2016 International Auto Show – Highlights

Well, it’s that time of year again where we make our way to the International Auto Show so that we can pay $15 for parking and get free dealer bags. We don’t really go for the cars all that much anymore LOL.

I’ve gone from taking pictures of nearly every car to most of them to some of them and now to only the ones worth looking at for longer than a few seconds. It’s cut down the amount of pictures I take considerably but I think most of you just want to see the cool cars, if you are even interested in this at all.

Anyway – a few cool pics of the few cool cars that showed up. Gives me some content.

IMG_5603 copy

The new Dodge Viper. Was digging the colour for sure.IMG_5604 copy

IMG_5605 copy

The Scion iM AKA Corolla hatchback. IMG_5608 copy

The Scion FRS from Ontario. Sporting the Voltex swan neck, AP racing brakes, Advan GT’s and a full race interior. IMG_5610 copy

The ropes kill the picture for real. lolIMG_5615 copy

The new Nissan Titan. Bad ass because it had carbon fiber flares that flowed up through to the front bumper.IMG_5616 copy

The new Civic coupe. Not a fan of the new Civic at all… Makes me lose hope for the Type R. I really wish the UK version came here instead of this monstrosity.IMG_5617 copy

The Ford Focus RS. Almost $50k CAD… kind of steep… But I’m just judging a book by its cover. IMG_5619 copy

Digging the front though. Love these huge, aggressive front bumpers coming out lately.IMG_5622 copy

The new Audi R8 V10 Plus.  The colour was killer – the spot they put it in was not… Too much bottlenecking!!IMG_5623 copy

Another bad spot to put a trio of Lamborghini’s you can’t even get within 4 ft of. Blocks the walking space…

IMG_5625 copy

IMG_5627 copy

The new Lexus LF C2 concept. Love the colour on this one too.

IMG_5631 copy

Also digging their new spindle grill. It almost looks like it melts down to the middle and then starts twirling together. So bad ass.

IMG_5629 copy

The Lexus RC-F. Meh about the colour for me…IMG_5634 copy

Kind of a bad shot because the door was open, but I think one of my favourite SUV’s out right now is the new RX. Lexus has killed it with their front fascia on their whole line up. I know when it first came out, there was a lot of ehh’s and uhh’s…IMG_5635 copy

A slammed TLX  on VossensIMG_5637 copy

Not sure how I felt about the wrap though. It was like halfway between matte and gloss it almost looked too fake.IMG_5639 copy

Race ILXIMG_5644 copy

The elusive NSX. The colour was just amazing in person. IMG_5647 copy

Not to mention the awesome front. I wouldn’t even want to drive this in fear of ruining the beautiful finish lol. Of course, I’ll never own one… If I did, I’d probably have enough money not to care. hahahaIMG_5652 copy

Ass.IMG_5654 copy

The BMW M4 GTS. Super rad matte finish.IMG_5658 copy

Check that lip. All it would take is a bump on the curb or some asshole deciding to test it’s strength lolIMG_5659 copy

Fingerprints FTLIMG_5663 copy

One of my favourite cars there was this Rocket Bunny RC-F. It was sad because it was tucked away in the corner where everyone was eating and not blocked off. If any car should’ve been blocked off, it should’ve been this one LOL.IMG_5666 copy

You can see in the pics how close it was to the chairs and stuff. Brutal.IMG_5668 copy

Love.IMG_5670 copy

Punit… IMG_5671 copy

The BMW M2.IMG_5676 copy

Here is what my house is probably worth in one picture.IMG_5677 copy

And here is what is worth more than my house in one picture.

IMG_5679 copy

Porsche love.IMG_5683 copy

LOVE this AMG GLE 63 S. It is eerily similar to the X6 but I love that slope in the rear.IMG_5685 copy

Punit got adopted by this nice Asian lady. At least it’s in a nice and new NX 200T.IMG_5687 copy

And we’ll end it with these chumps all packed into the GS-F for a group shot. ❤

2015 International Auto Show

It’s that time of year again where we make our annual trip to the auto show to check out new whips and for Diana to get free things – it’s a good compromise.

Lots of cool cars like always – super busy but always a good time to hang with the dudes. Thanks to JC for the free tickets! The car pics will start after our little pre-show caffeine load up.

Diana and I decided to head to Cafe Blanca before the show to check out the new ways of making hipster coffee. I had to take some pics cause it was hella cool. It’s called Siphon Coffee and it’s an elaborate way of making coffee and it’s currently the only cafe in Calgary that does it this way. Didn’t look like too many people in the cafe knew about it but it’s definitely worth trying once… Check it out:

IMG_7470 copy

Siphon coffee starts off with a flask and a heated element underneath – the red base in the pic. It’s quite the chemistry-looking set up.

