More LED’S!

Small little update on the FRS – nothing too exciting since I’m pretty much done for this year. Like I mentioned before, I don’t want to spend money on things I’m going to end up changing or removing it later anyway. Hoping that over the winter, most things will fall into place but until then it’s time to enjoy summer!

Lots of things coming up this month and I’m starting to get a few photo shoots in here and there whenever I have time. Admittedly, I’m getting to the point where I just want to cruise and relax while my camera has taken a back seat. It’s not that I don’t like taking pictures anymore but I think I need a break… Who knows, maybe my mind will change when I see what this season has to offer.

Anyway, I ordered a set of switchback LED’s from Autolismo in BC and they got here in two days. I’ve been wanting to change out the front ambers to LED’s because I wanted to match the GT86 headlight LED’s. It’s difficult to find a set with the right color – lots of white LED’s are not actually white and have a tint of blue/purple to them. Philips LED’s (thanks to JC) have been awesome and provide that pure white but there is no viable option for switchbacks. I was assured by Thomas from Autolismo that these are pure white and should suit my needs. Just some quick photos:

IMG_9144 copy

The old amber bulbs. Had I not gotten the GT86 head lights, I probably would’ve just left these alone.

IMG_9146 copy

The new bulbs. Thomas sent me the newer models which were brighter than his previous ones so I was stoked to see them.

IMG_9147 copy

Comparison – not that you care what the new bulb looks like compared to the old one.

IMG_9150 copy

A within 5 minutes – the front end looks way better. The white is truly a pure white and matches the LED strip from the headlights nicely.

IMG_9152 copy

One last shot. Sorry – not shots of the amber switchback. Nobody cares for that anyway. 🙂

GT86 Lighting Pr0n

OK I promise this should be the last headlight-type post that I post for a while. I’m still trying to get over how sick they are… I mean, they’re no BMW laser lights or anything, but they are a huge upgrade over stock lights for sure and the fact that they don’t come on every FR-S makes it a little more special.

I know in my last post, it was difficult to tell what it looked like when the LED’s or HID’s were on because it was so bright out so I decided to fire them up one more time at night to try and get some shots and see how bright they were. The LED’s are pretty damn bright on their own – not enough to light up the road at night, but enough to be quite noticeable. The HID’s are nothing surprising… Although I am looking forward to changing them out to Osram CBI’s as per Alex’s recommendation. Alex and I share the same type of unhealthy obsession for the perfect lighting set up… We’ve tried everything from Morimotos, probably had our fair share of cheapo no-name ones, and the somewhat exclusive Philips Ultinons… Alex got his hands on a bunch of Osram CBI’s for all his cars and loves them, so that’s the next step!

But I digress… Here are just some lighting shots for you guys to see a little more closely.

IMG_7137 copy

Covers off again

IMG_7142 copy

Here are the lights with the HID’s powered up.

IMG_7148 copy

And the creme de la creme of the headlights – the LED DRL’s!

IMG_7153 copy

A close up… It’s hard to get a good picture that depicts how it really looks. The color of the LED’s are actually a pure white with no blue or yellow tinge at all.

IMG_7156 copy

And one last one cause I liked the shot…

(Tiny) FR-S Update…

I’m back from Vegas! It’s a bittersweet moment – that’s what Vegas does to you. It makes you feel like you want to go home and stay forever at the same time. Vegas as a whole takes a toll on you in every way possible – physically and financially lol… But I digress…

I’ll post some pics up a little later – it’ll just take me some time to get them onto the computer…

In the meantime – I took some better, less rushed shots of the FR-S today. Mainly because JC hooked me up with a pair of legit Philips LED license plate lights as a gift for the new car! I know – nothing crazy, but for someone who cares a lot about the little details – good LED’s are a mod worth bragging about. None of the eBay shit that has a blue hue to it.

Anyway – I’ve only really driven the car for maybe two days… Less than 400km on it and this may be a little premature but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway… The FR-S is one of the best cars I’ve ever purchased. I have absolutely no regret letting the LS460 go and I am enjoying every damn second in the FR-S. It’s certainly not the fastest car I’ve had but with how light the car is, 200hp stock is way more than enough to whip around and take corners – something I could not do in the LS460. One thing is for sure – I cannot wait until I can start modding this thing seriously…

IMG_1027 copy

Shot from the front corner of the car. I absolutely love the lines of the FR-S. Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan at first but this has now become one of my favourite cars.

IMG_1028 copy

Getting rid of the Scion badges for JDM Toyota badges soon.

IMG_1029 copy

Love these but will probably be replaced with the JDM ones as well down the road.

IMG_1034 copy

A shot of the Philips LED bulbs. It’s difficult to get a good shot of how white the LED’s are because of the white balance. They look sharp as f*** though. Thanks again JC!

Like most people that mod cars – it starts off with lights… little interior pieces… then next thing you know – BAM, you have a damn body kit ordered with wheels, suspension and an empty wallet. Brutal.

IMG_1037 copy

The tails I’ll also be getting rid of…

IMG_1040 copy

The headlights that I’ll also be getting rid of… LOL!

IMG_1043 copy

Had to personalize it a little bit and what better way to do it than to add the Mode Luxe sticker on! Kind of silly cause it’s still a stock FR-S… But hopefully that changes soon enough…

IMG_1046 copy

Also updated Diana’s Mode Luxe sticker – she’s been rocking the old one since the beginning.

IMG_1048 copy

Just a quick shot of both of them sitting in the garage. Dat ass.

Last LED Post

Well – I finally got my last shipment of LED’s in the mail today. Super pumped to replace a bunch… I was hoping that the rear vanity lights would’ve been the 194 bulb but they ended up being the festoon type… each side has 6 too and I didn’t order any of those. My fault for not checking first though…

Anyways, this is probably the least exciting LED post since they aren’t cool lights haha

IMG_0495 copy

The care package. They packed two bulbs per envelope so I ended up getting tons of bubble envelopes haha. Unnecessary but whatever.IMG_0497 copy

Did the door puddle lights. Super bright.IMG_0498 copy

Another look at how bright the interior is. Also shows how bright the door lights are too…IMG_0503 copy

Then lastly, my trunk. Pretty happy I got that done… Now I have nothing else to look forward to… hahahaha