Sunday Funday: T1R Power Header Install!

Another successful install day is in the books today! Installs during the winter months are always a love-hate… It’s good because you get all the new parts on your car and it’s super exciting to finally be able to hear or see it on, but it sucks because you can’t truly enjoy it until summer comes. In this case, it sucks even more because it’s not something I can just look at and enjoy, it’s something I have to hear.

There were a few minor set backs and some frustrating times with the install – namely a nut that nearly got stripped and forced us to make a trip to Canadian Tire for… Next, we didn’t have a 20mm wrench to remove the O2 sensors, so that was yet another trip… Lesson of the day is to be prepared!

Anyway, took a few quick pics of the progress when I could…

IMG_5111 copy

We started at 930AM and it was still a bit chilly out. I worked on getting the car on jack stands while waiting for everyone.

IMG_5114 copy

Punit was early so he was supervising as per usual…

IMG_5115 copy

Another shot of the headers!

IMG_5119 copy

Gopesh and Punit doing work

IMG_5122 copy

Got the bumper off while they were getting the stock headers off to prepare for something bigger…

IMG_5126 copy

Quick shot of the work area.

IMG_5128 copy

One of the nuts we were trying to get off that connected the front pipe to the over pipe was almost rounded off and before we made it worse, we made a trip to Canadian Tire and got these set of wrenches. We got back and they were off in the first wrench with these bad boys.

IMG_5132 copy

Waiting for Punit and Gopesh since they had to go and get bigger wrenches to get the O2 sensors off. You can see the stock header laying there with the sensors still connected.

IMG_5139 copy

Almost got the new one all in.

IMG_5140 copy

Look at that shine!

IMG_5137 copy

Just hooking everything back up.

IMG_5143 copy

After the first start up… Sounded awesome! Smokey!

IMG_5146 copy

And back in the corner it goes sans the front bumper – you can see it sitting up top.

IMG_5145 copy

Hopefully I’ll have an update on the new additions if the shipment arrives on time this week!

IMG_5148 copy

One last shot of the headers from up top from the engine bay. Love it!

Install: GT86 Headlights

Today ended up being a perfect day for an install – the weather was awesome, everything went smoothly, and I’m glad to say the FR-S is now fitted with some fresh new eyes.

I’ll be honest, I’m not technically inclined enough to tackle any electrical work myself, and the whole blue wire, white wire, rainbow wire thing confuses the hell out of me. That’s the reason I asked Derrick to help me out! LOL! This kind of stuff comes naturally to him so I left it all to him. Because of that, I’m not going to make this write up like a DIY – I’ll include details, but most of the wiring and stuff was all Derrick. So thank you, Derrick for helping me out!

Derrick came by around noon so we got started pretty quickly…

IMG_7058 copy

Preparing to take the bumper off

IMG_7059 copy

A shot of the stock headlights before they go away forever.

IMG_7061 copy

Derrick taking off the clips underneath

IMG_7062 copy

In the meantime, I took off the side markers. A bunch of people said it was difficult, but if you pry it off on the right corner, it pops off easy.

IMG_7063 copy

Other side off.

IMG_7064 copy

Bumper off. We’ll just rest it on top of the car…

IMG_7066 copy

Bumper off! Ready to go.

IMG_7069 copy

The headlights came off super easy. Just 4 bolts in total and they pop right off.

IMG_7070 copy


IMG_7072 copy

Derrick working his magic on the stock harnesses.

IMG_7073 copy

A comparison of the stock harness and the new headlight harness.

IMG_7074 copy

IMG_7075 copy

Before I knew it, Derrick re-pinned the harnesses, plugged them in and they were lit up!
IMG_7077 copy

One in!

IMG_7079 copy

Derrick removing the stock resistor piece

IMG_7080 copy

Unplugged and off. The reason for removing this is so that you don’t fry the new LED’s on the headlights. Because the new headlights are powered through one plug rather than two like the stock headlights, these aren’t needed anymore.

IMG_7081 copy

A comparison shot of the stock headlight on the left and the GT86 headlight on the right.

IMG_7083 copy

IMG_7086 copy

A shot of Derrick removing one of the wires to tap into the LED’s

IMG_7089 copy

Here’s a shot of the two. The main plug is for the low beams, the pink piece is a wire that has been removed from the main harness so that we could tap into the resistor wires to power the LED DRL’s.

IMG_7090 copy

Derrick is running the DRL wire over to the resistor wires on the passenger side.

IMG_7092 copy

Here you can see where the resistor was plugged in.

