FR-S “Always On” LED Headlight Mod

Finally got a chance to meet up with Anthony and get his self-made “always on” LED headlight mod installed onto my headlights. All that the mod basically does is it keeps the LED strip enabled even when the low beams are turned on. In North America, the 10-series/monogram/RS 1.0 versions that come with these headlights have the LED’s only running during the day. In Japan, when the lowbeams are turned on, the LED’s switch from a high output to a low output – that’s essentially what Anthony’s mod does.

I’ve said it before – ever since Arif was able to grab these headlights for me – they’ve been my favourite mod on the car to date. There’s just something about them – they look better than the stock headlights x100. The stock headlights just look too cheap all chromed out IMO. Anthony’s mod makes these headlights perfect – any car guy/girl will tell you that quality lights > anything.

Snapped a few pics for you guys to see. If lights aren’t your thing, then you probably won’t be as excited as I am, but all I wanna do now is drive at night and check out reflections LOL!

IMG_3727 copy

A lot of the pics will be super underexposed so you can see. Here’s a good shot of them lit up. Looks like an angry anime character now.

IMG_3722 copy

A wide angle shot.

IMG_3734 copy

Close up… It’s a bit harder to tell in this pic because the LED’s point directly ahead, so if you’re not looking straight at them, it’s difficult to tell that they’re on.

IMG_3729 copy

Another shot where you can see the LED strip.

IMG_3739 copy

One last one… My favourite shot because it captured the blue/purple that HID’s get upon ignition.

GT86 Lighting Pr0n

OK I promise this should be the last headlight-type post that I post for a while. I’m still trying to get over how sick they are… I mean, they’re no BMW laser lights or anything, but they are a huge upgrade over stock lights for sure and the fact that they don’t come on every FR-S makes it a little more special.

I know in my last post, it was difficult to tell what it looked like when the LED’s or HID’s were on because it was so bright out so I decided to fire them up one more time at night to try and get some shots and see how bright they were. The LED’s are pretty damn bright on their own – not enough to light up the road at night, but enough to be quite noticeable. The HID’s are nothing surprising… Although I am looking forward to changing them out to Osram CBI’s as per Alex’s recommendation. Alex and I share the same type of unhealthy obsession for the perfect lighting set up… We’ve tried everything from Morimotos, probably had our fair share of cheapo no-name ones, and the somewhat exclusive Philips Ultinons… Alex got his hands on a bunch of Osram CBI’s for all his cars and loves them, so that’s the next step!

But I digress… Here are just some lighting shots for you guys to see a little more closely.

IMG_7137 copy

Covers off again

IMG_7142 copy

Here are the lights with the HID’s powered up.

IMG_7148 copy

And the creme de la creme of the headlights – the LED DRL’s!

IMG_7153 copy

A close up… It’s hard to get a good picture that depicts how it really looks. The color of the LED’s are actually a pure white with no blue or yellow tinge at all.

IMG_7156 copy

And one last one cause I liked the shot…

Install: GT86 Headlights

Today ended up being a perfect day for an install – the weather was awesome, everything went smoothly, and I’m glad to say the FR-S is now fitted with some fresh new eyes.

I’ll be honest, I’m not technically inclined enough to tackle any electrical work myself, and the whole blue wire, white wire, rainbow wire thing confuses the hell out of me. That’s the reason I asked Derrick to help me out! LOL! This kind of stuff comes naturally to him so I left it all to him. Because of that, I’m not going to make this write up like a DIY – I’ll include details, but most of the wiring and stuff was all Derrick. So thank you, Derrick for helping me out!

Derrick came by around noon so we got started pretty quickly…

IMG_7058 copy

Preparing to take the bumper off

IMG_7059 copy

A shot of the stock headlights before they go away forever.

IMG_7061 copy

Derrick taking off the clips underneath

IMG_7062 copy

In the meantime, I took off the side markers. A bunch of people said it was difficult, but if you pry it off on the right corner, it pops off easy.

IMG_7063 copy

Other side off.

IMG_7064 copy

Bumper off. We’ll just rest it on top of the car…

IMG_7066 copy

Bumper off! Ready to go.

IMG_7069 copy

The headlights came off super easy. Just 4 bolts in total and they pop right off.

IMG_7070 copy


IMG_7072 copy

Derrick working his magic on the stock harnesses.

IMG_7073 copy

A comparison of the stock harness and the new headlight harness.

