Volkswagen Close to Home 2015

Time for a more civilized post with some good lookin’ vee-hick-ulls. If you’re a fan of Euro/VW stuff, then this Close to Home show that Fifth Ave Volkswagen puts on every year is going to make your panties wet.

It’s a cool little get together of everything Volkswagen/Audi that displays a small segment of the little surprises that Calgary has to offer when it comes to these platforms. Every year, there’s always something different and there’s always something that will turn heads. It may not be everybody’s thing but I feel like this side of tuning has become accepted as it’s own little niche, and everyone that shows up to these shows know what they’re about. Those that have never seen anything like it are intrigued but never turned off. That’s the cool thing about the VW/Audi community, in particular – nobody REALLY gets it, but everyone accepts it. It’s just too wild not to appreciate… And for the most part, it’s done in good taste.

It was a quick Sunday for me though – I usually go, snap some pics and head out – it’s a fairly small show but good to see some familiar faces.

IMG_9085 copy

We met up at JC’s so that we could roll there together. Gopesh’s car all clean from the Edmonton drive. Still waiting on centercaps…

IMG_9086 copy

It’s not how you drive your car, it’s how you stand by it… This guy is always in the way.

IMG_9088 copy

JC’s hwip

IMG_9087 copy

Corey also came along – what a pleasant surprise, given that he is a South boy and lives too far to hang out most of the time. I am digging the bronze on white.

IMG_9089 copy


IMG_9092 copy

IMG_9093 copy

Pretty cool camo-theme

IMG_9094 copy

Clean and bagged R32. I feel for those fenders.

IMG_9095 copy

Funky GLI

IMG_9096 copy

More bagged goodness

IMG_9097 copy

This was a cool car. Everything looked like it was in it’s “work in progress” phase. Check those fenders

IMG_9098 copy

IMG_9099 copy

Pretty comfy seats with plenty of bolsters to keep you in your seat during those tight corners and built in ventilation for those hot summer days.

IMG_9100 copy

Mint Beetle in a Tiffany color scheme

IMG_9101 copy

IMG_9103 copy

Mike’s Ghia looking good as usual

IMG_9105 copy

Loved the wheels on this GTI. Reminded me of the Gram Lights velvet red finish

IMG_9107 copy

Pretty neat wood grain valve cover. Not sure but it looked like it was done by hand too.

IMG_9108 copy

This was one of my favourites – the gold VIP modulars are super clean.

IMG_9111 copy

An up-close… All gold everything. Good choice, sir.

IMG_9112 copy

IMG_9116 copy

This was dope. I love the matte cream/tan on older cars.

IMG_9117 copy

Another Karmann Ghia – it’s interesting to see the huge difference in this compared to how Mike has built his.

IMG_9120 copy

Rich’s S6 also all clean after that trip back from Edmonton.

IMG_9121 copy

Josh’s S5 bagged on Meisters. First time actually seeing it in person for me.

IMG_9122 copy

And of course, Gopesh’s GTI up front and center.

IMG_9124 copy

Another of Josh’s S5

IMG_9127 copy

And one more for good measure. I love the look of A5/S5’s on Meisters. So perfect!

IMG_9130 copy

IMG_9131 copy

IMG_9133 copy

A shot of three – excuse my naming – hippie vans. I mean no offense by it because I think they’re cool as hell. Tents on top and everything.

IMG_9136 copy

Here’s a shot of one of them and the interior. Check that couch!!

IMG_9139 copy

IMG_9142 copy

Josh’s girlfriend, Trudy’s S4. Nice line up near the front – S4, S5, S6.

That’s pretty much all there was at the Fifth Ave show. Always a good turnout and cool to walk around! Hoping to get a shoot in this weekend, so stay tuned!

Volkswagen: Close to Home

The events prior to going to Zero Limit and checking out the status of my car was doing a shoot of a Tiffany/Mint Green coloured GTR and going to Volkswagen for the annual “Close to Home” mini show that we usually go see.

I’ll post the Close to Home event first – seems more fitting to do so and I don’t know why either. It’s at the Fifth Ave VW dealership so it doesn’t end up being too big but big enough for everyone to come chill and have a good time. There’s BBQ, some games to play and of course – voting and awards. We went quick to snap some pics and then we went off to the shop.

I personally hate taking pics of cars when their owners are planted in a lounge chair directly behind or beside the car. It makes it awkward for probably the both of us – so why do you do it? I’m staring through the viewfinder, you’re staring into the camera and really, all I want is a picture of your car – not you smiling in it too. That is one of the reasons why I didn’t get as many pics as I could have. That, or a huge group of people are standing behind some nice builds like their guarding it or something. Don’t be that guy.

Anyway – here’s what I got. And I’ll put this out there right now – I know practically nothing about the Volkswagen scene. I do appreciate and love that shit, but I can’t name specifically anything made before a GTI MK5. LOL

IMG_2304 copy

IMG_2305 copy

This was interesting. I can dig it.

IMG_2307 copy

Oldschool van

IMG_2308 copy

Don’s Golf R on Volk LE37’s. An interesting look for sure – completely different than what you would normally put on a VW, especially since it’s more of a “JDM” wheel. It looks far better in person than the pics that I saw though. Love the colour of the car though.

IMG_2310 copy

This one had a Porsche BBK on it.

IMG_2311 copy

Another interesting look. VW guys can always pull off the craziest shit and no one will ever say anything.

IMG_2312 copy

IMG_2313 copy

This was probably my favourite car of the show. Simple, bagged, nicely staggered wheels and to the point.

IMG_2315 copy

Another one of my favourites. GTI MK6(?) on EDIT 0.05’s by 3DSM (Thanks to Zeev for correcting me on these).

IMG_2316 copy

IMG_2318 copy

Hippie interior. Like.

IMG_2320 copy

This VW had a sick rootbeer paintjob. Super clean and paint matched centers on his wheels.

IMG_2321 copy

An interesting look. Fully vinyl’d and coloured on. Fitment is awesome, I think it would’ve looked a lot cleaner without all that but whatever.

EDIT: I’ve been correct – thanks to rodman. The car is actually plastidipped and has been that way for about 10 months. First car I’ve seen upclose that has been fully plastidipped.

IMG_2324 copy

Moving onto the oldschool beetles.

IMG_2325 copy

Loved this colour.

IMG_2326 copy

And this…

IMG_2327 copy

No idea what this was but the paint was amazing.

EDIT: Another informative comment by Don Camacho – this is a Karmann Ghia. It later won the people’s choice air cooled car that day. Thanks Don!

IMG_2328 copy

IMG_2329 copy

IMG_2330 copy

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2332 copy

IMG_2335 copy

Closing out with an engine shot.

Tomorrow – the Tiffany GTR!