IMG_7093 copy

Testing that the DRL works before putting it all on

IMG_7094 copy

A shot of the other headlight and Derrick getting ready to re-pin.

IMG_7095 copy

So shiny!

IMG_7100 copy

A shot of the DRL wires hooked up to the resistor wires.

IMG_7103 copy

Both in. The DRL’s are on… Tough to see since it was pretty bright outside.

IMG_7104 copy

Derrick putting the clips under the bumper back on

IMG_7109 copy

An underexposed shot to show the LED’s

IMG_7118 copy

The HID’s! A nice upgrade for sure

IMG_7120 copy

A view of the cut off. I’ll be upgrading the bulbs soon so these won’t be in for too much longer

IMG_7132 copy

A shot of the LED’s

IMG_7127 copy

Another with the LED’s on.

IMG_7129 copy

Last one!

I’ll try to get a few more shots at night of the LED’s and HID’s on. Thanks again to Derrick for helping out with this! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without ya!

Install: Works Bell Short Hub & Vertex Steering Wheel

Finally got around to ordering the Works Bell short hub to put the Vertex wheel on… I’ve been looking around for a while for a decent price. Nothing in Canada (as usual) and with our dollar sucking so bad, it was just a matter of finding the cheapest place in the States and then ordering it up. I was going to take the hit no matter what… After some browsing, I put the item in my cart for check out and checked the shipping rates, etc… Most places in the States don’t show you a true shipping rate to Canada and make you call them up to order. Once it got to that stage, I usually give up because I’m not in the mood to go through all that effort.

This time, I received an email a few hours later telling me I forgot to check out and I was pleasantly surprised when they offered me a huge 5% discount to tempt me to finish my order. I said “holy shit 5%?! DONE” and I emailed the rep and before I knew it, I sent the money and got it 2 days later. I guess all it takes for me to buy something is a 5% savings…

IMG_7003 copy

Nothing special – just a hub that costs more than it should… IMO lol

IMG_7004 copy

Want to thank TF-Works for being the one that got this out to me with the lowest price that I had seen during my searches. Nick at TF-Works shipped the hub out Friday morning and it came Monday afternoon. There was not even a full business day in between. That’s probably been the fastest I’ve ever received something from the States without paying for it.

IMG_7005 copy

Of course all the goodies and resistors in the box…

IMG_7006 copy

IMG_7007 copy

The wheel out of it’s wrapping again ready to be put to use

IMG_7012 copy

First up – remove the stock airbag. Super simple on the FRS – there are three holes on the side of the steering wheel. One on the left, one on the bottom, and one on the right. Take a flat head screwdriver, push the metal pin in on all three holes and the air bag will just pop right out like so. Looks like splattered guts.

IMG_7013 copy

On the back of the airbag, there are two connectors. Take your flathead screwdriver, lift the yellow tabs up like you see in the pic and plop the connectors off.

IMG_7014 copy

Toss aside.

IMG_7015 copy

Take a 17mm deep socket and remove the nut I’m pointing to. You gotta be careful to hold the wheel or get someone else to hold it so you can keep it straight and not mess up the alignment.

IMG_7016 copy

Once the nut is off, sit firmly (and far away) in your seat and pull. It does take a little force to come out but don’t pull too hard that you smack yourself in the face. Disconnect all the wires and then guide them out of the holes.

IMG_7018 copy

Mount up the hub with the holes all lined up straight and guide the wires through the hole.

IMG_7019 copy

Install the supplied nut and locking washer.

IMG_7022 copy

Plug in the resistors as shown. Black to black and blue to orange.

IMG_7023 copy

Tuck all the wires inside carefully while making sure the resistors stay in place. Connect your horn – for the Vertex wheel, you only need to connect one of the two female connectors because the horn grounds itself. It took a while for me to tuck the wires nicely so the horn sits flush.

IMG_7030 copy


IMG_7032 copy

Some full shots of how it looks. Sits right at home.

IMG_7035 copy.

I absolutely love the look of this wheel. Can’t wait to drive it!

IMG_7036 copy

IMG_7038 copy

Full shot of the cockpit.

IMG_7042 copy

Once inside, proceed to take your stock wheel and throw it with the rest of all the stock parts hidden in aftermarket boxes. You won’t need it anymore 🙂


Sunday Funday: FR-S Coilover Install

Sunday funday is back! This officially marks the earliest we’ve ever decided to do something to our cars and where the weather was decent enough to let us do so. The suspension has just been sitting in the garage, the Cusco arms were in my living room and the car was on jacks… It’s been so long since we’ve all got together to do some wrenching so this was the perfect time!