IMG_7471 copy

Next, a glass goes on top. The bottom flask is filled with water and there is a siphon in the center that connects to the top.

IMG_7474 copy

As the bottom flask heats up, the water rises and transfers into the top glass.

IMG_7476 copy

From there, coffee grinds of your choice are measured perfectly to match with the amount of water and then added to the heated water in the top glass.

IMG_7478 copy

Here she is using a wooden stick to remove the gasses that form at the top of the coffee.

IMG_7479 copy

Once the gasses are gone, the mixture falls back down into the bottom flask since there is no more heat to hold it in the top glass.

IMG_7481 copy

Once it’s separated, you have your coffee grounds in the top of the glass and fresh siphoned coffee in another flask! The difference between this way is that you get a really natural tasting coffee where it’s not sour or bitter. Once the process is complete, the smell of the grounds is significantly different from the siphoned coffee. It’s pretty cool!

IMG_7483 copy

And here we enjoy the siphoned coffee. Awesome little place to try out. /end foodie post.
Now onto car pics!

IMG_7485 copy

We start the show with the new Dodge Viper. I love that Dodge has kept the general look of the Viper that we are all so used to. The fender lines, even the center stripes.

IMG_7487 copy

A pricey Dodge Charger SRT at $80,000. Nice bronze wheels and huge Brembo brakes right behind them.

IMG_7492 copy

A very awesome B6 Alpina with those classic Alpina wheels.

IMG_7493 copy

Front end is amazing.

IMG_7498 copy

IMG_7504 copy

Rolls Royce… Once again, there’s a house sitting right there.

IMG_7507 copy

Awesome Bentley

IMG_7508 copy

A matte wrapped Acura TLX lowered on Vossens. It was dece… I’m not a fan of the new Acura models for some reason. They’re more mature-looking.

IMG_7512 copy

IMG_7516 copy

IMG_7517 copy

Had to get a shot of one of the twins – BRZ.

IMG_7519 copy

Front end shot of the Nismo 370Z. It was tough to get a shot of the full car because all the fanboys were crowding it along with the GTR over to the left. The abuse these cars go through is crazy…

IMG_7525 copy

One of the cooler cars there was this race-built FRS. Scion always has interesting ricer cars in their booth for people like us.

IMG_7526 copy

Awesome wheel and brake set up with Volk CE28RT’s and AP Racing brakes behind.

IMG_7528 copy

JC and Punit decided it was worth pointing the imperfections out on a car that actually gets tracked lol. Disrespect.

IMG_7531 copy

Rear quarter shot. Valenti tails and what looks to be a Tomei type 80?

IMG_7533 copy

IMG_7536 copy

In the back of the Scion booth was a Rocket Bunny-esque Scion Tc on velvet blue Gram Lights. Pretty cool.

IMG_7540 copy

Over in the Honda booth was a pretty cool Fit all snazzed up.

IMG_7541 copy

The front end was pretty awesome with the Mugen front. I love how they’re starting to pay more attention to good-quality parts and bringing them to shows like this.

IMG_7542 copy

Another shot of the Mugen front.

IMG_7544 copy

Race set up inside.

IMG_7545 copy

A $30,000 Mazda3 hatch… Not sure I would ever pay for that though.

IMG_7546 copy

A classic take on the VW Beetle.

IMG_7548 copy

The new Nissan Titan with the new Cummins engine inside. Thing was huge.

IMG_7549 copy

The Juke – always a cool looking car.

IMG_7552 copy

The Mercedes AMG GT. Reminiscent of the SLS but without the gullwing doors.

IMG_7558 copy

The Mercedes S63 – Another bad ass car.

IMG_7561 copy

And it continues with the Audi RS7.

IMG_7560 copy

IMG_7563 copy

My favourite of the whole show was Infiniti’s Q80 Concept. It’s sad that the Calgary show doesn’t get to see many of the concept vehicles like the FT-1, but this was awesome.

IMG_7564 copy

Front end was definitely cool.

IMG_7565 copy

Awesome LED headlights

IMG_7566 copy

Another shot

IMG_7568 copy

And the rear. Super futuristic looking which will probably not carry over…

IMG_7569 copy

The Lexus RC-F. Super awesome looking in person. Reminds me of all the hype that came out when the IS-F was released.

IMG_7572 copy

Love the spindle grill on all the Lexus vehicles.

