Techstreaming the LS

Finally a somewhat relevant post. One thing that you’ll notice is that as spring approaches, everybody is getting really tired of not scratching that itch of modding their cars. People will start putting on little pieces here and there or playing around with something just to alleviate it a bit, and that’s when I usually have something to post because I am also guilty of it.

A few weeks ago, JC was telling me about this techstream tool that is used as a diagnostic tool and to change certain things with the onboard ECU’s… I was stoked to try because I wanted to try and get rid of the warning lights from removing my stock air suspension. It was pretty damn cold yesterday but we did it anyway… -30C with the windchill and all of us were just wearing sweaters. Must be a Canadian thing…

JC and Punit showed up

Here is a clusterfuck of warning lights. Note: not all of them are always on… This was just cause I didn’t start the car fully. However, you can see the top 3 orange/yellow lights on the left. Those are the annoying ones…

Plugged the USB in and started up the comp. “Danger to manifold!!!” haha

Here is the software all started up. Detecting the car.

You choose your model and such…

All the different types of ECU’s in the LS. There was about 60 altogether.

And a shot of changing some of the options. This is kind of the post-killer mainly because we didn’t really solve anything other than disable the warning beep for driving without your seatbelt. We did try to clear the codes for the air suspension and TPMS but to no avail. I was hoping it could just clear and go away, but I suppose the car is smarter than our way of thinking…

We didn’t care to spend anymore time to figure out what else it could do cause it was freezing in the car… Ah well, back to warning lights I guess.

Merry Xmas to Me! 3 of 3

And finally! The third and final Christmas present to myself – Joe Z/PTS Exhaust for the LS. UPS delivered a Christmas miracle yesterday – kind of a rare case… While I usually hate on UPS for always being dicks, this time I can make an exception. The driver was exceptionally jolly considering he said he’s been working 13 hour days for the last few weeks and was a super nice dude. Faith in humanity (or UPS) is restored for now!

Anyways – super frustrating story that’s linked to the purchase of this exhaust. A few weeks ago I had convinced Diana to let me get a body kit for the LS – which I was super stoked about because that would be like half the cherry on top. The other half would’ve been a big brake kit, but beggars can’t be choosers. So upon convincing her, I saw that two kits were for sale on Club Lexus – a Job Design kit (which I had talked about a long time ago) and a INGS+1 front/rear lip paired with WALD side skirts. The latter choice had been called for so that was out of the question, and I had PM’d the guy for the Job Design kit. Days went by and there was no reply… It was about 3 days later that this Joe Z exhaust popped up and I had also been looking for one, but it was always out of stock or shipping was something stupid like $300 to Canada – I’m not dealing with that shit.

So, I immediately PM the guy and he replies back and we sort it out fairly quickly and with the help of Punit, we were able to get this shipped out to me within a few days. Here’s the kicker…

Literally 3 HOURS after I purchased the exhaust, the guy with the Job Design kit messages me back and says “Sure, let’s do this. Let me know how you want to proceed”. I almost kicked someones face out. I just want to be clear that I wasn’t necessarily upset at the guy for not replying for 3 days, but I was pretty heart broken that the timing had to be like that. I “could have” had the kit, but I guess it just wasn’t written in the books this time…

The good news is that I have an exhaust and now the LS V8 is going to sound mean as fudge. I can’t wait to get this thing on… However it’ll be sitting here until March or April before it even gets to be used. Something to look forward to I guess.

The exhaust was in pristine condition. It had only been used for about 3000 miles and there were no dings or dents or any sign of rust or use, really. It also came in a nice J’s Racing box which kind of made the Honda fanboy in me excited to see haha

Shot of one of the mufflers

A shot of their logo

It was a bit dirty, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t remove…

More dirt shots

After about 20 minutes with Mother’s mag & aluminum polish, I brought it back to life. It actually looks brand new again!

Shot of the muffler again – mirror finish. God, shiny stainless steel makes my panties wet.

And a shot of both the piping sections that I took a pic above where it looked stained.

