in different lights.

This was probably my favourite shot from the shoot – looks great in the Fall setting.

Perfect fitment out back and a nice shot of his downforce side skirts.

Another roller down low.

Excellent lines from the rear quarter as well.

Head on shot – I don’t think there is a single angle of the NSX that doesn’t look good. I know I’ve mentioned before that some cars just don’t look “great” at some angles. The NSX doesn’t have that problem..

For some reason, this shot just gave me a “Nurburgring” feel.

Rich and JC also came along for the shoot. Good company as always.

Super meaty in the rear. Jackie moved up from 245 (I believe?) to a 285 in the rear. An awesome size on the NSX body.

Shot of the NSX power house.

Uneven ground on the front driver tire, but it was too good of a shot to leave alone.

A carbon wing out back. Nice and subtle – doesn’t look out of place at all. Usually carbon wings (not GT) look odd when they’re just replaced or added. It fits right at home on Jackie’s NSX.

And the last shot of the day!

My First 2013 Beyond Meet…

Last night was the usual Beyond meet on the upper parkade of Chinook Center and I was bored so I decided to come check it out. It was my first time out in almost a year, and the last time I was out was back when I still had my STI. To be honest, I personally wasn’t a fan of going anymore just because it started to get kind of cliquey. Not that people are trying to do that on purpose or anything, it’s just how meets usually end up being. People gather in circles and it’s tough for newcomers or other people to join in. The turnouts were also pretty small – usually there would be a full line of cars, and now it seems to have doubled!

It was an exceptionally good turnout last night and lots of different varieties of cars. That’s something that I enjoy seeing and I think it’s even more refreshing because it’s been so long since I’ve been to the meets. Met lots of new peeps, saw some others that I haven’t seen in a long time, but overall a pretty good night. I know they hold the super meet every year so I’ll most likely make my way to that one as well since the turnouts are usually pretty big and include a lot of cars you don’t necessarily see all the time.

Moving onto some of the pics that I got that night. I know later on in the night, some other guys showed up but it was pretty dark and I had put my camera away.

Starting off with Rich’s WRX. Not even a week since I shot this and he’s already on different wheels. What a guy.

Ryan O’Hara’s EP3 looking clean as always.

Corey O’Hara’s new project S2000 – you might remember seeing it at the show & shine.

Alex Markovic and his immaculate Integra also showed up last night. Shoot of this coming soon to a lifewithjason near you.

A pretty clean BMW 1-series on WORK M1R’s. A little drop and it’d be set!

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Jackie Tong’s NSX on some good ol’ Advan RS’s – you probably know by now, but if you don’t – he’s the owner of Zero Limit Automotive.

Steve Chan’s Mugen RSX slammed on mag blue TE37’s

A shot of Regina George. Picked the shittiest parking.

A very clean 7-series. All it needed (and it was screaming for it) was air suspension and a better non-BMW park job. It would have easily been the sickest car at the meet last night (for me, anyway) if it was just dumped and sitting on the ground in a proper parking stall. The colour was fantastic as well.

Justin Kan’s dumped and static TSX on Enkei NT03+M’s

Brad Atkin’s K20 EM1 on nicely contrasting orange TE37’s. Brad – give your keys to someone so I can shoot this.

Errol Tan’s Amuse S2000. Errol – take Brad’s keys and get someone to drive your car so I can shoot both of them.

Adrian Perry’s boosted B18 EJ1 on some new shoes! Volk CE28’s. I believe he’s still on the fence about swapping them but I get the feeling it’s going to happen.

Alex’s Integra looking clean as usual. There’s just so much to say about the car… I’ll save it for the shoot.

A GTR that is apparently pushing upwards of 800+ hp? I didn’t confirm it, just what I heard. Still clean though and in great condition.

Ray Dumitrescu’s STI Sedan on WORK M1R’s.

SO CLEAN. Didn’t see the owner though…

Noel Egger’s S14. I think he had an issue with his hood and hasn’t been able to get it fixed yet so he rolls without it. Still looks sick.

Derrek Poyntz’s super clean Integra.

A wild R32 suddenly appeared.

A pretty cool FD RX7. The aero/styling is very 90’s but it still works pretty well today.

A minty convertible S13

Simple Evo X on RPF1’s

John King’s JDM front end conversion CSX. I still love this look.

Kyle Hugo’s EK on Regamasters

A dumped Saturn. This thing is crazy and it might not appeal to everyone, but he did a pretty good job.

Anthony’s special edition Scrion FRS. The “Silver Ignition” colour is probably the nicest colour for the FRS. It’s got a few extra bells and whistles that the regular FRS doesn’t have like the HID headlights and LED DRL’s. Good job Scion.

Derrick Ho’s Integra. It’s shouldn’t be news to any of you anymore. Good to see him out and about.

A rear shot of Errol’s Amuse S2000

JC’s Lexus CT200h – again, clean as always.

A very clean and awesome BMW on Rotiforms. I think upon closer inspection…

It’s an M3 engine swap? Not sure… Feel free to correct me.

A shot of some asses.

