Driven 2016: Part 2

Part 2 here we go!

We’re about 100 pictures in… I am trying to get about 50ish pictures edited at a time before my mind starts wandering off somewhere else. I’ll try to get a few more out tonight and get one more post in me before I call it quits today.

Ricky and I took a walk around taking some random snaps – maybe if I can convince him, he’ll give me his photos to post up on here as well. Our tactic this year was to start at the far end and make our way back. I was thinking that way we wouldn’t be too tired by the end of it… Didn’t work out so well lol! You’ll see I post, it gets busier and busier – originally I wanted to take all the pics before the doors opened. The bad part about it is that people were still cleaning and getting their cars ready so I either didn’t get a picture or never came back around at all. Sorry to those that I missed – again, tried to capture what I could.

Maybe it’s just me and my OCD, but two of my biggest pet peeves at a car show: mod list signs and doors/trunks/hoods all open. You just can’t capture a good picture while any of those are in play. It’s the worst.

IMG_6578 copy

Over in the Dub Dynasty booth…

IMG_6566 copy

And directly behind me in the Bag Barn booth – a bagged STI

IMG_6567 copy

IMG_6569 copy

Forgive me and my lack of knowledge on trucks. I just know they look bad ass.

IMG_6571 copy

IMG_6572 copy

A mint – not quite Tiffany – green R32. Interesting colour scheme – I dig.

IMG_6575 copy

IMG_6580 copy

A work in progress for the Dub Dynasty guys – Jesse has posting progress pics on Instagram for quite some time and it’s super cool to see it coming together. Last year it was a lifeless shell…

IMG_6582 copy

Now it’s got a heart and some pieces of legs…

IMG_6584 copy

Man, look how clean that rotor is. A lot – if not all – of the fabrication is done by Jesse and Mike. Can’t wait to see this finally come together.

IMG_6585 copy

IMG_6586 copy

Crazy, flared Focus on copper wheels. I thought it looked pretty good!

IMG_6587 copy

Hard lined trunk set up in the back.

IMG_6589 copy

Over in the Haute AG booth, STI hatch on Meister S1R’s

IMG_6590 copy

A supercharged G35. I recall last year when this in the illmotion show and shine, it was loud as hell. Crazy.

IMG_6595 copy

M3 Sedan

IMG_6597 copy

Race prepped Lexus GS. If I remember correctly, this was used as a drift car at one point. Maybe it still is… Haven’t seen much pictures of it as of late.

IMG_6599 copy

Daniel’s track ready M3 with Advan inspired livery.

IMG_6600 copy

IMG_6605 copy

IMG_6606 copy

IMG_6607 copy

Was digging this. Loved the facelift… I wasn’t a big fan of wagons until this year. If it’s done right, they look absolutely deadly.

IMG_6611 copy

Pretty nice colour on this wrap.

IMG_6612 copy

Sick Prius on Meisters. I wouldn’t have it any other way lol.

IMG_6614 copy

A very clean LHD Supra Targa on Meister S1 3PC in the Beyond booth.

IMG_6616 copy

Richard’s supercharged Mustang on bronze Works. Love the JDM + Domestic combo.

IMG_6619 copy

IMG_6621 copy

Jack’s LS-powered 240.

IMG_6622 copy

He recently got some work done by Nick Prah in the engine bay. Difficult to see, but absolutely flawess work by Nick, as expected.

IMG_6624 copy

Over in the 403Media booth, a wild orange, widebodied 350Z. I read a thread on this a few months back when it was still in it’s developing stages. Turned out great and super clean.

IMG_6626 copy

IMG_6628 copy

The first M&M widebody S2000 I’ve seen. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but cleanly executed overall. The color makes it look even more like a shark (not a bad thing). lol

IMG_6629 copy

I just feel like it needs a wing… But I’m biased…

IMG_6630 copy

Benji’s TSX back for his second Driven show in Calgary. The last time I photographed this was last year, a few months before he was crowned Tuner Battleground champion with PASMAG. I’m glad he still remembers me 🙂 (kidding, Benji)

IMG_6631 copy

IMG_6632 copy

Still looking clean as ever. I remember commenting how clean his front bumper is. He makes road trips all over the place and it’s perfect. I drive 30km a day to work and back and I have chips already. WTF.

IMG_6633 copy

I didn’t get a chance to take pics of many bikes… But this one was cool. Paint was awesome.

IMG_6635 copy

I loved this S2000 on mag blue TE’s with ASM front bumper. So clean.

IMG_6637 copy

IMG_6639 copy

The first RWB Porsche to come from Calgary.

IMG_6638 copy

One more. Very clean.

IMG_6644 copy

IMG_6647 copy

Aldo telling you to come down to Driven…

IMG_6648 copy

RC350 with the Rocket Bunny kit and TE37’s. Super clean in white.

IMG_6649 copy

Just needed suspension and it would have been money. In time, I’m sure…

IMG_6651 copy

Simon’s Rocket Bunny FRS – later going onto with Best in Show FRS/BRZ. Well deserved – I’ve watched this come together through Instagram as well. Lots of the work was put in by himself – good job! Simon was part of the Beyond booth and Arianny was pretty much right in front.

He later went on to ask her to take a pic beside my car for me (he knows Arianny and I are a thing). That’s the best award of the whole show! Thanks again!

IMG_6652 copy

One more shot. I love the wheels as well – I remember wanting a set when they first came out but had no car to put them on :(.

IMG_6696 copy

We were waiting around for Arianny and ended up only waiting for about 15 minutes once she arrived. (Not including the 45 minutes we actually waited around before she arrived LOL).

She wouldn’t really let anyone take selfies, so she took them for everyone. Whatever – just mess it up by looking at the screen instead of the camera instead, Jason. GOD.

