Down and Out: Justin Kan’s Acura TSX

There’s nothing better than a last minute shoot that turns into an excellent set of pictures…

After unsuccessful visits to Subaru and Toyota/Scion this whole week, I’m over trying to trade the LS. Instead, I’ll just sit on it and see if it sells privately. I’ve gotten a few bites here and there but nothing solid yet… But to be fair, I’ve only had the ad up for a week. I’m just an impatient dude trying to get into a new car! A big reason for me not just going to trade it in is because we still got a wedding to pay for and I’d rather not take a huge loss on the car if I can help it. If the car doesn’t sell, I’ll just wait on it until next year and start fresh.

Didn’t have many plans yesterday, but JC messaged me in the morning asking me what I was up to – I only had some errands to run otherwise I was free all day. Next thing you know, we’re shooting Justin’s slammed TSX and we got nothing but good shots. I don’t think I know anyone personally or locally for that matter that rides as low as Justin does without wrecking their shit. Hell, Justin can barely turn his car around a full 180 without doing a 10 point turn but it looks damn good while he’s doing it. He drives straight and still scrapes – I’m not even exaggerating lol!

IMG_0981 copy

The weather was perfect yesterday morning for the shoot. Just enough overcast and not too much sun. I thought that this would be a great shot to start off this post – rollers always makes panties wet. I dub this the Windows XP desktop shot. It so closely resembles it with the colours haha

IMG_0836 copy

Now we rewind back to the beginning of the shoot. We met in front of Royal Oak Audi. Like always – JC was the chase car and chauffeured us around.

IMG_0837 copy“Can we trade this in for that white A7?”

IMG_0839 copy

Justin arrived shortly after. He doesn’t have an exhaust but we knew he was coming because there was that uncanny noise of scraping we are all too familiar with… Except like I said – it’s all the time lol

IMG_0840 copy

Justin wiping it down quickly before we headed out.

IMG_0841 copy

And we begin… A familiar place from last year.

IMG_0847 copy

Love these wheels. I mentioned in my post about the beyond meet that these were originally my wheels from my Civic, which was then passed onto Corey for his Civic, then finally moved onto Justin’s TSX today. Still mint and still one of the best wheels ever.

IMG_0844 copy

IMG_0852 copy

That roll call.

IMG_0853 copy

So timeless looking.

IMG_0857 copy

Snapped a quick shot of the crew chillin while I do my thing. They were actually in the way for this shot…

IMG_0859 copy

After I got them to move out of the way LOL

IMG_0860 copy

The wheels fit so good!!

IMG_0865 copyDiana and JC making a cameo appearance again on the blog. I’m all about the behind the scenes shots… You’ll probably see more of these jabronis during my shoots.

IMG_0867 copy

Love the front end of Justin’s TSX. He recently purchased the JDM bumper for that grill and headlights. Worth it.

IMG_0874 copy

Back to front…

IMG_0877 copy

Another shot of his grill.

IMG_0879 copy

Shot of the back.

IMG_0881 copy

And a shot of the front. That’s like bagged height. lol

IMG_0890 copy

En route to the next spot.

IMG_0891 copy

A quick shot from shot gun.

IMG_0892 copy

Always gotta get an in-car shot lol

IMG_0899 copy

Another one of my favourite angles of Justin’s car. Just too good.

IMG_0904 copy

Perfect fitment – not too crazy, but just enough.

IMG_0910 copy

Another shot that I ended up loving. The TSX just has such a timeless look to it and it looks good from all angles.

IMG_0912 copyRear quarter shot. Love it.

IMG_0916 copyThis is where the magic starts and happens…

IMG_0971 copyThe shot from Instagram – I love the way Justin’s car looks rolling. It’s just way too good.

IMG_1009 copy

A side profile shot of him rolling static.

IMG_1018 copy

And here we say farewell. This shoot took probably about an hour or less – probably the quickest photoshoot we’ve done in a long time (or ever). And each and every shot turned out great – I needed something to inspire me to shoot again and thanks to JC for pulling us out and for Justin for coming out! Gives me some good content.

I might have some extra shots laying around that I’ll edit during the week if I have time and post those up too.

White is Right – Aldo’s Honda S2000

Still going! I’m not gonna lie – all these photoshoots are starting to take its toll on me. I’m literally just exhausted – it doesn’t help that it’s always so friggin cold and it makes it that much more difficult to shoot when you’re shivering and trying to get a good shot. Yesterday evening we were supposed to shoot Tim’s EG but the weather turned out crappy so we rescheduled for next week. I’m kind of glad though because yesterday was the day that I needed some rest, although I did end up editing more pictures last night anyway, it was nice to just stay home for the evening. Even told me he ended up sleeping for 3 hours and he was feeling exhausted too… Today we are scheduled to shoot Adrian’s Civic – so we’re back in the game tonight. Hopefully the weather holds up – but it seems like every day is getting just a little colder…

Anyways – let’s start this off again with Aldo’s S2000. Aldo just picked this bad boy up earlier this year and it was a big change from his Mercedes that he was rocking for a long time. He went from a luxury-type over to a racer-boy car – I don’t blame him though… The S2000 is an awesome car to drive stock, but add a few more pieces like suspension and an exhaust and it’s perfect… And that’s just what Aldo did.

