Adam’s #DOWORK Day

Today Adam set a plan to finish putting his car back together and putting all the new stuff on. He just recently received his new Work Meister S1 2 piece wheels with mad dish and his newly painted fenders and bumper.

So, we set a date to do it today and do a little mini photoshoot after. But as most of you may know – you always run into little speedbumps – some that are easy to get over, and others that may put you back further than you were expecting. Today was the latter – we got through most of it with few hiccups here and there, but ultimately we were stuck at the end. We’ll get to that later…

It was a cool day AGAIN – even though the earlier part of the week was fairly warm and sunny. It seems every time the weekend comes around the corner, the weather gets shitty and we can’t go cruise or hang out. But during the week when everyone is too busy working or doing something else, the weather is awesome. The forecast for next week is starting to look promising (although, I’ve said that for the last 3 weeks…) I’m hoping that since May is right around the corner, that means nice weather is finally coming. Let’s cross our fingers.

IMG_1673 copy

Adam and I parked outside waiting in our cars since it was kind of windy and cold. We were waiting for JC to do his hair for like 15 minutes… Unbelievable, that guy.

IMG_1674 copy

Over to the left some more is JC’s house and… wait what? Altima? JC got into a fender bender last week and is in the bodyshop unfortunately. He’s got this beauty of a rental until he gets the car back…

IMG_1676 copy

Finally getting to pull in to the garage.

IMG_1678 copy

Scraped his Beaks bar on the way in… lol

IMG_1679 copy

Back full of goodies.

IMG_1680 copy

Fresh fenders. So minty.

IMG_1681 copy

Come on Adam, clean your interior. LOL

IMG_1682 copy

Ricky pulled up. He’s finally got the front BBS’s on and it looks great. I do think it looked pretty awesome with the SSR’s up front too though.

IMG_1683 copy

Back inside and the Meisters are in those bags…

IMG_1685 copy

Bumper off. Lol Adam is classy and uses just a few zip ties to hold his bumper on.

IMG_1687 copy

Wicked wheels. Still always going to be my favourite wheel next to TE37’s. I applied all the stickers on the wheels since he was stressing for days about putting them on. He mentioned that he was thinking that was going to be the hardest part of the whole day… LOL

IMG_1689 copy


IMG_1690 copy

Bag of WORK stickers

IMG_1691 copy

Me applying them. Doing work.

IMG_1699 copy

This shot was for fun lol. Although It was comfy… Disrespect.

IMG_1701 copy

Ricky putting the rear wheels on.

IMG_1707 copy

JC and Adam on the other side. We took out the control arm to remove another nut to get more camber. He already maxed it out but it needed just another degree for the wheels to clear and not hit the fender. After removing the nut, it fit PERFECT.

IMG_1708 copy

There it is after the nut was removed.

IMG_1710 copy

We went through a bunch of things to get it to fit right. First we just raised it a bit but Adam wanted to be slammed but the only way to do that was what we did above – remove the extra nut. After that, we lowered the coils all the way down again and this is the final product. Looks awesome. Just love how much dish there is.

IMG_1712 copy

Side shot.

IMG_1713 copy

Putting on the new fender and making sure the door clears when opening. Took a while, but they got it.

IMG_1714 copy

Thought this shot was cool. Everyone doing their part.

IMG_1716 copy

Just wanted to show how much dish he’s got in the rear.

IMG_1723 copy

Here is where we were stopped dead in our tracks. We got the bumper on, we got the new fenders on, the rears were perfect. Ricky and I were getting ready to mount up the front wheel and as I put them on and pushed them in, my heart dropped for Adam. The calipers didn’t clear. His wheels are O disk all around – which ultimately means he gets the most dish possible out of his width and offset, but O disk is not meant to clear big brakes or bigger than stock calipers. Unfortunately, it seems the previous owner changed out the front rotor and caliper set up to a slightly bigger size and thus, we couldn’t get this to go on. It was millimeters away from clearing – the wheel still turned but it grinded as it spun. Later that day, Adam tried to grind the caliper down but it still didn’t work. He’s now in search of stock calipers and rotors to get the fronts on. Kind of a bummer because we wanted to finish it today, but like I said – you always run into problems – big or small.

