Hype R?

I don’t know why, but all of the sudden, I’ve had an itch that I’ve needed to scratch. The problem is that I don’t know whether I should scratch it or just leave it alone. It’s kind of like a mosquito bite – you know if you scratch it, both good and bad things will happen – it will feel good, but it’ll also get worse. If you don’t scratch it, it’ll just go away with time.

That itch is the Honda Civic Type R. I’ll be completely honest – I don’t actually know when or how the itch started. I think it was just a seed that was planted long ago when the Type R was announced and in the last few weeks, it’s been sprouting and growing like a weed in my head. You know when you get the idea that you need something, you’ll come up with 1,001 reasons why you need it and literally 0 reasons why you don’t need it. Going back to the seed analogy – it’s just been in the back of my brain for months and it only recently got watered when Josh told me he’d throw me the keys one day and I could take it for a spin. That’s the worst thing that can happen – someone encourages the growth of a seed you didn’t really want or need to grow. This is my problem right now.

The Beyond meet was on Wednesday and truthfully, I wasn’t planning on going but when Josh said that Wednesday was the day – I couldn’t have said no, right?! So I went… And as soon as I saw Josh, his hand reached into his pocket and out came the Type R key, and he said “go for it”. If there’s anything that makes any car guy giddy (no homo), it’s when someone hands you the keys to their car and tells you to just go have fun.

This was it. I was going to see what all the hype was about. You can’t just walk into a dealership and test drive it cause you “wonder what it’s like”. You have to be serious. I’m not at that point yet – I’m toying with the idea – and there’s a very clear line between the two and so Josh’s offer was pretty much THE next best option for me.

There she is, ladies and gentlemen. The Type R right beside my ol’ gal. There’s something to be said about the Type R compared to my FRS (my opinion only because it seems like people get butt hurt about my opinion). My FRS looks better than a stock Type R. I know, I know – super subjective opinion – but from someone who is either

A) going to sell the FRS

B) keep both

It’s just what I think and If I were to go with option A, I would be totally sad about it because of all the cars I’ve gone through, I’m still not tired of looking at the FRS. And BTW, this has nothing to do against Josh – I love the guy – but I’m talking about Type R’s in general.

The interior is nice. It’s refined, it’s clean, and it’s got all the usual things you’d expect from a 2018 model. There were some things that Josh pointed out like – only the front door cards and other misc pieces is wrapped with suede/alcantara, while the rear is all fabric. Not a deal breaker – but kind of weird to have excluded the rear altogether on the Type R.

The seats are a loud, flashy red – I guess somewhat expected with the Type R. They’re comfortable and hold you well. Nice side bolsters – slightly comparable to Recaro SRD’s.

Instrument cluster is nice – all digital and reminiscent of when Honda first brought that design in 2006.

Brembo brakes up front with 20″ wheels. A bit excessive IMO…

Around the car, there is A LOT going on. It’s very aggressive and as many have already stated – is kind of like an STI.

The LED headlights are also one of my favourite things of the car. I’m glad almost all companies now are understanding and catering towards the aesthetics, function, and form of headlights. If you’re still in the halogen game in 2018, you’re out to lunch.The

The rear is one angle of the car that I’m quite fond of. I like the triple tip exhaust, I like the STI-type spoiler, I like the big rear non-functioning vents. The rear as a whole works for me, the lines all flow well and it just screams “kid racer!!!” and I love it.

The top vortex generators are funky and weird and I know if Honda left this empty and then offered it as a Type R add on – everyone with a Type R would have bought it, me included. So I’m not going to complain about ricer add-ons, because I would buy ricer add-ons.

The lip looks home made, to be quite honest. It’s got those funky batman ear things, it’s fake carbon and looks like it’s wrapped – but it’s still cool as hell. It’s just a combination of such weird and quirky things that kids would make in their garage that make the Type R so Hype R. It’s amazing how something that’s OEM can be so acceptable to me versus something that was home made. There are a lot of other factors (actual testing, proper fitment, etc) that change my opinion but Honda… You basically created a Honda ricer dream car!

Josh’s CTR was outfitted with a more aggressive carbon EVS deck and it looks great.

And so ends my quick thoughts on the CTR and before you go look at the rest of the pictures I was able to capture before my camera battery died, I’ll leave you with where I stand right this minute on the CTR because it seems everyone is wondering what I’m going to do. (Who knows, it might change as soon as this post is published…)

There’s really two options:

Option 1: Sell/part out the FRS and getting the type R.
Option 2: Sell the RX and get the type R.

