New VIP – Alfred’s M35X 

After almost 2 years of having parts sitting in my basement, Alfred finally got around to getting them put onto his car. He had all the air components (accuair, UAS) and his wheels – he lives in Edmonton and wanted Jackie to do his install so it wasn’t easy to just make a casual drive around town to get it done.

Alfred dropped it off on a Saturday, and Jackie was able to squeeze it in and finish it by Thursday night. It’s not an easy process and it definitely takes patience and care. Coilovers take an hour or two, tops for comparison…

Anyway – I wanted to check it out and see how it all went so when Alfred came into Calgary, I picked him up and we went over right away.

IMG_0776 copy

On the lift getting the final touches done…

IMG_0790 copy

Jackie puttin the wheel on… The suspense
IMG_0792 copy

We weren’t sure how it was going to look when we put it down, but it looked like it was going to be close.

IMG_0791 copy

IMG_0783 copy

The rears. God these wheels are so underrated.

IMG_0786 copy

The details in the center cap is amazing

IMG_0779 copy


IMG_0778 copy

Even more random was Trung’s S2000 sitting outside the shop lol. Always looks good

IMG_0793 copy

It was PERFECT when it went down. Literally – no modification to fenders or camber. It all fit like a glove.

IMG_0829 copy

Later on, Alfred stopped by my place before he headed home so I could snap some proper pics… Beautiful

IMG_0825 copy

Love the M body. If I could do it again, I’d probably use this chassis.

IMG_0821 copy

Some fitment pics. So much tuck.

IMG_0823 copy

Super close. It just fits right under.

IMG_0818 copy

IMG_0812 copy

IMG_0810 copy

Dat rear

IMG_0804 copy

IMG_0801 copy

Excellent job! Can’t wait to see what else Alfred has in store for this… Quality over everything.

Photoshop: VIP Nissan Fuga/Infiniti M35

I’ve been talking to Alfred for a little bit since Driven and he’s been wanting to move into the VIP scene as well now. It’s exciting because I mentioned a few posts ago that I hoped that the VIP scene would grow and that more people would take on the project if they were willing to shell out the money and time to find the right platforms to work on. The most important thing to building a VIP car is starting off with the right platform; if you don’t have the right platform, you essentially aren’t even building anything VIP no matter how much money or real parts you put on it – it’s just VIP style.

Besides the LS460, the LS430, and the Crown, my other favourite platform outside of the Toyota family is the Nissan Fuga or Infiniti M35. Alfred was saying he wanted to start on the M45 and that immediately got me excited because if I didn’t build the LS460, the M35 would’ve been my next choice and in talking with Alfred, a part of me wishes I could afford to build it right now LOL.

Alas, money doesn’t grow on trees and if it did, I don’t have that tree. So I would have to live vicariously through Alfred if he goes through with it. We discussed some wheel options and I threw out a few options that I thought would look great on the M chassis. I photoshopped three of them for him to see, and I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the choices. One of the best things about this chassis is that it’s similar to the 350/370z chassis in that it can fit some wide ass wheels out back. Anyways – crossing my fingers that Alfred keeps the dream alive. I’m looking forward to it.


WEDS Kranze Bazreias. A classic.fuga2

WEDS Kranze Vishunus. Another wheel that looks awesome with tons of dish in the rear.fuga3

Leon Hardiritt Ordens. Kind of an overplayed wheel, but like the TE37 – it fails to look bad on most VIP platforms. Most of the Leon Hardiritt line is all win though – Friedens and Adels to name the other favourites…

2013 International Auto Show – Part I

Seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I posted coverage to the 2012 Auto Show as I was editing these pictures. For the last 4 or 5 years now, Diana and I have made an effort to make sure we go to the show and walk around since I get free tickets from work. I go to snap pics, and she goes – I think I mentioned this before – to get as much free stuff as she can. Occasionally she’ll make a comment about a car or something she likes but when she starts to see the giveaways, there’s no stopping her.

Anyways, yesterday was my appointment to drop the LS off at Lexus for a full on maintenance and fluid flush as well as two campaigns/recalls that were never done. I’m getting them to do everything from oil and brake fluids to the three cabin air filters to spark plug replacement and drive belt. A result of which now costs over $1100. X_X The spark plug replacement wasn’t on my to-do list since they quoted $680 something but I got a call later in the day saying since they’re already in there with the recall work, they’d just charge me for the plugs so I said “what the hell”.

