Driven x illmotion: It’s All In The Details

Doing something a little different mainly because I had the opportunity to while borrowing Corey’s F1.4mm lens – taking detail shots. Sure lots of people want to see the cars and the girls, but sometimes the details are overlooked. Details are what each owner focuses on when getting ready for a show – that speck of dirt by the lug nut? I better get rid of it before the whole damn crowd sees it. That little scuff on the bottom of the sideskirt? I better buff that out before people point it out. The truth of it all is that while the little details might not stand out to everyone walking about, they stand out like a sore thumb to the owners.

At the end of the day, details are details – I took a few shots of them… I wish I had the time and energy to walk around and take a bunch outside the illmotion booth but I didn’t…

Last post for driven! It’s been fun!

IMG_9679 copy

Up close of Gopesh’s BBS’s and his gold hardware and new red centercap.

IMG_9682 copy

Nick’s Advan GT’s with engraved spoke.

IMG_9685 copy

Punit’s new copper wheels tucked under the fender oh-so-perfectly.

IMG_9686 copy

Who doesn’t love smooth, clear headlights?

IMG_9688 copy

That smooth black.

IMG_9693 copy

A decal I asked Bill to cut for me a day before the show. The original design didn’t go as planned because it was too thin, but hopefully I’ll have something worked out soon.

IMG_9694 copy

Not a speck of dust.

IMG_9695 copy

Last one of my heap lol

IMG_9696 copy

Ricky’s SSR’s and the spectrum silver finish. Unfortunately they didn’t get to shine as bright as they could indoors, but look carefully and you’ll taste the rainbow.

IMG_9697 copy

Derrick’s Integra

IMG_9699 copy

Miracle X bar in the back

IMG_9701 copy

Trung’s Voltex S2000 and fresh Porsche GT3RS grey paint.

IMG_9704 copy

His Mugen Recaro seats inside. Insert money bag emoticon here.

IMG_9706 copy

Mike’s RX7 and the candy red paint with Car Shop Glow lights.

IMG_9708 copy

Noel’s 240 on WORK VS-KF’s

IMG_9710 copy

Up close of Donovan’s bronze/bronze WORK Meister S1 3PC

IMG_9712 copy

Phil’s carbon flared AE86

IMG_9717 copy

Errol’s bronze TE37’s. Timeless color.

IMG_9721 copy

Benjamin’s Voltex wing

IMG_9724 copy

Dat ass from out back.

IMG_9725 copy

IMG_9728 copy

Benjamin’s bagged and boosted TSX

IMG_9731 copy

Alex’s CE28’s paired with Project Mu BBK

IMG_9733 copy

Mugen equipped everything in Alex’s Integra

IMG_9734 copy

The first row line up.

IMG_9736 copy

Not sure if this is a detail but Punit has no chill.

IMG_9742 copy


IMG_9745 copy

JC’s VIP’d Out table equipped with Sake, Pocky and 50ct diamonds.

IMG_9747 copy

Diamonds are foreverrrrrrr

Last part of this Driven coverage will be with Donna Pham! Stay tuned!

Driven 2015: Donnah Pham x illmotion

I know ya’ll were refreshing waiting for this post so I won’t talk long…

Thanks to Donnah Pham for being a huge part of the illmotion booth and being such a good sport for shooting with every single car/bike in the booth. I know it’s a lot of work just taking the pics, but having a different pose for 45+ different carsĀ  is probably even more challenging. Either way – here’s a set for you late night fappers. Enjoy!

IMG_9919 copy

IMG_0171 copy

IMG_0166 copy

IMG_0159 copy

IMG_0154 copy

IMG_0152 copy

IMG_0144 copy

IMG_0140 copy

IMG_0130 copy

IMG_0127 copy

IMG_0116 copy

IMG_0112 copy

IMG_0110 copy

IMG_0105 copy

IMG_0101 copy

IMG_0100 copy

IMG_0098 copy

IMG_0093 copy

IMG_0089 copy

IMG_0086 copy

IMG_0081 copy

IMG_0074 copy

IMG_0072 copy

IMG_0067 copy

IMG_0060 copy

IMG_0059 copy

IMG_0053 copy

IMG_0049 copy

IMG_0048 copy

IMG_0044 copy

IMG_0041 copy

IMG_0039 copy

IMG_0036 copy

IMG_0032 copy

IMG_0026 copy

IMG_0021 copy

IMG_0018 copy

IMG_0015 copy

IMG_0009 copy

IMG_0004 copy

IMG_0003 copy

IMG_0191 copy

IMG_0189 copy

IMG_0184 copy

IMG_0181 copy

IMG_0177 copy

IMG_9995 copy

IMG_9990 copy

IMG_9985 copy

IMG_9980 copy

IMG_9979 copy

IMG_9975 copy

IMG_9970 copy

IMG_9966 copy

IMG_9964 copy

IMG_9962 copy

IMG_9956 copy

IMG_9954 copy

IMG_9952 copy

IMG_9950 copy

IMG_9997 copy

IMG_0175 copy

Ending it with Donnah signing JC’s VIP table. Good night!

Driven x illmotion: The Show – Part 2 of 2

Part 2 – on a roll!

IMG_9831 copy

An RSX from Winnipeg – gold faced VS-XX’s, and titanium hardware in the engine bay… I may or may not be wrong – but is this the owner of TiBurnt?

