DIY: CARPRO SiC on the J’s Racing Fit

So I’ve been pretty anxious to finally get this all done since buying the car but I just haven’t had time to dedicate until recently. It’s been killing me driving around a car I haven’t personally cleaned inside and out – I don’t know why – just an OCD thing or something…

Anyway, over the last week I’ve been tackling bit by bit on the Fit to at least bring it up to the level that I think is “clean”. It doesn’t matter who owned it before – even if it was a dude that was OCD like me, I’d probably end up redoing it again anyway LOL. Last week I did a full interior shampoo on everything – seats, carpet, doorsill fabric – anything that was able to be shampooed was indeed shampooed. I then steamed and cleaned up all crevices inside and in the door/trunk jams to get out the gunk that’s been sitting there for who knows how long. The good thing about going through the car is you get to clean everything… The bad thing is that you start to notice certain imperfections or things that you need to change or fix. On the interior, there are a few things that I’d like to tackle over time – IE., replacing the interior carpet with a new one, replacing some seals and adding in missing bolts that for whatever reason weren’t there to begin with…

The interior is boring so I never really took pics. The most exciting part is really just prepping and finally getting the coating on. This time, I opted for CARPRO SiC over the classic UK 3.0 + Gliss combo. SiC is still fairly new and there really isn’t much out there in terms of longevity but I wanted to take the chance on this one. Apparently it’s basically UK 3.0 + Gliss in one with the protection and slickness in one. I guess we’ll see over time, but I’ll talk about the process throughout the post.

The Fit in all its glory. Unwashed, unpolished, uncoated. Looks good from afar and not too shabby up close but not the best.

The first hand wash in the new garage too. Excuse the ugly flooring – new flooring doesn’t go in until mid-September.

The resident BI can’t wash the car without making sure his own barrels/wheels aren’t clean LOL

One of my favourite steps in the process is actually using an Iron filling cleaner like IronX. It could totally just be a psychological thing with the color changing effect but it does feel like it gets a lot of things that you can’t with a simple wash mitt or claybar.

The affected area was behind the door handles which I soaked a lot longer. You could even start to see the contaminants along the edge of the handle.

Upon soaking, you could see so much of that red leaking out and immediately start clearing up.

Other parts of the car that are often neglected are the pieces right up against black like near your grill and those little crevices. You can see a bit here which required some claybarring to remove.

Even after just IronX and a claybar, the car seems to shine even more…

One of the other things I’ll end up doing maybe over the winter is repainting certain pieces to all match. It’s not terrible but you can see that the bumper is slightly off compared to the rest of the front. It’s definitely not in your face noticeable but it bugs me…

I ended up claybarring the door sills and jams as there was a bunch of build up there…

All clean…

The side mirrors also had a bunch of build up which IronX and claybarring helped remove easily…

Always funny to see Champ White next to any other white cause then it just looks yellow hahaha

Done for the day. I let it just sit and dry over night because I hate polishing the car when there’s water drips just coming out from little crevices…

The next day, I started the polish. The paint was in fairly good condition already so I didn’t need much. I did a simple stage 1 polish with CARPRO Fixer and an orange pad.

Cleaned up the headlights nice


Side results…

Looking good on this side too…

The rear end was nice to polish as well. Got the tail lights all shined up as well as the rear hatch. Often times the hatch or rear of a car is super contaminated from all the kick up on the road. Gotta take care of the ass…

Got some of the swirls out of the wing too. Smooth carbon is the best carbon.

And the much anticipated SiC. I initially wanted to try a graphite coating but I’m just too invested and sold on the CARPRO ecosystem and lineup so I just decided to try SiC instead. Most of the thoughts on this have been fairly positive – the most notable feature of this being the slickness that it brings…

I will say that SiC is definitely slicker than UK 3.0 + Gliss right off the bat. It’s extremely nice and satisfying. It is also significantly easier to apply than UK 3.0. When I was doing it, the ambient temperature in the garage was about +20C and the cure time was anywhere between 1-10 minutes. I found that even after about 8-9 minutes, that was my sweet spot. It wasn’t hard to take off at all and it didn’t grab like UK 3.0 did when it flashed.