The side profile shot of the S2000 is always a perfect angle. No matter what route you go – super aggressive and GT-styled or laid back and modest – like Aldo, most looks will end up turning out right for the S2000. Aldo purchased the car mostly how you see it in the picture, minus the addition of the CE28’s and coilovers. The wing and lip were already there and his plans are to ditch the replica parts next year for something bigger and better. In fact, at this exact spot – he asked me if he should do a GT wing. If you know me, I would never say no – so I do hope that he goes that route next year and slowly changes over to the aggressive styling for the S2000.

White on white is always awesome to shoot – especially during the sunset.

Side story: earlier that day, Punit messaged us and said his tire was flat and had to change over to the spare. While we were shooting, Gopesh ended up driving the GS over to our location to meet up quickly and we took a look at the GS…

The wheel was in the trunk and it ended up being pretty bad… The tire came loose and the inside of the rim ended up rolling on the ground. Luckily for Punit it’s on the inside of the wheel only…

Shot of that awesome spare. I love how Lexus chose to paint it a cream color haha

Back to the shoot near a mill.

Getting in to move the car…

JC over to the side. He was sitting in there editing his picture to post on IG. Another side story: on every shoot that we go on, JC usually takes a shot, edits it and IG’s it – but he always ends up taking a killer shot and I’m not going to lie – I wish I knew how to do phone edits as good as him. I’ve already threatened to uninvite him to all future shoots if he keeps taking business away from me like that.

Aldo rocking the metallic on black LEVEL one decal. Most of us are rocking the metallic on white… I like this look too!

Another piece that was on the car when Aldo got the car was this intake scoop – which is actually functional and directs the air into the bay.

Looking great from behind.

More rollers!

Coming away from the sunset.

Our last location was at a junkyard-ish type of place. A nice backdrop with the sunset coming through.

the CE28’s shining away.

Lastly – one of Aldo’s additions was the J’s Racing stainless steel catback exhaust. I love this piece and I love the sound even more… Ever since I owned the Civic, I longed for a J’s Racing exhaust but I never got to fulfill the dream so I just admire everyone elses haha

That’s a wrap for Aldo’s S2000! Stay tuned! The next few batches will be coming straight from Poor Form…

My First 2013 Beyond Meet…

Last night was the usual Beyond meet on the upper parkade of Chinook Center and I was bored so I decided to come check it out. It was my first time out in almost a year, and the last time I was out was back when I still had my STI. To be honest, I personally wasn’t a fan of going anymore just because it started to get kind of cliquey. Not that people are trying to do that on purpose or anything, it’s just how meets usually end up being. People gather in circles and it’s tough for newcomers or other people to join in. The turnouts were also pretty small – usually there would be a full line of cars, and now it seems to have doubled!

It was an exceptionally good turnout last night and lots of different varieties of cars. That’s something that I enjoy seeing and I think it’s even more refreshing because it’s been so long since I’ve been to the meets. Met lots of new peeps, saw some others that I haven’t seen in a long time, but overall a pretty good night. I know they hold the super meet every year so I’ll most likely make my way to that one as well since the turnouts are usually pretty big and include a lot of cars you don’t necessarily see all the time.

Moving onto some of the pics that I got that night. I know later on in the night, some other guys showed up but it was pretty dark and I had put my camera away.

Starting off with Rich’s WRX. Not even a week since I shot this and he’s already on different wheels. What a guy.

Ryan O’Hara’s EP3 looking clean as always.

Corey O’Hara’s new project S2000 – you might remember seeing it at the show & shine.

Alex Markovic and his immaculate Integra also showed up last night. Shoot of this coming soon to a lifewithjason near you.

A pretty clean BMW 1-series on WORK M1R’s. A little drop and it’d be set!

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Jackie Tong’s NSX on some good ol’ Advan RS’s – you probably know by now, but if you don’t – he’s the owner of Zero Limit Automotive.

Steve Chan’s Mugen RSX slammed on mag blue TE37’s

A shot of Regina George. Picked the shittiest parking.

A very clean 7-series. All it needed (and it was screaming for it) was air suspension and a better non-BMW park job. It would have easily been the sickest car at the meet last night (for me, anyway) if it was just dumped and sitting on the ground in a proper parking stall. The colour was fantastic as well.

