Sasa’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06

As promised, I got off my lazy ass and went out for a shoot this weekend.

I’m an Instagram addict that has to check my feed so often that it distracts me from so many things. Over the last few months, I’ve been seeing Sasa post up his Z06 at some awesome photo op spots along with his brothers Ferrari F360. Finally on Saturday, I posted a comment on his IG pic asking him when we’re going to shoot. We scheduled the next day in for the afternoon and boom – here we are now. We knew it was going to rain and I wanted to shoot his car in particular because it’s silver and it works well in the rain – you don’t see much dirt, it reflects the light well and it doesn’t get too underexposed or overexposed. I think Sasa’s Corvette is the third silver car I’ve ever shot haha.

Sasa is quite the car fanatic and quite honestly, he has probably been through more cars than I have ever wanted. One of the conversations we had was that he’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t care what he drives. Whether it’s a Honda, a Chevrolet, a Ferrari – a car is a car and is meant to be enjoyed in different ways. You hardly hear that from people because they’re so stuck in the world of only Hondas or only Domestics or whatever flavour it might be. I personally enjoy talking to someone that can truly appreciate everything, even though they wouldn’t necessarily buy it. It makes the car world a better place LOL!

Anyways, I want to give a quick shout out to Sasa for coming out and braving out the 20 minute rainstorm and getting soaked with me while shooting and experimenting. We’ll do a better shoot when the weather is nice!

IMG_3048 copyDuring the morning, the sun was out, it was nice and we ended up shooting RIGHT when the rain started. Here’s a pic where the rain really started getting heavy. If you click for high res, there’s tons coming down. Although, now that I look at it again – it still doesn’t look as bad as it actually was. Our jeans, shoes, and jackets were soaked in the short amount of time that we were out there.

IMG_3056 copyMoved to a different location and the rain started letting up. There’s a moment when the rain is just about to stop that you get a nice slick layer of water on the ground and you get cool reflections. The silver pops.

IMG_3060 copyA different angle.

IMG_3070 copyGreat side profile shot.

IMG_3086 copyAnother one with some mother nature in the back.

IMG_3093 copyClose up of the wheel and reflection. Love the fender vent.

IMG_3102 copyAt this point, the rain pretty much stopped and the blue skies came out super quick. You’ll see as the set goes on, it gets brighter and then super sunny haha. I was hoping for the rain to let up, but not for the blue skies and sunshine this time. Overcast is the best time to shoot. It gets to the point where it almost dulls out the silver – I need a polarizer… haha

IMG_3110 copyObligatory ass shot cause it’s awesome. 325 rear tires. Boom.

IMG_3121 copyDetail shots.

IMG_3124 copyMore fender porn action.

IMG_3128 copyThe dash and welcome display showing “Corvette”.

IMG_3137 copySeats. Comfy too.

IMG_3139 copyCenter console. I loved the position of the transmission personally.

IMG_3140 copyNice and clean engine bay.

IMG_3181 copySome solo rolling shots. By solo, I mean I did it while driving LOL. So they aren’t the best – but they turned out alright for what it was! Note the blue skies.

IMG_3194 copyShouldn’t stopped the camera down a bit to get more but it was tough to see on the camera whether the wheels were spinning or not cause they’re black lol.

IMG_3288 copyHere’s where the sun was out in full force. Also the middle of the pavement dips inward so it looks like the car is floating lol.

IMG_3299 copyWanted to get quick dual shots in with the dirty LS. You can’t even tell his car is dirty… lol

IMG_3304 copy

IMG_3306 copy

IMG_3307 copySat in the car and checked it out. Felt kind of like sitting in an NSX.

IMG_3308 copyWheel and speedometer.

IMG_3309 copyAnother shot of the center console. It looked like carbon fiber from a distance but up close it actually looks like snake skin pattern or something. Not sure what it’s actually supposed to resemble though.

Sasa was also insistent that I drive the car and take it out for a rip. The first few times I declined because I’m scared I’ll fuck shit up. It wasn’t until I sat in it that he said “that’s it – you’re driving it” – and with that I was sold. Let me just say that I’ve never driven anything close to American muscle and this car is definitely something. The cars’ steering is tight and responsive, the sound modification that Sasa did on it made it sound amazing, and the lowering of the car just made the car feel planted. There is a crazy amount of torque even in higher gears at low RPM’s and it goes when you tell it to. No turbo lag – like the STI, no waiting for VTEC to kick in (serious) – just straight up power all the way through.

