Quarry Park & Polish Auto Show 2013: Part 2 of 2

Part 2! I realize I missed a lot of other cars but it was getting increasingly difficult to get shots of cars as the day went on because of all the people. Most of the shots I am posting is when registration was beginning and the public wasn’t really wandering around yet.

Anyways last one!

This black Lamborghini Countach started off the trio…

White one…

Red one

All three! Such an awesome sight.

I love American Muscle, but I’ll admit that I know next to nothing about them. I can definitely appreciate when things are done right though and this GT500 is sick.

Another shot of the J’s Racing S2000

The Rocket Bunny FR-S – looking pretty good. I felt like the lip and skirts should have been painted but it still looked nice.

Solomon’s 3-series

The line up of red Ferrari’s…

Probably my favourite at the show was the super rare BMW 850i. So clean!

This Merc was parked on the exotics side but I feel like it was a bit confused. The matte black was decent but the yellow accents kind of killed the look. The calipers were painted extremely messy and certain parts were not masked so it looked like it was done in 5 minutes. The other yellow accents were OK – but I think it would’ve been better if maybe just the headlights were done if he insisted something had to be covered in yellow.

I guess it’s ok that you park like that…

A super clean G35 with a sporty look. Advan RS-D’s and AP racing BBK all around and I believe it was supercharged. Good job, sir.

Bill’s Ford Focus

Kyle’s Celica

This guy was there before us but man did this thing look like it came out of the 90’s or what? The paint job was great and I’m glad he did it the right way because it was even fitted nicely as well. The rest of the car was a bit dated… Later on we found out that it had a bumping sound system which proceeded to draw crowds for the rest of the day…

… Which looked like this. Sounded good… but still, I felt like it was kind of dated to do even that.

Back to our regular program – another shot of the LS.

Punit’s GS


Again of the S2000. I am particularly fond of the S2000 mainly because it was Nick’s and I had shot it a few years earlier. I remember way back when it was silver and on Work Meister 3PC. So seeing this still around today and in still fairly good condition makes me happy.

A few shots of the WSC members

Lester’s Mini

Rich’s WRX… Again, on new coloured wheels.

Another crowd favourite was this Datsun 240z. This guy actually lives near me and whenever I’m driving home, I always see him cleaning it or working on it. I recognized it because of the colour and the license plate and confirmed when he rolled up. Super minty and perfectly done. I’d love to shoot this…

He had Recaros from a DC2R in there as well I believe.

Shot of the incredibly immaculate engine bay. So good.

Kind of midway through the show and Ollie was passed out under the Mini because it was getting super hot.

The rev competition began. JC trying to get oxygen through his palms because of the polluted air and Ollie awake and confused.

I wish I could have captured smoke or something from the revving, but these two were going at it for a while.

After that, I had left to go attend some other issues… but I don’t think much else happened after that. The end!

Montreal 2013 – Part 2 of 2 *The Cars*

Well I’m super excited to post this because I was super excited when I saw it going down. I was wanting to go to Gibeau Orange Julep for a long time because a few years ago when I came down, I didn’t get the chance to go since it’s kind of far from where we are. I made sure that we would make the trip this time, and we went sometime in the evening after dinner.

Just a side note – where we are is very inner city and it’s an older part of Montreal, so there are rarely any nice cars driving around unless you go into the Downtown area and it’s all apartments and not one single house to be seen.

So as we came up from the Metro at the stop near Gibeau Orange Julep, there were highways, tons of cars, traffic – it was like a whole different city. As we were walking there, I saw an RX7 with an APR GT wing, I saw a bunch of dumped BMW 325XI’s, S2000’s, an M3 and I thought to myself “DAMN, Montreal DOES have people that do up cars!” and I was excited to see it. Once we started getting close and finally took a seat, the parking lot had some modified cars there too. I remember even saying to Diana “It looks like this is where all the ricers hang out”. A blacked out silver Cobalt SS was there pumping his music… Other oldschool VW’s with checkered pinstriping and steelies a few stalls over…

As we were waiting for our food, the parking lot started filling up very quickly. One after the other – Audi A4 on BBS, A white Lambo, Some more VW’s ranging from matte paint to oldschool and aired out, a 2JZ Soarer… Wait a second. Is this… like Montreal’s version of the “Beyond Meet” that we have here at Chinook mall on the upper parkade? Diana and I sat there for a while and watched the cars roll in one by one and people got out of their cars and started chillin’. You’ll notice there are rarely any Japanese cars here… It’s almost Euro across the board.