Justin Kan’s dumped and static TSX on Enkei NT03+M’s

Brad Atkin’s K20 EM1 on nicely contrasting orange TE37’s. Brad – give your keys to someone so I can shoot this.

Errol Tan’s Amuse S2000. Errol – take Brad’s keys and get someone to drive your car so I can shoot both of them.

Adrian Perry’s boosted B18 EJ1 on some new shoes! Volk CE28’s. I believe he’s still on the fence about swapping them but I get the feeling it’s going to happen.

Alex’s Integra looking clean as usual. There’s just so much to say about the car… I’ll save it for the shoot.

A GTR that is apparently pushing upwards of 800+ hp? I didn’t confirm it, just what I heard. Still clean though and in great condition.

Ray Dumitrescu’s STI Sedan on WORK M1R’s.

SO CLEAN. Didn’t see the owner though…

Noel Egger’s S14. I think he had an issue with his hood and hasn’t been able to get it fixed yet so he rolls without it. Still looks sick.

Derrek Poyntz’s super clean Integra.

A wild R32 suddenly appeared.

A pretty cool FD RX7. The aero/styling is very 90’s but it still works pretty well today.

A minty convertible S13

Simple Evo X on RPF1’s

John King’s JDM front end conversion CSX. I still love this look.

Kyle Hugo’s EK on Regamasters

A dumped Saturn. This thing is crazy and it might not appeal to everyone, but he did a pretty good job.

Anthony’s special edition Scrion FRS. The “Silver Ignition” colour is probably the nicest colour for the FRS. It’s got a few extra bells and whistles that the regular FRS doesn’t have like the HID headlights and LED DRL’s. Good job Scion.

Derrick Ho’s Integra. It’s shouldn’t be news to any of you anymore. Good to see him out and about.

A rear shot of Errol’s Amuse S2000

JC’s Lexus CT200h – again, clean as always.

A very clean and awesome BMW on Rotiforms. I think upon closer inspection…

It’s an M3 engine swap? Not sure… Feel free to correct me.

A shot of some asses.

A rear shot of the 7-series. So sick. However, I’m sure the 20 minutes of idling was unnecessary…

A shot of Adrian and Alex’s cars together…

Alex’s rear window rollcall… I particularly liked the “noooooo monicaaaa!!!” one. hahahahahaha

Duncan Yu’s boosted civic.

I’ll end the post here with a shot I took in the corner of the Prius and the longest fucking car ever and the rest of the peeps in the background!

JC Tenchavez’s Lexus CT200h

I know you guys have seen JC’s car many times on here before but you’ve really only seen it as an accompanying car or the chase car for roller shots. I’ve never really done a full shoot dedicated to his car before – he’s kind of in the same situation as me – the both of us are always teaming up to do photoshoots of OTHER cars but never of our own cars.

I met JC a few years ago at one of the Beyond meets, but to be honest I don’t remember exactly how. I knew him since the days of his Corolla and the progression that it went through and with him now onto the CT200h, not much has changed in terms of his modification tastes. I knew he loved that Corolla and he was proud of what he had accomplished, but that one cold and snowy morning that we made a visit to Lexus of Calgary – he made a pretty big decision.

I wasn’t expecting the deal to go through that day but after a test drive, some chit chat and jokes about getting an LFA for his Corolla, and before I knew it – he had already agreed on the trade-in for the Corolla and we were in an office and he signed the papers to pick it up a few days later. This was just a month or so after I picked up my LS and Punit was in search of his GS.

The CT200h is a fairly new platform to modify and the first new chassis from Lexus to receive that new front fascia makeover. JC wouldn’t leave without getting the white CT without the tech package. LED low beams with 25 LED’s in each projector, totaling 100 LED’s for the low beams. The LED DRL strip running along the bottom of the headlights are also a head turner.

JC quickly added most of the accessories that carried over from the Corolla like the Junction Produce Tsuna, Junction Produce neck pads and the WORK VSXX’s. Thankfully for JC, the wheels were a perfect transfer and required no changes.

JC’s car in the sunlight looks great. The lines of the CT200h are great for a hatchback.

Wheels so clean you could eat off of them.

The rear of the CT200h is another unique look and it looks even better with the chrome lips of the VSXX’s peeking out.

JC fitted his fogs with high powered LED bulbs as well which compliment the overall look of all the other LED’s that sit nicely up front.

A nice look at the LED projector lowbeams.


Ending it here with his car sitting pretty at sundown. JC is still in search for a kit, and possibly a change of wheels or colour to help spruce things up a bit for next year!Ending it here with a shot of JC and Rich’s car outside my place after the shoot. That only means one thing – Rich’s shoot is up next!

Stay tuned!