You might notice that the results produced a much deeper and strong gloss and shine. Even just on the headlight, I was thoroughly impressed with the deepness it created in a clear lens.

The hood produced a very nice shine and gloss as well.

I would say on dark colours, SiC seemed to really create a dark and deep gloss that is actually super noticeable. The wing and carbon weave here is a good example.

I thought it looked great after the polish but upon wiping off SiC, I didn’t think would’ve looked this good.

Gloss on the rear quarter… Beautiful

Tail lights just shining like a diamond

More gloss on the carbon canards…


And that’s that! Unfortunately, sometimes gloss can be a little understated on white but it does look great in person. The most important thing is now it’s protected – which is all I really wanted.

Bada bing bada boom! Stoked on finally being done. I opted not to coat the wheels yet – I’m going to probably take off all the wheels over winter and clean them up properly and then work on replacing other things like bolts and getting the fenders and sideskirts repainted and reinstalled a little better as well. Little things but in the end, it’s the small things that matter!

Spring Cleaning the LS

Had a few hours today to get some spring detailing done. Lots of stuff that I needed to go over that had been neglected. Polish, wax, some scuffs that needed to be removed and I didn’t get the chance to finish it all today. A bulk of it was done though.

First thing was first – polish it up. I did half the car a few months ago but I re-did it with a fine tooth comb again today to get it done properly and with nice weather to boot.

IMG_1297 copy

To start. Looks fine but lots of swirls and stuff that bugged me.

IMG_1298 copy

First up was the headlights again. I did a polish on them when I first got the car to get rid of the build up that was never really looked after or cleaned up during the previous owners time. But there was still room for improvement – lots of pitting and swirls that looked so bad. Hard to tell in the picture, but if you look closely you can see.

IMG_1299 copy

Same with the emblem. I was fortunate enough to get one of the fully loaded models with radar cruise control – hence the plastic encased emblem. It was pitted and scratched all over as well.

IMG_1300 copy

I did a good 10 minute wetsand on them again. First with 1000 grit with soap and water with some quick detailer in between. No difference in doing that, but I did it anyway. It got rid of a lot of the pitting and surface residue that was still there.

IMG_1301 copy

Wiped after the 1000 grit.

IMG_1302 copy

After the 2000 grit pass. It was smooth as a baby’s bum. Looked great.

IMG_1303 copy

Passenger side done after both passes as well.

IMG_1304 copy

After a polish. I’m sure you can see how clear this headlight is now. There is literally no pitting or scratches on the surface of this headlight anymore. It’s amazing what a little sanding and the right polish can do.

IMG_1306 copy

Up close. The pitting is all gone.

IMG_1307 copy

Time to polish ‘er up.

IMG_1308 copy

This was my weapon of choice. I usually like to use a heavy compound to get rid of the tough swirls and do another pass if I need to remove any more hazing.

IMG_1309 copy

The rear finished. It shines like a diamond. It really makes the smokey granite mica pop.

IMG_1310 copy

IMG_1315 copy

The emblem all wetsanded and polished up as well. Looks good as new too now.

IMG_1317 copy

My wax of choice. I’ve always used P21S since the beginning. Actually I’ve used this since about 2006 when I had my Civic – same container as well.

IMG_1318 copy

Wax applied on the car…

IMG_1319 copy

Some TLC on the exhaust openings as well. Faded chrome and lots of build up.

IMG_1321 copy

This too has always been a magic worker for me on exhausts.

IMG_1322 copy

1st pass – I swear I had the finished product pic but I guess not… Looks good as new now though too.

IMG_1324 copy

Once the wax was applied and wiped off, I did a final wash to get rid of all the polish dusting and any other residue.

IMG_1327 copy

All dried up and perfect again. The bumper does need a repsray but I can live with it for now until I decide on a kit. No point in spending money on something I’m gonna take off…

IMG_1329 copy

Rear quarter shot.

IMG_1330 copy

Another one. WET.

Anyways – tomorrow gonna spend time cleaning the interior and carpet, vacuum it all out and do some more deodorizing and conditioning. Also gonna clean all the jams, windows and panels.