I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’d be too devastated to let go of the FRS. I know what the pain of regret is like and I’ve decided that option 1 is not the way to go.

You are probably saying “well if you only have one option, why don’t you have the type R yet?”. It’s because if I sell the RX, the CTR becomes my new daily… Which also means I drive it in the winter and I’m not sure if I can come to terms with putting the CTR through our winters. I would also miss AWD, but that’s an issue for another day…

Anyway – the conclusion is this: if I can be OK with putting the CTR through winter, then it may happen. If not, then someone has to convince Diana that having 4 cars makes perfect sense. Back to pondering…

Here is extra content:

This Datsun was sick. I kind of liked the look of the white flares… Either way – it’s hard not to appreciate an oldschool Datsun – flares or not.

M3 on TE37’s

Drift Squad came through too… Pretty rad to have all three show up with the same livery. Here’s Noel’s S14.

Work VS-KF’s

Rear quarter shot.

Here’s one of the 240 that went off for a test drive before I was able to get a shot of it…

And the last one – R32 with an LS swap I believe. Rowdy.


And literally the last shot I was able to get before the camera died. I’m happy I got this one – This was super clean and I dig the red!! Good job!

3rd Annual Scion BBQ Meet

This was kind of a last minute thing for us – JC messaged us in the morning and said that there was a Scion BBQ at Country Hills Toyota and it  was a nice day so we thought to go and check it out. A pretty decent turn out but a fun few hours nonetheless. How can you complain when there’s free BBQ, drinks and snacks? You can’t.

IMG_1418 copy

Washed my car for the first time in a few weeks. Fresh wax is so good.

IMG_1419 copy

Arif’s Civic right beside me.

IMG_1420 copy

Mario’s Focus ST laying low.

IMG_1422 copy


IMG_1424 copy

IMG_1426 copy

IMG_1428 copy

IMG_1431 copy

IMG_1433 copy

IMG_1436 copy

Terence’s BRZ – although I didn’t see him there at all lol. It seems to make an appearance without him most times.

IMG_1438 copy

IMG_1440 copy

Kelvin’s 1.6EL looking aggressive as ever. K20 swap, Air inlet on his headlight, Spoon calipers, massive Voltex wing out back. I love it.

IMG_1443 copy

One more shot

IMG_1445 copy

IMG_1446 copy

The ying yang pair lol.

IMG_1447 copy

Kelvin’s white RSX on white TE37’s. Exactly how I’d build it.

IMG_1449 copy

Brandon’s black RSX on Regas

IMG_1448 copy

IMG_1453 copy
Derrick’s Integra looking clean.

IMG_1457 copy

Tried to get a shot of the white Mustang but buddy on the right there was sitting on his front the whole time. When I skipped him, he stood up and started mean mugging me. Too bad – it was a nice Mustang on Volks too. Note: modeling your car = no pics.

IMG_1459 copy

This little dude was running all over the place. I’m thinking he wanted a pic in front of the RC-F.

IMG_1460 copy

IMG_1461 copy

A few more shots. I love the RC-F from the front… but I feel like the rear is not bulky enough to match.

IMG_1465 copy

Front spindle grill is awesome though.

IMG_1468 copy

IMG_1469 copy

IMG_1470 copy

Peep the couple doing the Salsa on the right. Not awkward for me.

IMG_1471 copy

IMG_1475 copy

Autodream’s boosted FRS

IMG_1476 copy

I feel like the owner could’ve washed his car a bit before showing up… but who am I to judge…

IMG_1479 copy

Joe’s FRS on a full TRD kit and CE’s. Clean.

IMG_1481 copy

xB with a whole bunch of model xB’s on the inside…

IMG_1482 copy

A lineup of tC’s

IMG_1483 copy

IMG_1484 copy

Iron Man themed tC

IMG_1486 copy

Gopesh’s GTI – so good.

IMG_1487 copy

Ricer angle to this pic.. Meh

IMG_1488 copy

Gopesh and Diana talking about Naruto and Attack on Titan. (not joking).

IMG_1489 copy

Behind them was a super mint 240. Pretty rare to see.

IMG_1490 copy

JC showed up a little later and started breaking necks.

IMG_1496 copy

This one was probably my favourite at the show. An xB converted to the JDM Rumion and rebadged. Super clean look. A little lower and this would be awesome.

IMG_1500 copy

From the rear quarter.

IMG_1501 copy

RB RX7 showed up later too…

IMG_1504 copy

Still one of my favourites… Mainly because it’s so rare around here. Very well done!

That’s it for this! Nice little day to get sunburned!

