Arif’s Honda Civic EK 2.0 – AKA Hollie

Hump day post!!

Last weekend we finally got out to shoot Arif’s car, and it was in the plan for a while but by Arif’s request, he wanted more of a “Fall-y” shoot so we waited a little longer until the leaves got a little more yellow and the weather was less “Summer-y” I guess you could say. Also wanted to give Arif a shoot because he hooked me up with the sweet JDM mirror for my FRS – so that just goes to show you if you buy me a mirror, you’ll get a photoshoot.

I think the last time I shot Arif’s car was wayyy back in 2009 or something like that when I also still had my Civic. He had just got his TE37’s, and I was really just getting into photography. Most will probably recognize his car because it’s been in the game for a long time and he’s changing pieces here and there to change it up every year. He’s one of the few that have stuck with the same platform and has built it up to something that everyone knows today. The only other person that comes to mind right now as I write this is Ryan O’Hara and his EP3 that I posted not too long ago.

But back to the point about Arif wanting a “Fall-y” shoot – I decided to try something a little different this time with the photos. When I shoot and edit, I usually try and stick to a natural look – meaning that I don’t really do much except maybe try and make the wheels pop a little more or clone out a sign if it’s distracting. Other than that, many of my photos are untouched because I am a fan of working as best as I can with the environment and light to get a good picture. That’s not to say that I’m not a fan of highly processed photos (not HDR) because that’s cool too… I just never tried to do it. Anyway, what I’ve done for this post is I’ve edited a few of the pictures twice – the first one you’ll see is straight from the camera in terms of colour, contrast, etc. The second picture I tried to go a little more processed – I “made” it look more like Fall, I enhanced the contrast and shadows while making the whites pop a little more. Keep in mind, I don’t usually do it and I want to try to see if I can go that route to see if it’s something that I like… But I thought I’d explain first before you scroll through the pics and wonder what the hell is going on.

Bonus pictures for Arif and his choosing too…

I’ll start with a shot from the last time his car was seen through my lens.

Arif's Honda Civic EK 2.0

White on white – TE37’s with the CTR wing on Paul @ Garage Box’s wing brackets/risers.

IMG_5835 copy

And let’s bring it forward to today with some slight changes…

IMG_5523 copy

The day started off with JC picking my ass up again. (Thanks sir)

IMG_5526 copy

The same cockpit I take a picture of every photoshoot. The only difference is that he actually opened the Junction Produce Hello Kitty air freshener this time and it doesn’t smell as good as you’d expect… Oh well.

IMG_5527 copy

While waiting in the lot for Arif to arrive, we decided to try and get some shots near the birds but they kept moving away as we got closer so that was a bust.

IMG_5529 copy

Random shot. I like the look of the front bumper here.

IMG_5548 copy

And off we go – Arif right behind us.

IMG_5579 copy

So here is where the dual pictures will start. Let me know what you think of the before and after and which ones you like better!

IMG_5579 copy

IMG_5600 copy

Arif has always <3’d the haters.

IMG_5616 copy

A shot requested by Arif to send into Red Bull… Some Bokeh action.

IMG_5618 copy

Side profile shot. I’m digging the look of the Seeker wing now even though I love the riser look on the CTR wing.

IMG_5618 copy

More wheel pop. More Pumpkin Spice Latte colours.

IMG_5621 copy


IMG_5629 copy

Here’s a good shot of another one of his new additions – newly retrofitted headlights which look quite good.

IMG_5629 copy

More #PSL.

IMG_5637 copy

Head on.

IMG_5637 copy

IMG_5642 copy

IMG_5642 copy

I ended up liking this picture more and the more I look at them, the more I like the second, more processed pictures… Gives it a good look, especially on white.

IMG_5648 copy

We decided to have a Instagram competition… Didn’t know what we were really competing on but we had one. Here we see a wild Arif furiously adding hashtags to his Instagram post.

IMG_5649 copy

And over to your right, we see a wild JC picking the best filter for his photo.

IMG_5651 copy

Then over here, because we’re in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere, I’m trying to send my shit to Instagram and it’s not sending because I’m not on Canada’s largest network. Took me a good 5 minutes to send it.

