Spotlight: David De Borja (@Deborja) x Lexi x FRS x BRZ

Well that was a mouthful.

Anyway, David finally sent me all the photos from the photoshoot we did a few weeks ago that I did the BTS shoot for and he gave me his blessing to share on here with everyone else. As you might have already seen/read – the shoot was an amalgamation of a whole bunch of other shoots – Jason Tang’s BRZ, Steve’s GTR, some rolling shots, and some of Lexi with the cars too and the below is the result of all that.

I mentioned many times before as well that it’s interesting to see another photographer work their craft – you only get to see where they’re standing and what they could potentially be taking a picture of, but you’ll never really ever get to see what they see through the viewfinder at that moment in time. When I photograph and when I look through the viewfinder, I try to envision the endgame or the result that I want to end with the photo. Before going into a photoshoot, I like to imagine the location, the car, the colours, the time of day and the lighting and put it all together in my head to know exactly how I’m going to colour-grade the photo, what look I’m going for, what angles will look best and when I finally get to shooting and looking through the viewfinder becomes an easy task – it just comes down to pointing, aiming and shooting. The idea and the way the photoshoot is going to turn out has already solidified in my head and I “know” what it will look like before it’s even done. I know – it sounds like blasphemy and crazy shit – but that’s truly my way of preparing for a photoshoot.

With that said, being an observer at a photoshoot almost causes me a small level of anxiety – only because I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t know what it looks like through the viewfinder and the always-prepared-photographer in me wants to know! And so after bugging David a few times – he finally got around to doing the photos and I know he’s a busy guy – the guy is doing a photoshoot every hour of the day it seems. I’ll be eating lunch and he’ll be shooting one car and when I hope on the gram again, he’ll be shooting another car before I’ve digested my last meal. Anyway, I was stoked when he sent me the photos today and I was stoked to share them with you. I was particularly excited to see the photos with Lexi because my car has never been shot by many people other than myself, let alone with a model. In short – it’s a different perspective for me and it’s refreshing to see my car in a different set up than its usually in. The mood and tone of the photos paired with the colours of Lexi’s outfit turned out great!

Check out David’s instagram here:

Rooftop Shenanigans?

I guess every photoshoot that I’m not actually doing is just a shenanigan now cause I don’t know what else to call it lol. Yesterday, David had a few of us come out to do a quick photoshoot downtown. He’s been wanting to do some urban/downtown rollers for a while now and he got his chance! I met up with Steve in his GTR to get our cars washed and we rolled out to the top of the parkade downtown. I’ve never actually driven all the way up to this one before since I’ve never had the need to but it ended up being a really nice spot.

There was a bunch of things going on yesterday afternoon – between Steve getting some shots of his GTR before he sells it, some model pictures, a BRZ and FRS duo shoot, and rollers – we were all just following David’s lead. It’s a weird thing to not be the one coordinating the shoot since that’s what I’m used to.

Being the bystander at a photoshoot is a new thing to me… Like, where do I stand? Am I in the way? Should I talk to the photographer or do I shut up? Is it creepy to watch while the model is posing on the cars? I dunno – me and Steve just ended up talking cars anyway and looking away while awkwardly trying to get out of the way LOL. Personally, while I’m shooting – I enjoy talking about the persons car and what they’ve done to it and what their plans are. It might not look like it, but I’m listening and it helps me add a little flair to the write up that I usually do, or if you talk about a certain aspect of the car a lot, it hints to me that it’s something you probably enjoy and like a lot, so I’ll take pics of it. For me – while shooting – the silence is likely as awkward as it is for you standing there watching me LOL!

Anyway, most of the shots below are just behind the scenes shots and random things I took while we were there. I can’t not bring my camera to a photoshoot and take some pics, even if it’s not my photoshoot…

Since these weren’t really serious photos for me, I ended up getting a chance to try out my new polarizer and played around with some different colour gradings to give a different effect. I typically like to stick to a very natural feel with a very minimal post-processing look but sometimes playing around with sliders to give a different look makes it a bit more interesting. I typically tend to favour the warmer and yellow/orange hues over cool tones like the above, but I tried something a little different today…

Which one is the photographer?! Just kidding – Steve just grabbing some shots on the sidelines while David does his thing.

I was able to snap a quick pic of the GTR as well – one for the books I suppose. I never did get a chance to shoot his GTR while he owned it.

A view from the top of the parkade. A nice overcast day with some sun peeking through here and there – perfect weather for pics.

And then me in my creeper mode… David shooting Lexi with my FRS and Jason Tang’s BRZ.

Focus switch…

Me just snapping randoms of my car while Jason T’s car gets all the attention.

