Throwback: Adnan’s Honda Civic

Another one of Calgary’s cleaner builds is Adnan’s Honda Civic. I met Adnan on the 8thcivic forums when I was also building my 8th gen Civic – after a few meets, we became good friends and we followed each others’ builds closely. Within a short amount of time, Adnan put together a very clean and well thought out Civic.

Adnan re-wrapped his whole interior in red Bride gradation fabric to match his seats. His CCW’s paired with Neo-Chro Project Kics lugs were a great combo for nighthawk black pearl and he was sitting on a great set of Buddyclub N+ coilovers. He had the full HFP lip kit and put the finishing touch on it with his retrofitted projectors – something that is awesome to see when done right.

I believe Adnan still has the Civic, but could possibly be working on other things – I’m not sure – however, this one makes me miss my Civic in it’s final form pretty bad… T_T


Sitting perfect on the CCW’s



Pic of his door insert wrapped in Bride fabric.


Up close of the CCW centers.


Peep that projector retrofit and his minty headlight. Oil slick reflection and all.


Again – the headlights just finish it perfectly.


Rear shot. Red tinted tails.


Just enough stretch and poke.


Obligatory rollers. Those CCW’s look great rolling.


4 down. 1 more  to go!

Adam’s EK – Favourites

Adam’s EK is now up on illmotion. This was one of the later shoots we did in the summer and I was wanting to shoot his car for a long time.
I had really only seen Adam’s Civic a total of maybe 5 times before the shoot. He’s usually too cool to hang out with us so the only time I see it is when I drive by Volkswagen and at Driven. It’s cool though cause Adam likes to play hipster and do everything that the main kids aren’t doing. We go out for a meet, he stays home. We stay home, he goes to an imaginary meet. We all get fries, he gets onion rings. Modern day hipster.

The CCW’s were originally off of Punit’s Integra after he got them powdercoated teal. They looked great on both cars surprisingly with such a vibrant color. Adam’s EK is one of my favourites in the city. It’s tough to come by well done builds around here, but Adam’s car has a place in my heart – I know you’re reading this too.

Anyways – peep the feature on illmotion here. I believe most of the pics there are on my blog here too. Most of the shots that I took came out awesome that day so they’re all my favourites. I love shooting silver cars.
iM Feature: Adam’s Civic EK







Ricky & Adam’s Photoshoot: Part I

Today was a busy day. We were scheduled to shoot both Ricky’s GTI and Adam’s Civic. One car is usually enough for me to shoot, two cars starts to become a lot of work lol.

Anyways – this would be the first time we were officially shooting Ricky’s car. It’s funny cause Ricky chills with us almost all the time and we are always going everywhere shooting other cars. That actually happens quite a bit – we are so busy doing stuff for other people that we don’t take time to shoot our own stuff. I’m glad we got Ricky’s car in before he puts it away though.

Adam’s car on the other hand has been a car I’ve been wanting to shoot for a long time. I personally love his car on the teal CCW’s. It’s a combo that works well and his car is put together extremely well. There aren’t too many cars that I’m crazy about shooting – not that I hate shooting certain cars, but when I “want” to shoot a car, I usually find myself more involved with it. Great job with the car, Adam.

Let’s start this documentary lol

Once again – we meet at our chill spot. I showed up and Ricky was already waiting. I am driving my Civic now cause the STI is parked and it’s so brutal driving around with everyone in it. I don’t actually miss driving the STI (yet), but I do hate driving around in the winter car while everyone else is still driving around in summer mode. I’m like the ugly duckling in the pack when we drive around… It’s so sad.

Look at that spectrum silver.

Adam finally showed up. He was actually there but he was lost and ended up driving by us so many times never bothering to look the other direction. Ricky and I were standing there laughing at him because he was driving so slow and still missed us. hahahaha

A nice shot of his car.

We ended up at Oceana and Q. Haute. Getting in he scraped a bit, and it’s usually more difficult to get out than it is to get in. JC, Ricky and I all made bets that something would break off coming out. Unfortunately, nothing scraped and we all ended up being disappointed. LOL

We went for some rolling shots and ended up turning off somewhere and made our way into a parking lot. This bad ass M3 was parked all by its lonesome. We saw it from the road and when I saw that it had one of my favourite wheels on – BBS FI’s, I wanted to take a few shots. This has to be one of the nicest and cleanest M3’s in the city.

White Brembos.

And the obligatory rolling shot teaser. It’s actually not really a teaser – but everyone knows I post a roller after a shoot lol.

Look for this later on – Adam’s car is sick!


Part II – Ricky’s car. Stay tuned!