IMG_5652 copy

In the meantime, Arif has already got 5 likes, JC still can’t decide on a filter and I’m pissed because my shit won’t send.

IMG_5656 copy

That’s not a fake sun BTW. I don’t do fake sun flares.

IMG_5656 copy

I do enhance them though. I like this one more.

IMG_5660 copy

JC still can’t pick a damn filter, Arif is reading all his hashtags and I’m wondering why the hell there’s no coverage out here.

IMG_5663 copy

IMG_5663 copy

Interior shot.

IMG_5666 copy

A close up look of his CE28’s

IMG_5666 copy

With #PSL filter. (Kidding – I don’t call it that).

IMG_5673 copy

IMG_5673 copy

By now, my picture sent and we were good to go. JC still hadn’t picked his filter.

IMG_5675 copy

IMG_5675 copy

I like this shot and in both edits, it looks like his hood is Carbon-Kevlar, and it’s not so don’t be confused.

IMG_5677 copy

Shot of his engine…

IMG_5683 copy

IMG_5684 copy

Some work that Screamin’ Paintworks did for Arif a while back was get rid of the “D” and the “C” to make it say “OH VTEC”. Not something you would generally notice if you didn’t look carefully…

IMG_5687 copy

Closer shot of the Seeker wing.

IMG_5687 copy

With the edit…

IMG_5698 copy

IMG_5698 copy

I was indifferent about this edit – but that doesn’t matter right now, look at Arif’s car.

IMG_5721 copy

IMG_5721 copy

IMG_5752 copy

IMG_5752 copy

This shot just makes it look so warm… Which it was. This was also one of the last rolling shots down that strip. I got a few more but I decided not to post them just yet (sorry Arif) and I’ll save them for a little later… 🙂

IMG_5859 copy

On the way home, JC got the feels as we saw a kitted Corolla roll up but then we saw that it was clearly confused. Hard to tell in the picture but the tail lights looked like Swarovski’d out (which isn’t cool).

IMG_5860 copy

Then we got in front and saw that he was trying to be like a Mazda 3 up front. Ah… I’ll never understand…

Happy hump day!

Ryan O’Hara’s Honda Civic EP3: Version 21

Finally able to get around to writing this up for Ryan. I’ve had his pics done since the day I shot this a few weeks ago but always got pulled away from the write up every time I sat down to do it!

Just to clear things up, I put “version 21” in the title because it seems like that’s how many times he’s changed the look/wheels/color theme of his car. I just picked some random number that seemed suitable, and for those of you that know Ryan, you can probably sit back and think “yeah… 21 sounds right” LOL.

I think I’ve shot Ryan’s car during every single stage that it’s been through since I’ve known him. The first time I shot his car was when he was on Volk CE28N Time Attack editions (white with red lip), then I think was the Volk RE30’s in a dark gunmetal, not too long after that was the Volk SE37’s in bright orange, and now Volk TE37’s in mag blue. You can kinda tell that Ryan is a sucker for Volks (but who isn’t?) and has gone through his fair share of them. Each time, he’s changed up the color scheme slightly or added little accents here and there to offset the wheels and each time it looks great.

One of the best things about his EP3 is that not many people these days mod them anymore – it’s quite a rare sight to see. A few years ago, there was sort of a “boom” of EP3’s around the city and they were modded quite extensively but (in my opinion) not in the same finesse, care, and attention to detail as Ryan. Suddenly, now all I ever see is Ryan’s car if he ever chooses to drive it over his S2000. He’s been trying to sell it for quite some time now and will only let it go for the right price – mind you, Ryan is the first and only owner of the car and is probably one of the very few that have own their car this long and have babied it from the first day until now. Most owners give up on their cars after a few years – like me – and move on quickly. I can’t specifically state how long Ryan has owned this, but it’s a long ass time and it looks like he just bought it yesterday. So if you’re interested – hit him up.