The other thing that came from it was my bangin’ rental. For those of you wondering why I didn’t get a Lexus as a rental – I was told I needed to be part of the VIP program – one that you can only be a part of if you bought the car from there. So – they hooked me up with a rental instead and paid for it. Part of me wonders why they didn’t just give me one of their cars to save that rental fee… but whatever. When I got to the place, I was supposed to get an Altima but it was going to take about 20 minutes to clean so I opted for the 2013 Chevy Cruze instead…

IMG_0869 copy

Here’s the bad boy. Super small compared to the LS – but it’s kinda nice to be a little more peppy and nimble during turns and stuff. I don’t hate it…

IMG_0871 copy

The interior shot I got on the way there. Not too shabby – I do miss the heated steering wheel and seats in this cold weather though. There is about 5000km on the car, so it’s brand spankin’ new and it takes FOREVER for the engine to warm up.

IMG_1091 copy

The tickets we decided to try to use. I didn’t notice until the day of that the little print said “good for one weekend adult admission”. I brought them anyway and as we approached the parking gate, I made a bet with Diana that they wouldn’t let us in with these tickets because of that print. So I made a deal with her that she could pay for parking and I’ll pay for admission (LOL). So she pays the $15… we get to the inside gates and hand them the tickets – all the while, I’m like “oh man they’re gonna say we can’t use them”. And bang – we’re in. Needless to say, Diana wasn’t too impressed with me. I got her dinner later LOL

IMG_0872 copy

The same display Subaru seems to like putting up every year. Still cool though. I also noticed that people like to touch shit – like it’ll give them a better understanding of the car or something. I hate when people touch shit. lol

IMG_0873 copy

The BRZ – I actually love the BRZ more than the FRS the more I look at them. The headlights and rear are way nicer.

IMG_0874 copy

Minus the nasty stock wheels.

IMG_0875 copy

Over in the Jaguar booth. I’ll admit I was never a fan of Jaguar up until maybe a year or two ago. They just never appealed to me because they were so old man-ish. Now they’re just killing it.

IMG_0877 copy

Check out that rear!! VIP tray. Too crazy.

IMG_0879 copy

Killin’ it.

IMG_0883 copy

Killin’ it. The XK is my favourite.

IMG_0884 copy

Awesome front end.

IMG_0886 copy

Range Rover had sick cars this year as well. I’m over the Evoque though.

IMG_0888 copy

IMG_0889 copy

Brembos were huge on this.

IMG_0891 copy

Hyundai was another one of favourite displays. They’re creeping up slowly and they’re doing a really good job with design and presence. The new Genesis coupe with the new front – I love it.

IMG_0892 copy

And finally – the two cars I think I loved the most of the show. The Equus and Genesis Sedan. These two sedans can become extremely sick platforms for a K VIP build. Hyundai wins in the luxury sedan at this level.

IMG_0894 copy

Inside the Equus. It feels somewhat like the LS – lots of the components in the LS and where they’re located are similar in both the Equus and Genesis. It does feel a lot cheaper but for $50,000 less than a fully equipped Lexus, this thing is crazy.

IMG_0895 copy

The two side by side at the back of the Hyundai booth. LOVE.

IMG_0896 copy

The Genesis sedan. Front is just too awesome – they also did a really good job with the LED headlights.

IMG_0897 copy

Front quarter. The lines are similar to the Equus, but could you imagine either of these dumped on air with some sick 21’s or 22’s?! I want.

IMG_0898 copy

Veloster was also pretty cool looking.

IMG_0899 copy

IMG_0900 copy

Moved on over to Lexus. Ultimate gangster SUV.

IMG_0901 copy

IMG_0904 copy

Love the blue on this CT.

IMG_0907 copy

The new IS350 – I personally love that new grill. Diana said it looked too busy, but that would look deadly in the rear view.

IMG_0910 copy

IS-F. Another car I’m kinda over… haha

IMG_0912 copy

The ES hybrid – way better than the previous gen ES. Doesn’t look so cheap haha

IMG_0913 copy

F sport accessories

IMG_0914 copy

The GS – I said it last year and I’ll say it again – the best front end design ever.

IMG_0917 copy

And finally the flagship – LS. Not much has changed interior wise, except they’ve added new gadgets, a bigger screen and better looking dials. For the most part, it’s the same thing. The exterior is also more aggressive, but it doesn’t look as big as the previous gen. It doesn’t “look” like the flagship sedan anymore but it’s definitely still awesome.

IMG_0919 copy

Scion had a great set up like always with the custom widebody FRS on Work Meisters. Pretty nice.

IMG_0920 copy

Better view of the front  quarter.

IMG_0923 copy

Interior shot – gutted and caged.

IMG_0924 copy

Rear quarter. Love the full red tails. I hate that altezza’s start to look like they’re coming back for some reason. Subaru impreza hatch – for example…

IMG_0925 copy

The fitment in the rear. I feel like they could’ve gone with a lower offset and a better disk to get more lip. It really isn’t that much for a widebody.

