Half Vision, Half Reality – Completed Toons

Just wanted to share some completed projects over the last few days that I’ve been grinding out. Trying to fit these in between everything has been a challenge, but I’m enjoying working on all the cars! Lots of detail in them and it’s nice to work on cars other than mine.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys that have been submitting! Once I start completing more, I’ll keep posting! I’ve got a bunch more in the queue so I gotta find some time to bang those ones out shortly too. Thanks for the support!

Eric’s S15

Tom’s R34 GT-R Sedan

Peter’s FRS

Half Vision, Half Reality Toon

Decided to play around a little bit with some illustrations and came up with a half vision, half reality concept. It mixes a little bit of both worlds to give a cool vibe.

If anyone is interested, I’m opening up commissions to creating them right now. $40/ half toon and $60/full toon.

You just have to give me your favourite picture and I’ll do the rest! Email me if you’re interested!