Japan Goodies!!

Late post – but better late than never right? It’s a filler so nothing too exciting, but cool to me nonetheless.

The homies came back from Japan last weekend and brought some goodies. I took a pic of some of the things they got me – while small, they are actually things I love – so that’s why I like to share.

A group shot of the goodies. One of my favourite mags that I like to read but don’t understand is Hyper Rev 86&BRZ. It’s massive for what it is but it has tons of unique builds and parts that you don’t see online or in other magazines. It’s pretty lowkey and local stuff to Japan that doesn’t really make its way here. Of course, there are big builds and more notable ones in there as well, but the small ones are the ones that catch my attention. I haven’t even cracked this one open yet…

Another is a special edition Takara Tomy 86GRMN edition. I was debating whether I should open this or not but decided against it. I’ll just enjoy the picture on the box and pretend…

Another is a TRD keychain. Small but meaningful to me. For a year now, I’ve been looking for a cool keychain. A YEAR.

At the end of the day, a keychain is a keychain but I’m super picky about what I wanted it to look like. Long, short, carbon fiber, no carbon fiber, leather, not leather. This list goes on. I ended up never getting one cause I couldn’t find the perfect one. Well, Punit and JC happened to bring back the perfect one without even asking if this is the one I wanted. Now I have a keychain! lol

The other cool part they got me is a TRD fuel cap cover. Yeah, it’s a cover, not even a replacement but it’s cool as fuck. The sad part of it all is that no one but me will ever see this. Not even at a car show will this be something someone can admire because nobody has their fuel door open at a car show. All of the things JC and Punit have gotten me for the FRS over the years have been cool as hell but are all parts nobody can see 😥

At least when I fill up gas, I’ll feel cool as hell. LOL

For Aria, they picked up a few shirts – this very appropriate Hello Kitty shirt. Another anime egg shirt and pants from Uniqlo. The kid has better clothes than me and Diana…

And a before shot of the fuel cap…

And after. COOL AS F*** RIGHT?!

The Chronicles: Tokyo Night Meet

A little late to the game – but some shots Galen took at the Tokyo Night Meet by Stickydiljoe. Most of you probably already all know now but there was a lot of drama and the meet didn’t go as planned due to some that came too early and got security’s attention. Anyway, most of that write up is on Stickydiljoe.com for those that are interested. I just wanted to post the rest up of what Galen took that night.


Level One NSX on Bronze CE28’s. Can never go wrong with bronze on black.








Cambergang BRZ sitting super low





More shots of the NSX up close. Great fitment on the CE’s





I didn’t like the new Miata’s much but they’re starting to grow on me…



I don’t know what that character is in this R34 but I hope it’s Sephiroth. Because then I approve. LOL







Crazy. It’s like something you’d see over here in NA.






























Line up of Bimmers



Toyota Crown with a outlandish hood graphic




A beautiful white NSX on black TE37’s.






_dsc4851 _dsc4850 _dsc4849 _dsc4847 _dsc4846

*Not TE37’s






More shots of the Level one cars











If only it were paint matched…



_dsc4825 _dsc4823 _dsc4821 _dsc4820   _dsc4817 _dsc4816 _dsc4815 _dsc4814 _dsc4813 _dsc4812 _dsc4811  _dsc4809 _dsc4808 _dsc4807 _dsc4806  _dsc4804 _dsc4803 _dsc4802  _dsc4800 _dsc4799 _dsc4798 _dsc4797 _dsc4796 _dsc4795 _dsc4794 _dsc4793  _dsc4791

And just to end it off here – that same orange Fit from the Super Fresh Meet. Gutted interior and caged.






Live from Japan: Super Street Fresh Meet 3: Part 2

Here we go! It’s exciting having more than one post with actual content in a month around this time. Thank god for guys like Galen that go on trips AND take pics lol.


I can’t help but think of Jack and Eric when I see this duo together. Nearly the same except for the colour… Pretty dope!


An R33 on TE37’s – a rarer sight to see around here since it’s not as popular as the R32. It’s also difficult to find one nicely done if you do fine one. A Soarer and a Supra. Heavy line up…


A closer look at the Supra on Meisters



An R32 in Calsonic Livery/decals


A Spoon/J’s themed Fit/Jazz on some wide TE37v’s and fender flares


Up front  an aggressive splitter/rod combo.




Right behind that one was another… In a different theme altogether


Also sitting low on TE37’s


Also sporting a J’s Racing GT wing. I’m a softy for these…


The front is an aggressive carbon J’s Racing front and hood.




