Photoshop: VIP Nissan Fuga/Infiniti M35

I’ve been talking to Alfred for a little bit since Driven and he’s been wanting to move into the VIP scene as well now. It’s exciting because I mentioned a few posts ago that I hoped that the VIP scene would grow and that more people would take on the project if they were willing to shell out the money and time to find the right platforms to work on. The most important thing to building a VIP car is starting off with the right platform; if you don’t have the right platform, you essentially aren’t even building anything VIP no matter how much money or real parts you put on it – it’s just VIP style.

Besides the LS460, the LS430, and the Crown, my other favourite platform outside of the Toyota family is the Nissan Fuga or Infiniti M35. Alfred was saying he wanted to start on the M45 and that immediately got me excited because if I didn’t build the LS460, the M35 would’ve been my next choice and in talking with Alfred, a part of me wishes I could afford to build it right now LOL.

Alas, money doesn’t grow on trees and if it did, I don’t have that tree. So I would have to live vicariously through Alfred if he goes through with it. We discussed some wheel options and I threw out a few options that I thought would look great on the M chassis. I photoshopped three of them for him to see, and I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the choices. One of the best things about this chassis is that it’s similar to the 350/370z chassis in that it can fit some wide ass wheels out back. Anyways – crossing my fingers that Alfred keeps the dream alive. I’m looking forward to it.


WEDS Kranze Bazreias. A classic.fuga2

WEDS Kranze Vishunus. Another wheel that looks awesome with tons of dish in the rear.fuga3

Leon Hardiritt Ordens. Kind of an overplayed wheel, but like the TE37 – it fails to look bad on most VIP platforms. Most of the Leon Hardiritt line is all win though – Friedens and Adels to name the other favourites…