Montreal 2013 – Part 2 of 2 *The Cars*

Well I’m super excited to post this because I was super excited when I saw it going down. I was wanting to go to Gibeau Orange Julep for a long time because a few years ago when I came down, I didn’t get the chance to go since it’s kind of far from where we are. I made sure that we would make the trip this time, and we went sometime in the evening after dinner.

Just a side note – where we are is very inner city and it’s an older part of Montreal, so there are rarely any nice cars driving around unless you go into the Downtown area and it’s all apartments and not one single house to be seen.

So as we came up from the Metro at the stop near Gibeau Orange Julep, there were highways, tons of cars, traffic – it was like a whole different city. As we were walking there, I saw an RX7 with an APR GT wing, I saw a bunch of dumped BMW 325XI’s, S2000’s, an M3 and I thought to myself “DAMN, Montreal DOES have people that do up cars!” and I was excited to see it. Once we started getting close and finally took a seat, the parking lot had some modified cars there too. I remember even saying to Diana “It looks like this is where all the ricers hang out”. A blacked out silver Cobalt SS was there pumping his music… Other oldschool VW’s with checkered pinstriping and steelies a few stalls over…

As we were waiting for our food, the parking lot started filling up very quickly. One after the other – Audi A4 on BBS, A white Lambo, Some more VW’s ranging from matte paint to oldschool and aired out, a 2JZ Soarer… Wait a second. Is this… like Montreal’s version of the “Beyond Meet” that we have here at Chinook mall on the upper parkade? Diana and I sat there for a while and watched the cars roll in one by one and people got out of their cars and started chillin’. You’ll notice there are rarely any Japanese cars here… It’s almost Euro across the board.

Yup – this WAS Montreal’s version of the Beyond Meet and I wasn’t going to sit around drinking Orange Juice without taking some pics. So off we went! I was a little hesitant at first cause I had no car, but once I got in the crowd – who would know? People love when other people take pictures of their shit. I’m that guy.

A shot of the place with some oldschool VW’s parked on the side. It gets crowded here cause it’s super popular. It’s like Peter’s Drive-in… but better.

First up was the oldschool, minty red BMW.

Super clean and fresh VW on air. The paint was immaculate.

The white lambo that pulled in. Crazy. Montreal has a ton of ballers. I think on St. Catherine St I saw R8’s, a Bugatti Veyron, an oldschool Lotus, a bunch of A7’s and S8’s… incredible.

A MK6 GTI on BBS. Clean, but to be honest – I’ve never been a fan of those BBS wheels. They just don’t flow right and I haven’t seen a car that looks great on them. But still clean.

Another MK6 GTI aired out with what looks to be CCW LM5T’s but not sure. Loved his stance though.

Tried to get a shot of his trunk set up, which was super legit. Hardwood all the way on to the backs of the rear seats.

Front shot of it.

Another super clean MK5 GTI on air.

Oldschool love.

This MK5 GTI was probably my favourite one there – unique matte cream colour scheme on MB wheels. Simple, but it stood out like a sore thumb. In a good way.

This BMW was pretty clean. Saw the red/pink wheel bolts and thought it was cool. Up close it was kind of a shoddy job though – looked like it was painted on with a brush. Some areas were missed, some even got onto the wheel. Nice try though.

Another one on bags. Audi TT on MB wheels. God I love the look of that.

And another MK5 GTI on bags. CAN’T GET ENOUGH

This guys car also had fresh paint and on BBS’s. Couldn’t tell if he was on bags though, but at this point – I’m going to put my money on it that he was too.

I think the three most unique and popular cars there that night were the three from Royal Flush Canada. I was surprised to see a following like that over here, even though only three of them showed up. All done up exceptionally well with good all-around modifications. This 3-Series was bagged on oldschool Ferrari wheels. His rear was insane.

Another was the FG Civic on a static drop I believe. Also very clean. Not sure what wheels those are.

And the crowd pleaser of the night was this 2JZ Soarer on SSR Sp1’s. I have a super soft spot for Meisters/SP1’s so when I saw this, I couldn’t get enough. His fitment and everything was perfect. Kudos to you.

Better shot of his stance.

Shot of the rear wheel.

Rear decal.

A shot of the trunk set up of that green VW earlier. So legitttttttt

Was surprised to see a Volvo C30 there. Pretty good fitment, but I wish it was bagged too lol

Matte black VW on matte bronze wheels. The body was nice, but the wheels and fitment needed some work.