IMG_7074 copy

IMG_7075 copy

Before I knew it, Derrick re-pinned the harnesses, plugged them in and they were lit up!
IMG_7077 copy

One in!

IMG_7079 copy

Derrick removing the stock resistor piece

IMG_7080 copy

Unplugged and off. The reason for removing this is so that you don’t fry the new LED’s on the headlights. Because the new headlights are powered through one plug rather than two like the stock headlights, these aren’t needed anymore.

IMG_7081 copy

A comparison shot of the stock headlight on the left and the GT86 headlight on the right.

IMG_7083 copy

IMG_7086 copy

A shot of Derrick removing one of the wires to tap into the LED’s

IMG_7089 copy

Here’s a shot of the two. The main plug is for the low beams, the pink piece is a wire that has been removed from the main harness so that we could tap into the resistor wires to power the LED DRL’s.

IMG_7090 copy

Derrick is running the DRL wire over to the resistor wires on the passenger side.

IMG_7092 copy

Here you can see where the resistor was plugged in.

IMG_7093 copy

Testing that the DRL works before putting it all on

IMG_7094 copy

A shot of the other headlight and Derrick getting ready to re-pin.

IMG_7095 copy

So shiny!

IMG_7100 copy

A shot of the DRL wires hooked up to the resistor wires.

IMG_7103 copy

Both in. The DRL’s are on… Tough to see since it was pretty bright outside.

IMG_7104 copy

Derrick putting the clips under the bumper back on

IMG_7109 copy

An underexposed shot to show the LED’s

IMG_7118 copy

The HID’s! A nice upgrade for sure

IMG_7120 copy

A view of the cut off. I’ll be upgrading the bulbs soon so these won’t be in for too much longer

IMG_7132 copy

A shot of the LED’s

IMG_7127 copy

Another with the LED’s on.

IMG_7129 copy

Last one!

I’ll try to get a few more shots at night of the LED’s and HID’s on. Thanks again to Derrick for helping out with this! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without ya!

OEM+ GT86 Headlights

Finally – the one mod that has been on the top of my list before I even purchased the FR-S. When I was looking for a car, I really wanted to get either the 10-series of Monogram but by that time, there were none left or the few that did remain were automatic and in Firestorm Red. Not that anything is wrong with that color, but it just wasn’t for me. At the time, I was given the option of putting a deposit down for the RS 1.0 but there were no details about release date or pricing so I didn’t want to take my chances.

Ever since the day I got my car, I literally looked every day at where/how to get GT86 headlights (yes, pretty much every day) because I hated the look of the stock headlights so much and the GT86 headlights just make such a night and day difference. I even got to the point where I was so desperate in wanting them that I almost got Winjet replicas. Thankfully JC talked me out of it and convinced me to stay true to the original look… So my search continued…

I found some vendors online selling them for a crazy amount of money – and that did not include shipping, our USD to CAD conversion, or the peripheral components like HID bulbs, ballasts, harnesses, etc… By the time it was all said and done, I could have gotten a full body kit.

Enter Arif! You may recall during the summer, he was kind enough to get me a JDM frameless rearview mirror as a wedding gift. Fast forward a little later and after I had finished the Alcantara wrap, he suggested a black button set to match. It was then that he said if I needed anything else, he would try his best to get them for me… Guess what I asked for next? Once Arif confirmed it was all good, he placed the order on Tuesday, estimated that it would take about 2 weeks tops to get here and instead, he gave me Christmas on Friday of the same week. Arif is like the Santa Clause for my FR-S lately and I just wanted to give him a huge, HUGE thanks (again) for bringing these in for me. A lot of people really won’t understand just how stoked I am on these lights and I’m willing to go as far as saying that these are the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on for my car and will probably always will be. I’m a huge lighting fanatic so these are a big deal for me.

Anyway – enough of my babbling… I couldn’t help but take some snaps of them out of the box before they go on the car tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted!

IMG_7043 copy

Those awesome OEM boxes…

IMG_7044 copy


IMG_7046 copy

A shot of the LED strip for DRL’s

IMG_7047 copy

Projector for the HID’s

IMG_7048 copy

Undershot of the LED’s

IMG_7050 copy

Rear shot of the ballasts

IMG_7052 copy

The leveler

IMG_7055 copy

And a straight on shot.

IMG_7057 copy

Pictures don’t do these headlights justice… But it’s as good as it gets!