IMG_1724 copy

We put the stock steelies back on, sadly. Adam is putting zip ties on the bumper to hold it all on lol. He’s a drifter.

IMG_1725 copy

His old EK bumper that he obviously doesn’t care about anymore lol.

IMG_1726 copy

Rears still looked awesome.

IMG_1728 copy

Driving out of the garage to go for a test drive to see if the rears would rub…

IMG_1729 copy

Backing out and no issues.

IMG_1730 copy

On the other side he was tucking rim comfortably – no rub either.

IMG_1731 copy

IMG_1732 copy

That mexi-style on the other side lol.

IMG_1737 copy

Adam came back with no issues which was great, because that was the last thing we needed.

IMG_1746 copy

A rear shot with all that camber. Too crazy and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it.

IMG_1747 copy

Rear quarter shot. If only the fronts were on… Soon! And I’ll get a proper shoot of it after. Still looks great.

IMG_1749 copy

Just to show how much dish there is again with the wheel on the car.

Stay tuned – hopefully Adam finds some stock calipers and rotors soon so he can get the fronts on.

The Ultimate Random Throwback Post

Like I said earlier, I was going to go through all my pics and just edit random shit where we’re hanging out, installing things, going to meets, doing shoots and everything that’s just not really formal. I feel like besides the posts about my own car and its progress, all you really get is shots from the shoots I’ve done. It’s a lot better when you can just look at pics that were taken for fun. For some of you guys – those that are part of some of the pics – it’s good for memories to look at how our cars used to look, what we did and we can even say we regret some of the stuff we’ve done. At the end of the day, I’m glad I got the pics I did that show us just having fun – that’s the main reason we all look forward to summer so much.

Keep in mind – NONE of this is really in a chronological order – batches of the pics will have been taken together, but it would take forever for me to put all this in the proper order. We’ll be jumping anywhere from 2008 all the way to 2012. The main point of this post is just to randomize the throwback and go through all the things we’ve been through since I really started picking up the camera and taking pics of cars. I’ll try my best to explain each batch as we go…

Let’s get started

IMG_0772 copy

The night we shot Darren’s RSX – a rainy and gloomy day, but an awesome shoot.

IMG_0773 copy

BTW this was back when I still had the Civic. Man, that was its prime right there…

IMG_0852 copy

Like I said, the times we just get together and do random things are usually the best. I’m sure everyone reading this that shares the same passion can agree. We were installing Barb’s coils this day. Some of you might remember my post of it.

IMG_0859 copy

Sharing the heater…

IMG_0863 copyCheck out Punit keeping warm with the heat gun.

IMG_0869 copy

This is usually my friend whenever we go to Rich’s. Every time we go there, it’s cold for some reason…

IMG_1435 copy

Fast forward a bit more and this is the day that Ricky picked up his SSR SP1’s after a long wait. Just in time too!

IMG_1440 copy

Derrick also came by – I can’t remember why… but we ended up sanding Ricky’s engine cover and repainting it.

IMG_1450 copy

Here is the day we braved the snow storm in the beginning of 2012 to make the 3 hour drive to Edmonton for the season opener meet. A lot of us were supposed to go but they chickened out because of the snow. It ended up being an awesome short day trip.

IMG_1451 copy

Punit showed up…

IMG_1456 copy

This was some of the ride.. It only lasted for about 45 minutes… slow driving and drafting behind big trucks helped lol

IMG_1459 copy

Cleared up and we were good to go.

IMG_1466 copy

Stop at gasoline alley to take a washroom break.

IMG_1470 copy

IMG_1471 copy

IMG_1554 copy

When we got there, the weather was awesome. We made a stop at iHop for brunch.