IMG_0926 copy

The IQ. Also – off topic, Scion also has legit lighting for their vehicles. lol

IMG_0928 copy

Another full shot of the FRS

IMG_0929 copy


IMG_0932 copy

Moved over to Toyota. The new Avalon looks pretty cool too. Thought they got rid of it… Which they should. And give us the Toyota Crown.

IMG_0934 copy

New Rav 4. Kind of looks like a mammoth from this view. Almost looks like the MDX.

IMG_0935 copy

My favourite van – the Sienna. Toyota did something awesome when they designed this because it’s a tuner’s dream. Even the options from Toyota is awesome – blacked out headlights, lip kit, wing…

IMG_0938 copy

FJ – been the same for a while.

IMG_0939 copy

Right on over to BMW.  The X6 – another awesome SUV. As a matter of fact – I want an SUV now because of how much they’ve improved over the years. They looked like beefed up versions of their sedan brothers.

IMG_0942 copy

Rear of the 750i. I love the 7 series as well – but I feel the same way about the new flagship sedans of every maker – Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes – they look smaller. Almost hard to tell them apart from their lower models at first glance.

IMG_0943 copy

Front quarter of the 750i.

IMG_0944 copy

Front shot. Could be a bit more aggressive, but they got the rear right.

IMG_0945 copy

The best one on display at their booth – the new M6 in a matte finish.

IMG_0946 copy

Front quarter shot.

IMG_0947 copy

Carbon roof!

IMG_0948 copy

Rear quarter.

IMG_0950 copy

The headlights. It looks like a lot of the companies now are going for the LED headlight and the squared bottom/top shape projector. Not sure if it has to do with achieving a cutoff with LED’s or maybe just coincidence.

IMG_0951 copy

Over to the Mini booth. The Paceman was pretty big.

IMG_0952 copy

Sick rear diffuser. Looks like the BRZ

IMG_0953 copy

IMG_0954 copy

The Nissan Bang Bus – according to Diana.

IMG_0955 copy

The 370Z. This still holds a soft spot in my heart and when I saw it again – I wanted it. It’s just massively wide that I would love to slap some 20×12’s on the rears. Diana took a seat in it and she doesn’t really like it. She also looks tiny in it… haha

IMG_0956 copy

Not a fan of the convertible at all but it’s still awesome.

IMG_0957 copy

GTR black edition.

IMG_0958 copy

IMG_0960 copy

Now onto Porsche. The Panamera – equipped with roof rack and all.

IMG_0961 copy


IMG_0962 copy

Cayenne. Another awesome SUV.

IMG_0963 copy

911 – couldn’t get a good shot of it, too many people lol.

IMG_0965 copy

IMG_0966 copy

Another gem that Diana found at the Porsche booth. I’d like to point out at this point that Diana is literally like a scavenger ant at the booths. While I’m snapping pics, she’ll wander off and circle the booth for things to grab. LOL and if I happen to move on too quickly, we’ll end up having to go back for her to try again. Living the life.

IMG_0967 copy

The new MDX prototype. Check the headlights.

IMG_0968 copy

Close up. Again, squared off projectors.

IMG_0969 copy

The new Acura RLX – same headlight LED design.

IMG_0971 copy

LED tails as well.

IMG_0973 copy

IMG_0974 copy

Nice front. Acura seems to be kinda pushing out a bunch of models that can’t really be slotted anywhere or are in the same class and it’s kind of confusing – maybe because of all the letters but there’s the CSX, ILX, RLX, TSX, and TL. hahaha

IMG_0976 copy

Another one of the booths that I enjoy going to is Audi. They always have a nice all-white set up. The A4 wagon.

IMG_0977 copy

The S6 – the ugly duckling in the middle. Not actually ugly because it’s awesome, but this one was sold to some lucky SOB.

IMG_0978 copy

IMG_0979 copy

Carbon console.

IMG_0980 copy

IMG_0981 copy

The Q7. Diana wanted this one.

IMG_0988 copy

Matte black Aventador. While awesome to see, the gating off of seeing these cars takes away from the attraction. I understand the point, but when I see it – I care less. lol

IMG_0991 copy

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. Again – too far away to care.

IMG_0997 copy

This was the only Lambo that was close enough to look at in detail. Crazy seats.

IMG_0998 copy

The new Infiniti Q50. Pretty cool.

IMG_1000 copy

The new Chevy Tru and Code – prototypes I assume.

IMG_1002 copy

IMG_1003 copy

I voted for the Tru. lol

IMG_1006 copy

Diana and I signing up to win a Chevy. Free stuff? Diana is all over it. LOL

Part II – coming soon…