Anyways – that’s it for my self-bought Christmas presents! I’m lucky and happy all of them came on time. Today is Christmas Eve so I hope you all get fat with Turkey and lots of presents!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Xmas to Me! 2 of 3

Yesterday I had another unexpected surprise from Canada Post – they delivered my Samsung LED’s that JC and Punit told me about to use in my fogs and to replace the HID’s in there as well. Canada Post is killin’ it with their weekend deliveries, especially at this time of the year btw.

Since I had the Philips Ultinons in hand and now the LED’s, I was itching to get them on the car to try them out. Part of me was telling myself to wait until it gets warmer so that I can do both of them, but a bigger part of me was saying “it’s only -25C out, it’s warm enough to do one side just to see”. I ended up listening to the latter half of myself and did it anyways. So I put a hoodie on, plugged in one of the spotlights since it was around 7PM and went to town.

It’s also the first time that I’ve started it and I usually don’t like to do that but I did it so that the compressors wouldn’t kill the battery or anything. At first when I tried to air up, it wouldn’t budge and it kind of worried me a bit because I thought the lines were frozen. I ended up letting the compressors finish fully and then the car rose no problem. I guess the tank was completely empty so there was no pressure at all.

Here’s a shot of the LED’s that I received. You wonder how these little things can put out so much light…

A close up shot of it.

Also removed the wheel and took a shot of the bags on the front. Still looking good!

Here is the driver side with Philips Ultinon 6000k and a comparison with the eBay 6000k. Quite a noticeable difference in colour as well as light output and spread even though it’s the same temperature.

Another shot of the two side by side. I wish I could have taken it at the proper distance so you could see the full cut off and the spread of light on the ground. This is a good comparison of the “hot spot” of the HID’s though.

Here is a before shot of the eBay 6000k. You can see a noticeable blue tint to it – basically what’s expected of most 6000k HID’s

And here is the Philips Ultinon 6000k – there is really no blue at all. It’s more a crystal white if anything. You’ll notice the huge difference when you compare it to the “Nike” LED in the headlight. I’ll have to change that out to a proper/pure white LED in the future to match the Ultinon’s now… But every time I think about changing them out, I cringe. It’s ridiculous how much of a pain it is to change those…

Here’s a shot of the LED lit up. Bright as F.

The two together. The LED has a slight blue tint to it compared to the Ultinon. This kind of bothers the OCD person inside me, but I think it’ll be OK when it’s out of the garage and on the road…

Comparison shot. It’s extremely difficult to capture the true colour differences with a camera – most of the photos are untouched except for underexposing it a little more to show as much of the lights as possible. It’s funny because from this shot, it almost looks identical, but once you look at it with the naked eye, the difference is night and day.

Here you can tell a little bit easier. The passenger side shows a blue tint and the driver side has no blue at all.

Close up of the passenger side – eBay 6000k

Close up of the driver side – Philips Ultinon 6000k

All in all – a great purchase. I’m actually really happy I did it because the headache of having shitty bulbs is not worth it. Funny story – as I was taking these pics, the passenger side (eBay bulb) went out again. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and they just turned off. I wish I took a picture to demonstrate how shitty they are haha. Anyways – the most joy that I’ll get out of those eBay bulbs is to take them out and smash them. The one thing I do wish I got was the Philips Ultinon 6700K Flash Star – they might have matched the LED’s a bit more, but I’m pretty stoked on these 6000K’s either way.

Only one more package to go! And it’s almost Christmas!!!!

Photoshop: SSR MS3 x LS460

After I posted a wheel Wednesday post yesterday, I decided to just have some fun with some possibilities. One of my favourite wheels since release have been the SSR MS3’s. I really really really wanted to cop myself a set of these when I first got the LS but it didn’t come in any size bigger than 20″. While 20″ is still a large wheel, the LS dwarfs anything smaller than 21″. Most guys with LS460’s are running 22’s and that’s a great size for the LS, but the tire selection and price can be frustrating to deal with.

I ended up photoshopping the flat black face onto it to see what it would look like, but it doesn’t quite match the colour of my car that well. I think a chrome or silver would still be my best bet for the car… But my God, the MS3’s look so good.

Also got some new goodies on the way for the LS… Something to ease the itch of the mod bug for a while… I’ll post it as soon as I get it.