First 2014 Beyond Meet!

Midweek update!

Decided to hit up the beyond meet last night for two reasons: It was nice out and the forecast was showing that the rest of the week was going to be shitty and Diana and I needed clothes for the engagement shoot. ha!

Also gave me a chance to finally wash up the car and make it somewhat clean again. It was still pretty half assed but it’s good enough for now since it’s just going to rain again all week…

IMG_0788 copy

Took it to another car wash in Airdrie because the one I’ve been going to sucks balls. $1.00 = 1 minute is not enough time to wash this boat. Diana doing work…

IMG_0789 copy

First time I’ve seen the car this clean since probably last year. Even when I took it out this year, it was already dirty from moving. It kinda sucks cause all the wax is gone but I’ll deal with that later.

IMG_0790 copy

Woot. Also – Diana looking unimpressed because she had to help me dry the car LOL.

IMG_0792 copy

Rolled up to the meet and it’s busier than I’m used to seeing it. This is the first time I’ve gone since the few times that I did go last year. It’s definitely nice to see it growing… Speaking of which – it was nice to see an S15!

I took as many pics that I could of the cars that appealed to me. There were many that I wanted to take a picture of but didn’t – and if you’ve seen any of my coverage of meets/car shows you’ll know that any car or cars that have people hovering 2 inches from the car isn’t going to get a picture (pet peeve). I get that you want to watch your car, stand by your car, watch if any LG’s take pictures of your car, etc… But give it some room! Chances are if your car is not here, you were doing that or you showed up after my ADD kicked in and I decided not to take pictures anymore.

IMG_0794 copy

Rich’s WRX on his new white XD9’s. First time I’ve seen it in person since he’s changed it (again).

IMG_0795 copy

My limo. Sticks out like a sore thumb.

IMG_0797 copy

Dirty dirty dirty.

IMG_0798 copy

Kind of shows how long my car is in comparison to Punit and JC’s car. Liked this shot…

IMG_0799 copy

Punit’s car looking great!

IMG_0801 copy

David Fung’s matte white wrapped 335.

IMG_0803 copy

Alex Ho’s FRS

IMG_0804 copy

Alex Wong’s Civic with lots of aesthetic changes. My favourite is of course the J’s Racing wing. Closely resembles Hoang’s K20 Civic I shot last year.

IMG_0806 copy

I enjoyed the colour scheme and fitment of this VW. Looked great!

IMG_0808 copy

As I was taking pictures, I hear scraping getting closer and it’s none other than Justin Kan in his slammed TSX (static).

IMG_0809 copy

Jake Stotz’s super clean S14. Been watching his build come together on Instagram. Too bad he didn’t have his hood open – nice and clean under there too.

IMG_0811 copy

Kyle Hugo’s EK Sedan still looking clean on Regamasters

IMG_0813 copy

As I strolled down the line – got to Justin’s TSX again. Gadamn!

IMG_0815 copy

Last shot. This is the one I posted on Instagram last night because it was too good not to share. I love that my old Meisters are still local and are going on great cars. Corey had them on his Civic, they were previously tested on Ryan’s Ep3 and now on Justin’s TSX. So good.

IMG_0816 copy

The new S2000 crew – Ryan, Alex, and Corey. It’s like one day they just decided to go and buy S2000’s and be cooler than everyone else. I want one now…

IMG_0817 copy

Corey’s S2000 on black TE37’s. God damn it, Corey – I HATE shooting white cars with black wheels.

IMG_0818 copy

JC’s CT… didn’t forget about this!

IMG_0820 copy

One of the showstoppers last night was this bagged Cadillac. Sounded great, looked great… Good job owner.

IMG_0823 copy

Ryan Tsang’s Genesis on his new Avant Garde M510 wheels in a great looking purple. Hard to tell in this picture because it’s really dark…

IMG_0824 copy

Loved the look of this Celica

IMG_0826 copy

Pretty clean TL.

IMG_0828 copy

The Supra duo showed up and caused a ruckus. Charlie’s red Supra looking great on the black CR Kai Kiwami’s. Didn’t get any better shots cause there were way too many people…

IMG_0829 copy

Had to get a front shot of the mean girls. Damn sun…

IMG_0831 copy

Gopesh’s GTI still looking clean.

IMG_0833 copy

Two Subaru’s both wrapped. The GR hatch was wrapped in a chameleon-looking vinyl. You can kinda tell by looking at the top of the drivers quarter panel. Funky.

IMG_0834 copy

Love the rear of the GS and LS bagged…

IMG_0835 copy

One last shot before we headed out. I forgot how shiny my wheels were.