The duo together.



More of the RB BMW



All black FD RX7 on Meisters



How can you just walk by this people?!


Red Bull livery


Like I said… TE37’s on everything!


A duo of classics




C63 AMG on Work CR’s with the fender just barely touching


The rear quarter has seen better days I’m sure



Crazy. Breaking this guys neck in the back too.







A very nice example of a clean S13 on Work Meisters. The colour is perfect too.


Do I need to say it again?


Interesting parking set up lol.


Infiniti G37/Nissan Skyline V36 slammed to the ground




And we’ll end the Super Street meet with a very clean Supra on CE28’s. Tokyo Auto Salon content coming up!



Live from Japan: Super Street Fresh Meet 3 – Part 1

Great news – some awesome content for you guys! There is a group of us (likely the majority) that sit around and sulk on our phones/computers while TAS is going on in the JDM land and we’re left to dream what it would be like to walk the halls of the great brands that we often wait 3-6 months on for parts. The style and culture is something we likely will never see – it’s just not something as embraced by the North American culture like it is in Japan. We definitely try hard to mimic it, and to honour it the best we can by building cars that fit our vision of “JDM”, but it’ll never be the same. As is such, we’re often left with an imaginary taste of what it could be through pictures and social media.

But I digress… Galen (https://gawa86.wordpress.com/) has graciously offered to share some pics of his trip to Japan with me to post up. He pretty much ends up going each year and gets a lot of good photos of the stuff going down. Galen has an awesome network of friends including those in the level one group that give an insiders perspective on some of the things happening in and around the car scene there. I’m thankful he’s able to share – I think it’s worth being able to show people what’s going on from a different perspective. Every year I plan to go, something else comes up – I swear one day I’ll make it to TAS if it kills me. LOL!

The first two parts will be of the Super Street Fresh meet held in a parkade, TAS will be coming up shortly after, and then Stickydiljoe’s meet. As Galen shares, I’ll share 🙂


A shot of two level one cars – Kohei Miyata’s FC RX7 and Norifumi Kobayashi’s Accord TourerWagon with an R32 Skyline and FD RX7 in the distance.


Another shot of the pair.


A closer shot of the R32 on TE37SL’s


Wild widebody Supra on LXZ’s


Meanwhile… Outside the police were roaming…


Huge crowds outside. No racist, but I see more white people than Japanese people LOL.


A custom widebodied K-Break Prius on Work TR7 2pc wheels. _dsc3856

A wild GTR – not sure of the kit cause I probably can’t afford it, so I don’t ask. XP



An S15 in a colour you don’t see everyday with mild aero.


An EK on Bronze TE37’s and Toyota Crown dumped right next to it.


A Suzuki swift on bronze TE37’s over in the corner


R32 on CR’s beside an LS460. The memories…


Another R32 on OG TE37’s


A pair of Subaru Legacy wagons. One sitting low on Advan RG’s.


Sorry I don’t know what this is but it’s gangster as hell.


RB 350Z with a massive chassis-mounted GT wing with reinforcements and everything.

Side note – I remember way back when I had a J’s wing on my Civic, everyone said it was way too big. Looking back on it now, it was actually very small. Nowadays, people have wings wider and taller than it makes sense to have with reinforcement bars and crazy designs cut out of the stands and nobody bats an eye. *roll eyes*


A beautiful LB Maserati Gran Turismo. Great colour scheme – pays homage to Japan ironically enough.


Awesome vinyl work and placement IMO. Some inspiration for 2017 maybe…


One last shot. Lighting was awesome for it too.


G35/Skyline on TE37’s


More Skylines – but this time with an R34. The saying “TE37’s on everything!!!” goes well with this post.


That same G35/Skyline from the rear quarter


More shots of the widebody Supra on LXZ’s


I dig.


A beautiful R32 sitting nicely on Diamond Dark Gunmetal Volk ZE40’s.


An awesome red NSX witha Taitec front bumper on TE37’s.


All by its lonesome…


More of Norifumi’s Accord wagon and Kohei FC RX7 from level one.


Arcane Legend wheels with a set of Stoptech BBK’s peeping behind.



Perfect colour combo.


With a perfect engine bay to go with it!





I believe this BMW has the RB widened fenders as well.


New gen Miata absolutely dumped on massive wheels. Insane.


We’ll finish this post off with another NSX on matte black OG TE37’s. Love me a white NSX..


Part 2 tomorrow!