Unedited Shots: Barb & Justin’s TSX’s

Calgary is now a wonderful (not really) winter wonderland right now and those of you who are local know this describable joy. I personally hate the winter – mainly because I’m not a fan of winter-anything. I hate being cold and I hate not being able to drive my car. This has turned me into quite the grouch lately and if you follow me on twitter, you know that I have been pretty bitter about everything from the idiot drivers to sore arms from shoveling. As I write this, I think about what I would trade to not have winter anymore and thoughts of my one kidney or the ability to taste food come to mind – but only briefly. BUT that’s enough complaining for this post…

As you may have guessed – it is now creeping into that time where I look back onto shoots I have done and edit shots I haven’t edited or posted yet. Some may look familiar, but for the most part they are fairly new.

Was going through my files last night and got into the dual TSX folder – Barb and Justin’s slammed TSX’s both on CE28’s. This was a particularly fun shoot because they were pretty much the same car, just different colours. It also happened to be a combination of my favourite colours to shoot – silver/white, and my least favourite colours to shoot – white/black. LOL

Times have changed since the shoot though… Barb is trying to sell her TSX as far as I know and Justin is on Enkei NT03’s, I believe…

Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – *BONUS*

One last bonus part on Jackie’s car because I somehow scrolled passed these while going through his pics. I think this counts as a great bonus post – this was one of the first times I shot Jackie’s car ever. These pics were taken way back in August of 2009. I was still pretty new at shooting and I loved taking advantage of my wide angle lens – you’ll see what I mean in the pictures. I had only been shooting for about a year before and I knew nothing about rolling shots or how to adjust aperture, how to position a car and what angles looked good… Looking at these pics are kind of embarrassing to me only cause I hate looking at sucky pictures LOL.

Anyways – this was the day we went out to shoot near Bridgeland and Eau Claire Market then back to Speedtech. Like I said in the earlier post – I miss Speedtech because a lot of my random shots were taken there. There’s no other place to do that anymore so now we loiter in random places haha.

At this time, Jackie’s fitment was just crazy. I remember it was something that people were not accustomed to and he was really pushing the limits of wheel fitment along with a select few in the States. A few of these pictures were posted on facebook and various website and a majority of comments were negative to his fitment and his wing.  Almost exactly 4 years later this is what everybody wants, with a dash of -10 degrees of camber and a side of Rota. This is still the look that Jackie holds steady today – not a stranger to negativity from the world wide web, he does his thing the way he wants to. If you have a vision of quality, the patience to get it done and be able to ignore people that tell you it looks bad – you too can create something that everybody will eventually come to love.

Here’s the last part of Jackie’s throwback…

Stretched tires and pulled fenders? RIDICULOUS!  Who even does that in 2009?

This was one of the photos that made it’s rounds around the internet. Comments like “wing is way too big”, “car is too low to drive”, “what’s the point of the cage if he can’t drive that low?” were common. Post it up today and I’ll guarantee all those guys that hated on it 4 years ago have already jumped on this bandwagon looking for the widest set of Rota’s and springs to get them looking like this.

One of the shots I never edited. Most of the pics I’m posting are straight off the camera with little editing to exposure only. I should spend more time on them later down the road… This shows a good shot of his prototype Spoon hood.

Look how mint everything was 4 years ago. Cars take a beating over just a few years…

Breaking necks at Eau Claire. Love the angle of Jackie’s S2000 here.

Another shot that was reposted quite a few times. Shows how low his car is.

I hate this picture only cause the composition is all off but I decided to post it anyway haha

Breaking necks of the couple sitting on the bench too.

And finally – this was probably the most popular shot of that shoot and it’s still floating around today. Any time you see a car around trailers, you’ll see them with their hood under the trailer like they’re low. To be honest, I could fit my LS under a trailer at full high, so I personally think those pics are lame.

We got Jackie’s car fully under the trailer and it wasn’t a “high” trailer by any means. I got Jackie to get under the trailer and squat down with the car to give a comparison. Jackie’s wing is only a few inches higher than the top of his head. Frankly – not many cars could even go passed their windshield. At the time, Arif was with us and when we were in the process of getting it under, we turned the car off while Jackie sat inside for the brakes. Arif and I slowly pushed the car in while watching for clearance and eventually we got it under in the first attempt.

Here’s a pic at how close he really is to the trailer. His wing less than an inch away from the hitting.

Another shot so you can see that his whole car is under the trailer and not half way out on one side or anything.

That’s it for Jackie’s throwback! It’s probably going to be the only 4 part throwback I ever do unless I shoot someone else’s car this much again haha. I was talking to Jackie the night I edited these pics and we discussed another shoot. I want to try to make a small trip to Victoria and shoot his car when it’s completed again along with some of the other Vic cars. His car has gone through a colour change and I have yet to capture that… Fingers crossed!

Honda Mondays

It’s that time again. Let’s revisit Ryan’s EP3 – a car that he’s been working on for a looooong time. I *think* he purchased it brand new or close to brand new years ago and it’s come a long way with many different stages – namely wheel changes. I shot these about 2-3 years ago and now he’s on Volk SE37’s in orange. Either way, his Ep3 is probably the cleanest in the city and incredibly immaculate in condition.

The reason I decided to re-edit Ryan’s photos from years ago was because I saw on his Instagram that he was thinking of selling it because he was bored of it. I give him props though because I got bored of my cars after 2 years lol. It would be sad to see this one go though since it has been around since the beginning. Whatever the choice, I’m sure Ryan will continue on with a new platform just as well.

IMG_1785 copy

On Volk CE28n’s with the white time attack colour. At the time, he was one of the first to cop these and it was all the hype. IMG_1790 copy IMG_1801 copy IMG_4995 copy

I believe this was a year after the CE28n’s and he moved on to the limited formula silver RE30’s. Still looking great.IMG_4998 copy

This was probably my favourite wheel of all the sets he’s owned. It worked nicely – both colour wise and design. IMG_5026 copy

Last shot I had before he moved onto the orange Volk SE37’s. I swear I had shots of them, but I guess I only had rolling ones. Volk fanboy for real.

TSX Mondaze

Just to kick off your Monday, let’s take a look back at some pics I didn’t get around to editing or I’ll re-edit them differently… This is around the time I start doing #IMissSummer posts because it’s almost there, but we still have to live through a few more weeks of lame weather. It’s that time where everyone is starting to gather parts and get things done.

Doing some of the photos of Eric’s car made me think I had to have SOME photos that I haven’t edited yet because it either didn’t work well with the set or I didn’t like it at the time. Let’s start off with Justin and Barb’s TSX’s…

IMG_4782 copyThis was a super tight spot to get into… Happy we got the shot though.
IMG_4818 copyAnother angle of when we were in an alley downtown. I actually loved this spot.

IMG_4869 copyChillin’ getting some ice cream.

IMG_4870 copy