SSR’s New Protector

A few weeks ago my uncle got a bunch of detailing stuff from work and ended up giving them to me since he doesn’t use any of it. One of the things that were included in the bag was this Meguiar’s brake dust barrier spray. I’ve never seen it in stores before but maybe because it’s not something I’d typically end up buying. I usually wash my car enough that the brake dust doesn’t really show or settle anyway.

Anyways, I decided to give it a try – I’m guessing it’ll also repel dirt and dust and prevent it from caking on if I leave it too long too. Chrome is such a bitch to take care of and I don’t like to wash it too much because the finish ends up getting marred up from being wiped a lot. I know the lip is clear coated, but still lol.

The spray is actually just clear – it almost looks like you’re spraying on clearcoat onto the wheel but you don’t see it being applied. The instructions say not to put it on too heavy but it’s hard to tell when you can’t even see the product going on LOL. Then it says to leave it to dry for an hour or more and then wipe off. After about an hour, I wiped it away – kind of felt gritty to wipe, but the wheels ended up looking brand new again after – so it didn’t ruin any of the finish. I guess we’ll see how it holds up. I’ll not wash the wheels for a few weeks and then report back!


Blurry pic… bothers the shit out of me. LOL But there’s the product!


After wiping away. Still shiny shiny shiny


Another shot of the front wheel.

I did take pics of the rear wheels but they were blurry too. That’s what I get for not taking my time I guess…