IMG_7574 copy

The CT200h. JC you need this front end in your life lol

IMG_7575 copy

The RC350. Still equally as cool as the F model.

IMG_7576 copy

Ass shot. Lexus did good on both the front and rear of the RC-F.

IMG_7578 copy

The guys entertained with a touchscreen that did nothing. lol

IMG_7581 copy

Super badass Camaro Z28. I would rock the shit out of this thing.

IMG_7582 copy

Same with the Corvette. Chevrolet is killing it.

IMG_7585 copy

We’ll end the show with Punit and the typical car show picture. This is so he can post it on his social media and look cool.

Hope you enjoyed!

International Auto Show 2014

Finally another post! It’s getting rare lately but I’m trying my best. I was able to go to the Auto Show with Diana, JC, and Punit on Saturday and see what was new and exciting and drool over things we can’t afford. Another pretty decent show – the hard hitters as usual were Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti and Lexus. I’m over taking pictures of every damn car because I don’t care much for the others… You’ll just see shots of the more interesting cars to me.. 🙂

The new Fit. Not a fan of it all… Especially the headlights. Reminds me of the Insight.

My all-time favourite car at the show was this beautiful RS7. Words cannot describe how much Audi killed the design and styling of this car. Everything from front to back is just beautiful. $160,000 of beauty.

Back end is awesome too. One of the only Audi’s that is really different than the other models.

The Audi A3. Meh.

The new STI. I’m personally a pretty big fan of the new styling… It looks a little smaller overall, but pretty decent. Side note: You see that group of guys? Two in the car and the other one looking in? That one guy looking in was going on and on about how the trunk didn’t close when he was tapping it. He also went on to talk about down force and somehow mated it up with the idea of closing the trunk. My #1 pet peeve at car shows: everybody is an engineer and knows everything about every car. We also later saw the genius at the BMW booth and couldn’t figure out how to open the hood cause he couldn’t find the latch *cough in the grill *cough.

Interior of the STI. A lot nicer than the previous gens. My complaint about mine was the interior never changed much… I like the addition of what looks to be a G-force meter in the center.

The CLA. Looks great too

The all new S-class. I love this chassis…

Again, front end styling on most of the luxury manufacturer cars are getting super aggressive. I love it.

Same with the new Genesis sedan… Starting price at $45,000?! I’M IN.

The new Infiniti’s are pretty nice as well. However, I’m not going to go and pretend I know all of the new models, cause I don’t….

But the interior of the new Infiniti’s are awesome. That wood is crazy.

The Lexus flagship – LS460. Love the new front fascia… What I would do to trade mine…

The Ct200h and its new spindle grill looks great too.

The LFA just on the other side…

And the GS right beside the CT. My favourite bumper of the whole Lexus line up. Good job, Lexus.

Beautiful Panamera.

Cadillac is also another hard hitter lately… Before they were always seen as an “old man’s car”. But with their recent change in styling and new models, it looks like it’s catering more towards the middle aged demographic. I’d rock one though

CTS-V has been a long time favourite of mine…

The TLX prototype. While I’m a fan of it, I’m confused with where Acura is trying to place themselves in terms of class. Maybe it’s just me but it just looks like they’re taking every letter of the alphabet and trying to make sure they create a car that ends with an “X”. lol

Love the jewel headlights though.

Beautiful M6.

New Escalade. How do you say no to how gangster that looks?!

Shot of the Scion booth. Similar set up every year…

Crazy IQ that Evasive looks to have built with a Voltex wing.

Baby blue Aventador.

The car equivalent to my house. T_T

And a shot of the Scion FR-S that I missed when we were at the booth. I get the feeling that this is the same one as last year but with different vinyl and livery…

Anyways – a pretty decent show overall. A good space filler for the blog! lol

2013 International Auto Show – Part II

Continuing on with the auto show coverage… This will be the last one.

I want to go ahead and hit myself because I will admit we missed two booths – the Ford booth and the McLaren booth. Mostly upset because I missed the Ford Focus ST and that thing looks sick. GAHHHH

anyways – continuing at Chevrolet.

IMG_1007 copy

The Volt. It was cool but not $45,000 cool. The interior reminded me of those old LG chocolate phones hahaha

IMG_1008 copy

Peep that steering wheel. Exactly the same one in the Cruze haha. Also – like I mentioned above, look at the console. LG Chocolate, amirite?!

IMG_1010 copy

Corvette ZR1. The teeny bopper in there was legit having an orgasm over this. Walking around frantically trying to contain himself, and when he finally got in the car all you could hear was him shifting through the gears like a mad man. I feel sorry for whoever gets this car (or any of the cars from this show for that matter) because of guys like that. He gets out and says “holy shit there’s a short throw in there”. OK – I understand the gated cars now.

