PoorForm: Steph’s Lexus GS

Finally back to regular broadcasting! Hope all you Canadian friends had a good Thanksgiving! It’s tough to be back at work today after all that turkey and a long weekend, but there’s no choice but to get back to the grind.

This week I’ll finish up the PoorForm shoot we did last weekend – consisting of 3 cars. Jimmy’s 2JZ GS, his LS430 and Steph’s GS.

First up is Steph’s GS – and I’ll admit right off the bat now that I didn’t get as many pictures of her GS as I had hoped. Doing three shoots in a span of a few hours is difficult because you need to find several different locations for each car. We could have technically gone to three locations, shot the cars at different angles and called it a day but I’m a fan of using different locations for different shots. It’s a little more exciting that way… However, I ended up taking a few shots of Steph’s car and somehow we ended up shooting the Jimmy’s GS right after and never had time to get back to Steph’s GS aside from the rollers.

Her GS is done extremely well – starting at the fitment and wheel choice of the Meister S1R’s to the immaculate body and interior condition.

The first thing you notice is how clean the body of her GS is. Clean, simple, and very functional. Peep that rear lip.

Side profile shot of her GS is awesome. It sits static and quite low and Steph drives it very well. I don’t mean to be sexist or anything, but you don’t see too many girls driving lowered cars around that carefully. It’s in great condition.

Another shot of the rear lip. I love – and will always love – meisters.

The first pink combo of Junction Produce Tsuna and Fusa. Suits it well.

Of course – a roller.

And again – the one with Jimmy’s 2JZ GS – which will be the last part to this triple threat shoot.

If I find more shots that I happened to skip over of Steph’s GS, I’ll definitely post it. I’ve gone through literally thousands of pictures over the last 3 weeks and my eyes get to the point where they’ll skip tons of pics and I won’t see it until next year or something.

Anyways – Jimmy’s LS430 will be up in a few days!

What if I Traded the LS…?

In the midst of all that has happened over the last few months, I’ve been playing with the idea of giving up the LS for something a little more practical. Kind of dumb, I know… I said that when I traded in the STI too. The STI was a “race car” and I couldn’t drive it in winter, so I got the LS with the mindset that it was huge and roomy and had tons of space for everything I needed and more. Then what did I go and do? I bastardized it by bagging it and put 21’s on making it useless for winter, too. Which brings me to my next thought – what if I just got like a hybrid or a swagger wagon? In my head, it’s genius because it’s fuel efficient, I’m not paying for an $80 gas trip every week and who even mods one anyway, right?

Wrong. I ruined the daily driving capabilities of all the cars that I thought would be untouchable. Conclusion: no matter how smart it sounds in my head to trade in the LS – it just won’t work out. I’ll end up changing something that makes it less useful than it really should be and I ultimately could’ve just kept the car before it.

With that said, I did play around in photoshop a bit to see how much I could “ruin” it. I use that word because people will just look at me and say “you’re stupid as shit for trading in your LS for that and modding it”. But they can’t say “that looks like shit” because it really doesn’t either.


First on my list of choices is a Prius. I know what you’re thinking. “A Prius?!” You can’t even deny that this gas-sipping taxi looks sick with the Tommy Kaira kit on Meisters. Very aggressive.

Second choice would be the new Sienna SE’s. This chop was sloppy since it was my last one, but you get the idea. No matter what choice I would have gone with, the wheels would always be Meisters. lol

My third choice was a CR-Z. It beats my whole idea of practicality because it’s a 2-door, but a Mugen equipped CR-Z would be awesome for a daily. I’d slap Meisters on it too.insight

Last choice was the Honda Insight. However, I didn’t actually think of this until JC suggested it. I’m not a huge fan of the look but it’s still sick. With or without the Mugen kit. I didn’t end up lowering this one but it still looks great.

At the end of the day – it looks like I’m sticking with the LS for a few more years…

Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – Part 1 of 3

As I was going through content to post, I realized that I haven’t really posted Jackie’s S2000 up on the blog ever, besides a few shots here and there. When he was still in Calgary, we did a bunch of shoots and I think out of all the shoots I’ve ever done, I’ve still got the most shots of his car than anyone else.