IMG_9833 copy

A “Tron” styled Lambo

IMG_9834 copy

ZR Auto’s booth. It was caged off and that’s usually a turn off for me when taking pics so I didn’t get much out of that booth…

IMG_9836 copy

Daniel’s super clean E55. This thing is immaculate – loved this look on WEDS wheels.

IMG_9838 copy

IMG_9842 copy

Crazy paint job. Not my thing, but cool nonetheless.

IMG_9843 copy

Brett’s bagged Cadillac CTS-V. It’s no slouch either…

IMG_9845 copy

A VW beetle on it’s own turf – this also one an award for best individual display. Well deserved.

IMG_9846 copy

One more of Brett’s CTS-V laid out.

IMG_9847 copy

IMG_9849 copy

Charlie’s freshly wrapped Supra in white on his new Work Meister S1’s.

IMG_9851 copy

This finish was interesting – it had an almost bubbly look – not sure if it was intended or whatnot – I assume it’s a wrap because I didn’t inspect any closer.

IMG_9853 copy

Over in the bag barn area… Crazy dumped trucks. Loved this one – cool to see at each show.

IMG_9854 copy

Mike’s static Ghia – looking good as always.

IMG_9856 copy

Again – I don’t know their real name – social media ruins us for this – but @mushroom_curry’s awesome VR6 on BBS’s

IMG_9857 copy

Jesse’s Passat looking awesome as well.

IMG_9858 copy

This was one of the cars that was at the VW show a few weeks back. Never saw the tank set up until the show.

IMG_9859 copy

Super cool look in the back. Also lol @ the sticker on his window.

IMG_9860 copy

A cool camo-themed B7

IMG_9861 copy

IMG_9862 copy

IMG_9863 copy

Super clean Porsche. Reminded me of JM Yang’s recent RWB Medusa build in its earlier stages.

IMG_9864 copy

A super cool “work in progress” the DUB Dynasty guys brought in… Going to be having a Subie swap soon and the finish will remain as is.

IMG_9865 copy

One more shot.

IMG_9866 copy

IMG_9867 copy

IMG_9868 copy

Cool bagged Impreza in the bag barn booth

IMG_9869 copy

IMG_9870 copy

A super mint Accord wagon. Everything was open so it didn’t make for a good picture…

IMG_9871 copy

IMG_9873 copy

Jimmy’s 240Z looking shiny as always in the VEX booth.

IMG_9874 copy

IMG_9875 copy

Giuseppe’s Skyline in the VEX booth – never get tired of this thing.

IMG_9877 copy

IMG_9878 copy

A wild GS with an LS swap.

IMG_9882 copy

Ray’s STI on Work Meister M1R’s

IMG_9886 copy

Ryan’s MR2 – another timeless build.

IMG_9888 copy

Another of Jimmy’s cars – his new M3 – you’ll probably recognize it from the shoot I did a few weeks prior as well.

IMG_9889 copy

IMG_9890 copy

IMG_9891 copy

IMG_9892 copy

My favourite car in the show was Autodream’s freshly built Rocket Bunny RX-7. There’s way too many RB FR-S’s and not enough of these. This was super nice. Love how wide it is.

IMG_9893 copy

One more shot. A better view of the rear quarter.

IMG_9896 copy

Beside the RX7 was a wild 240. The color scheme worked well – always a fan of green/black.

IMG_9897 copy

And another with a gold/black theme.

IMG_9899 copy

Simple matte white 350z on some deep dish.

IMG_9900 copy

A very nice midnight purple 240. Paint was immaculate – part of the beyond booth as well. Bravo.

IMG_9901 copy

Golf R also with legit society on WORK VS-XX’s

IMG_9902 copy

IMG_9903 copy

Another clean EP3 – rare to see these nowadays.

IMG_9904 copy

IMG_9905 copy

IMG_9908 copy

Back at the booth – Rich spinning some beats. Just to be clear – he takes requests, but if you request Clarity by Zedd, he will ignore you. (It’s quite sad, actually)

IMG_9913 copy

Back end of Nick’s GTR

IMG_0222 copy

The Compact Tuning Lab booth with the star players up front, it seems.

IMG_0223 copy

Awesome bagged GTI on BBS’s

IMG_0227 copy
Terence’s boosted BRZ – I shot this last year, you may recall.

IMG_0287 copy

I didn’t forget about this – another clean build from legit society was this 1/4 carbon’d STI hatch on S1R’s and new edirb seats.

IMG_0288 copy

A lambo in the beyond booth.

IMG_0289 copy

Shelton’s C63 AMG Black Series in matte black.

IMG_0290 copy

Don’s Golf R on Rotiform NUE’s.

IMG_0293 copy

Another from the ZR Auto booth – matte black Ferrari F40

IMG_0294 copy


IMG_0295 copy

IMG_0296 copy

A few more shots of the RB RX7 – couldn’t get enough.

IMG_0297 copy

And one more – Deep dish VS-XX’s paired with 326 Power spike lug nuts. IMO these lugs only look good on deep dished wheels. If your lugs stick out further than your wheels, we have a problem.

Part 2 done! The rest that are coming your way will be detail shots and of course – a full set of Donna Pham with the cars of the illmotion booth!