One of the confused ones there.

Tried to get a big shot but the girls glared at me as soon as I had my camera up.

Another shot of the matte cream GTI.

Some betters shots of the 3-Series and his rear fitment.

Even unpacked their flag. l need one of those.

So goooooood. check the alternating bolts too.

Where do VW guys get these ideas?!

Tried to get a group shot of the Royal Flush group but everyone kept crowding the Soarer lol. Guy with the long hair is the owner.

I’ll just end it with this one.

The caliber of cars there is pretty much the same here. There is always going to be a handful of cars that stand out and do it right, and there is going to be a bunch that are halfway there, got lost along the way, or are just confused altogether. Either way – it was nice to see a car meet and I’m lucky to have been there while it was happening to take some pics.

I don’t think I have anything lined up until the weekend for illmotion’s Sunday School Show & Shine… but stay tuned. Maybe something will come up!

Montreal 2013 – Part 1 of 2

Well I’m finally back home from Montreal and I’m glad to say it’s over. Not that it wasn’t a good trip or anything, but when you’re away from home and you’re out everyday from morning till night, it takes a toll on your body and you start to get tired of vacation life. Eating out everyday, walking 10+ km everyday, the humid weather with the scorching sun… You can imagine being exhausted at the end of each day and just wanting to go home.

Now that I’m back on the grind and trying to get back into the normal groove again, I’ll be posting up some pics from the trip. Highlights, cool stuff, food porn, the usual. It’ll keep you guys entertained until Sunday School pictures start popping up next week. I’ll make sure to get some good pics for that as well.

Anyways – I’ll split it up into two parts. This first post will just be of the trip and cool things we saw along the way. The second post will be of the random car meet that we happened to stumble upon while we were visiting the huge orange place (literally) for drinks.

The first day we got there, we went to check out some fashion show that was going on right outside on the streets. It was scheduled to be starting at 6:30PM or something, so we walked around to kill some time. The super cool thing about Montreal compared to Calgary is that the city is so influenced by art and fashion that you literally see it on every street corner and in almost everybody walking around. From graffiti walls on every building with amazing art, to people dressed up in the weirdest ways – to Calgary standards – but look good doing it.

In this pic – Maybelline was set up giving out samples and putting some cake on girls.

On the other side, models were getting ready and people were watching and taking pics just a few feet from them.

Maybelline graffiti board.

The DJ stage and catwalk. I’m just going to end the fashion show part here because it never really even started. That screen was getting updated with a new “start time” every time it went passed the original time. Eventually we just got tired of standing around waiting for shit all to happen. Not to mention “Joey Scarpellino” – the DJ that was playing on center stage sucked balls. The camera was on him the whole time, all he was doing was slicking his hair back while pretending to mix songs. Every time the song switched, he would stop the first one and quickly press play on the second one – no cross fade, no creatively thought out way of mixing it up, just a quick switch-a-roo. I’m surprised no one yelled BOO.

Went to visit some stationary store. Found THE ring. I gave it to her right on the spot. It was something like 23ct. hahahahahahahahaha

Went back outside one more time to see if the show had started yet. But nope… I did happen to catch this dude in the full asian photograher stance and to be honest, I’m not even sure what he was taking a picture of. When I looked, there was no one posing lol.

Also spotted Pitbull.

Finally, we actually got tired of waiting and walked around a bit. There were a bunch of cool stations set up displaying art and crafty things that have been done by students. One of them was this hallway built out of plywood and 2X4’s with canisters of wood chippings from different trees and you would just go up to them and smell them. Interesting.

We also made a visit to Gay Village. The whole street was lined with thousands and thousands of pink ball ornaments. It’s a pretty cool place and everybody is so open about everything which is cool. In the short amount of time that we walked around, I think we heard maybe 2 or 3 gay guys talking dirty and just hinting at things to come…

More artsy stuff. This was just on one side of Gay Village.

Not sure what any of it says, but it’s cool.

Took a stroll through Old Montreal as well. Lots of cool buildings and cobble roads.

Stopped inside a treat shop. They had a bunch of Cupcakes – similar to Crave but not as good.

On one of the days, we spent a lot of time at the Gardens where there are sculptures from various countries. Super cool cause some of them were gigantic – some as tall as houses or taller.