My First 2013 Beyond Meet…

Last night was the usual Beyond meet on the upper parkade of Chinook Center and I was bored so I decided to come check it out. It was my first time out in almost a year, and the last time I was out was back when I still had my STI. To be honest, I personally wasn’t a fan of going anymore just because it started to get kind of cliquey. Not that people are trying to do that on purpose or anything, it’s just how meets usually end up being. People gather in circles and it’s tough for newcomers or other people to join in. The turnouts were also pretty small – usually there would be a full line of cars, and now it seems to have doubled!

It was an exceptionally good turnout last night and lots of different varieties of cars. That’s something that I enjoy seeing and I think it’s even more refreshing because it’s been so long since I’ve been to the meets. Met lots of new peeps, saw some others that I haven’t seen in a long time, but overall a pretty good night. I know they hold the super meet every year so I’ll most likely make my way to that one as well since the turnouts are usually pretty big and include a lot of cars you don’t necessarily see all the time.

Moving onto some of the pics that I got that night. I know later on in the night, some other guys showed up but it was pretty dark and I had put my camera away.

Starting off with Rich’s WRX. Not even a week since I shot this and he’s already on different wheels. What a guy.

Ryan O’Hara’s EP3 looking clean as always.

Corey O’Hara’s new project S2000 – you might remember seeing it at the show & shine.

Alex Markovic and his immaculate Integra also showed up last night. Shoot of this coming soon to a lifewithjason near you.

A pretty clean BMW 1-series on WORK M1R’s. A little drop and it’d be set!

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Jackie Tong’s NSX on some good ol’ Advan RS’s – you probably know by now, but if you don’t – he’s the owner of Zero Limit Automotive.

Steve Chan’s Mugen RSX slammed on mag blue TE37’s

A shot of Regina George. Picked the shittiest parking.

A very clean 7-series. All it needed (and it was screaming for it) was air suspension and a better non-BMW park job. It would have easily been the sickest car at the meet last night (for me, anyway) if it was just dumped and sitting on the ground in a proper parking stall. The colour was fantastic as well.

Justin Kan’s dumped and static TSX on Enkei NT03+M’s

Brad Atkin’s K20 EM1 on nicely contrasting orange TE37’s. Brad – give your keys to someone so I can shoot this.

Errol Tan’s Amuse S2000. Errol – take Brad’s keys and get someone to drive your car so I can shoot both of them.

Adrian Perry’s boosted B18 EJ1 on some new shoes! Volk CE28’s. I believe he’s still on the fence about swapping them but I get the feeling it’s going to happen.

Alex’s Integra looking clean as usual. There’s just so much to say about the car… I’ll save it for the shoot.

A GTR that is apparently pushing upwards of 800+ hp? I didn’t confirm it, just what I heard. Still clean though and in great condition.

Ray Dumitrescu’s STI Sedan on WORK M1R’s.

SO CLEAN. Didn’t see the owner though…

Noel Egger’s S14. I think he had an issue with his hood and hasn’t been able to get it fixed yet so he rolls without it. Still looks sick.

Derrek Poyntz’s super clean Integra.

A wild R32 suddenly appeared.

A pretty cool FD RX7. The aero/styling is very 90’s but it still works pretty well today.

A minty convertible S13

Simple Evo X on RPF1’s

John King’s JDM front end conversion CSX. I still love this look.

Kyle Hugo’s EK on Regamasters

A dumped Saturn. This thing is crazy and it might not appeal to everyone, but he did a pretty good job.

Anthony’s special edition Scrion FRS. The “Silver Ignition” colour is probably the nicest colour for the FRS. It’s got a few extra bells and whistles that the regular FRS doesn’t have like the HID headlights and LED DRL’s. Good job Scion.

Derrick Ho’s Integra. It’s shouldn’t be news to any of you anymore. Good to see him out and about.

A rear shot of Errol’s Amuse S2000

JC’s Lexus CT200h – again, clean as always.

A very clean and awesome BMW on Rotiforms. I think upon closer inspection…

It’s an M3 engine swap? Not sure… Feel free to correct me.

A shot of some asses.

A rear shot of the 7-series. So sick. However, I’m sure the 20 minutes of idling was unnecessary…

A shot of Adrian and Alex’s cars together…

Alex’s rear window rollcall… I particularly liked the “noooooo monicaaaa!!!” one. hahahahahaha

Duncan Yu’s boosted civic.

I’ll end the post here with a shot I took in the corner of the Prius and the longest fucking car ever and the rest of the peeps in the background!