LS Friday!

Only cause I have nothing else to post. It’s been crazy around here – and with the rain finally letting up and cleaning up going on, there isn’t much to do. The weather is looking to be promising for the next few weeks with no rain in the forecast. Diana and I are heading out to Cabos next Saturday so that’s what we’re counting down to and prepping for. It’s always when we leave that the weather turns out to be super nice here. Unbelievable.

Anyways, stumbled across an LS on facebook that VIP Car Lifestyle posted and was on the hunt to find the kit it had on. Ended up stumbling on other LS’s that are super legit as well. But no mention of what kits these ones have… Probably custom again with my luck in searching for a kit LOL.

Copy of p1Aggressive front LS600h with Wald grill. No skirts.

Copy of p5Up close of the front bumper

Copy of p2Another aggressive kit reminiscent of the 4th gen GS F-Sport front, paired again with the Wald grill. I need to get me that grill…

Copy of p4Another baller LS600h with the LXF bumper. This turned out to be the bumper that was on the LS that VIP Car Lifestyle posted. Their bumper was modified but it looked damn good… LXF’s demo car with the actual kit isn’t nice at all… Peep it below.


Copy of p6And here we have another Cockpit910 custom creation. That bumper doesn’t really exist so I’m just going to forget about it and move on. And cry.

Copy of p8Can’t tell what this kit is, but it’s the only one in that batch that wasn’t a 600h and didn’t sport the Wald grill lol. The letters on the tires are even painted and it looks pretty darn good. I might have to try it out when I get an aggressive kit.

Copy of p11Now for a change of direction outside of that car show (which I believe was the TAS) – a Mode Parfume-kitted LS600h.

Copy of p12Super clean side profile with subtle vents on the front and rear bumper. Front bumper from the side kind of looks like the 2011-2012 STI bumper.

Copy of p13Rear of the Mode Parfume kit.

Copy of p14You also have the option of choosing silver carbon over the regular black carbon. Not a fan, but it looks pretty good.

p16Up close of that silver carbon. LED lighting built into the bumper too.

Ah anyways… that’s your VIP dose for today. Hopefully getting around to a shoot this weekend with Michael’s Supra. Stay tuned!

Toyota Crown – SSR Executor CV01

I’m having cargasms over the Toyota Crown lately and I’m literally heart broken that it can’t be purchased here. After seeing the tons of different types of VIP platform cars, VIP styled cars – from LS430 to the President, personally I feel that the Crown is the king of VIP platform cars. It’s almost hard to believe that Toyota did such a sick job considering all we get here is the Avalon and Solara. If I could, I’d trade in my LS460 plus money in a heart beat for the Crown. I would also possibly kill for one too.

SSR posted a SICK Crown on the new Executor CV01’s and with super aggressive fitment too. Check out that rear. Every angle of this car is so good.

Mode Parfume kit as well.

image1image3 image4 image

Mode Parfume LS

Mode Parfume aero. MP is a big player in the VIP world too. This was refreshing to see because it’s the same color as my LS but I’m not sure how I feel about the aero kit as a whole though. The front bumper is the big iffy for me just cause it looks confused as a VIP car or kind of a race car lol.

The rear and sides are nice. The only thing is the carbon accents on a VIP car still make it look confused. It’s cool, but confused. Those BBS’s though… awesome. Not a fan of mesh type wheels, but these are wicked on the LS.

Anyways… my search for a kit continues. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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