Ryan’s car has gotten to the point where only little changes can be made now if he wants to make any at all, and I think he’ll agree. Different wheels, maybe a different color for his roll bar… You know, just the easy things to switch it up a bit. I call it the mini Odyssey because that’s kind of what it looks like, but cooler… If this is your first time seeing it, maybe you’ll agree. 🙂

IMG_4972 copy

dark wheels on a white car… hate shooting it. Love the combo. I think everyone who knows me, knows this.

IMG_4877 copy

JC’s mirrors are still clean from the last shoot with Jimmy. So no smart ass comment from me.

IMG_4878 copy

Scouting for some spots. It’s tough finding spots now on the whim because you’re forced to go to a familiar location and when you get there, you try looking for something different but it never works out! Hate it.

IMG_4879 copy

Justin joined us for a bit during the shoot as well.

IMG_4890 copy

As much as I hate dark wheels on a white car, I have to say that I think this is my favourite combo on Ryan’s car. It works really well and TE37’s have a soft spot in my heart.

IMG_4918 copy

IMG_4919 copy

JC Instagramming a shot. One of the funny things is that we kind of have an unspoken competition (although I’m calling him out on it now and I’m sure he knows it) with our Instagram shots. While I’m shooting, JC is usually running around trying to get a good shot on his phone too and he’ll end up posting the photo first. I’ll usually try and grab my phone out and take one and post it after the shoot on the way back home or something and we’ll compare to see who’s is better LOL. That’s why if you follow the both of us, you’ll see both of us posting something of the same shoot haha!

IMG_4921 copy

Close up of the mag blue TE37’s. If you remember the shoot I did of Eric Yu’s Civic Si last year, then you might remember these as Ryan bought them off of Eric when he parted out. Good pick up though and I’m glad they went on Ryan’s car.

IMG_4924 copy

So clean!

IMG_4925 copy

The JDM Ep3 projector headlights have always been my favourite part of Ryan’s car ever since I saw them in person in 2008 at my first DTP car show. What can I say – I like lights.

IMG_4927 copy

The back end of the mini Odyssey. Love the wing too.

IMG_4937 copy

IMG_4991 copy

IMG_4994 copy

Status seats + Willans harnesses paired up in the back.

IMG_5005 copy

Closer shot of the J’s Racing canards on the front to help add a little aggressiveness.

IMG_5007 copy

Another shot. Side note: Ryan’s headlights do this cool “oil slick” look more than all the other cars I’ve shot and I love it. Don’t know why… Just makes it look so cool haha

IMG_5011 copy

Side profile. This is why I love the mag blue TE37’s on his car. TE37’s just make everything so much better!

IMG_5017 copy

A nice close shot of the carbon on his wing.

IMG_5023 copy

Status seats – again, not something you see everyday… A little different than the Recaro/Brides you’re so used to

IMG_5028 copy

IMG_5029 copy

Closer shot of the carbon kevlar weave in the seats.

IMG_5032 copy

IMG_5038 copy

IMG_5045 copy

Getting ready for rollers!

IMG_5051 copy

Just one I took off the camera with JC’s still in it. Thought it was cool.

IMG_5111 copy

And one last one with the awesome sun on the bridge!

I guess we’ll see which Volk’s Ryan is going to get next year… I’m going to put this in as a placeholder so I can reference it when it does happen – but I’ll say ZE40’s. LOL

Poorform: Jimmy’s 2JZ Lexus GS

OK time to start the week off right! And what better way to do it than to end off the PoorForm triple threat photoshoot with Jimmy’s 2JZ GS!

I was originally supposed to get this up on the weekend but I ended up getting caught up in a bunch of things – my broken phone being one of them. However, this was one of the shoots I really wanted to share the most. Of the three cars I shot that weekend, I got the most shots of Jimmy’s GS. I would also like to add that I didn’t intentionally try to take less shots of the others at all – it just happened that a lot of the spots we went to were more suited for his GS.

