SSR’s New Protector

A few weeks ago my uncle got a bunch of detailing stuff from work and ended up giving them to me since he doesn’t use any of it. One of the things that were included in the bag was this Meguiar’s brake dust barrier spray. I’ve never seen it in stores before but maybe because it’s not something I’d typically end up buying. I usually wash my car enough that the brake dust doesn’t really show or settle anyway.

Anyways, I decided to give it a try – I’m guessing it’ll also repel dirt and dust and prevent it from caking on if I leave it too long too. Chrome is such a bitch to take care of and I don’t like to wash it too much because the finish ends up getting marred up from being wiped a lot. I know the lip is clear coated, but still lol.

The spray is actually just clear – it almost looks like you’re spraying on clearcoat onto the wheel but you don’t see it being applied. The instructions say not to put it on too heavy but it’s hard to tell when you can’t even see the product going on LOL. Then it says to leave it to dry for an hour or more and then wipe off. After about an hour, I wiped it away – kind of felt gritty to wipe, but the wheels ended up looking brand new again after – so it didn’t ruin any of the finish. I guess we’ll see how it holds up. I’ll not wash the wheels for a few weeks and then report back!


Blurry pic… bothers the shit out of me. LOL But there’s the product!


After wiping away. Still shiny shiny shiny


Another shot of the front wheel.

I did take pics of the rear wheels but they were blurry too. That’s what I get for not taking my time I guess…

Random Shots – Calgary Auto Spa

Right after Michael’s shoot, JC and I headed over to Calgary Auto Spa’s new location for their grand opening party. We showed up a bit late and only stayed for 45 minutes or so, so I’m not sure if the turn out was bigger earlier or whatnot. When we showed up, the grill was still going and everybody was chillin’.

I apologize for not taking any pics – the cars were not really set up for pictures and they were parked all over the place. In retrospect, I should have taken pictures of the inside of their new shop but after a photoshoot in the sun, I didn’t want to take anymore. Instead, I took some shots of the douche parking jobs Steve, JC and I all did at the end. The Scions you see behind us came a few minutes later and they made us look like idiots LOL.


Regina George. Always looks so clean in pics… hahaha took up all that good space too. I think the Scion peeps were swearing at me.


JC’s Gretchen Wiener.


Steve’s RSX lookin’ clean as always.


A random shot of all the FR-S’s and xB’s behind us. The red one was nicely kitted with the Five Axis kit – it just needed wheels and a drop. The matte black wrapped one beside it was also nicely done, but the wrap is kind of getting old… not to say that it doesn’t look good though… And the white one had 19’s and I’m not even sure what wheels they were.

We need some more aggressive FR-S’s around here – with more quality aftermarket parts. Even though the Rocket Bunny kit has been done on tons of FR-S’s, no one can deny it looks bad ass. The FR-S has so much potential, there just aren’t many people willing to bring that potential out.


Another shot of our douche parking.


And one more cause I wanted to.

New Polarizer Testing

First off – I want to say: “Where have you been all my life?!” But then I think about it and it was always there, but I was just too cheap to go buy one LOL.

The main reason I wanted to get one was because the last few shoots that we’ve had, it’s been super sunny and the polarizer would’ve helped so much. Tomorrow – weather permitting – we’ll be shooting Adam’s car and I want his shoot to turn out real good. Despite all the flooding and everything happening, I’m hoping it holds out like it did today for the most part.

I just tested some shots outside to check it out and so far I’m loving it. Excuse the dirty car…

IMG_3513 copy

My favourite shot I think lolIMG_3515 copy

Paint looks a bit flat on the doors, but I tried it.IMG_3516 copy

A bit better.IMG_3518 copy

Nice windshield.IMG_3519 copy

A shot of Diana’s fitIMG_3522 copy

Closer to the ground.IMG_3523 copy

Last close up. God damn it looks so good slammed on the ground lol

Mean Girls Photoshoot: Part 2 of 2

OK – pics from yesterday. I’ll be honest – I’m not particularly happy with any of the photos from yesterday. Not sure what it was… I think it was a combination of a bunch of things. 1) I’m not ashamed to say that I am fairly inexperienced at shooting multiple cars at once, let alone three cars at once and finding out how to position them. 2) When we wanted overcast, all we got was glare and JC’s car stood out like a rich white guy in the ghetto. 3) The locations were meh for me. Personally if the location doesn’t inspire me, the shoot ends up following the same path – not inspirational. The best shoots that I’ve done have always ended up being in new locations that really compliment the car. Not this time unfortunately.

Anywho – they turned out alright, but I’d like to do it again. I’ll probably equip myself with a polarizer for the next shoot to help out a bit. Next up will be Adam’s Civic and I’m really hoping to kill that shoot since his car is one of the cleanest looking in the city. I’m a big fan of his fitment even though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea – but I digress. You’ll see it when I shoot it.

Moving on!

IMG_3369 copyRooftop shoot. This was where I shot my car with JC’s car a few weeks ago. That shoot ended up being quite nice since it was two cars, but once you add three into the mix – headaches. LOL

IMG_3379 copyThis arrangement was a lot better.

IMG_3383 copy

IMG_3384 copyThis makes me wish I got a white fusa instead of a black one…

IMG_3400 copyWheel shot. So good.

IMG_3406 copyJC was able to get up onto the sidewalk to take some nice pics with the old scenery.

IMG_3414 copyThis was probably my favourite out of the whole shoot.

IMG_3425 copyQuick shot of Steve and Rich parked behind us. Peep Rich’s new headlight set up. Can’t wait to see it working.

IMG_3426 copySimilar set up to the roof top. Different location.

IMG_3430 copySide profile of Punit’s GS. I particularly love his wheel choice – great choice for the 3GS.

IMG_3439 copyUp close.

IMG_3449 copyAlso really love the rear and the way his fitment looks. The rear set up is super aggressive so it makes it look super beefy.

IMG_3459 copyFunny because I think I like the rear of my car the most too. Punit made the comment when we were shooting that he felt the same lol.

IMG_3461 copyThese little guys were all over the place at this location.

IMG_3478 copyAnother against the brick wall. Tried a little something different to have the GS rear in the shot. This was probably the best backdrop we had yesterday.

IMG_3482 copyShot of the LS again.

IMG_3483 copyFinally ending it with JC’s CT.

Overall – I feel like the shoot was missing something, but I’m content with the pics. Probably going to have to do another one until I’m satisfied. The most frustrating part of it all is having to move each car one at a time until you find a good position and if it doesn’t look good, you gotta move them again. PITA if you ask me…

I’ll make up for it with the next shoot!