IMG_1556 copy

We “heard” there was a BBQ at Speedtech Edmonton – we made the trek there because we got lost on the way so many times and there ended up being nothing. That, or they didn’t like us… haha

IMG_1574 copy

This is where Daniel and Isaac invited us to their shop and let us wash their cars VIP style… This was the best part of that trip lol

IMG_1590 copy

IMG_1600 copy


IMG_1607 copy

IMG_1643 copy

IMG_1644 copy

Derrick somehow hit his head on his trunk and got this huge ass bruise. He blamed it on me for some reason…

IMG_1653 copy

The awesome group shot we were able to get with the help of a super high ladder. I hate heights so this was scary as shit.

IMG_1729 copy

A bad ass burnout as this guy was leaving the meet… pretty random, but this car was rad.

IMG_1767 copy

Gas fill up on the way home. Gas station pictures are always, I repeat – ALWAYS sick. lol

IMG_1826 copy

The day Ricky took his car home after installing his ballin’ air suspension.

IMG_1832 copy

Accuair e-level…

IMG_1861 copy

Oh look, Boo decided to use his face to clean the exhaust openings of my bumper. How kind. Gopesh approves

IMG_1873 copy

Installing my JDM brake light… lol it actually didn’t take this many people, but it was faster.

IMG_1927 copy

Installing Gopesh’s APR exhaust… this thing was a pain. But once again – teamwork.

IMG_1930 copy

Prashant was up top installing the APR intake.

IMG_1935 copy

The old..

IMG_1941 copy

The new…

IMG_1942 copy

IMG_1985 copy

A random shot when we were shooting…

IMG_1998 copy

Summer 2012 – good days…

IMG_2058 copy

I think this was 2010 track days when Race City was still open. Romel’s AE86 – still minty.

IMG_2059 copy

Peep Punit’s Integra – still on gold meisters. PS – those meisters are now on Diana’s Fit in purple… we’ll get to that soon.

IMG_2072 copy

The MR2 shot that made Speedhunters…

IMG_2340 copy

The random day we went to go chill at our chill spot and some random old guy wanted to use our phones. We all said no but I threwΒ  Derrick under the bus…

IMG_2342 copy

Derrick is not impressed. LOL

IMG_2343 copy

A random shot I didn’t even know about until today haha

IMG_2563 copy

This was the day after we put Ricky’s SSR’s on finally. Played hookie and we both called in sick to chill. One of the best sick days haha

IMG_2591 copy

Went out for a shoot too… Same location I shot my LS a few days ago.

IMG_2653 copy

IMG_2696 copy

IMG_2697 copy

Chillin’ in the sun… This was the day JC got his VS-XX’s on and we were waiting for him to wash his car.

IMG_3286 copy

Random shot at the beyond meet.

IMG_3745 copy

The day we shot Almond’s 335 and G wagon…

IMG_3747 copy

IMG_3855 copy


IMG_3889 copy

IMG_3986 copy

This was the night that Diana took her Fit home for the first time. We were out late and everyone came to gather behind Speedtech… I called Diana to come by to chill and we ended up test fitting Arif’s TE37’s on there.

IMG_3994 copy

So new.

IMG_3999 copy

IMG_4000 copy

Boom! They’re 16’s so they look kinda small on the fit.

IMG_4001 copy

Some JDM poses…

IMG_4007 copy

Still looked good though. White on white was nice. Diana was trying to decide which wheels to go with – I think the TE37’s and the Meisters were the two choices.

IMG_4011 copy

JC doing random shit.

IMG_4218 copy

A random day. Don’t even know what we did that day… but we cleaned our cars. Always a good time.

IMG_4221 copy

IMG_4222 copy

JC still on Rota’s. Glad he’s out of that black hole.

