Poorform: Jimmy’s Lexus LS430

Part 2 of the PoorForm shoot coming at ya! Finally getting around to doing some more editing and getting them up. To be honest, I’ve been trying to hold off from posting all the shoots one after the other or else I’ll just run out by the end of the week. I still have a bunch left to edit from other shoots so I think it’ll last me at least until the end of the month if I keep it up at this pace LOL.

Anyways – I was particularly excited to shoot Jimmy’s LS430 because of my infatuation with the VIP style when I first started building me LS460. To be honest, at first when I saw his build thread on beyond, I didn’t really get it. I didn’t get why someone would want to build a car like the LS (or any big body sedan for that matter). I thought it was sick that it was on air and it had big wheels, but everything after that didn’t make much sense. Keep in mind that this was before I knew or understood VIP. I was still in my ricer phase of big wings and loud exhausts – but don’t be mistaken, I still love all that shit… I just love the VIP style a little more now. The first two big body sedans I loved was of course the LS430 and the Toyota Crown. After I started loving the styling more, I started to appreciate the direction that Jimmy was going in his build thread.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that we started talking about different air set ups and such and we actually ended up going the same route for air suspension – a combo of coilovers with UAS bags paired with Accuair. The first time that I had seen Jimmy’s LS430 in person was at Driven 2013 with his newly finished air setup and it went home with a well deserved “Best of Show for VIP”. You’ll see why…

Jimmy’s wheels are now different than the old Work Gnosis HS203’s in gold that he had at the show. Now he’s rolling on Work Varianza V5S in a custom shadow black with a black anodized lip.

An up close of the rear wheel. 20×10.5… and that anodized lip is awesome in person.

The rear is a combination of 5Zigen fireball mega mufflers and custom piping all the way to the front. A perfect look for the rear of the 430 and it gives it an awesome sporty-VIP look.

Side shot of the rear wheel and his exhaust.

Shot of the front wheel.

Laying low. Just a bit further down and you’ll see his trunk set up – but his suspension set up is a combination of the popular Youzealand SS pro kit to get the car just a little lower – 30mm I believe, UAS aerosport bags over a set of Tanabe Z40 coilovers.

Rolling low.

And a rear quarter rolling shot.

The creme de la creme of Jimmy’s car is his trunk. Countless hours were put into this and to someone who hasn’t installed air on their ride, it may look as simple as putting the tank in, running some lines, and bolting everything down – how hard could it be? Well it’s actually extremely time consuming – making sure you have enough space for everything, ensuring lines don’t pinch, tucking all the wires and double checking that everything is easily accessible if you need to get to it. VIP styling is far from just having the car sit on the ground with big wheels. For some people, it’s an art and it’s about showing everything off. It is essentially being as flashy as you can be.

Jimmy’s went the extra mile to upgrade the audio system in the LS430. He’s got two Focal 33WX Utopia subs in the trunk, a Steg K201 and K402 amp to power everything, Steg Masterstroke MSK3000, Audison bitOne with DRC, Focal KRX2 front components with Audison Voce rear coax’s and finally a Pioneer deck up front to control it all.

As for his suspension set up – you can see here and the previous picture that his Accuair VU4 is set up quite nicely and the way the air lines run are extremely unique. Jimmy is running the full Accuair management system with Viair compressors.

An upclose of the hardwood that Jimmy used all throughout the trunk. This is one of the biggest eye-catchers and there is an excellent amount of attention to detail here. The edges are lined so there’s no rough edges showing and it’s laid down and cut perfectly to the contours of his trunk.

Last one to end the set! The last one to end this is of course, Jimmy’s monster 2JZ GS…

PoorForm Triple Threat: Coming Soon

Starting to wind down with the shoots now… Last night was our second last shoot (for now) and that was of Adrian’s boosted Civic. I’ve got one more next week and unless we book more in, then that will be it. Every night that we go shoot, the sun seems to go down 15 minutes quicker. It’s brutal! But hopefully all of these will keep you guys entertained for another month or so… I do have some shots saved up to scatter throughout winter too so it should be good.

BUT I am excited to start posting the next three cars that we shot all in one afternoon last weekend. It comes from PoorForm – Jimmy and his girlfriend – Steph have an awesome triple threat Lexus line up. I’ll post a quick teaser post of them from when we went over. All great cars… Especially his 2JS GS… But I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Steph’s GS sitting pretty. Fitment on the Work S1R’s are money.

Jimmy’s monster GS and his (somewhat) newly acquired Datsun which is a work in progress.

Rich brought Ollie out for the shoot as well.

JC back on winters… Yes, it’s that time of year again and this is when the realization finally hits you – when you change wheels.

Jimmy’s LS430 also waiting to be shot. JC and I had the joy of taking this one as our ride during the photoshoot since we needed another driver. Great car and very familiar to the LS460.

Another shot of Jimmy’s Datsun. Paint is still in immaculate condition too.

At the back of his garage was a nice big set of Brembos for a Supra sitting alone.

The two GS’s…

And the roller I posted up on the Facebook page a few days ago… I’ll start off with Steph’s GS first, move onto the LS430 and then end it off with the 2JZ GS. Should be a gooder! I’ll try to spend more time tonight editing the rest of the photos and hopefully get the first set up by the weekend.

UCF31/LS430 pr0n

Been having a very unreasonable obsession with LS430’s for the past few days and I need one. I wish wish wish wish I could get one for at least a daily driver and still get some nice wheels to swap between LS’s. It would also be awesome for winter too.
Anyways – since I know that won’t happen anytime soon I just went through the VSC thread and saved all the sick ones. From Mode Parfume to Aimgain… VIP goodness everywhere.


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