There’s just so much to this car that it’s impossible for me to list it all out without it sounding like a magazine feature or article. Ultimately that’s not what my goal is on the blog – it’s just to showcase the cars that are happy to come out and let me point my camera at them and for you guys to see. A lot of the guys that I ask to come shoot with me have put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly – money, into their cars and I appreciate them giving me that opportunity. I know it’s nothing close to a magazine feature but it’s enough for me to keep doing what I love doing. The best part of it all is that I get the even greater pleasure of shooting cars that don’t come out all that often – some only come out to shows. Some are garage queens that only see the owner to come wipe them every few days. Others get driven hard and are recognized by the community. Whatever the case is, it’s always a great time – Jimmy’s GS is one to go down as one of the crazier builds I’ve been able to shoot.

Let’s see why…

At first glance you’ll see a huge Greddy intercooler sitting up front and rarely seen Rotiform super concave NUE’s for shoes.

Out back is the meatiest tire ever and I absolutely love it. The wheels out back are 13″ wide and even the 325’s look stretched on them. Wait till you see it from the rear…

Shot of his fronts. Jimmy’s got an Endless Race 6 big brake kit with E slit rotors. It’s hard to see in person but the fit and finish of the Rotiforms are amazing. The colour of the centers reflecting onto the lip give it a slightly darker tone and it’s awesome.

Shot of the rear. Here you can kind of see that “slate/grey” tone in the lips.

325’s… Monstrous.

Up close and personal with the Greddy intercooler. Behind it sits a Koyo race radiator that you’ll see in the engine bay pics later.

That shot from the rear. Very minimal camber so that Jimmy can put as much of the 325 tire down as possible under the custom rolled and pulled fenders. Another awesome part of the rear is actually the Junction Produce 3 piece spoiler that’s been molded in. It’s seamless up close. To compliment the JP spoiler, he’s also got the L-Sportline roof spoiler as well.

The view from the front… or your view when you see it coming up in your rear view mirror. Jimmy’s plans for the headlights are to retrofit LS460 projectors in to finish off the front and compliment the TRD grille.

Profile shot of his wheel/brake set up.

Rolling from the rear quarter.

While we’re at another full body shot – a few other plans Jimmy talked about was getting his Vertex aero kit installed paired with an HKS Kansai hood and have it all brought together and repainted using the Lexus LFA 1F2 metallic silver. That should be the creme de la creme for it all once it’s done.

A shot of his engine bay and the monster 2JZ-GTE VVTi. There’s really just way too much to list, but if you’re really interested then you can post in the comments and I’d be happy to share them since Jimmy shared it with me. But in between the plethora of HKS goodies, Jimmy has quality parts left, right and center. I’m sure you can see a bunch just by looking at the picture… HKS T51R Turbo, HKS SQV, Cusco strut bar, a few custom PoorForm parts like his motor mounts and 30-40LS transmission.

Another shot of the wheels. Can’t get enough.

A shot for the ricer in me.

That big ol’ turbo.

Cusco strut bar…

His suspension – a set of Zeal Function PF custom short stroke coilovers have been custom valved to his liking.

On the inside, the HKS goodies don’t stop. He’s got the HKS AFK wideband/knock amp.

Over on the right side, he’s got the HKS EVC 5 boost controller.

Jimmy’s cockpit doesn’t get overlooked either. This GS is more of a sport-VIP look and I can totally dig it. He’s got a Bride Vorga CF seat with a Takata 4 pt harness. Up front is a Nardi steering wheel (Ridox Orido Edition – which is #1/200) mated to a Worksbell hub. His cluster is a TRD Aristo 320K cluster that was wired in by Jimmy.

Up close of the weave. It’s all in the weave, don’t you know?

A closer shot of his customer rolled and pulled rear fenders. Nicely done.

Again, it doesn’t stop at the engine or the wheels or even his interior, Jimmy also made sure to include some audio too. Ranging from Focal, Steg and Pioneer pieces.

The final shot of the shoot was the three PoorForm cars together. The final post to all of this!

Thanks again to Jimmy and Steph for coming out and spending the afternoon with JC, Rich and myself and letting us shoot the cars. It’s not everyday you get to shoot three Lexus’s that are all on point!

Again – there are way too many mods to list, and I missed a bunch so if anyone is interested, post in the comments and I’ll reply back with it.