Here is where I started getting a little crazy with the colour grading and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m 50/50 on it because I think it gives a cool feel but I think it’s just “not me” that I can’t fully hop on board yet. Lexi was looking off to the left at David while I shot this and it ended up looking pretty good. What do you guys think? Too much? Looks OK?

Another random shot I took just cause David was off doing something else. Sometimes random shots work and sometimes they don’t… Here is when it doesn’t but I edited it anyway.

Another shot of David doing his thing. I’m really looking forward to seeing these pictures as I’ve never been to a shoot with a model with cars while someone else was doing the shooting. Yesterday was completely new and strange to me because it was so out of my element but interesting to watch. Like I said in my previous posts with Mike and Ricky – it’s crazy to see how different shots can be of the same subject once all is said and done.

Another random that I creeped on to take.

And one last one of David taking shots with Lexi.

And finally – something I’m OK at – a shot of Jason’s BRZ and my FRS together with more blue/cool colour grading. Hopefully when David is done I can share some on here for you guys!

Throwback: Driven/DTP 2009

You can tell I’m getting desperate for posts when I start posting shit from 2009. But I’ve never posted this before so I’m kind of in the clear. As I was going through the pics, I realized that I didn’t even take many pictures. The majority of the pictures I took were of Mercedes Terrell with some of our cars and then a few randoms here and there, but no pics of any other cars at the show. However, whoever was in attendance for this show would probably agree with me when I say that this was the shittiest car show that was ever put on in Calgary. It was during a time when there was a lot of confusion between whether the show was called “Driven” or “DTP AKA Driven to Perform” and there were issues with the sponsors and the venue and who was going to pay for what. It ended up just turning out incredibly shitty because this venue was about half the size of the Olympic Oval – where the car shows were usually held.

This was also during a time when a lot of us had just started in the scene and it was beginning to evolve. Fitment was still somewhat uncharted territory, people were just getting into experimenting with lower offsets. In fact, I remember at that time – whenever we talked about offsets in the low +20’s, that was considered low. I’m willing to bet that there weren’t any companies that would even think to make wheels 12″ wide with offsets in the low -20’s, let alone have anyone even think about doing it. It’s really only been 5 years and look how much has changed… The example I come back to time and time again is the GT wing. 5 years ago, it was frowned upon and hated… It’s the new stance trend if you can pull it off.

Anyways – most of the pics in this is of Mercedes Terrell, so if you like her then this is for you. As I write this, the temperature outside is -41C with the windchill… Only about 2 more months to go until the nice weather comes back and we’re out and about doing photoshoots again! It’s almost time to wake up the garage queens…

My Civic – not really in its glory days, but just before that phase. It was a very subtle phase – like all the other stages before it. I did experiment with a different wheel set up that I saw on the FEEL’S FD. They used a FWD stagger and the logic was to help with understeer. 245 and 8.5″ up front with 225 and 7.5″ in the back. The front wheel wells of the Civic were huge and I ended up fitting quite aggressive wheel/tire set ups under there with no issue. I am ashamed to say that I even switched back to Eibach Sportline springs on this set up cause I was worried that I would be “too low” on my coils. I’m an idiot. However, now that I look at this picture, this would be the perfect daily driver – clean and simple.

Dal’s K20 Integra – which was later sold to Reggie and then parted and sold. This was an iconic car for a long time because of all the work that was put into it. Even looking at it – it’s not hard to appreciate all the work that was put into this. Reggie later made it even better by cleaning up the engine bay and making it much more aggressive.

The only other shot I got of a single car. The NSX that has remained the same every time it’s in a show… lol BUT he did have the Advan RS’s on and those were brand spankin’ new way back. So that was cool to see.

Also at this point, I just want to say – please excuse my shitty picture taking skills. No tripod, no flash, high ISO = bad situation.

Anyways – here’s a good look at Punit’s Integra way back in the day as well. On the gold Meisters that Diana now has on her Fit and painted purple. Unpainted CF hood and hatch. No swap. Still just very clean.

Kind of a bad view but it’s of Jackie Law’s S2000 and Corey O’Hara’s Civic right beside him. Jackie’s car undergoes a bunch of different stages every year so I don’t even know which one it’s at right now… But it has always remained a fan favourite.

Rear shot. Kind of like a foreshadowing… Mainly because of Dal’s J’s Racing wing and my Volk TE37’s. I believe later that year, we ended up doing a trade – my wheels for his wing. I got the wheels for an unbelievable deal from Will at STRD so I had no issues doing the trade. Once I acquired the wing, that’s when I started going HAM on the Civic hahaha

Now just pics of Mercedes Terrell with the cars…