A rear shot of the 7-series. So sick. However, I’m sure the 20 minutes of idling was unnecessary…

A shot of Adrian and Alex’s cars together…

Alex’s rear window rollcall… I particularly liked the “noooooo monicaaaa!!!” one. hahahahahaha

Duncan Yu’s boosted civic.

I’ll end the post here with a shot I took in the corner of the Prius and the longest fucking car ever and the rest of the peeps in the background!

Zero Limit Chillin’

Well today was a fun filled day. Spent the morning at my uncle’s 65th birthday party at a brunch at the Royal Inn which was delicious. I loaded up on food, had some good times with the family and went on my way to work. The past two weeks have been hectic as hell and the next two weeks will be exactly the same. I’ve been MIA on the blog for a little bit because I’ve been doing a lot of staying late or coming into work on the weekends to finish up a project. When I’m not at work, I’m hustling to get things done on the car to get it ready for Driven which is on May 11th. It’s crazy. I’m crossing my fingers that my wheels get here this week and I’m expecting all my air components on Tuesday. I’ll have a little less than two weeks to get it together for the show, and even then it won’t be completed the way I want it to be. Paint issues drive me crazy but it’ll have to wait until next year…

After a few agonizing hours at work, I decided to stop by Zero Limit – Jackie’s shop – to hang for a bit until I had to go again. There was a bunch of stuff going on all at once… Such a nice feeling to start getting into the nice weather and just doing car stuff again. I mentioned before that Jackie’s shop is looking to become a new hangout and today was the first sign of it – all of us gathered doing different things and just having a good time. Thanks again to Jackie for accommodating all of us and just letting us chill. It’s good business LOL!

IMG_1843 copy

When I pulled up, Brad was working on his EM1 and was replacing his rad.

IMG_1846 copy

K20 Swap…

IMG_1854 copy

Love it.IMG_1852 copy

IMG_1849 copy

His cage was freshly powdercoated a battleship grey and he finally got his interior seats in.

IMG_1850 copy

Beside that was Nikki’s Yaris getting her Air Runner suspension installed.

IMG_1851 copy

Laid out

IMG_1856 copy

Outside the shop was a ricer meet all on its own. Aldo’s S2000 waiting to go in to get some work done as well.

IMG_1858 copy

Zero Limit! Hit up Jackie for all your needs.

IMG_1859 copy

Back to Nikki’s Yaris. I was interested in taking a look at how it was set up. Mainly because I wanted to see how it would be compared to mine and also to see the build of the Air Runner system. Very nicely built.

IMG_1862 copy

Placement of the pressure gauges inside. Just mocked up.

IMG_1866 copy

The front of the Air Runner set up. The struts were nice too. IMG_1867 copy

The tank and the Viair compressor. Simple set up.

IMG_1863 copy

Here’s a full shot of Jackie’s shop. Super roomy and clean.

IMG_1865 copy

His brand new alignment rack.

IMG_1868 copy

Later – Steve, JC, Rich, Barb, and Punit showed up. Looks so good with a bunch of different colours… We used to only have white and black haha

IMG_1870 copy

Steve’s RSX completed finally. The rear was painted finally.

IMG_1871 copy

Rich’s WRX on his Advans as well with painted lettering on the tires.

IMG_1872 copy

Barb’s TSX. As I was taking this shot, she was yelling at me not to take the shot. Made me want to take the shot even more. It’s back to stock now and 4×4 status. Barb – everyone deserved to see this.

IMG_1875 copy

Wait what’s going on here? Rich told me to show finger gap and that shit is loose. (That’s what she said).

IMG_1876 copy

Bossman arrived from picking up some stuff to do the air install. His second cracked lip took more damage here haha. Not that it mattered at this point.

IMG_1878 copy

He decided to go around and back in. Looked and sounded great. The gold Advan RG’s are such a perfect combo with red.

IMG_1880 copy

Errol took his GTI in to get some things fixed up on the alignment rack.

IMG_1881 copy

Rich and Barb hanging with their dogs.

IMG_1882 copy

He was shaking the whole time and Barb said he was just being a bitch. But I don’t believe her. I have a knack for sensing abuse. I sense that I will get abused after she reads this.

IMG_1883 copy

Brad’s car just finishing up and getting the bumper back on.

IMG_1884 copy

Front interior shot of his EM1. Baller spoon carbon bucket seat.

IMG_1885 copy

Things going on all over.

IMG_1887 copy

With Brad’s Civic off the hoist, Aldo’s car was up next.

IMG_1889 copy

IMG_1891 copy

Aldo was getting his coils installed and his J’s exhaust. Still my favourite exhaust ever.

IMG_1892 copy

Jacking up the rear to get it on the hoist.

IMG_1893 copy

Steve and Aldo taking off the old system.

IMG_1894 copy

While they did that, my feet hurt so I went to go sit in Brad’s car. I couldn’t even see over the steering wheel, let alone even see over the dash…

IMG_1895 copy

I’ll end it here with this artistic shot. Actually – it’s not artistic, it’s just underexposed and it looks cool because it’s in a shop with silhouettes. I didn’t get a chance to stay to see how Aldo’s car turned out, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing it soon.

This is only the start of summer! Hopefully have some good content going forward – this week should be full of updates for me. Stay tuned!