New Kicks!

Unfortunately, not the kicks for the car… A few more weeks for those. However the Nike Free Runs that Diana and I ordered about 6 weeks ago at the Vegas store in Caesars Palace finally came today. The reason it took so long was because Nike doesn’t ship to two countries – Canada and some other place. It’s ridiculous because I’m pretty sure Canada is just up north from you guys punks and you still hold out on us. So I had to order it and ship it to my cousin, Leslie in Florida and finally she had to ship it here.

After all it was all said and done – they’re finally here! Love the colorway too… I tried to pick a color you don’t see in stores… Ever. Can’t wait to rock these bad boys.

IMG_0619 copy

Tiffany/WhiteIMG_0622 copy

DO WORKIMG_0623 copy

IMG_0624 copy

Diana’s free runs – she went a little crazy and added a touch of purple to them. Ended up turning out nice.IMG_0626 copy


Nike+ Fuel Band

Finally after almost a good month of waiting, my Nike+ fuel band came. Being in Canada sucks so much because of the limited access to cool new releases and shit. Thankfully I have my great cousin in Florida to be the middle man! The day it came out, I hesitated and decided too late and they were sold out by the end of day. I was pissed. Their website said that they would have some stock coming soon so Jag and I religiously followed their twitter account and the day it came up, I got Leslie to order it up ASAP. She did it while she was at work and boom – now I finally have it.

I haven’t even had a full day to use it cause I had to wait for it to charge, but tomorrow should be a good test day since it’s gym day. Here’s a quick shot of it. Looks pretty sick.