At one point I was so into just ripping around and actually getting kind of nervous that Sasa said “you aren’t even going above 4K”. LOL! I replied with a “I don’t wanna die” and proceeded to push the pedal down and go faster. I think I got to 6K before I said “fuck this, I’m too young to die” and I parked the car. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the LS and not driving fast, maybe it’s because I thought the STI was fast and it actually isn’t now. Whatever it is, I want a Corvette. Thanks a lot, Sasa.

FS: 2007 Lexus LS460L

2013 International Auto Show – Part II

Continuing on with the auto show coverage… This will be the last one.

I want to go ahead and hit myself because I will admit we missed two booths – the Ford booth and the McLaren booth. Mostly upset because I missed the Ford Focus ST and that thing looks sick. GAHHHH

anyways – continuing at Chevrolet.

IMG_1007 copy

The Volt. It was cool but not $45,000 cool. The interior reminded me of those old LG chocolate phones hahaha

IMG_1008 copy

Peep that steering wheel. Exactly the same one in the Cruze haha. Also – like I mentioned above, look at the console. LG Chocolate, amirite?!

IMG_1010 copy

Corvette ZR1. The teeny bopper in there was legit having an orgasm over this. Walking around frantically trying to contain himself, and when he finally got in the car all you could hear was him shifting through the gears like a mad man. I feel sorry for whoever gets this car (or any of the cars from this show for that matter) because of guys like that. He gets out and says “holy shit there’s a short throw in there”. OK – I understand the gated cars now.

IMG_1013 copy

Skeleton of the Volt.

IMG_1015 copy

The Cadillac CTS-V. I love this car. Ever since it debuted as a prototype a few years ago – not much has changed. Super comfy inside too.

IMG_1017 copy

Awesome rear.

IMG_1018 copy

Moving onto the Mercedes booth…

IMG_1021 copy

C63 AMG coupe.

IMG_1023 copy

IMG_1024 copy

IMG_1025 copy

IMG_1027 copy

Another (expensive) Bang Bus.

IMG_1030 copy

Ferrari’s blah blah blah

IMG_1031 copy

IMG_1033 copy

IMG_1035 copy

Now were the shop booths – this booth had an S550 Bi-turbo all blinged out with LED’s and stuff. Trunk set up…

IMG_1036 copy

Interior. Didn’t know the dash was all digital.

IMG_1037 copy

Super clean though. HRE wheels and all. Another good VIP style platform car. (I’ll admit that’s all I was looking for – cars that would be good VIP candidates lol)

IMG_1038 copy

Maserati blah blah blah

IMG_1040 copy

IMG_1043 copy

The Bentley Mulsanne – $440,000 of car. Like I mentioned before, I don’t care for cars that are gated up. But I’ve always loved Bentley – mainly because they’re so big and their presence is awesome. This would be the car I’d buy if I was rich.

IMG_1044 copy

IMG_1045 copy

Bentley Continental. There is almost $700,000 sitting right there.

IMG_1046 copy

IMG_1047 copy

The new Aston Martin DB9.

IMG_1048 copy

Fisker Karma. First time seeing the solar panel roof.

IMG_1051 copy

FRS done up by Matrix Motorsports. I could do without the wrap and LED around it.

IMG_1052 copy

IMG_1053 copy

Chromed out Lambo by ZR Auto. The chrome vinyl doesn’t look good at all in person.

IMG_1054 copy

MASSIVE hemi. For only $74,000, compared to the $440,000 Bentley a few steps away.

IMG_1055 copy

Honda Fit in the new teal color. I like it, and I enjoy seeing it, but I’d never drive it haha.

IMG_1056 copy

IMG_1058 copy

VIP trays again. Love it.

IMG_1059 copy

More Bentley goodness.

IMG_1063 copy

The new Honda Gear. I personally don’t like it – but it looks like a car that Hybrid lovers and tree huggers would love.

IMG_1070 copy

Rear shot. There was also a video playing talking about the Gear but we didn’t stick around to listen.

IMG_1071 copy

The VIP style Accord from Toronto. Looked good and all bases were covered. VIP Modulars, Rotora BBK, VIP’d out tray, Junction Produce neck pads. It kind of seemed confused, but it was executed well.

IMG_1075 copy

The tray. Would’ve been cool to see something in it though.

IMG_1076 copy

Rear fitment.

IMG_1077 copy

You couldn’t really see it unless you bent down to look, but the rear exhaust openings were interesting. It flowed well though.