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see it down on the ground just yet… There are still a few more pieces to add to the puzzle. If all goes well, an exhaust will go on there soon and I’ll be picking tires up from Alex in February. By the time I get all my shit together, it’ll (hopefully be March) and it’ll be time to wake her up again…

Anyway – we started at around 11:30 and while this is no difficult job, we finished faster than expected. I think a part of all of us was hoping that it would have taken longer just so we had an excuse to be in the garage a little longer… Ah well.

IMG_6949 copy

There she is under my ghetto covers and on jacks for the last 3-ish months. I gotta get a car cover next year…

IMG_6950 copy

The new parts begging to be put in. Cusco lower control arms and ST coilovers.

IMG_6951 copy

It wasn’t long before we got all our stuff out and were ready to finally get working.

IMG_6952 copy

Punit ended up bringing in his AME’s so that we could take the faces off so he could re-finish the barrels.

IMG_6953 copy

Love these wheels.

It took a bit for us to get started… Mainly because it was still a little chilly…

IMG_6954 copy

But we paired up and each took a corner.

IMG_6956 copy

Punit taking off some strut bolts. The best part of working on a new car that hasn’t seen salt/snow is that everything is hella easy to take off

IMG_6957 copy

Once we removed the stock suspension on the front, we disassembled them, took the top hats off and assembled them onto the ST’s. Easy peasy.

IMG_6958 copy

These were in super quick. We pre-adjusted them to have 3 threads left on the fronts. We’ll see how that goes

IMG_6960 copy

JC and Gopesh on the other side… JC putting fingerprints on my fender. Clearly he has never owned a black car…

IMG_6961 copy

Next up were the rears. A little more work because we had to take the stock control arms off, but still pretty straight forward.

IMG_6962 copy

JC and Punit taking the rear lining off and oh there’s JC again, putting finger prints on my quarter panel now…

IMG_6964 copy

Gopesh getting down and dirty taking off all the control arm and strut bolts… My side finished.

IMG_6965 copy

Comparison of the Cusco arms to the stock arm. Love that Cusco blue.

IMG_6967 copy

A quick shot of the stock control arm off and all the stock junk still hanging there. I do plan on replacing all these pieces in the near future… I just don’t know when lol.

IMG_6968 copy

A comparison of the stock and ST rear pieces.

IMG_6969 copy

And once again, we disassembled the stock suspension and re-used the top hats for the ST’s, then mounted them on… Like so.

IMG_6971 copy

Punit tightening the top strut bolts.

IMG_6973 copy

Punit ended up picking up the camera and took some candids as well. I actually love when people pick the camera up and attempt to take some shots – whether it’s for fun or not. It’s a nice surprise when I go to edit them and it’s cool to see it from their perspective. That’s really the only time you see me on the other side…

IMG_6974 copy

Another angle – you’ve probably seen this shot on my Instagram. This was an awesome shot, Punit!

IMG_6976 copy

And there’s Gopesh wedged in the corner doing the passenger side rear…

The FRS is also plugged into a trickle charger for those that are wondering.

IMG_6979 copy

JC on his phone while I’m breaking my arms down there. First shot of 2015 of his antics…

IMG_6981 copy

A fun fact: Punit only gets down and dirty when none of us can get a bolt out or if we need some muscle lol. This was one of those times… It’s rare though.

IMG_6990 copy

A shot of it all in and done! Love the color combo.

IMG_6992 copy

Gopesh trying to find the right size key to remove the wheel hardware…

IMG_6993 copy

Little did we know that some of the hardware was previously “messed” with from the previous owner – so some of them were stripped. Problem number two was that we didn’t have the right size key… So no progress was made on the wheels today, unfortunately.

IMG_6994 copy

Punit trying to look for the right size so that we can tackle another day.

IMG_6996 copy

Some close up shots of it all together.

IMG_6997 copy

Looks great together

IMG_6998 copy

We left 9 threads in the rear… Again, not sure where that’s going to put me, but we’ll see!

IMG_7001 copy

Last shot of the front. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the allen key locking the collar in place versus the dual collar… But I guess we’ll see. I think I’ll be picking up a can of fluid film to spray on all of this before I take it out just in case. Back when I had my Civic, I sprayed my Buddy Club N+’s with fluid film when I first installed them and months later, they were super easy to remove and adjust.

Anyway, a few more parts incoming so stay tuned! We’re almost through the winter blues!

Thanks to JC, Punit, and Gopesh again for the helping hand!