[fuckitass] Steve Chan’s Acura RSX

Round 2 for photoshoots! The cold weather is already here – most mornings are 0C or +1C if we’re lucky… I’ve already filled my calendar with two shoots next week so far and I’m trying to fill it up more. It’s about that time where a lot of our house appointments are dying down and I’m at the point where I’m willing to put down GTA V for a little bit to do some work. The only thing left is securing a venue for the wedding – we’ve got a few more appointments for those, so I hope we can get one soon…

Anyways, last night I went out to shoot Steve’s RSX with JC. JC and I are “Team J” – it’s rare when I’m not doing a photoshoot without JC and when I am, it’s because he’s busy doing something else. He’s always usually the chase car for rolling shots and the go-to guy for locations. I just point and shoot. The funny thing about this shoot is that during the summer, I usually saw Steve every weekend if we were doing car stuff, but I have never actually shot his car. The same goes for everyone else that usually comes and hangs out on the weekend – we see each other often but it’s never their cars that I’m shooting – it’s always someone else. It’s been a few years now so yesterday when JC asked if I wanted to shoot Steve’s car, I sat and thought about it for a second and shocked myself because it hit me that this would be the first time haha

Steve’s car has also been one to go through lots of different stages – adding new parts here and there and just slowly getting better. I think the first time I met Steve, his car was very subtle. He still had the Mugen kit but with a Type R wing, he was on gold Advan RG’s sitting quite a lot higher than you see in these pics on Tein S-Tech springs. His interior was still quite stock as well.

Not a great picture but here’s how it looked a few years back for his illmotion feature.

Anywho – let’s move onto the photos from last night. Another good shoot in the bag!

Start it off with a rolling shot. I like to do that sometimes cause it usually gets people excited haha (uh… no homo).

Here’s a good shot for comparison to the older shot I posted above. Steve is way lower now than before and he’s sitting on much more aggressive wheels. Keeping up with the mag blue trend, this is a perfect shoot to follow Eric Yu’s Civic. Steve added a set of Type R Brembos to the front which is a nice addition that you don’t see all too often. He also switched over to the Mugen wing to match the rest of the Mugen kit.

JC’s car sitting over in the distance. Looking clean as usual.

A nice side profile shot. A nice shot of his stance and how low he sits. Check the mid section of his exhaust. You can also see that Steve added a Cusco rear cage to the interior as well.

You can’t see it here either but Steve also recently switched out his Buddy Club straight pipe exhaust (AKA loud as phuck exhaust) to a much quieter and refined Mugen twin loop. So instead of hearing him coming from his house, we hear him when he’s about 1 km away. hahaha

The sky and weather was nice to us last night. It was a bit chilly, but nothing a sweater couldn’t solve. You can also see JC’s car again…

As we were shooting and Steve was moving into place for the next shot, JC noticed something under Steve’s wiper blade. It was a parking receipt… JC read it for a few seconds and then burst out laughing because the plate entered was “FUCKITASS” LOL. We’re all confused as to why someone would put it on Steve’s car and why they would fake a plate when the ticket was free anyway. Either way, it was hilarious and that’s the reason it’s part of the blog title haha

Overhead shot by the huge cylinder thingies.

You’ll notice in the rear of this shot that the rear lip is not a Mugen lip anymore. His newest addition this year was the Spoon diffuser, but in order for him to fit the diffuser, he had to switch the rear back to the Type R lip since it didn’t fit properly.

In JC’s car rolling to the next location.

My favourite shot of the night was the roller from the rear quarter. Check that rear wheel tuck.

At the next spot… CT chillin.

A nice strip of road that’s pretty dead. This was Steve’s idea – no idea how he found it, but it was nice.

A rear quarter shot. I’ve been telling Steve to try and get taller wing stands for his Mugen wing – I think it would look so bad ass and so much more aggressive if it lined up with his roof line. Side note: The mag blue looks great here with the paint.

Last shot of the night. A dual shot on the empty road – easy to do since there was next to no traffic…

And there you have it! Last shot for the week. Next week will be more great sets to look forward to! Stay tuned!