What if I Traded the LS…?

In the midst of all that has happened over the last few months, I’ve been playing with the idea of giving up the LS for something a little more practical. Kind of dumb, I know… I said that when I traded in the STI too. The STI was a “race car” and I couldn’t drive it in winter, so I got the LS with the mindset that it was huge and roomy and had tons of space for everything I needed and more. Then what did I go and do? I bastardized it by bagging it and put 21’s on making it useless for winter, too. Which brings me to my next thought – what if I just got like a hybrid or a swagger wagon? In my head, it’s genius because it’s fuel efficient, I’m not paying for an $80 gas trip every week and who even mods one anyway, right?

Wrong. I ruined the daily driving capabilities of all the cars that I thought would be untouchable. Conclusion: no matter how smart it sounds in my head to trade in the LS – it just won’t work out. I’ll end up changing something that makes it less useful than it really should be and I ultimately could’ve just kept the car before it.

With that said, I did play around in photoshop a bit to see how much I could “ruin” it. I use that word because people will just look at me and say “you’re stupid as shit for trading in your LS for that and modding it”. But they can’t say “that looks like shit” because it really doesn’t either.


First on my list of choices is a Prius. I know what you’re thinking. “A Prius?!” You can’t even deny that this gas-sipping taxi looks sick with the Tommy Kaira kit on Meisters. Very aggressive.

Second choice would be the new Sienna SE’s. This chop was sloppy since it was my last one, but you get the idea. No matter what choice I would have gone with, the wheels would always be Meisters. lol

My third choice was a CR-Z. It beats my whole idea of practicality because it’s a 2-door, but a Mugen equipped CR-Z would be awesome for a daily. I’d slap Meisters on it too.insight

Last choice was the Honda Insight. However, I didn’t actually think of this until JC suggested it. I’m not a huge fan of the look but it’s still sick. With or without the Mugen kit. I didn’t end up lowering this one but it still looks great.

At the end of the day – it looks like I’m sticking with the LS for a few more years…

DTP 2011 Favourites… Part II

Since I saw that one of my top posts was DTP favourites from 2011, I thought I’d revisit it and share some other shots. I catered the original post to be around the cars mainly with GT wings because of my obsession with them. Trust me – if in some weird world, VIP cars existed with GT wings – I would be the first one to have it. However that is not the case, and I don’t foresee it ever being the case, so I have to admire other cars that have them now.

But as I was going through this – 2 years later – I am still at the same conclusion that I came to when I posted part 1 last year. It is that the automotive scene – only a province away – is much more evolved than ours today. Even 2 years after I’ve shot these cars, they were still ahead of the curve that we see here. There’s no cutting corners, everything is done right. You might even find that I’m writing a similar paragraph to the one in part 1, but I swear I didn’t read it again before writing this.

Truthfully, when we attended this show – you could see the differences in our group compared to the rest of the show. Subtle, minor modifications vs. aggressive and all out – which is something that is just catching on locally here IMO. There is a certain aesthetic value in creating a car with great parts in combination with each other and that just doesn’t happen all too often.

Anyway – I think I sound bitter because I’m jealous, not because I hate. Enjoy.

Here’s the first part I posted WAYYY back in April 2012.
DTP 2011 Favourites

IMG_5647 copy

CL63 AMG – one of my favourite from Mercedes. I saw one in the lot when we were looking for a GS for Punit and I wanted one so bad. The Ti exhaust on this was bad ass.

IMG_5649 copy

I also don’t usually dig the black on black, but this was pulled off nicely.

IMG_5652 copy


IMG_5653 copy

Rear scoop

IMG_5661 copy

STI Hatch of Wedsports SA-60M’s.

IMG_5682 copy

Honda CRZ on Spoon CR93’s. These were pretty new 2 years ago and I was pretty close to buying a set because they were quite affordable but they were too bland for my tastes.

IMG_5683 copy

370Z. I still love this.

IMG_5688 copy

370Z and 350Z together in the AJ-R booth.

IMG_5691 copy

GT G35. Love the look.

IMG_5696 copy

Matte black M3 on black Volk G2 wheels. I remember way back when they were rumored to be replacing the original TE37 with these… I was devastated cause I didn’t like them at all lol. Thank god they didn’t.

IMG_5704 copy

Speed Syndicate AE86. Love the color

IMG_5707 copy

VIP Merc. Now that I have a greater appreciation for VIP style – I can totally dig this. Not that I didn’t back then, but I love this even more now.

IMG_5709 copy

Speed Syndicate Matte Red 350Z.

IMG_5713 copy

Nice green 350Z

IMG_5714 copy

Gangster GS on Bazreia’s. Love these wheels.

IMG_5717 copy

Super clean S14 on Meisters

IMG_5727 copy

Matt’s yellow Initial D-inspired FD. The white TE’s will look deadly on this.

IMG_5736 copy

The internet sensation bagged VIP-style Fit was also there.

IMG_5758 copy

M3. I forget the name of the company, but they did a lot of accent styling and cues which was different. Doesn’t work on many cars, but on all the BMW’s they brought out – they were nicely done.

EDIT: The company is MW Designs. Thanks Brad!

IMG_5760 copy

JP Scara’s – too crazy.

IMG_5765 copy

IMG_5768 copy

Wicked Miata from Garage Five on SSR SP1’s.  Fender flares killed it.

IMG_5770 copy

IMG_5773 copy

Finish! I want to go back…