Yup – this WAS Montreal’s version of the Beyond Meet and I wasn’t going to sit around drinking Orange Juice without taking some pics. So off we went! I was a little hesitant at first cause I had no car, but once I got in the crowd – who would know? People love when other people take pictures of their shit. I’m that guy.

A shot of the place with some oldschool VW’s parked on the side. It gets crowded here cause it’s super popular. It’s like Peter’s Drive-in… but better.

First up was the oldschool, minty red BMW.

Super clean and fresh VW on air. The paint was immaculate.

The white lambo that pulled in. Crazy. Montreal has a ton of ballers. I think on St. Catherine St I saw R8’s, a Bugatti Veyron, an oldschool Lotus, a bunch of A7’s and S8’s… incredible.

A MK6 GTI on BBS. Clean, but to be honest – I’ve never been a fan of those BBS wheels. They just don’t flow right and I haven’t seen a car that looks great on them. But still clean.

Another MK6 GTI aired out with what looks to be CCW LM5T’s but not sure. Loved his stance though.

Tried to get a shot of his trunk set up, which was super legit. Hardwood all the way on to the backs of the rear seats.

Front shot of it.

Another super clean MK5 GTI on air.

Oldschool love.

This MK5 GTI was probably my favourite one there – unique matte cream colour scheme on MB wheels. Simple, but it stood out like a sore thumb. In a good way.

This BMW was pretty clean. Saw the red/pink wheel bolts and thought it was cool. Up close it was kind of a shoddy job though – looked like it was painted on with a brush. Some areas were missed, some even got onto the wheel. Nice try though.

Another one on bags. Audi TT on MB wheels. God I love the look of that.

And another MK5 GTI on bags. CAN’T GET ENOUGH

This guys car also had fresh paint and on BBS’s. Couldn’t tell if he was on bags though, but at this point – I’m going to put my money on it that he was too.

I think the three most unique and popular cars there that night were the three from Royal Flush Canada. I was surprised to see a following like that over here, even though only three of them showed up. All done up exceptionally well with good all-around modifications. This 3-Series was bagged on oldschool Ferrari wheels. His rear was insane.

Another was the FG Civic on a static drop I believe. Also very clean. Not sure what wheels those are.

And the crowd pleaser of the night was this 2JZ Soarer on SSR Sp1’s. I have a super soft spot for Meisters/SP1’s so when I saw this, I couldn’t get enough. His fitment and everything was perfect. Kudos to you.

Better shot of his stance.

Shot of the rear wheel.

Rear decal.

A shot of the trunk set up of that green VW earlier. So legitttttttt

Was surprised to see a Volvo C30 there. Pretty good fitment, but I wish it was bagged too lol

Matte black VW on matte bronze wheels. The body was nice, but the wheels and fitment needed some work.

One of the confused ones there.

Tried to get a big shot but the girls glared at me as soon as I had my camera up.

Another shot of the matte cream GTI.

Some betters shots of the 3-Series and his rear fitment.

Even unpacked their flag. l need one of those.

So goooooood. check the alternating bolts too.

Where do VW guys get these ideas?!

Tried to get a group shot of the Royal Flush group but everyone kept crowding the Soarer lol. Guy with the long hair is the owner.

I’ll just end it with this one.

The caliber of cars there is pretty much the same here. There is always going to be a handful of cars that stand out and do it right, and there is going to be a bunch that are halfway there, got lost along the way, or are just confused altogether. Either way – it was nice to see a car meet and I’m lucky to have been there while it was happening to take some pics.

I don’t think I have anything lined up until the weekend for illmotion’s Sunday School Show & Shine… but stay tuned. Maybe something will come up!