Before you go on – this is probably one story that nobody will believe, but I’ll tell it anyway. As we were walking to the Insectarium, there were these globes with various insects inside – dragonflies, beetles, bees, etc. As I was taking a picture of this one, all I could hear was Diana quietly yelling (yes, it’s possible to quietly yell and I know you’ve done it before), “JASON! JASON!” and I look up slowly and she continues to yell “A HUGE ANIMAL!!! A HUGE ANIMAL!!” and as I’m taking all of this in, I’m standing there – slightly paralyzed because I don’t want to be killed by any sudden movement and I’m looking around, behind her, up ahead and I see nothing. In the few seconds that I was looking around and not seeing anything, I started to panic and I’m not going to lie, I think I was ready to run.

Finally – Diana yells “HUGH JACKMAN!!!” and she’s pointing behind her furiously while trying to keep cool. I look up and he was standing right there, a few feet from where I was standing from where the picture above was taken. I looked at him and he’s a lot taller than he looks in the movies, but he had his sunglasses on, his wolverine beard still going on, and his hair was all down but it was definitely him. As I was getting my camera ready to take a picture of him, a couple behind him call out “excuse me, would you mind taking a picture?” and he politely replied “Oh thank you, but not when I’m with my kids” and he rushed off trying not to draw a crowd.

This was the only pic I grabbed of him, and I was just 2 seconds too late. Hard to tell, but it was him for sure. You can see that couple talking to him and that’s when he rushed away.

Cool experience, I have to admit. Even though we didn’t get a shot with him or anything, it’s crazy seeing “Wolverine” out of costume.

Finally headed inside the insectarium and that was probably one of the cooler things we looked at while we were in Montreal. Lots of crazy looking bugs that you’d never see here. Above is a beetle from Indonesia. I just can’t imagine seeing something like that walking around outside my house. Even stepping on one would be nasty as F.

Another one that could FLY. I get the shivers just thinking about what it sounds like buzzing around, flapping those massive wings. I just picture it being so clumsy in the air because of its size that it could bump in to your face or something.

A side profile shot of the first beetle. Those horns. Jesus.

OK Back outside to the other creations. This one was from Japan.

Japanese Garden.

Another cool part of the garden was the Bonsai Trees on display. It explains how Bonsai Trees are made and the careful process of how to get it to curve and stay small. Basically a lot of pinching and wires to help guide it. This particular Bonsai was the oldest one in the garden at 270 years old.

Another one of my favourites was thing one at 80 years old. It looked like a mini forest.

Cool face on a tree.

One thing we saw tons of was people bringing their iPads and taking pictures with them. I think it looks ridiculous enough that some people do selfies with them in the mirror. Taking it out at shows is also weird.

On our way back, it started pouring like crazy. When it rains in Montreal, it usually rains hard but it ends quickly. We were on the way to the Metro so we made a run for it.


Stopped over at a family friend’s restaurant and chilled for drinks and food. Took a snap of the new “wrist game” bracelets I picked up. Good ol’ French items.

A shot of the Metro – which btw is super sophisticated compared to Calgary’s transit system IMO. The Metro runs to almost every major area and small neighbourhood in Montreal making it extremely convenient to get you where you need to go. Each train takes about 3-5 minutes for it to arrive after the first one passes and there is really no need for security since the entrance/exit needs a pass in order to go through. Each station has an employee at the gate to watch for jumpers, but the likelihood of it happening is very little because once you’re down there, you can’t get out without getting caught.

Emo shot of Diana waiting for the train.

Also made sure that we tried poutine every where we went. One particular place was Poutineville – serving specialty poutines and custom ones if you’d like.

Cool joint with a nice open atmosphere to the street outside.

The Rocky Poutine. Hot dogs, bacon, sausage, poutine sauce and fries.

The Famous Poutine from Poutineville – braised beef, cheese curds, poutine sauce and fries.

The other thing we wanted to try was Reuben’s for Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches. We stopped here on St. Catherine St for a nice dinner.

Of course, Julee didn’t get the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich – instead she got the smoked salmon on a bagel.

I got the Famous Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich – delicious and melts in your mouth.

My parents got the 1LB Smoked Meat sandwich.

And our Dessert. Baked Apple Cobbler Pie – Diana and I went back on our last day to have this again. A must-have if you go!

We went and walked around and tried to get lost then ended up at some park. Needed to take a breather from all the walking we did…

I’ll end it here with Diana chucking up the deuces. That was the main part of the trip that was worth sharing.

All I can say is that I’m glad to be back home, I think I’m vacationed out for now… Going to be a busy summer! Stick around, I’ll post the car meet up in a few days!