Driven 2023: Sort of Coverage

I wasn’t planning on attending Driven this year but thanks to  @Kirby.S4 for getting a ticket for me, I showed up with JC to check it out quickly to see if there was anything worth checking out. No cars on steelies, but still some on winter tires for some reason lol.

I’m not going to do a full write-up or go into much about it – I got what I could. It seems like every year, it gets tighter and tighter with less walking room and less space to take pictures or admire cars without worrying about getting in the way of others within 3 seconds of approaching a car. I used to be able to walk around with a 50mm and take some decent shots. The last several years, I’ve come with a 35mm and had trouble. Pretty soon we’ll be needing to shoot 10mm to get some decent shots of a full car lol.

Lighting was a little weird too – seemed really dim but it looked like they had the blinds closed and the lights at half capacity or something. Made for poorly lit pics and spotlights on windshields where dust collected.

My age is showing, so that’s all. Enjoy!

Super dope to see the new art on Redline Sorority’s merch this year as always. Appreciate you girls for always supporting! This is one of my fave’s for sure!

Alyssa’s RS5 on new purple wheels and back to her stock grey! Clean.

Girls and their imaginary dicks.  LOL

Maggie’s Golf R

Blair’s Fiesta ST – ended up winning an award that night, I believe!

Daniel’s M3 – always a pleasure to see.

Great combo.

Corolla GR on TE37’s. Looks really dope but can’t get over the price tag for a 3-cyl Corolla haha

Eric’s Sienna from VS One

Probably my favourite of the show was this Merc. I saw this a few years ago and it wasn’t running at the time – I still wonder if it was running this year. Would be dope if it was!

I liked the red inner barrels to match the whole black/red theme going on on these Fifteen52’s.

Carbon duct on the side window

Perfect fitment

That rear adjustable trunk wing was too cool

Slant nose widebodied Porsche

Massive centerlock 20’s

Kevin from Tuner Decals – his Genesis now wrapped in a rootbeer color. Been watching this progress on Instagram.

Kelvin also wrapped his Varis FRS in a matte silver.

I support thicc.

One of the details I loved seeing was the use of proper hardware to hold kits together. There’s lots of people that are not a fan of the exposed bolts and would rather mold the kits on if money is no object, but on the other side of the spectrum, if you’re going to leave the hardware exposed – use non-home depot hardware. Titanium bolts all over was great to see.

Gerald’s WRX now on White Meister S1R’s. Super clean widebody job.

I’m still a fan of the millenium jade wrap color on this BRZ.

Akua Garage’s JDM Odyssey now wrapped in yellow. Massive change from the full black.

One of my fave oldschool-style wheels

Recently tooned a version of this GTR for Alex at Executive Wraps

Pretty crazy RX7. Was tough to get more pics as it was crowded. I didn’t get a shot of the front, but the engine has been moved to the trunk.

Cholo’s Spoon FK8. Super clean

Derek’s FRS getting more wild with the front aero. Looks good

At the First Gear booth, it was just jam packed. I barely managed to sneak a pic in of this Amuse S2000

Voltex GR86

Widebody Evo X

Bossman Peter from Invision showed up with the Rays booth. Good to see you sir!

@yifd3s’s RX7 on Volk 21C’s and Project Mu BBK underneath. I’m pretty sad I didn’t get a full photo of the car… People were around this constantly.

Rear of the JDM Mugen FD Type R in the First Gear booth. Didn’t get a chance to get a front pic…

This IS changes colors yearly lol.

Danny’s Audi TT with matching roofbox.

Jay’s Jetta

Paul’s super clean Accord Euro R

Jon’s G37 now wrapped in a darker emerald green – quite the change from the Sapphire/Navy blue he had in previous years. The wrap job and condition on Jon’s G37 has always been top notch. Super smooth, no wrinkles/creases… Great job!

Xavier’s VIP Merc

I love the JP additions

400Z on Weds Kranze LXZ. First time seeing one in person for me – pretty clean!

Cool Astro Boy livery on this Porsche.

@kirby. S4 wrapped in the new Caribbean blue. Thanks again for the ticket!


Pretty wild widebody Mustang. Reminded me of a hot wheels.

Yolanda’s Focus ST

Brooke’s Q60

Right on our way out, we noticed Andrew’s IS-F. We were so nervous for you buddy – people were practically sitting on your car (not actually) lol.

Mad clean though. I’m sad people walked by not knowing the amount of money that went into that suspension set up.

That’s a wrap on my end. I know I saw a lot of other friends’ cars and notable cars that I just didn’t get a shot of because of how crowded it was yesterday. Peter mentioned that if there was a fire, we’d probably all die because over the over capacity lol. Stop filling car shows to the brim and turn on lights! Quality > Quantity.