IMG_4332 copy

IMG_4335 copy

The day Corey and Ryan shot the video of my car…

IMG_4336 copy

IMG_4338 copy

IMG_4342 copy

IMG_4352 copy

IMG_4681 copy

One of the more popular pictures of 2010. We got Jackie’s S2000 under the trailers – legit too. A lot of the under trailer pictures that you see are only the front part of the car because it actually doesn’t fit. I remember the cage and his wing were just cm’s away from hitting. This was shared on a ton of pages… still is today.

IMG_4706 copy

IMG_4737 copy

Another night – when Dal still had the Integra that Reggie owns now – recently featured on The Chronicles top ten Honda’s – we swapped wheels.

IMG_4740 copy

IMG_4745 copy

This was a FWD stagger – 17×8.5 +30 up front and 17×7.5 +40 in the rear. We ended up trading – my TE37’s for his J’s wing. That’s where that came from πŸ™‚

IMG_5629 copy

The trip to Vancouver for DTP in 2011 I think. This was another awesome trip with a group of good peeps. Washing our cars in the outdoor car wash.

IMG_5631 copy

IMG_5632 copy

IMG_5638 copy

IMG_5741 copy

When the STI was stock. This show was kind of shitty cause it rained ALL day.

IMG_5774 copy


IMG_6457 copy

Daniel’s BMW M3 GT shoot…

IMG_6469 copy

Mean looking…

IMG_6471 copy

IMG_6484 copy

IMG_6545 copy

BOOM. I was actually surprised when I came across these pics. This was the day that Diana bought the Meisters off of Punit – he dropped them off and we test fitted them right after. Hard to believe that they were gold, especially after seeing them in purple for the last 2 or 3 years… Look at that droop. Holy shit haha

IMG_6550 copy

4×4 height.

IMG_6558 copy

Still looks fresh.

IMG_6854 copy

The day my Civic was finally complete. I went over to Speedtech after work to get Paul to put on the Spoon diffuser for me…

IMG_6855 copy

IMG_6895 copy

Test fitting Prashant’s wheels on his ex-GTI…

IMG_6910 copy

IMG_6920 copy

Outside chillin.

IMG_6921 copy

IMG_6934 copy

Here we installed Diana’s T1R springs.

IMG_6942 copy


IMG_6949 copy

Not sure what’s going on here. We’re in the hood, so that must be the reason for gang signs.

IMG_6950 copy

Nice height!

IMG_6952 copy

Punit putting in work.

IMG_6953 copy

IMG_6965 copy

The finished product. The purple she ended up choosing was perfect. I’m guilty for hating on it at first… but it’s actually dope. I wanted to paint my meisters purple for quite a while…

IMG_7198 copy

Random shoot. This was when we shot Benny’s AE86 and 350z

IMG_7215 copy

Steve ended up coming in his 2JX Cressida… Burnout in the alley!

IMG_7248 copy

IMG_7261 copy

IMG_7244 copy

The day we shot Devon’s CBR and EG… Guess what they’re actually looking at?

IMG_7260 copy

Random model that came up to us…

See this post for the full story

IMG_7359 copy

The AE86 shoot…

IMG_7367 copy

IMG_7479 copy

Arif getting his Spoon diffuser mocked up for the EK

IMG_7497 copy

Pieces had to be cut off for it to fit. With the left over pieces, I dremeled out a Spoon crane. I have two of these – legit spoon crane made from legit spoon carbon fiber. I bet no one else has these lol

IMG_7503 copy

Jackie making fun of the skinny tires lol

IMG_7672 copy

IMG_7689 copy

Antics. Ryan’s EP3

IMG_8731 copy

One afternoon Jackie and I decided to swap wheels to see what it would look like…

IMG_8744 copy

I think it looks awesome on meisters…

IMG_8806 copy

IMG_8808 copy

IMG_9557 copy

Drift practice…

IMG_9572 copy

IMG_9765 copyEric’s 240… Way back before it’s transformation. Hard to believe ain’t it?

That seems to be it! Hewph…