Install: Fujitsubo Authorize RM Titanium Exhaust FK8

Finally the day has come! I was starting to get anxious on getting the exhaust on the car even though I can’t drive it yet… I didn’t want to have to worry about installing it when it gets nice out cause I’d just want to drive ASAP. I still need to find some time to do a full paint correction and then ceramic coat the car before pulling it out too.

I spent like 20 minutes on Saturday just getting the car cover off and putting the car up on jack stands. My initial plan was to just do it in stages whenever I had some free time since there’s still another few months to go. You know, take the exhaust one day and then start putting the pieces together here and there… Thankfully the guys offered to come by and help to get it all done in an hour instead. It’s a good thing too because the stock exhaust is one damn piece and it would’ve been a bitch to try and wiggle that all off myself – so thanks guys!

Getting ready to start. Don’t mind the dirty garage floor…

The car was already up in the air from Saturday so we just had to get under and get started. Punit and JC getting the tools ready to get started…

The stock exhaust in all its glory. The rear undercovers needed their clips taken out to pull the cover down a bit to access the rear hangers since they span out to the sides.

The Fujitsubo exhaust…

Punit starting to work the hangers off…

JC on the other side… This guy always wearing nice clothes to roll around on the floor… MBN.

As you can see, it took two people on the rear section of the exhaust just to wiggle out… Another reason to be thankful I didn’t do it on my own lol

Rich came shortly after and hopped right in (under?). He was ready with his coveralls and everything. Smart guy.

All 3 of them under and working on wiggling the exhaust off the hangers. Worked the rear section out first and then wiggled the middle piece off the hangers next. I know it looks like all I’m doing is standing around taking pics but I swear I did work too LOL.

The rear section off. Punit and JC helping wiggle it off to help Rich out in the middle.

A picture of the full stock exhaust system. Kinda weird how they made it all one piece…

The stock exhaust weighing in at 38.5 lbs compared to the Fujitsubo at 26 lbs.

A few shots of the Fujitsubo titanium hangers.

The Fujitsubo center pieces. Just lining them up ready to go in.

A shot of the beautiful matte finish of Titanium and awesome workmanship…

JC and Punit attached the hangers to the sides of the main section.

One side…

The other side…

After they were done, I took some rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to wipe off the grease and any fingerprints.

*Heart eyes*

While the hangers were being put on, Rich was under the car installing the two center pipes to be ready to mate up with the main muffler unit.

Rich was pretty much 100% under the car most of the time lol. Not a lot of room but we made it work.

Here’s a good shot of where the main muffler unit mates up to the rest of the piping. Rich is getting ready to tape and put on the clamp.

Some shots once we got it all bolted up…

Wiped down the rest of the piping to ensure no finger prints or grease was left behind. I really love that matte finish!

A shot of the muffler…

Prior to wiping – excuse the few marks…

The matte carbon tips match the faux-carbon diffuser pretty well. I really dig the look of the dual tip on the Fujitsubo – perfectly sized so it fills the tri-tip opening nicely.

Done! I’ll find some time to get some sound clips soon! Upon start up, it’s a very tame exhaust – not meant to be loud or overly aggressive and it’s perfect for me. I wanted an aftermarket system that provided a deeper growl and sounded more like how a Type R should sound but without being too ricey and farty.

It’ll take some time to break the exhaust in – on start up, there was still a lot of of dark soot coming out and the engine had been sitting for months… I can’t wait to drive it out the road and break it in – I imagine it’ll get a little deeper and a bit louder. I need to ensure the kids can still listen to the Frozen soundtrack while cruising around in the summer LOL.

Thanks again to the boys for the quick help! Always appreciated.


FK8 Mugen Start Button Install

Had some free time this afternoon and it was warm enough that I decided to head into the garage to finally install the Mugen start button Diana and the guys got me for my Birthday.

It helps me relieve the itch to drive the car or whatever if I do installs so I have something more to look forward to when I can finally drive it… A pretty straightforward install – took 10 minutes all in all in-between pics. A small detail, but a nice and welcome addition to the interior for sure… Also one of the few Mugen pieces for the FK8 I can afford LOL.

Stock button… In reality, nothing is really wrong with it and you don’t even think to change it and then Mugen comes through and decides to slap their logo on it and now you HAVE to change it…

I tried the route of just removing the bottom panel but there was no way I was squeezing my hands/fingers in there to press the notch and release the button so I just decided to do it the full way to save my fingers… The side trims need to come off and then the climate controls just pop out.

