Imposter Alert! Part 2!

Again – super creepy. You might have remembered my post about someone pretending to be me from a few months ago (here Imposter Alert!) and it looks like he’s still at it.

I’ll admit that I totally forgot about it until just this weekend when I got Call of Duty. Diana posted a Facebook post about how she was now single again because of COD and funny enough, one of her friends made a comment about how some dude was using my pics as his own. What do you know? It’s the same guy haha

At first it didn’t really bother me – but to know that he’s STILL doing it months later is kind of lame. The conclusion is that he is just messaging random girls and asking them to come out for photoshoots. Again – the first thing that comes to mind is – what happens if the girl says yes? Does he come out? Whatever the case, I wish you had more important things to do with your life than pretend to be someone you really aren’t.

Creepiest thing is that he’s taken my instagram pic from halloween and changed it to his profile pic. lolwut.

Here’s a screen capture of one of his posts from Jun 17th… with a pic I took a few years ago. So clearly he’s on my Flickr, my instagram, and probably reading this too. Hello, Mike Velocie!


Imposter Alert!

Totally random post but I thought it was worth posting just cause it’s hilarious.

Thanks to Lisa Nguyen for letting me know about it – she was one of the “victims” lol.

This dude named “Mike Velocie” – and I doubt he’s anything but real – probably a little kid that wants the attention of girls but can’t get it anywhere but online through a false identity, is using my picture and my car(s) to mack it up. Apparently he’s going around messaging girls on Facebook and asking them if they want a photoshoot with “his” car. I don’t know what he would do if the girl ever said yes (god forbid they do) hahaha

There’s a few funny things about this whole thing – mainly because Lisa calls him out on so many things. Personally, if I were to impersonate someone, I’d get my facts straight to even make it believable. He says I’m a buddy of his (false), he thinks I still drive the white STI (false), and he jacks one of my pics from the “Mean Girls” photoshoot and says I drive the GS (Punit’s car) which is also – you guessed it – false. LOL! The other funny thing is that he’s using a pic of me that Giuseppe randomly snapped of me at Driven this year. Hilariousssssssssssss.

Anyways – thanks again to Lisa for showing me this and thanks x10 for calling this douche out.

My bets are that you’re “probably” reading this Mike Velocie – since the odds are you’re my biggest fan, so I give you credit for trying but you can’t fake the funk, my man.

If by any chance any girls read this and you’ve been hit on by Mike Velocie for a photoshoot – I’m a cool motherf*cker in person. Say hi. LOL


The pic and the conversation he had with LisaScreenshot_2013-07-29-16-06-16

Also – I can’t find him on facebook. Probably cause he knew this would happen. hahahahaha