On Hiatus…

Sorry guys – I think this is the longest it’s been since I haven’t had a post. It’s usually like this around this time because we are all gearing up for shows, meets, getting wrench time in… There’s little to blog about until it’s all together. I just wanted to check in to say I’m still alive. I think it’s gonna be bumpin’ around here soon because May is full of car things. 

We’re headed to Edmonton on Saturday for the 780 season opener. Driven is in May as well… And it’s just about time to just cruise and shoot the shit again so I’ll have my camera around with me. I really gotta start getting back into photo shoots – I’ve been slacking hardcore. 

Anyway here’s a post of us enjoying some gelato this evening. I’ve really missed this weather!  Check in later next week and I should have some photos up!