The one thing I loved about shooting Jackie’s car was that it always looked good – didn’t matter where I shot it, whether the car was dirty or clean, or if the weather was shitty – it was one damn photogenic car. That made for great pictures – we all love to see a good picture, but when the subject is also eye-catching, it’s tough to look away.

Anyways, I decided to go through some of the pics that I’ve taken of Jackie’s car over the years and post them up as a three part throwback. I’m just showing “phases” of the car – the three parts that I’ll be posting really just showcases the different wheels that he’s tried/owned since 2010. The first part being when we swapped wheels – he tried on my Meisters and I took his TE37’s. This was way back when Speedtech was still around and even today when I drive by it – a new granite shop – I still miss it. That’s where I spent a lot of my time after school or before work just hanging out for hours. It became the chill spot for a long time.

Anyways – there aren’t many shots of his car on the Meisters since we only swapped wheels for about an hour. Still a gooder though…

desaturated shot of the fresh swap.

And another artistic shot of his ASM bumper.

Profile shot of it on the Meisters. I think it looked awesome – and the wheels are fairly aggressive for a stock S2000 body, but with Jackie’s custom fender work all around, they fit like a glove.

The Meisters kind of give it a half track look and a half roadster look. I may be biased though since I think Meisters look good on everything.

And a rear quarter shot. Money.

Michael Kwan’s Toyota Supra MK3

Again – another photoshoot in the bag yesterday afternoon. A beautiful afternoon – might I add.

In 2011 when we went to DTP in Vancouver, I met Michael Kwan – at the time, he shot for illmotion in the BC area and it wasn’t until we got there for the show that I saw his car. Absolutely mint MK3 Toyota Supra – original paint and everything. His fitment at the time was just out of this world and up until today, it still retains the neck-breaking status that it had 2 years ago. Michael has done an absolutely awesome job at keeping his Supra in great condition and it’s not something that is easy to do. Especially when you have such an amazing car – most of us would just want to drive it.

After seeing his Instagram post last week of his Supra – I immediately commented asking to shoot it. And immediately, he responded and agreed. Fast forward to yesterday – JC and I met up with Michael and were on our way. I know I’ve said it before, but damn I love shooting coloured cars. Red, Blue, Indigo… They just pop so nicely when they’re clean and put together properly.

Michael has been putting the Supra together slowly over the years and he’s looking to add flared fenders to the rear to compliment his front carbon fenders – which by the way, look mean as f*** when he’s behind you.

Let’s get going…
PS – Access to the full high res set here:
Michael Kwan’s Toyota Supra MK3


The first location that we were at – under the new C-Train overpass. Love this spot.


Perfect stance and fitment. Aggressive.


And a shot from the rear.


Up close of the wheel and brake combo. Work Meister S1 3Pc + Wilwood BBK





JC and I chillin’ off to the side. Hot as F yesterday too.


Another shot showing off the beautiful red paint that Michael has done an awesome job keeping in immaculate condition.


JC and I messing up the place up. Got us on video too haha


Under the Crowchild overpass. It was tough to shoot at this location because it was all muddy and nasty everywhere still from the flood. Hard to believe it was all covered in water here just a few days ago…


Up close of his immaculate carbon front fenders.


And dat lip.


Another shot. Couldn’t get enough of the fenders. The weave was on point.


Shot of the underpass where it was flooded… People biking now.


And a shot of Michael’s Supra from where we were standing.


Posted up at Mercedes. lol


OK here come the rollers. I love rollers – and Michael was itching for rolling shots. So I took a bunch – I’ll just post them all up at once!


Coming down Bow Trail.


This one was my personal favourite – this was the one I posted on my Instagram yesterday. The green from the trees, the blue from the sky, the red of his car and the gold on the wheels. Such a beautiful combo!


A shot I took intentionally trying to get JC’s car in the photo. Check that lip.


Another great shot down the Bow Trail pass.



Last one. The sun was coming down hard all day – I’m so glad I got a polarizer lol. I have a few more shots that I’ll go through over the next few days and post them up…

Oh yeah… Happy Canada Day everyone!