IMG_1078 copy

Shot of the inside from the sunroof. The seats were all redone and the diamond stitching was a nice touch.

IMG_1082 copy

The Lincoln MKZ. Kinda crazy that they created a whole separate booth and section for one car. Seating all around the car and everything.

IMG_1086 copy

All the stuff Diana got at the end of it all… lol

IMG_1088 copy

As promised – dinner at BP’s for making her pay for parking hahahaha

IMG_1089 copy

The end! Night time shot of the Cruze inside.

All in all – probably one of the best auto shows we’ve been to. Probably because the cars are getting better every year, but I find that a lot of the companies are really starting to follow the top trends rather than going out on a whim and hoping it takes off. You see things like the LED headlights coming in, more aggressive styling even in the entry level platforms, better benchmark prices and consumers now have a reason to justify paying that price. A few years ago companies were really just laying low and doing things half assed. An example is Toyota in the previous years – they got rid of the Supra, then slowly weeded out the Celica and they were left with nothing to attract a young consumer. They focused on family cars, fuel mileage and basic design. Today, Toyota has revved up their design and technology – bringing in more potential than the years in the past. Hyundai has done a good job on the other hand with creating decently priced and good looking vehicles like the Genesis and Veloster to compete with higher priced competition. They hit every platform and are 30-50% cheaper than competition.

We’ve moved from a eco-friendly, bland design and slow-looking niche of cars to the same eco-friendly, aggressive design and upcoming technology. Exciting to see what we’ll see two, even five years from now.

Gangster Award Goes to…

Last Sunday we went to the Prostate Cancer Show & Shine and show some support for the guys that put this on. We didn’t put enter our cars into the show because, as you can see from the pictures, we probably wouldn’t have fit in very well haha. However, there was one GTR there and an Eclipse that looked like it came straight from The Fast and the Furious. Black paint with gold sparkles, yellow accents and interior, suicide doors and all. I didn’t end up taking a picture of it because I wasn’t sure if I was going to even try and edit it. In retrospect, I should have taken it so I could have posted it here for you guys to see because my description is pretty useless.

Anyways, the show was definitely something different than what we were used to. Everything from classics, muscles, and completely custom and hand built cars were out that day. I’ll admit that I almost felt like I was looking at the same thing over and over again. Mustangs, Shelby’s, Camaro’s… It all started looking like the only thing that was changing was the color of the car. I guess that’d be the same if they came to our shows haha. Although, the cars and their pristine condition and the power they were all pushing was amazing. These are the cars that are truly garage queens – they don’t really get driven unless it’s to a show or to rip around the block real quick to put a smile on the owner’s face. Everything from the paint to the leather on the seats, the dash and floor mats looked like they’ve never been used. I personally couldn’t own a car and never drive it no matter how much I loved it in it’s perfect condition.

As we were walking, we stumbled across this Camaro… my jaw literally dropped. It’s like a little bit of JDM lived in this guy and his car. Let’s take a look…

Perfect swirl-free paint finish. Almost looked like it was murdered out but wait…

Carbon lipped wheels. I have no idea what wheels they are but I loved it. He had the size and offset on point with 315’s on the rear. What made me the most excited was that they weren’t gaudy, blingy or obnoxious wheels. This car was already my favourite – what more could I ask for?

As we were drooling over his car, the owner came by and opened up the doors for us. Take a close look at everything in this car. It looks as though nothing has been used. The carbon accents flow inside onto the steering wheel, gauges, and he’s wrapped the center console area with carbon too. Take an even closer look and you’ll see paddle shifters. Fully functional, 4 speed paddle shifters.

A pulled back shot to see his seats. Again, pretty mint except for the little wrinkles from driving to get gas from his house I bet. Nicely bolstered too.

The details don’t stop there. We didn’t notice it at first, but he had a full carbon hood as well. Painted to show the classic racing stripes, except the racing stripe was the exposed carbon. At first we thought it was just vinyl but a look underneath shows that it actually wasn’t. The paint job was absolutely perfect.

A look in the engine bay and it once again – it looks like it’s never been used or touched. There are no scratches on anything and this had to be the cleanest bay hands down at the show that day. You can see his bumper is also carbon – painted the same way the hood was. His trunk was also carbon and the stripes went all the way down to the back. Now if you scroll back up to the first picture, you’ll see a little “lip” – or what we would call it anyway, and that was full carbon as well.

I hope the guy won something because it was definitely an eye catcher. Super nice dude to talk to as well. Well done, sir.