IMG_6700 copy

Aldo getting in close, making sure he doesn’t have to wash that hand anymore.

IMG_6704 copy

Ricky respecting her arm space.

IMG_6706 copy

And one last one with me. Cause why not.

Part 3 later tonight, ladies!

Driven 2016: Part 1

Driven 2016 has come and gone. Another long day that seems to go by in an instant once you get home and relax from it all. The best thing of it all is just hanging with friends – talking cars, life, the usual good stuff. It’s been 8 years since I’ve had my car in Driven and 4 cars in total over that time span… Each year the show has gotten better – the level of cars has been increasing and it’s been a fun ride. I vividly remember my first year at Driven – starry-eyed and excited as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I still get a bit excited but far less starry-eyed.

I’m almost at the point now where I really just want to build the car for myself to enjoy, for myself to look at and post once in a while. The shows are fun but the hype wears out quick, the process wears out quick… At the end of the day, I just want to chill with friends and talk about our cars. I remember for my first show, Arif told me it gets old quick and I told him that there was no chance in hell. 8 years later, here I am uttering those very words he told me on my blog – who would’ve thought?!

Anyway – let’s get through these photos. I took over 500, I’ve edited about 1/4 of them and I got a whole bunch of other stuff to do at the same time. Pray that I can find some time over this next week to complete them all and get them posted. I hate posting them late because it ends up just being old news… So please bare with me – I promise I’ll get them all up by the end of the week. If you repost – please keep the watermark and don’t crop it out and make the picture look all shitty.

The usual LifewithJson disclaimer: If you or someone is standing in front of your car too long, no dice on a picture unless it’s totally worth my time.

I didn’t necessarily walk around in any specific order – I found that I had a real bad case of ADD yesterday. I would start in one spot and then wander off into another booth, so if you’re looking for your car and you don’t see it, chances are it will come up. If you don’t see it at all, then chances are the disclaimer above came into play.

PS: If anyone happened to take some cool shots of my car, please send it my way! I’d love to see it and I’ll post it up here and link you! Thanks!

IMG_6464 copy

The first pic of the day – Punit’s GS450h with the newly colored AME’s.

IMG_6466 copy

JC’s CT200h never not clean.

IMG_6469 copy

Gopesh’s GTI

IMG_6470 copy

Corey’s S2000

IMG_6471 copy

Ryan’s legendary EP3

IMG_6474 copy

Alex’s Integra – just amazing as ever.

IMG_6478 copy

A shot of the engine bay. Lots to look at in here… Mugen, Unobtanium Welding…

IMG_6479 copy

The illmotion table setup once again… 100% of the proceeds yesterday went to Red Cross.

IMG_6480 copy

Rich’s S6 Wagon

IMG_6482 copy

Josh’s slammed A4 on Meisters. God, I love the look of this thing.

IMG_6484 copy

One more. Fuuuu

IMG_6486 copy

Steve’s RSX (For Sale!)

IMG_6489 copy

Arif’s EK with some new visual changes this year. J’s Racing hood color matched, Track Life Composites fender cut outs, and a white roof! no more panda look now… I dig.

IMG_6493 copy

Eric’s S15 on bronze Work T7R’s

IMG_6494 copy

One more down low…

IMG_6496 copy

IMG_6498 copy

This looks like I compressed it but I didn’t. So bad ass.

IMG_6500 copy

Rich’s CR-V with classic 90’s decals

IMG_6501 copy

IMG_6502 copy

Mike’s Porsche 911 Turbo

IMG_6503 copy

IMG_6504 copy

IMG_6506 copy

Dave’s 335i

IMG_6508 copy

Donovan’s FR-S on Advan GT’s

IMG_6509 copy

Alex’s TL-S on Advan RS’s

IMG_6511 copy

Sick Honda Beat on TE37’s

IMG_6515 copy

IMG_6517 copy

Some cool looking projects…

IMG_6518 copy

IMG_6519 copy

IMG_6521 copy

One shot I got of the Lambo before they decided to block it all off for some reason. Later in the day, literally all the owners were standing behind the barrier, repping beside their cars, all on their cellphones. I wish I took a picture – what a joke. It’s a car show, not a zoo for us to watch behind bars.

IMG_6522 copy

IMG_6523 copy

IMG_6525 copy

Kasem’s Amuse S2000 – Voltex, Craft Square, Volk equipped.

IMG_6526 copy

Because Race Car.

IMG_6528 copy

Michael’s extremely clean RX-7. Still one of my favourite.

IMG_6530 copy

One more.

IMG_6531 copy

Michael’s engine bay – titanium, carbon fiber… What more could you ask for?

IMG_6532 copy

IMG_6533 copy

IMG_6535 copy

IMG_6537 copy

IMG_6538 copy

Ryan’s MR2 still looking good as usual on a set of custom grey TE37’s

IMG_6539 copy

IMG_6540 copy

Garett’s slammed Miata. This thing is immaculate.

IMG_6541 copy

One more.

IMG_6544 copy

Was digging the color of wrap on this… Not usually a fan of wraps, but I liked this.

IMG_6547 copy

I always liked that shade of purple.

PRO TIP: Don’t put mod list signs up right in front of your car if you also want pictures. Put it at the back or something. After two cars with these signs, I was over it and didn’t even try. Worst pictures…

IMG_6551 copy

I enjoy Cy’s car. I hate the sign.

IMG_6553 copy

Loved this Skyline. So so good!

IMG_6554 copy

IMG_6555 copy

IMG_6558 copy

IMG_6560 copy

IMG_6561 copy

IMG_6563 copy

That’s it for tonight! I’m exhausted… More tomorrow!