IMG_1013 copy

Skeleton of the Volt.

IMG_1015 copy

The Cadillac CTS-V. I love this car. Ever since it debuted as a prototype a few years ago – not much has changed. Super comfy inside too.

IMG_1017 copy

Awesome rear.

IMG_1018 copy

Moving onto the Mercedes booth…

IMG_1021 copy

C63 AMG coupe.

IMG_1023 copy

IMG_1024 copy

IMG_1025 copy

IMG_1027 copy

Another (expensive) Bang Bus.

IMG_1030 copy

Ferrari’s blah blah blah

IMG_1031 copy

IMG_1033 copy

IMG_1035 copy

Now were the shop booths – this booth had an S550 Bi-turbo all blinged out with LED’s and stuff. Trunk set up…

IMG_1036 copy

Interior. Didn’t know the dash was all digital.

IMG_1037 copy

Super clean though. HRE wheels and all. Another good VIP style platform car. (I’ll admit that’s all I was looking for – cars that would be good VIP candidates lol)

IMG_1038 copy

Maserati blah blah blah

IMG_1040 copy

IMG_1043 copy

The Bentley Mulsanne – $440,000 of car. Like I mentioned before, I don’t care for cars that are gated up. But I’ve always loved Bentley – mainly because they’re so big and their presence is awesome. This would be the car I’d buy if I was rich.

IMG_1044 copy

IMG_1045 copy

Bentley Continental. There is almost $700,000 sitting right there.

IMG_1046 copy

IMG_1047 copy

The new Aston Martin DB9.

IMG_1048 copy

Fisker Karma. First time seeing the solar panel roof.

IMG_1051 copy

FRS done up by Matrix Motorsports. I could do without the wrap and LED around it.

IMG_1052 copy

IMG_1053 copy

Chromed out Lambo by ZR Auto. The chrome vinyl doesn’t look good at all in person.

IMG_1054 copy

MASSIVE hemi. For only $74,000, compared to the $440,000 Bentley a few steps away.

IMG_1055 copy

Honda Fit in the new teal color. I like it, and I enjoy seeing it, but I’d never drive it haha.

IMG_1056 copy

IMG_1058 copy

VIP trays again. Love it.

IMG_1059 copy

More Bentley goodness.

IMG_1063 copy

The new Honda Gear. I personally don’t like it – but it looks like a car that Hybrid lovers and tree huggers would love.

IMG_1070 copy

Rear shot. There was also a video playing talking about the Gear but we didn’t stick around to listen.

IMG_1071 copy

The VIP style Accord from Toronto. Looked good and all bases were covered. VIP Modulars, Rotora BBK, VIP’d out tray, Junction Produce neck pads. It kind of seemed confused, but it was executed well.

IMG_1075 copy

The tray. Would’ve been cool to see something in it though.

IMG_1076 copy

Rear fitment.

IMG_1077 copy

You couldn’t really see it unless you bent down to look, but the rear exhaust openings were interesting. It flowed well though.

IMG_1078 copy

Shot of the inside from the sunroof. The seats were all redone and the diamond stitching was a nice touch.

IMG_1082 copy

The Lincoln MKZ. Kinda crazy that they created a whole separate booth and section for one car. Seating all around the car and everything.

IMG_1086 copy

All the stuff Diana got at the end of it all… lol

IMG_1088 copy

As promised – dinner at BP’s for making her pay for parking hahahaha

IMG_1089 copy

The end! Night time shot of the Cruze inside.

All in all – probably one of the best auto shows we’ve been to. Probably because the cars are getting better every year, but I find that a lot of the companies are really starting to follow the top trends rather than going out on a whim and hoping it takes off. You see things like the LED headlights coming in, more aggressive styling even in the entry level platforms, better benchmark prices and consumers now have a reason to justify paying that price. A few years ago companies were really just laying low and doing things half assed. An example is Toyota in the previous years – they got rid of the Supra, then slowly weeded out the Celica and they were left with nothing to attract a young consumer. They focused on family cars, fuel mileage and basic design. Today, Toyota has revved up their design and technology – bringing in more potential than the years in the past. Hyundai has done a good job on the other hand with creating decently priced and good looking vehicles like the Genesis and Veloster to compete with higher priced competition. They hit every platform and are 30-50% cheaper than competition.

We’ve moved from a eco-friendly, bland design and slow-looking niche of cars to the same eco-friendly, aggressive design and upcoming technology. Exciting to see what we’ll see two, even five years from now.