Once that’s out, there are two philips screws underneath that hold the radio. Take those off and pull the head unit off and voila. Removing them just allow you to put your finger in on the right side to squeeze the tab and remove the button…

Literally the same button with a Mugen logo. Oh well, still bad ass lol

Stock button popped out with minimal effort…

Pic of the notch/tab you have to press. (both sides)

The Mugen button plugged in and ready to pop back.

And a few shots of it glowing red… Super nice.

It doesn’t even change the colour or anything LOL


FK8 Mugen Visors Install

Not a particularly exciting install, but it’s an install nonetheless! Nick ordered the Mugen visors for me a week or so ago and they finally landed. Picked them up yesterday and installed them when I got home. I was never a huge fan of visors but on the FK8, they flow nicely with the rest of the car and add a little more “flare” up top to balance out everything going on on the bottom of the car.

Obligatory Mugen box pic to prove no fakes. There are a ton out there… Nothing against them, but I like knowing I have the real deal. Makes me feel like a big boy. LOL

Install was pretty straightforward. Kind of weird but nothing difficult. Pull the rubber out, install clips, put rubber back.

Two clips per window.

Then you literally pull off a piece of the 3M double-sided tape, line up the holes and push the “rivets” together to keep the visor together with the clip and stick onto the car. The obvious “clean the surface and line up properly” applies here…

Done. Another minimalist mod that adds a nice touch to the exterior. Perfect…. Cause I never open my windows.

The seal of authenticity, if you will. It’s pretty hidden and hard to see. Even taking this shot was tough. It’s engraved but on the backside – you can only see it in certain angles.

Rear shot

That hot wheel collection… (Just a bad focus shot) haha


Install Day: JC’s New Coilovers

Today was the day we got together to install JC’s new coils. It’s been probably about 4-5 years since we last installed the original BC coils in his car and it was due for a replacement. He drives his CT daily so it takes the beating of the harsh winter too so when we took them out, they weren’t a pretty sight to see.

I’d have to say that coilovers are generally a pretty easy installation. A few bolts here and there, swap out and put new ones in, tighten and you’re done. BUT, after several years of being on the car and the combination of them being beat to hell by winter – a simple thing like a seized bolt can make an easy installation a pain in the ass. I think every corner of JC’s car proved to be a bitch today and it took us 6 hours to get ‘er done. I didn’t even get a chance to get a finished product pic because we finished so late and we were in a hurry to go out for mother’s day dinner. They weren’t fully settled anyway – so the picture wouldn’t have been a fair representation of what it would look like in a few days.

Anyway – let’s get to it!

Start of the day… 10AM – fresh faces, good attitude, ready to tackle anything.

Sitting pretty outside

Punit brought the soccer mom-mobile

Team meeting I guess…

Here was our first obstacle. The two strut bolts on the driver side were seized completely. I don’t think we’ve ever had strut bolts that were on this bad. We took multiple turns at it with breaker bars on both sides with no budging. We even sprayed it with penetrating oil several times and let it sit – still nada after all of us gave it a go.

While waiting for the fronts again and to catch our breaths, Punit and Gopesh were having some troubles of their own on the rear…

One of them being Aldo from behind…

While Gopesh and Punit were frustrated with the rear – Gopesh and Aldo took a stab at the fronts. We ended up snapping one of the breaker bars right off…

Voila. Guess what – it still didn’t break loose.

Next, we decided to go ahead and torch it. I heated it up for a few minutes and then we bring in the big guns. Punit on the right pushing down – Gopesh on the left pulling up.

Right after this shot, it ended up breaking loose. This must have been at least the 10th time we went at it full force. Finally…

A shot of the nuts off…

Meanwhile, JC and Aldo brought some refreshments. It was a beautiful day today but a frustrating one in the garage lol.

A shot of new vs old…

As I mentioned – the old ones were not in the greatest shape…

Here’s a shot of the passenger side front all in. We had similar issues on this side, but not nearly to the same degree of difficulty as the drivers side.

The rears caused issues as one of the endlinks that JC wanted to replace was seized up. The bolt also ended up getting stripped as well. The only way to get it off at this point was to cut it off. Easy right?

A shot of the rear

Just some of the weapons used today…

The rear spring out. Same condition as the fronts.

New vs old rear struts

Hovercraft CT

It was somewhere around this point that we realized cutting that bolt off wasn’t so easy. All of us took a go at it and we spent nearly 3 hours trying to get it cut off.

Dat ass doe… Shameless plug.

Another shot of us trying to cut it off…

Finally after cutting it from two sides, we were able to stick the end of the hammer in and pry it off. What a bitch.

One of four blades we went through to cut it off.

My last shot is a happy one. All the new equipment in and ready to go. I’ll try and get some new shots of JC’s stance after vacation – but I’m happy to say that despite all the difficulty we had today, we still finished. Nice teamwork from everyone today!